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  1. Very weird looking dude for sure.
  2. What an absolute bore of a series so far. But at least it’s going the right way.
  3. TikTok ads on the ice for the Stanley Cup playoffs. The old school tough guys like Gordie Howe must be spinning in their graves.
  4. 4 minutes for a paper cut? Gtfoh
  5. Probably not, but Fitz is their cousin, so we at least have a connection if he wants to come play with another American star player in NJ…
  6. I think you’re confusing Okhotiuk for Mukhamadullin. Guadana was talking about the former (who was a 2nd round pick).
  7. At least both Holtz and Zetterlund scored in a big game I guess.
  8. Ugh Tampa breaks the tie with 3 seconds left in the game. Great pass - great shot, though.
  9. Yikes. Wonder if he brings Nas down there.
  10. Well Utica blew a 3rd period lead and got bounced out of the playoffs. You have to think some of the shine has come off of Dineen.
  11. True, we kind of had the same history with a bunch of disappointing Sweds before Bratt, too, though… And I think they might have something in Okhotiuk. But to be clear I was half joking. I don’t think anyone expects Gritsyuk to be the next Kaprizov. But if he has to take his time getting over here it could be worth it if he’s an immediate impact player once he does.
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