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  1. LGD!! Per espnpressroom.com, Wischusen and Weekes are calling our game. Leah H is doing the game after with Seattle.
  2. That was a kick in the a$s.
  3. But she does work for the team and not a news organization. So if that's all understood, there's no need to hate on her for the fluff. I have more issues with MSG. I wish Erika would get coached to ask some different questions, instead of 'how important was it' line of questions, ....'to end that losing streak' , or '...get off to a good start", etc. And Bryce's statistic and percentage talk is cringeworthy. We know if we're playing crappy, or getting outplayed, all those stats are going to suck. Shouldn't someone be coaching them to be more informative and interesting?
  4. Am pumped, will be in sect. 4. LGD!
  5. eldon

    GDT: Christmas

    I started getting a funky throat Weds night. By morning it was a full hurting sore throat, no fever, could taste and smell, but still went for a test. Won't get result until at least tomorrow. Canceled going to a friend's for Eve, small gathering of 5 others; and Day, told my sister and bro-in-law, we can't chance it. So while I can hack whatever this is, just don't want my wife and daughter getting it. Also 1st Christmas without both my parents, so, really a different year all around. Condolences to those who lost a loved one this year, too. Peace, love, health and respect to all.
  6. Going with my ugly Devils sweater. LGD. Gotta win sometime.
  7. eldon

    TV Help Needed

    For the cord cutters in the Optimum area, what do you use for internet? Don't you still need an internet connection?
  8. Newark beat out Detroit for Safety. Well, that's something. Concessions and souvenirs could easily be cut in half and they'd sell a lot more and probably make more than they are now.
  9. Aargh, we get Leah Hextall again, with Kevin Weekes. She was awful the first game (@Ducks),hopefully she is better today. And us too.
  10. Congrats! Another Devils fan!
  11. To the out of towners, just curious which feed NHLN will use, ours or bos.
  12. Well the best thing is to root for those games to end in regulation. Avoid the 3rd point.
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