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  1. Those guys skating was never anywhere near as good as Jack’s. His edge work is as good as it gets. The list of players who are better skaters that are not named Connor McDavid is pretty short. As to your second point? Why do you feel the need to sh!t on the kid so badly? He has one area of his game that’s already elite, and that’s literally the only reason I mentioned him when talking about another player’s skating. And in runs mfitz with “ExPeCTeD GoALs!!!” and “LeD To NoTHinG!!!”
  2. Didn’t know he was with her. Lucky bastard. I’ve liked her since It Follows.
  3. Because Simmonds was a 6 x 20+ goal scorer who was only 30 years old, and we gave him a “prove it” type deal. Zajac will be a 36 year old (hopefully 4C). I also didn’t say he should take a 4 mil dollar pay cut. He currently makes 5.75 and I said offer him around half that.
  4. Jack Hughes is an elite skater. Snarky replies and pointing to lack of finish does not change that.
  5. The Kane comparisons were probably always a bit unfair. Jack could become a great player for us, and still not be 1st ballot HoF caliber like Kane. Improvement for sure, but I’m not expecting a superstar in his age 19 season either. I’d like to see him get at least 40-50 points. Doubling his point production in one year would be a pretty good step.
  6. Lack of points is one thing, but his skating was on full display all season. He had a bunch of zone entries not a single other player on the team could have made.
  7. Simmonds definitely shouldn’t have gotten that much, but they were gambling on him returning to form (even in a down year he still scored 17 goals the previous season), but we obviously lost on that one. Zajac pretty much is what he is at this point though. I’d say offer him something closer to what Zacha just got. Maybe 2.5 x 2? He’s going to be 36 years old when his current contract is up. And I don’t think they should overpay out of shear loyalty.
  8. The knock on his skating is overblown, imo. He’s no Jack Hughes, but I don’t think it’s going to hold him back in the NHL either. And yeah, no way you take Lapierre at 7. Way too risky.
  9. Here you go with your size-ism again! Take the BPA. Period.
  10. Just because you can afford to overpay doesn’t mean you should. That would set a bad precedent. What are other guys going to want if we’re paying an over-the-hill Zajac 5 mil+?
  11. It would have to be more than a bit of a cut, but I agree with everything else here. Can’t do Travis like that.
  12. I’d be fine with Perfetti if Rossi, Sanderson, and Drysdale are all gone. He’s one of the best goal scorers in this class, and we certainly need them.
  13. The Rags are getting Laf. Worst. Year. Ever.
  14. Ideally they’d take Cory off our hands, but there’s probably almost no chance of that happening.
  15. Yeah, but when we were playing “boring” hockey there was actually hitting in the game...
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