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  1. Also Gagnon is just not very good. Absolute back of the bullpen guy if he's even deserving of being in a MLB bullpen.
  2. Just a bizarre game. Aaron Altherr who just became a Met 10 minutes ago steps in and hits a home run. A battle of totally inept pitching. Both teams are just taking over the top home run cuts. We go ahead, Detroit comes back, we go ahead...Detroit comes back No answers from this pen. Tigers bring whatever trash they want to the plate and it's screaming line drive after line drive. .168, .210, .216, .170 hitters are looking like Rod Carew
  3. And he gives it right back to Miguel Cabrera. Who looks like he needs an oxygen tank to lumber around the bases. Only his 2nd HR of the year
  4. Giving up bombs to .170 hitters This is looking like a slaughter in the making
  5. Interesting the Mets have no history of consequence against the Tigers. We almost never play. Back in 1997 when interleague was new and intriguing we made our first and only trip to Tiger Stadium. Todd Hundley commented on how the right field overhang (which served as the inspiration to our right field over hang at Citi) was "whispering to him". Detroit promptly swept us and scored a billion runs Mets/Tigers games usually have some insane run totals. Teams scoring 14, 12, 11, 14, 16, 15 runs, The 2006 World Series that should've been...
  6. Looks like we'll need another comeback as the Mighty Thor is letting the no offense Tigers walk all over him in the 1st
  7. And now Matt Kemp to the Mets on a minor league deal
  8. Mets signed Ervin Santana to a minor league deal. Santana really looks finished. Bad last year. Bad so far this year. 36 years old. Was cruising along just fine through 2017 until the bottom dropped out. Maybe they plan on converting him to relief?
  9. They wiped away a lot of the stink of the Marlins series disaster, but still a ways to go. And we need to start getting guys back in the lineup soon. because Carlos Gomez and Rajai Davis are not going to be providing late game heroics against real major league pens. The Mets did a nice job here stabilizing things, but it can turn ugly again real soon
  10. This is a bad one. Especially from up 3-1 in the 8th with 2 out and a man on. Gotta at least get this to the 9th with a lead. This loss can linger a while. Especially coming on the heels of such a great win. Nats seemed dead today
  11. Well that was a shock to the system. Somehow a clean inning by Familia.
  12. Give em credit, they've scratched out a few today.
  13. Matz has been living on the edge all day. But has found ways to get out of it so far (with a bit of luck, plenty of hard hit balls). Mets however look pretty lifeless on offense and Strasburg has a very manageable pitch count
  14. Whatever happened today though is the exception and not the rule. You're not going to run into totally incapable pens every night and guys that got big hits today are not going to do so in the future. The Mets have got to start getting guys back in the lineup and these guys have to start hitting.
  15. You have to wonder if the Nats brass starts thinking about tearing this thing apart soon. They're already 10 under and 9 out and sagging badly. Mets can make it 11 under by tomorrow afternoon and I think they will. With the pen in historic shambles. Harper gone. 7-16 in their last 23. They have some young talent, but a lot of 30+ win now guys like Dozier and Eaton and Yan Gomes and Kendrick. Big decisions to be made
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