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  1. I actually kind of like those. One of the better black jerseys I’ve seen.
  2. Burrow and Herbert have both been fantastic so far, if Tua can stay healthy this could end up being a hell of a QB class.
  3. What if you scored 4 TD’s in one game...
  4. Lol at the US goalie sitting on the ice in disbelief.
  5. Wonder if they go with that goofy font again...
  6. These would look sharp as hell with red numbers and font.
  7. It’s just so much more active over there. Especially the prospect threads, draft, etc. I wish this place would get even half the amount of traffic.
  8. I’m trying to read the main boards less and less in the short time since I joined up over there.
  9. Facebook and YouTube comments you say...
  10. How the fvck could anyone hate him??? I lose yet another shred of hope for humanity hearing sh!t like this.
  11. Good luck not getting choked up watching this...
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