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  1. eldon

    2018 UFA Thread

    Happy for Gibby. What a great start he had for us. Too bad he got hurt. Will never know if he would've produced the whole season. Was definitely in the right place at the right time.
  2. eldon

    2018 UFA Thread

    I want Santini back up next year. Thanks John for all the OT goals. Will never forget those.
  3. eldon

    Hypothetical Ticket Question

    Thanks guys.
  4. eldon

    Hypothetical Ticket Question

    I meant to ask this weeks ago, so here goes. Say I had purchased tickets for Game 6 for our series, on Stub Hub or Ticketmaster ticket exchange (secondary market) for say $125/ticket. and the ticket price was $90/ticket. We lose game 5. Who gets refunded what? Do I get my full price back from SH or TM? Then the person who sold it to me, gets back face value? Or would I only get face value from the team? Is the seller not allowed to remove $ from his account until it's guaranteed the game would be played? I really have no idea how this would work.
  5. eldon

    Taylor Hall is the 2017-18 NHL MVP!

    Nice...well, well deserved.
  6. Psyched up for a big bounce back game. LGD!!! Miles, you're scoring today.
  7. eldon

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I prefer when no one picks us. If you looked at the last 25 games, I'm sure we have a better record than TB. But whatever. The prevailing thought I'm sure is, stop Hall and you stop the Devils. On another note, why the heck is Minny/Winnipeg starting at 7 ET? Same time as Philly/Pitts. Why not stagger that Central div. game to at least 7:30, or 8 or 8:30? Why do little things that make SO much sense the NHL does something different?
  8. eldon

    John Hynes Appreciation Thread

    Yes, John Hynes, we appreciate you. Others said it first, in other threads, for sticking with Keith when logic might've said to go back to Cory. And yes, it appears Taylor loves playing for Hynes, and a little intangible like that, along with the style of play, and the budding youngsters, will hope to keep Hall here long-term.
  9. eldon

    Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    Back to the Golf Channel topic. I can't take credit for this, as someone named Travis Yost posted this on 506sports. So the GOLF Channel (?!) gets back-to-back NHL game fours. Here’s what’s airing in those blocks on other channels: NHLN: Six hours of NHL TonightNBC: Family Feud and local newsCNBC: Shark Tank re-runsUSA: Law and Order SVU/Suits re-runs NBC sending a message, I suspect..
  10. eldon

    We made the playoffs because...

    Trying to have a little fun while we wait 3 days. I'll start with the obvious (but get silly too if you want.) ...because Taylor Hall had an MVP worthy season.
  11. eldon

    Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    That's still ridiculous. Doesn't matter for the locals, but other teams get USA & CNBC, we get pushed off to the Golf channel?? Whatever, I care more about beating TB. Just seeing the word GOLF in the official NHL tv sked annoys me.
  12. eldon

    Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    So happy for our players and fans. Especially that Taylor Hall will see the playoffs now, and the youth and potential of a long term contract here in New Jersey, there will be nothing more important than signing him long-term before he becomes a UFA. I’m most happy for that next generation of fans, too young to remember 2003. This is my kid who is 20. She and her friends celebrating last night was right out of the “Priceless” commercials. Yeah, she was old enough for Henrique, it’s over… and the Zach stick tap OT breakaway in Montreal was her other favorite goal. But new memories are here. The reg. season was so thrilling. Filled with so many exciting moments. Comebacks, OT wins, Taylor Hall, Nico, Palms, Noesen, Coleman, Boyle, and all the others, you all contributed to wins this year. KEITH, I bow down to, too. This is why I tear up every time I watch Dano’s intro video at the games. I was there for all that glory, in my 20's and 30's. Now it's time again. All great stories have no end, only NEW BEGINNINGS! LGD Playoffs 2018!!! Now We Rise!
  13. eldon

    Devils vs. Maple Leafs, 4/5/18, 7:00 pm

    Pumped, Pumped, Pumped. The day is dragging. LGD!! Really, Leafs are probably going to play hard, like the Hawks did last night, with nothing to play for. If we play anywhere near the level we've played the last 2 weeks, after Ana/SJ, we will prevail. After a while, the 'let's not get anybody hurt' feeling will creep into the Leaf's mindset. At least that's how I'd look at it, if the game meant nothing, and wanting to be fully healthy for round 1, why risk any injuries?
  14. eldon

    GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    1st things first, Thank God for the ignore button. Jeez, even winning 3 in a row, we find ourselves with Must-win games, like tonight feels. Especially, with the next game, going into Pitts. Though I'm confident 6 of 8 home games when this trip is over, and we'll still be in good shape, I seriously don't think this team will allow itself to cave. Predict that 3rd and 4th liners come through tonight, and somehow, I can stay awake. Could be a snow day/work from home day tomorrow! LGD!!
  15. eldon

    Devs on the radio

    It really stinks that they're slowly disappearing from radio. Especially when there are no conflicts.

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