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  1. We also have to worry about the Russian kid that will go 2OA. Don’t want anyone in the division getting either one of those 2.
  2. Has a Torts coached team ever finished bottom 4? I’m sure he’ll at least have them competitive.
  3. Nicomo

    Nico or Nolan

    Poor kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just retires once his deal is up next year.
  4. And apparently he gave Mercer a watch for #18. As a non-watch guy that’s pretty boring to me, but I’m sure it’s a nice one.
  5. Palat is a tough looking dude.
  6. Yeah, a lot of Gomez’s best stories didn’t come out until years later.
  7. PK probably had the most entertaining personality of any Devil off the ice since Gomez. Good luck to him whatever comes next.
  8. Well, we have to worry about actually wanting to keep him around first…
  9. Holtz worked with Bratt’s skating coach over the offseason. So I’m not surprised at all that it’s greatly improved.
  10. That’s because you’re not a psychopath.
  11. Holtz likes bananas on his pizza. I’m now 100% convinced this kid is going to be a bust…
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