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  1. Still hate that pick, but I wouldn’t mind some of this on the 4th line… https://twitter.com/papiblez/status/1664456359197446144?s=46&t=LbTlicr2R-wpEQlojJz9Sg
  2. Mercer is a nice player, and considering how young he still is we probably haven’t even seen his true ceiling yet, but there’s a pretty big gap between him and Bratt tbh. Mercer doesn’t drive play like Bratt does. He’s still more of a complementary player at this point. Personally, I’d feel much better about potentially losing Bratt if Holtz had actually shown a bit more by now. I definitely don’t think the Devils as currently constructed (and what’s in the system) I would consider Bratt a “luxury.” Wing is probably still their weakest position even with the addition of Timo.
  3. Maybe, but I think guys like Jack and Nico were just ready to break out no matter who was coaching them. Those two and Bratt had all taken significant steps the year before even before Brunette.
  4. Yep. And I don’t think he’ll be good for the kids at all.
  5. Right? I had to roll my eyes at the Rags likely going for Lav. He’s the king of all retreads.
  6. Well the next guy gets to inherit a power play that consists of J. Hughes, Hischier, Meier, Hamilton, and L. Hughes. Shouldn’t be any shortage of takers. I’m kind of indifferent towards Brunette leaving tbh. Glad it’s not Columbus though, just in case he does turn into a decent HC again.
  7. So a Vegas - Florida finals just like we all predicted.
  8. Sounds like the Rags are going to hire Peter Laviolette. Just what their young and underdeveloped players need.
  9. Still can’t embed tweets, but McKeen’s Hockey has the Devils with the #1 prospect pool in the league. Nemec, Luke, and Holtz are all in their top 10. https://twitter.com/mckeenshockey/status/1663254682733608960?s=46&t=LbTlicr2R-wpEQlojJz9Sg
  10. He just scored a great goal. Looked like a power forward.
  11. Great save by Hill. Broadcast giving Sean Burke a lot of credit as the goalie coach in LV.
  12. If they let Jack make personnel decisions then we probably wouldn’t have ever traded Ty Smith for Marino. Jack should definitely have a voice in the room (along with Nico), but at the end of the day Fitz has to have final say. It’s his job on the line, not Jack’s.
  13. I thought that too at first, but other sites are letting me embed tweets no problem.
  14. I’m not sure the world is ready for him and Torts in the same division.
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