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  1. I expected them to be more competitive against the Colts...not quite on the level of San Fran and Buffalo. They weren't. It was the same song and dance. The defense was non existent regarding pass defense per usual. They can stop the run (and always have) but they just get picked apart otherwise A lot of this is on Darnolds shoulders regarding these mistakes. Yes he has the worst weapons in the league but those turnovers are inexcusable. Gase/Darnold is not a good fit. Both may be walking the plank here. As likeable as Darnold is, he just may not be smart enough or have the right intincts
  2. It's going to be hard to truly call someone a World Series Champion in a year they couldn't even get to 81 regular season games. They should've gone ahead and canceled this disaster of a season
  3. I really don't know where I'd want Lugo for 2021...but to me he's best suited and more effective as that awesome bullpen guy than that good 4th starter With Cohen...go out and spend the $ and get someone's #3 starter and make him our 4th. Just gotta spend the $ to bolster this rotation. I don't have any faith in Diaz to close. Would rather maybe Diaz settle into a setup role for Lugo to close...though I know Lugo wants to start but he's 30. And he doesn't have that much experience starting throughout his entire career How would Lugos arm, 31 by opening day next year, hold up to a ful
  4. Atrocious boot on a DP grounder (hard hit...but right at him) by Frazier in the 7th. Very worried this will end up opening the door for the Rays for the final (self inflicted) stake in the Mets hearts
  5. They actually looked a bit better on O. Darnold I don't think played so poorly despite having the worst receiving corps I have ever seen. By the end of the day it was what...Berrios and Hogan? Embarrassing The first play and the 3rd and 31 (game was over by then anyway) was absolutely nauseating. The 9ers were decimated by injuries yesterday. Gunt punch decimated. And it didn't slow them down one iota. That's the mark of a well run franchise
  6. 16 of 32 teams is just...I mean for baseball it's going to feel like 1980-1993 NHL. You're going to have some bad teams in the playoffs. And one of these years a really rotten lucky team is going to win a world series and it's going to be nauseating
  7. The Atlanta Braves with an opportunity to cripple our season, they have done it every single time and I don't see why they won't here. Still have to say last night was a great, unexpected comeback. More often than not, the Mets find a way in that ballpark
  8. Diaz CAN NOT be allowed in this game!!
  9. That was always my worst fear with Alonso, that he'd decay into some kind of Chris Carter type. The pitchers have adjusted to him...he needs to adjust back. The insane power will always be there, but he can't be a .200 teens hitter and .300 teens obp guy. I was never expecting 2019 again, but this has been unacceptable this year. Alonso seems like a guy who can club (and probably will club) at least 30 every year, but we cannot have him be a lineup black hole as often as he's been
  10. No faith in him as a competent playcaller. He doesn't have a feel for the game it seems and there just isn't any creativity...isn't anything special about anything he does It would be nice to finally see the Jets overachieve a bit. They never did with the incompetent Bowles and they're not under Gase. And the undisciplined stuff under Bowles is continuing under Gase. Too many penalties
  11. I knew they'd lose today, but I was hoping for an encouraging loss where you have a lot more positives than negatives to dwell on. Bills have an elite defensive unit and we're just not equipped to do anything offensively against a team like that. But this was much MUCH worse than I expected. First off Darnold looked terrible and lost from the start. His accuracy was crap. When the did get the ball there it was dropped. We have crap at the receiver position and don't get any separation. What the hell do you expect from Chris Hogan, Breshad Perriman who's entire career is the 5 good games
  12. Orioles hitters are seeing beach balls tonight. it's inning 3 and they seemingly have 85 hits.
  13. And naturally Wacha craps the bed immediately. Baltimore knocking him all over the yard.
  14. If it's a potentially big turning point type game...you can guarantee the Mets bullpen will gag it up completely. Sure Diaz and Familia will get you some outs when the Mets are in a 4-5 game losing streak (which usually starts with them blowing big leads in heartbreaking fashion) but when the Mets build back up again, get back on track and a big game approaches once more...they will wilt and die
  15. It was a puzzling reunion. I get the feeling though he was a good positive presence in the locker room as well (helps with a young...possibly totally clueless manager like Rojas who is showing some Callaway-esque tendencies.) At the plate he's still does enough to get by
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