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  1. 2018 JETS

    I think what Bowles really wants is that versatile, speedy secondary. Mathieu would be a great addition but we really need to turn our attention to bolstering the O-Line soon. I like the center we picked up from Washington. Upgrade over Wesley Johnson. But we still need more. We also need to have Darron Lee finally learn how to cover somebody this offseason. No TE now with ASJ signing with the Jaguars. Leggett was hurt all of last year. Maybe they have faith in him making an immediate impact but if not Eric Ebron is out there.
  2. 2018 JETS

    Jets bring back Mo Claiborne. 1 year, 7 million dollars. Curious if they're in on Tyrann Mathieu
  3. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Miami wanted to negotiate a pay cut with Pouncey and he declined. That's what led to the release.
  4. 2018 JETS

    Jets sign Cairo Santos. Hurt last year, but a solid kicker and should do fine here.
  5. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    I can't even remember the last time Wright didn't have a setback. It's just one requisite setback after another. It's years of setbacks in a row. It's been so long and he can't' even do the most basic things. Very sad to see. Surely he knows the end is around the corner.
  6. 2018 JETS

    I was shocked to see all in on such a question mark as Trubisky. Plenty of experts were saying in a stronger QB year he'd be a 2nd round guy. This is a tantalizing year with QB's. None absolutely stamped themself as a true can't miss blue chip guy in this college season. No giants leaps forward. But they all still have fairly high pro level ceilings if fully developed along with huge areas of concern with each one (Allen completion percentage, Rosen durability/commitment). The Jets are doing a ton of research may may very well Jet it up as usual. Nobody has any faith in them to get it right. Nor should they.
  7. 2018 JETS

    fwiw Jets need a kicker now as Catanzaro has signed with the Bucs. Last time they poached a kicker from us it didn't work out so well (Folk was a nightmare for them)
  8. 2018 JETS

    Have a feeling the Jets are going to make the big move this year. Cleveland is open to trading the 1 or 4 and I think the Colts are open to trading 3. I think the Jets will jump into one of those three slots and get their guy
  9. 2018 JETS

    I know some Jets fans who wanted a QB in the 1st even if they signed Cousins It's unforgivable this year for them not to draft one. If they don't then they'd better be right and this entire class has to end up mediocre at best to justify it. If they feel like they really want a guy it's time to go all in. I think we (well the whole division, the whole AFC really) smells the Patriots window closing. This is one of those times where the fan base won't crucify you for giving up a lot to secure your franchise QB
  10. 2018 JETS

    I actually think there's a possibility that if Bridgewater play well in training camp and pre season, and the Jets are settled and content with their QB of the future (whoever it may be) they may well just trade Teddy before the season to a team who suffers an injury to their starter. Unless of course Bridgewater somehow blows people away with his performance (which I doubt)
  11. 2018 JETS

    He's a top run stuffing inside linebacker. Good pickup. Probably end of the line for Demario Davis as he wants too much $. Not much in terms of coverage skills (and neither was Davis) Maybe Darron Lee finally gets that part of his game down this season?
  12. 2018 NFL Season

    Trumaine Johnson to the Jets. Looks like about 15 million per year. Steep but he did rank as the best press-man corner in the league last season. Though not the best corner outright all things considered.
  13. 2018 JETS

    He reminds me of Chris Ivory. I can see him giving us the same sort or production too with only more on the receiving end.
  14. 2018 JETS

    Jets got Trumaine Johnson that's a big one.
  15. 2018 NFL Season

    Well the Suh thing could very well not work out. I mean Haynesworth didn't. Neither did Chad Johnson. But generally when they get a guy they pretty much all fall in line and adapt to the Patriot way. Suh's also not so young anymore at 31. Belichick will have zero patience for any hyper aggressive 15 yarder personal fouls though that's for sure.