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  1. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Tonight is looking more Fitztragic than Fitzmagic. Still early, but man is this a familiar sight
  2. '7'

    2018 JETS

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24785901/new-york-jets-call-pittsburgh-steelers-leveon-bell Jets made a call about Bell. No offer or anything. Wonder how serious they are about this. Sealing the deal for Mack...that would've been a smart move. But Leveon Bell right now reeks a bit of desperation. He is a luxury item that we don't need. He's a final piece of the puzzle to some team. We have a lot more pieces to go. Sure he'd be an upgrade over both Crowell and Powell but behind our line he's not going to be as effective as he normally would be.
  3. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Awful, and who knows what the future is. Look at Watson right now he looks nothing like he did last year. Granted it may take some time...but some guys just never feel quite right after something like this and are altered forever. The NFL is such a fleeting, fragile league.
  4. '7'

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    With the way this franchise thinks no doubt they've bought into this positive garbage time record is somehow representative of what they really are. They've played a lot of deflated clubs. But at least we've seen something out of guys like Conforto and Rosario. Nimmo looks like he may have a bright future. Even Bruce has shown some life lately. But the facts remain that when the going got tough for this team they wilted and died like I've seen no Met team do before. It was beyond sickening A lot in 2019 is going to hinge on if McNeil is the real deal. Of course he's not going to be a .340 guy. But can he be a .290 hitter that gets on base at a Nimmo-ish clip? That would help a lot. Can Rosario learn more plate discipline? What the heck are we going to get out of d'Arnaud? If anything. Also we desperately need to hire a GM from outside the organization who can come in here, get guarantees for minimal Jeff/Fred interference, and instill a thorough culture change. Lots of buzz around the name Mike Chernoff. Supposedly Fred likes some guy named Gary Larocque from the Cards organization. He is 65 though so I would stay away from potential passive/low energy fading GM.
  5. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Not like 100 in a game is a difficult feat to pull off. Just goes to show how Stafford reliant they've been. Was really shocked at that stat as well. That's almost deGrom lack of wins level weird. A bunch of teams have had QB's run for 100 in a game since the Lions I bet.
  6. '7'

    2018 JETS

    The Jaguars game would be such a key pick me up performance...unfortunately they had their post Patriots let down now in losing to Tennessee so I can't really see them taking us lightly It's not really good form to fire a coach mid season and so much is already in place that these kind of coaching changes rarely make a big difference. You can only have so much of an upheaval in terms of schemes and such. But I actually would be in favor of booting him if we end up around 1-4 or 1-5. Because at that point he's gone anyway. Why not see what a Kevin Greene or Jeremy Bates can do at the helm. The season would be totally down the toilet at that point anyway. Heck it's almost totally unsalveagable as it is
  7. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    It's not over for the Patriots. Much like the end of last season/start of playoffs where that Belichick/Brady divorce rumors surfaced the Patriots essentially have us right where they want them. They will use this to circle the wagons. Remember they have Gordon. Edelman is coming back. It's nuts to think this is the death knell. It's really not
  8. '7'

    2018 JETS

    When you see something like last night, especially having it unfold the way it did with being up 14-0 and having a rookie QB step in and do it and embarrass you like that, you just sort of know that the season just got completely flushed down the toilet and there is no hope for any sort of stabilization and recovery. Why should it happen? It's never happened under Bowles. The same undisciplined play persists. The personal foul penalties are embarrassing. The lack of adjustments. This can be looked at as a crossroads for Bowles. It's not. It's a point of no return. We're now 0-2 in the conference. The next game in Jax is totally unwinnable because that team actually has leadership and direction. This is going to be a 4-12/5-11 wasted year. Bowles just cannot be entrusted with Darnolds progress going forward. It's a mistake
  9. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Boy you could really see it coming. I mean this was about as predictable a game as I've ever seen. Everything played out to a tee
  10. '7'

    2018 JETS

    This is going to be a real test for Darnold. Williams defense is no joke and it's a short week on the road. The Browns are the most due franchise. I hate playing Tyrod Taylor. Jets always are made to look like fools against QB's that can run. Even Tannehill punked them last week several times
  11. '7'

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Wheeler has been shut down for the season.
  12. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Remember Belichick coached Lawrence Taylor and a lot of other guys who had really bad ongoing issues. Some guys you just get rid of because they're replaceable. Others talents are so great that you just look the other way. Maybe Gordon doesn't get his act together, but they may tolerate it as long as he shows up on time and doesn't get suspended
  13. '7'

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    With Conforto he has to carry this over into next season. We cannot afford to have him hit the occasional garbage time home run and otherwise maintain a 200k pace with a .210 batting average. This year he gets a mulligan. He suffered a strange injury for a hitter and wasn't himself until fairly recently. For this team to succeed the Michael Conforto we see now has to be the real Conforto I say shut down Wheeler and shop him heavily in the offseason. Not saying he absolutely has to be traded but this season may never come again in terms of health, control and efficiency
  14. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but Gordon in the Patriots hands is a dangerous weapon. And they absolutely needed him. Wasted no time in getting that talent in there. Not sure what to expect but I would lean towards this working out for them.
  15. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    I know Belichick likes Patricia a lot but after that display vs Jax he will show no mercy vs horrible Detroit. Outright massacre

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