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  1. Saw someone on another site talking about him maybe being “back for real” this time...
  2. Gonna fvck around and land Nas as coach next year too at this rate...
  3. You see Subban fight? Throwing his gloves is probably the better option...lol
  4. I’ve been impressed. Last year he was scoring goals but couldn’t get an assist to save his life, this year it’s the opposite. If he can just put it all together...
  5. Detroit is so bad even Cory Schneider can beat them easily lol
  6. If Zacha could start putting some pucks in the net to go with all these assists he could really turn into something decent.
  7. Some ugly entries... The Goose!
  8. Cory should raise Jack’s rent for that one.
  9. Nico and Jack are looking good together.
  10. Nice shot pass by Hughes there.
  11. More likely he’d pull his groin climbing into it...
  12. I looked it up out of curiosity, and they drafted Kerfoot in the 5th, who already has 215 GP in the NHL. Gilles Senn is starting to show some potential down in Bing. Those are really the only two worth mentioning, but I still think getting something for Simmonds was better than nothing.
  13. So apparently the only UFA left on the roster is Rooney.
  14. How about Hughes is a bust talk? Fun times, amirite?!
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