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  1. If they can’t beat the Sens at home I’ll be ready to stick a fork in the season.
  2. We should have all known when Zacha hit that post…
  3. Ugh 2 bonehead plays in a row by McLeod. He was having such a nice game, too.
  4. He’s better than Koukkanen. Sharongovich has the shot, and is a better penalty killer. I see literally no upside of Koukkanen over him.
  5. Kuokkanen sucks. Why the fvck is he playing over Sharongovich??
  6. That’s just a quality post right there lol
  7. McLeod is having a really nice game. Doing all the little things that don’t immediately stand out.
  8. I think they might have broken out the Russian gas during that intermission lol
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