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  1. Agree to disagree. That ZZPops line was pretty good. I do wish we’d stop using him on the PP at this point though. I don’t know how much longer you can keep ignoring Coleman...
  2. Right, so there was two seasons where he was a pretty good 1C. Almost 70 points in 2010.
  3. I wouldn’t say never. He was pretty damn good with Zach for a couple years there. 60+ points a season and 20+ goals.
  4. I actually just watched this clip last night...
  5. Well the kid that got punched took that extremely well lol
  6. As long as nobody shows up there and gives him his goalie stick back...
  7. Some teams just have your number for whatever reason. We seem to always play Pittsburgh really tough in recent years. Malkin even said he hates playing the Devils.
  8. Can we get him and Bahl up to NJ soon please...
  9. I thought Boqvist could only play in NJ or Sweden this season? Or was that just at the beginning of the year or something?
  10. Also, @SterioDesign and @mfitz804
  11. Travis is still playing pretty well for us. Might as well let him finish his contract out (one more year) at the very least. It’s not like Zacha has stepped up to take that 3C spot. If Hughes can take 2C next season, 3C will be perfect for Zajac to finish his career out.
  12. Oh I’m not saying it was a mistake or anything, and his contract isn’t killing us, but to be that awful at your job and make that kind of money is crazy. He’s basically stealing his money at this point lol
  13. Cory has a .852 save % LOL 6 million dollars a year. SIX MILLION
  14. Not watching this crapfest but color me shocked to see the return of the great pumpkin. Shocked!
  15. I want Coleman and Goose to re-sign. We need to start winning.
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