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  1. I’d say unsettling is the best way to describe it. I thought it had one of the best opening scenes of a movie I’ve seen in some time.
  2. Canes fans looking at that opening night roster…
  3. Speaking of movies, Longlegs was so good. Both Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage were fantastic in it. Atmospheric horror with a sense of dread that never really lets up the entire runtime. Probably my favorite of the year so far.
  4. He better for what they’re paying him.
  5. GTFOH with that Carolina ranking. They lost half their damn team.
  6. Beating a dead horse with the Holtz stuff. Dude is gone. Who cares at this point.
  7. It’s total nonsense. Pretty sure this (clickbait) is the origin of it.
  8. A 5’10 Quinn Hughes did just win the Norris, but yeah, OTT definitely laughs and hangs up if Casey is the main piece in an offer for Brady (in addition to Palat and Mercer to make the room like you said).
  9. Still ridiculous. fvck this unserious league.
  10. Basically you aren’t fvcking with Jack and Nico anymore. Love it.
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