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  1. How long before Torts takes Laine’s PS5 away? Lol
  2. Maybe Okhotyuk, too? Didn’t he have a pretty good camp?
  3. Rafalski did alright for himself at that size. In a much more physical era, too. Ty actually reminds me a bit of him.
  4. Yep. And Butcher can’t skate for sh!t. That’s usually hard to overcome for a hockey player lol still I’d rather see him in there over Tennyson.
  5. I think we have something in Ty. I shouldn’t get too overhyped just yet, as I thought the same thing after Butcher’s rookie season, but it’s not just compiling points like Butcher did (during Hall’s MVP year). Ty actually looks the part. He’s silky smooth, makes great first passes, has a knack for getting his shot through, and the game doesn’t seem too fast for him. Very impressed so far.
  6. Palms is certainly missing Nico, and Gusev is missing Bratt. Not excusing either one’s poor play, they’ve been terrible, but we’ll know more when they get their guys back.
  7. I’m sure we all would have signed up for 2-1-1 through the first 4 games. Hopefully Nico and the boys are close...
  8. He’s better than Kuokkanen. I’m sitting Kuokkanen, Johnsson, and Tennyson when Nico, Bratt, and Vatanen are back.
  9. Damn that’s a Frankenstein stitch job. Looks like that one Madden had back in the day.
  10. I’m really excited about Ty. A young core of Nico, Jack, Mac, Ty, and Bratt is a pretty solid foundation to build around. Then we have Holtz and Mercer on the way, and you’d hope at least one of them will turn out to be something.
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