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  1. Wasn't the prettiest game, and the offense is still a major concern, but FINALLY they eeked one out against the damn Reds 2-1? Verlander with his first win as a Met. The team just looks so comatose and hung over from last year (and it's not like a World Series loss hangover...) but they really need to go reel off 4-5 in a row or something like that
  2. Have seen this game before. We'll get stonewalled by Shesterkin or just miss, carry play, and give up some gutwrenching ugly Rags goal and lose. It's coming
  3. God damn this was a lot harder than it should've been squeezing one damn win out of the Nationals series. A once promising (and overall...still good) road trip fizzled out with consecutive losses that turned into an embarrassing 4 straight L's where the offense absolutely looked comatose and hopeless vs Washington. At least they squeaked one out tonight. Good to see Baty have a great night at the plate. Lindor and Alonso also with good games...if they're not hitting, we're not even competitive it seems Lucchesi, 3 earned runs and pitched into the 6th. Definitely can take that from him.
  4. Finally finally finally...they have a quarterback. With the Jets you could never truly be confident it was going to get done. But it dead get done. Now it gives them some good PR momentum heading into draft week
  5. Big moments show who has guts and who does not. The Devils have a lot of gutless players cowering right now
  6. Rangers were an awful matchup. Would've been nice to get passed Carolina Devils have quit.
  7. Well it was a good year, but they're not ready for this. Being swept by the Rangers and the weaknesses of the team getting exposed is a bitter pill to swallow, but they need to use it to see where they need to improve the team No point in any more of this. Shake hands after the game and let's start the offseason
  8. Can't watch the game since I'm at work...but heard Scherzer was just ejected for an illegal substance? Apparently he was twice checked? Mets forgot that just because Joe Musgrove is allowed to use it to beat them doesn't mean they're allowed to use it.
  9. He's 66-54 lifetime in the playoffs as a head coach. His last playoff with Dallas they beat Minnesota in the 1st round and then lost a tough 7 game series to a very good Blues team
  10. If Vanecek is bad again game 2 then Schmid has to start at the Garden, because at that point it would be Vanecek's 3rd consecutive awful playoff start. It's not a big sample, but so far in the playoffs Vitek is 1-2 with a a 4.17 and .844. That is unacceptable. And we simply can't afford to just throw him back out there if he stinks up the joint again in game 2. Series isn't over yet, but the Devils were just not ready for the moment physically or mentally last night. They were nervous, the Rangers had confidence and the psychological edge. Rangers had a game plan and executed it perfectly and exploited the Devils panic and confusion. And we didn't have a goalie who was capable of holding down the fort while the team collected itself.
  11. Impressive and much needed win. Especially coming back in the 7th and on the road. Peterson can be so damn frustrating. Feel like he could and should be better...starting to get Glendon Rusch vibes from him. Just when you think he's starting to learn how to be one of those quality crafty lefties he goes out and gets bombed. Good to see the Mets put up 14 hits. We've had too many games of late (even wins) where all they seem to do is scratch out 4 hits + an Alonso bomb. Nimmo has been awesome. In his last 22 AB's he has 11 hits, 3 walks, and 1 HBP. The guy gets on base
  12. Lol of course Conforto. Forgot for a second what happened to him. Heck we traded Angel Pagan there and became a very important contributor to to some outstanding teams...while Andres Torres/Ramon Ramirez basically both had 1 middling season and were gone. Plus Wilmer Flores has been pretty decent for them as well
  13. Coming up next is that always very tough for us 7 games vs LA and San Fran. I'd be perfectly ok with a 3-4 record, I am not looking forward to JD Davis probably destroying us in that series
  14. Vogelbach too...we heard about him losing all this weight in the offseason. What great shape he's in. Well he's hitting .174 with 0 home runs. Though at least he'll draw some walks here and there
  15. Mets had a golden chance to lay the hammer down in the 10th, but this awful offense again...this time Vogelbach
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