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  1. Each time we play them, it will be harder and harder to win, but we're definitely in ther heads. Hopefully we score 1st again, and MB can frustrate them for awhile until Jack or Zacha breaks out with a 2 goal night. LGD!!
  2. And philly tied it right after a shot at the empty net missed by a few inches.
  3. While I do want Buffalo to win a game, selfishly I'm glad they didn't beat boston today, since we play them 2 in a row. They already have enough incentive to beat us.
  4. We had a golden for 2 Cups, '96 to '08. Happy, loyal dogs, easy to train and please, and love everyone. And I did put a jersey on her for Halloween for several years. All the best.
  5. Let's do it Devils. Keep up the solid play. Hope the PP is being worked on, as Philly always seems to take a lot of penalties.
  6. Just watched this video from last week. Judge for yourself, he had to be contemplating retiring before camp even started. Or just figured he couldn't go through the season answering these mostly stupid questions on a regular basis.
  7. Definitely Miracle on Ice. I was 15, loved baseball and football, and 1980 made me start loving hockey. Perfect set-up for 1982, when I got my drivers license the same year the Devils arrived.
  8. Yeah, me too. Will root for Stars. I do love Coleman, but I hate less players on Dal. Plus they're more of a Cinderella story. Never expected them to take Avs, then Vegas.
  9. Pretty stupid that if Van forces game 7, no off day, and both west gm 7s are tomorrow/Friday. That makes no sense, sharing one arena. But if it happens, I suppose Dal/Col would have to play first and start by 5pm I'd think.
  10. I got no problem rooting for the canes. Mainly for marchand. But they looked like boys vs men from the end of the 2nd on.
  11. eldon

    Hockey Songs

    Since we're going back a crapload of years, does anyone remember, before OT for a couple of years, in the 90's, they played Right now by VH and other times, 2001 a Space Odyssey. The Space Odyssey got me so pumped, but I think we lost so many OT games they stopped.
  12. Kind of crazy that Columbus was given the day 1 afternoon game after playing sunday night. Then this...
  13. Well if they lose there will still be a 7 out of 8 chance they don't get it. Will just have to hang onto that. But pitts definitely has (have) to come back. I do not want a 1 in 4 chance either pitts/nyr get it... Also funny seeing Cory on nbcsn. And new Marty commercial.
  14. Why would the Boston Glb put something out there like that? Grooming an assistant... Plain silly to me.
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