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  1. eldon


    Some articles say 'New York area'. Wonder what that means. Which arena(s). I do wish them luck. Will be rough.
  2. You're older than me! 😜 Though I do remember him on This Week in Baseball, a must watch back then.
  3. Been there many times for signings. Grade A store. Dad was a great guy, always talked to fans on line waiting for autographs. Glad his daughter is keeping it going. And proud the Devil players and ex ones are all on board. Win/Win/Win - Player/store/fans.
  4. Besides prices, felt the nachos were not a bad deal, (for arena prices) and the chicken fingers and tater tots, were the only food items we had the last couple of years. Pro sporting event concessions are overpriced everywhere. Did Chipotle on Market, a handful of times, when not enough time to eat out before getting to the game. During the playoffs, the $5 sausage sandwich from the truck, was a steal.
  5. RIP! The early days were quite different. Meadowlands arena felt more like an auditorium.
  6. Didn't know he's American either. He's definitely an embarrassment, a slug of a human. From Wiki: Galchenyuk was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to former Soviet and Belarusian hockey player Alexander Galchenyuk and a Belarusian mother. So how will the PA defend him based on his release? Or will they drop it?
  7. I tried puckdoku too. It is hard. Though the one I tried had the Sharks, ducks and blues. I imagine 3 or 4 eastern conf or metro teams might be a bit easier. Gordle has been around for at least a year, and is tough but easier than puck puzzle above. (and probably brought up before on our forum, but I'll re-paste it.) https://gordle.herokuapp.com/
  8. Yeah, I heard a week or so ago, Oregon will start giving the option to self serve, so yes, we're the only state left. And why not? Every thing starts with a dumb idea...😏
  9. So, so, sorry, always one of the hardest things to do.
  10. While we wait out the summer. I thought that it'd be a good idea to keep the Devils in mind, when you fill up the tank. Could we start a trend by asking the attendant for the Jack Hughes, cash or credit, regular or super, your preference. Fill up the tank the way Jack fills up the net. Or maybe if you pump gas, you can tell the customer, oh, you want the Jack Hughes, when they request a fill up.
  11. I want Florida for the sole reason, the way they came back vs boston and stabbed them in the heart in OT 2x at home when/where they could've clinched the series. Especially gm 7, with the goalie pulled. Bonus reason, for sweeping the canes.
  12. Just Wow!! Cats had balls these last 3 games.
  13. Lakers play tonight at home. No nba in LA last night.
  14. What happened with kings oilers? Played Tuesday, off until Saturday???
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