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  1. Was just telling my 23 yr old daughter about those pins, when the Devils played a new team for the 1st time. I know I still have them too, but not sure where. I agree, missed opp, especially a midweek game. So many collectors who'd find an interest...
  2. eldon

    MSG commercials

    This conversation reminded me of that old Bruin commercial.
  3. Wilson, Marchand have to be 1, 2.
  4. MSG show is on at 8, on both MSG & MSG+
  5. The MSG show will cover all 3 teams, but draft night was cool, seemed like it was more than half Deviks with Erika and Bryce, even though they had Gianone and Moloney in the studio too. Got the DVR set earlier.
  6. So I guess those leaks to reporters are from the agents? Like everybody, I'll be relieved only when it's officially announced by the team.
  7. That was a good interview. Was funny when he got another call. And I admire how hard he was trying to find the right english words for choose the right player to defend against.
  8. Are you allowed to trade say, a draft pick or picks to Sea for them not to choose someone from your unprotected list? I suppose it tips your hand and they could ask for more, but is that legal? Is that what 'future considerations' is?
  9. Thanks! Ok, duh me, got it. Didn't see the prima donna in zach when he was here. Seemed genuinely a good guy. And never a peep of dousche-ness after he left. Gotta admit, enjoying this now...
  10. Someone explain please. "...and Suter was known for lobbying Leipold, a move that would backfire in any company."
  11. An updated article with more info. https://nypost.com/2021/07/06/blue-jackets-goalie-died-of-fireworks-blast-at-coachs-home/
  12. eldon

    Who are you, anyway?

    The lie has to be about Phil Rizzuto. Bet your dad loved him, went up to him in that hardware store and then talked for nearly an hour, even as Cora kept honking the horn.
  13. Didn't one of our regular posters here run into her at a shore house or something If I'm remembering correctly he said she was a sweetheart and couldn't have been nicer. Pretty sure it was within a year or two of the divorce.
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