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  1. Guess I’ll save money on jerseys going forward...
  2. Panarin didn’t even enter the NHL until he was 24 years old. I’m not saying Jack, Nico, or anyone else we have will ever be on his level, but I’m beyond tired of seeing this kind of stuff thrown around without any context. Our best forwards are children. Anyway, just finished up the game on the DVR, and obviously the result sucked, but I continue to love Hughes playing with Sharongovich. It took way longer than it should of to find him a shooter, but better late than never.
  3. Those uniforms (particularly the pants) are enough to make you want to gouge your eyes out.
  4. A lot of people do, but all the mocking and bitching here probably makes them not want to bother...
  5. Have they ever been shutout twice in a row by the Rags?
  6. I didn’t just cherry-pick those guys. They’re all top 5 in scoring for NY (except Kreider who’s their top goal scorer). I’ll say it again, their best players are vets. We’re not even close to being built similarly to them.
  7. Everyone should be rooting for Boston unless they want to see the Rags make the playoffs.
  8. How are we even close to being “identical?” NY’s leading scorer is Panarin (29), they also have guys like Zibanejad (27), Kreider (29), and Strome (27). All their best players (except Fox) are vets. Our best players are literally children.
  9. 5 periods of being shutout by these a$$holes...
  10. It makes me completely sick that they got their two best players by simply being the New York Rangers. Why can’t top FA’s and college players be obsessed with playing in sunny California or beautiful Vancouver? Ugh. 2 more weeks until the NFL draft at least...
  11. You literally argue for a living, and you’re implying it’s the rest of us that enjoy it?!
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