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  1. He’s got about as much chance at winning a Cup (at least as a starter) as Cory Schneider at this point...
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-alexis-lafreniere-solidifies-status-as-hockey-s-top-prospect-1.1461675 Some surprises on his list. Stutzle jumping ahead of Byfield, Perfetti in the top 5, Quinn and Askarov in the top 10. If things fell this way and we pick 6th I’d definitely want Rossi.
  3. Do we know for sure he’s interviewing for the GM spot though? Could be for another FO position. I keep seeing it mentioned that Gillis doesn’t even want to be a GM again.
  4. I saw someone online once say the Blackhawks logo has a set of elongated balls in the chief’s hair and I will never be able to unsee it... still think they have the best jerseys though.
  5. I want to try and make the “ram-dom” from the movie Parasite. Looked so good. That’s adorable.
  6. Rice lasts forever, and it goes a long way. One of the best things to have other than can goods honestly.
  7. Scary stuff. I can’t even imagine how the elderly people that have it are doing if someone young like you feel that bad.
  8. It’s getting to the point I’m dreading opening this thread. Hope everyone here and their loved ones that are dealing with it feel better soon.
  9. Remember what Shero said to him... Reilly Walsh started laughing when New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero told him immediately after he drafted him that his upcoming college career at Harvard was going to be the “best three years” of his life.
  10. He could have signed in NJ and still finished his degree (online).
  11. Please no more Harvard guys in the draft.
  12. Wonder what the chances are he actually becomes a Devil at this point. With all the d prospects in the system now it’s not like when Butcher chose NJ because of guaranteed playing time.
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