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  1. woo! I'm happy and glad that this song was played and was a popular song choice. I hope they keep it!! It sounded awesome on the MSG feed and on that YT clip! There isn't any other goal song other than RRP2 that can top this. Easy for the fans to get into!
  2. Once the crowd gets fully into this, I don't think you will hear much of the electronics. Besides our personal opinions of the music type, IMO I do not think there are any better songs out that can be widely adopted by the crowd.
  3. Please vote for this song! Start at 45 seconds. I believe this is something the crowd can get fully into! Thoughts?
  4. Where is LD, he is rejoicing right now.
  5. Our first preseason game, it will be shown on TCN-PH according to the flyers website...
  6. Possible TV special for Kovy like Lebron, I loled http://www.nesn.com/2010/07/report-ilya-kovalchuk-could-follow-lebron-james-with-decision-show-of-his-own.html
  7. brodeur article regarding Kovy's free agency.. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2010/07/martin_brodeur_happy_he_hasnt.html
  8. Its all good guys.. Kovy will be a King tommorow morning... Atleast this will end.
  9. Good point there, but Im pretty confident Lou is doing everything desparately to try sign Kovy. If we assume atleast one of the rumours of contract offers we had for kovy, I say they were pretty fair deals, and if Kovy really wanted to be here, he should've signed already... unless Lou is still trying to trade players for cap space, then he will annouce we've signed him.. highly unlikely IMO But judging by the fact the Kovy party has made an effort to work a deal with the Kings, I feel he wants to be there. We know that the Kings have rejected his offer, I feel they are in the process of finding a compromise. I dont think the kings will just shutoff contracts talks immediately, esp with a high profile/money maker player like Kovy.
  10. Sorry to say but I actually think the devils are out of the sweepstakes... Kovy obviously wants to be a King I think both parties are bargaining for an agreement. Kovy to Kings..
  11. Please sign already kovi, I have been waking up 4 times in between my sleep just to check if you have signed yet..
  12. The longer this drags, I feel the more i feel we dont sign Kovy
  13. 123 User(s) are reading this topic 64 members, 54 guests, 5 anonymous users I CANT BELIEVE IT. its 10:30 there now, I dont think announcements will be made anymore. should we call it a day?
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