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  1. Feels like the only time Zacha is noticeable lately is when he makes a bad pass or turns the puck over. He hasn’t scored a goal in 18 games...
  2. What non-roster players do we have that are worth anything? Other than Ty Smith...
  3. Saw enough of that last season. Unfortunately there’s not much down there.
  4. Wtf do they do about the goaltending situation? Can’t go into next season with the current duo. At least need a solid backup that can lighten Blackwood’s workload. Detroit will get him...
  5. Subban is straight up terrible. Ray’s old buddy Poile swindled him.
  6. Seriously. At least Daniel is somewhat entertaining...
  7. I’d give Coleman the highest grade on the team. Other than the occasional penalty he takes, you literally can’t ask for much more out of the guy.
  8. time to switch to college football...
  9. Well at least Nas doesn’t look quite as dumb when they show him after giving up a goal...
  10. Embarrassing one for Rinne
  11. At least #11 is available for Lafrenière! nice shot Bratter
  12. Lol not even a minute in
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