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  1. '7'

    2019 New York Mets Season Thread

    Haven't read any literature on this but wasn't it Mel that (I guess via direction from the front office) wanted Doc to perhaps take a something off his fastball and deliberately pitch to more contact at times...which I guess led to the butchers in the field mishandling things and thus making him work harder getting extra outs by rearing back and throwing harder when he should've been out of the inning. Their attempts to save Docs arm and extend his effectiveness ended up having the opposite effect. Sometimes if it's not broke you shouldn't fix it...or just roll with what you've got for however long you can have it and don't tinker
  2. '7'

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

    Harbaugh will return to the NFL (within 5 years I predict). And he would've been open this year but he really wanted to be wooed and given total authority over all football decisions
  3. '7'

    2018 JETS

    That would be a good hire. But it would also be a guy that may force Gase to look over his shoulder a bit. And a guy who we know wants to be a HC. If the Jets aren't winning, but the D is playing pretty well...there will be pretty quick calls for Williams to take over. Jets fans will not have much patience with Gase
  4. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Joseph is an upgrade over Kacy Rodgers though, but essentially we're going from a D student to a C student here and that's not the goal. Not for the Jets or any other team I was surprised too. Denver usually knows what they are doing (though they have lost their way a bit, starting with the drafting of someone like Paxton Lynch and Kubiak leaving. But Joseph is nothing more than a coordinator who will bounce around the league for another 20 years
  5. '7'

    2018 JETS

    I think the majority of Jets fans are overreacting a bit. But they have a right to be perturbed. Gase doesn't seem inspiring. His track record is sort of middling. I don't think he'll end up a clueless bozo like Bowles but he does not strike me as a guy who can take a club to the next level With Belichick, at least he displayed brilliance as Giants DC. You saw real innovation and lightning quick adaptation from him. In Cleveland his lack of people skills really hurt him (among other things, he never had a Brady either) but with him you knew there was some brilliance lurking there. He just had change some things, find the right spot, mellow out a bit. Forget the press conference character, behind the scenes he's really like that. With Gase I've just seen a pretty average coach who's kind of a curmudgeon for a young guy. Supposedly he did really well in talking to Darnold who seemed to like him the best of all the other candidates
  6. '7'

    2019 New York Mets Season Thread

    d'Arnaud is the only catcher I can ever remember who airmailed one so badly to 2b that Lagares had to make one of his signature nice plays on it (I'm sure we've mentioned it somewhere in the archives here, you me or Has) I just remember thinking the only think that would make this moment more lolmets was if d'Arnaud threw out his shoulder and Lagares injured his hand. Of course both would get hurt a few weeks later I think
  7. '7'

    2018 JETS

    I think McCarthy will do well here if he gets the job. He's been a bit unfairly smeared on his way out of Green Bay and does not receive nearly enough credit for the job he did repairing Favre as well as his work with Rodgers. And the Packers being consistent winners. Also intrigued with Rhule. He seems like a very thorough, smart guy who is detail oriented and wouldn't let things slip like Bowles did. Culture changer Gase is meh. He could do well but he could also end up a total dud And it looks like Bowles is on his way to Tampa to be the DC for Arians Arians is a good hire for the Bucs
  8. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Sabres 1/8/19, 7pm

    The goaltending just doesn't give this team a chance.
  9. '7'

    2019 New York Mets Season Thread

    Probably some scrap heap catcher. I don't have any faith in d'Arnaud being ready or even lasting more than 30 games. Something always happens to him. Thing is while Plawecki is nothing special at the very least he has some chemistry and familiarity with the pitching staff as opposed to a new no name catcher Would have rather kept Plaw and moved on from d'Arnaud
  10. '7'

    GDT: Devils vs. Coyotes, 1/4/19, 9:00pm

    It sucks but what can you do. If you're a fringe NHL guy being money in the shootouts makes you useful. Helps you stay in the league.
  11. Mets have traded RHP Bobby Wahl, RHP Andrew Hill, and infielder Felix Valerio to the Brewers for Keon Broxton Where does this leave us with Lagares. Broxton is also a great fielder and has legitimate good HR power, but is an almost comical strikeout machine
  12. '7'

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

    I think it's pretty much a trade for John Harbaugh or bust for Ross (Denver is supposedly in on Harbaugh as well) Rex can do all the campaigning that he wants the only way he's getting back into the league is as a DC first.
  13. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Mike McCarthy is confirmed for an interview with the Jets
  14. '7'

    2018 JETS

    I can't believe I'm hearing Jim Caldwell will interview for the Jets job. Are they actually stupid enough to hire Caldwell? Can't be? He's not the worst thing in the world but his two tenures have essentially been him walking into one nearly perfect situation (Indy) and one just completed rebuild (Detroit) that was ready to compete. And he never got either team over the hump. He's always had above average talent and not been able to take it to the next level. He's just basically been lucky.
  15. '7'

    2018 JETS

    I can see Bowles getting interviews sure, some may be serious, some may be to be in compliance of a certain rule. However once teams really start digging deep on Bowles and his tenure here with the Jets, they're not going to like what they find. I just don't know how an owner and GM can sell Todd Bowles to another franchise. I don't. Gase is supposedly getting a lot of interest. I thought he'd get another year in Miami but you'd also figure Stephen Ross would do what he can to prevent the Jets from getting Jim Harbaugh.

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