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  1. Yeah, I like Boyle a lot, but that’s damn good money for a forward that never put up more than 35 points in a season...
  2. To his credit, MB has been very critical of Hynes system for years. And I seem to remember some people accusing him of acting like he’s smarter than our coaches. Looks like he might have been right the whole time...
  3. He’s not “unproven.” He stepped into the league at 18 and centered the top line on our only playoff team in the last 7 years.
  4. I mean, Wayne Simmonds got himself a nice deal this season with NJ, and we’re seeing how that’s working out so far... And as much as I like Boyle, Simmonds has been the better player over the course of their careers.
  5. So you’re surprised there’s more of a demand for Nico Hischier than there is for Brian Boyle? That’s what you’re saying here?
  6. The vets like Zajac, Greene, and Schneider, that are all getting paid handsomely on long term deals?
  7. Again, I think it’s pretty comparable to Keller’ s deal. Nico 101 P in 157 GP Keller 119 P in 173 GP
  8. Not really. About the same as Keller got.
  9. Love it. Center is taken care of now for the foreseeable future with Nico and Hughes.
  10. That explains the 9 SOG.
  11. Mueller was terrible. At least 5v5.
  12. Lot of that last night from a bunch of guys. Nice to see. He had one nice little move where he stick handled around the net and it was a somewhat dangerous chance, but Hughes was certainly more noticeable. Jack was playing top line minutes though tbf.
  13. Nicomo

    Fire Hynes

    I really just never know what you’re going to say...lol
  14. I’d throw Fox in there as well. His chin looks very punchable to me.
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