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  1. The fact that this happened is very troubling. The Jets as a coaching staff were completely taken to school by an Atlanta team missing some top receiving talent. Atlanta's D had surrendered the most points in the NFL and somehow dominated our offense with ease. Pure talent wise the Falcons are right on the Jets level. Really worries me long term going forward with Saleh and LaFleur.
  2. Lafleur isnt it. And Wilson is a horribly inaccurate thrower
  3. Welp. Back to bed. Another Jets no show
  4. John Franklin-Myers was signed to an extension. $30 mil guaranteed. Pass rushers are extremely hard to come by. He's a rare gem uncovered by Douglas. When he's been on the field he brings the pressure and disrupts offenses. Hopefully he can have some double digit sack seasons and stay healthy This defense has been able to get to the QB a lot more than I expected it would after the Lawson injury. https://nypost.com/2021/10/08/jets-john-franklin-myers-agree-to-contract-extension/
  5. https://nypost.com/2021/10/06/theo-epstein-steve-cohen-quickly-decide-mets-marriage-wont-work/ Hopefully he's playing hard to get and the Mets continue to pursue, but seems like this could be over before it really ever got started
  6. Yea there is still plenty to clean up. The defense playing well all day and then gagging it up late was a staple of the Rex era Jets. But all things considered they did a great job for 5 quarters with no Maye (on top of all the other injuries we have) Credit Saleh, without Lawson he has still schemed ways to get to the QB Ammendola nearly missed that chip shot in OT for the lead. Still not sure about him. Big leg but he may be one of those guys where you just don't know where it's gonna go
  7. A game that sliced 10 years off my life Lafleur I cant stand. He makes some absolutely nonsense "they know it's coming" 0 chance to succeed calls far too often. Really a bad coordinator D played well. But damn we gave it up too many times when we were 1 play away
  8. Lafleurs playcalling is just trash
  9. Jets are cursed beyond belief. Awful loss
  10. This game is definitely following the familiar Jets heartbreaking loss script
  11. Defense should slap the O upside the head. Gase's offenses were better than this. Miracle it's 9-0. And an awful pick by Wilson
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mets-sandy-alderson-to-make-call-on-manager-luis-rojas-future-decision-to-come-after-regular-season/ It'll be Sandy's call regarding Rojas. They won't even wait to hire a President of Baseball Operations Rojas has been as bad as Mickey and an awful in game tactician. He was never even wanted as Mets manager the job just sort of fell to him after the Beltran fiasco. Clearly he's not ready. I could see him being re-assigned elsewhere in the org if they think he has some sort of future here (hope not) but I'd jettison him from the Mets completely.
  13. And now Marcus Maye out 3-4 weeks. It just never ever ends
  14. Yea...but I mean that team was probably 4-12 talent wise that masqueraded at 7-9. But for the moment it showed that maybe Gase/Douglas weren't quite as incompetent as they turned out to be. They didn't quit down the stretch. There could've been promise heading into 2020 if Douglas drafts didn't flop, and if they signed the right UFA talent. But neither of that happened and the team as it stands now is worse than the 2019 group. 2019 was a good "build upon it" year. It was a step up from 2018 with Bowles when he completely lost the team But like 80% of what was brought in was trash. Pierre Desir, a washed up frank Gore, the drafting of Becton and Zuniga. Ashtyn Davis who's barely seen the field. Zuniga.
  15. I'm surprised the Giants are actually tied with us. I'd guess we were a few games worse
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