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  1. Never read Deadspin, so hard for me to agree with the whole tearing up hockey culture aspect. Always a few jerks in every group, but overwhelmingly still seems to me the hockey culture is far above the other 3 major sports. Anyway, the players should be telling donald fehr the way they really feel. Not to the reporter anonymously.
  2. Repeating the obvious, there was absolutely no reason to do any draft lottery until after the play-in round. It's Bettman's ego driven philosophy to keep the NHL in the news in June, but not in the best interest of the game.
  3. The Letterman clip was great. Dave was king back then and very funny. Loved that there was a bunch of NJ people in the audience screaming hard for our boys. The Richter mistake was excusable, but the Tennessee references were annoying. But proved Dave was up on the sports news anyway. Enjoying the nostalgia today.
  4. So why even have that drawing before the play in round? What's the rush?
  5. If it wasn't for nyr fans, no one would've heard of the term half a cup. In truth, the presidents' trophy in 95 you could argue deserved an asterisk for a 48 vs 82 game reg. season. But the SC was 4 rounds, 16 wins. As for this year, would be weird with no fans for the playoffs. Think you'd need canned crowd noise. Or we'd just hear the players and coaches. Of course, would still root my hardest against nyr, pitt, tb and tor.
  6. That and the 10-4 game vs. Caps from 88 playoffs. Besides scoring, had tons of fights and scraps. Would want an extra 30 minutes added.
  7. Dumb MSG-Devils rewind. Tonight's game from 1984, they skipped over 3 Devil goals. Dumb-a s ses.. Why even bother? They must have 100s of wins to choose from.
  8. Glad our NJDev members are all ok. Heart breaks for so many lost though..
  9. MB, Jag, Heartfelt prayers and well wishes to you and your families!!
  10. My top 5-hated, because Philly has stunk for so long, and we beat them a lot, I don't even consider them 2nd. 1 - nyr 2 - pitts 3 - philly 4- boston 5 - tampa
  11. eldon

    2019 Offseason Thread

    All the best, Floridians.
  12. Lets please get a win, and have a good feeling before the long break. LGD!
  13. Sunday will be a wild time with traffic around the arena. https://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/10/which_newark_streets_will_be_closed_for_joker_film.html Sunday, Oct. 14, 5 a.m. at 8 p.m.Closures:-Market Street at Mulberry Street and Washington Street-Halsey Street at Bank Street and Maiden Lane-Branford Place at Washington Street and Broad Street Parking restrictions:-Branford Place at Washington Street and Broad Street-Halsey Street at Bank Street and Maiden Lane-Washington Street at Academy Street and Market Street
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