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  1. Mind boggling. Never did I I think a Met would hit 50 I don't know what kind of baseballs the MLB will use next year....kind of have a feeling they'll still be juiced but less so. It may be a long long time before we see 50 again in a Mets uniform. Truly a special achievement
  2. The Brown thing spiraled out of control and is continuing to snowball, New England I believe felt like they could quell whatever was going on, get him on the straight and narrow and in time this stuff would blow over. The opposite happened. It never stopped being a distraction for them
  3. Have to say I'm annoyingly impressed with the Brewers especially in the aftermath of the Yelich thing
  4. Exactly true with Alonso. He launched a ton of home runs, but in plenty of big spots when all we needed was a single, he wasn't up there swinging out of his shoes. In times when we needed baserunners...he drew walks and was content with one. He is a absolute slugger and maybe the best we'll ever have (though who knows, using the baseball they use now I'm sure Kingman would've gotten close to 50, he did do 37 in 123 games...even at Shea which could trend pitcher when the cold wind would blow in through the big open end) You're right on Conforto and I've soured on him. In a big spot when they throw up any semblance of a competent lefty he has no chance. He's down flailing on 3 pitches
  5. Yea this is just somebody who Gase is familiar with and may have been a pet project for him (kind of what I think Falk is). I think Gase is going to try and keep Falk and develop him into a legitimate backup Jets are thinking Darnold back by the Philly game. That seems kind of ambitious, but it would be like them to rush him back. Also a bit of a funny though, Darnold may actually be on the Jets sideline this Sunday. Knowing how Belichick obsesses over every detail, I wonder if he instructs his players to not go near him in postgame handshakes honestly though if I was coach it would cross my mind. It absolutely would
  6. I think they have to roll with Falk. I mean he has been with the team and played a lot in pre season. Bringing in someone from the outside would be too little time to get someone up to speed. I almost think the only way we even have a chance on Sunday is if we do something absolutely crazy. Like a wildcat or option or just try to mix in as much weird gadget stuff as you can hoping you can break a few
  7. There's nothing more for him to do with the Giants with where they are right now. They're handing the keys to Daniel Jones with an awful team around him to take his lumps and learn. I'm not even so sure Gettleman and Shurmur will be there at seasons end. He should be traded out of that mess if they can. Maybe New Orleans?
  8. Giants going with Daniel Jones. Eli to the bench
  9. Miami got the return they wanted. They are absolutely pulling no punches and all in on the tank/rebuild. Frankly I'm a bit surprised Pitt was so in on him considering they seem kind of down and out this year...but I guess they think he can be a lynchpin in that defense for the next decade or so. Still the fact that he wanted out so early in his career when he would've been a major part of the rebound tells you something about his personality. Minkah is not some 30+ year old on his last legs desperate for a Super Bowl shot.
  10. Browns up by 20 and throwing the ball with 3 minutes to go is absolute bush league. I mean come on already. Browns offense was pretty much kept in check all day too. If the Jets had any semblance of an offense they could've won this game. Mayfield was not good at all.
  11. On 3rd and 2 with the Jets actually moving Gase calls 2 idiotic plays, killing any chance the Jets had and ending the game. I do not know why on 3rd and 2 deep in Browns territory that they just don't give it to Bell twice. How long could the D hold out?
  12. The Jets offense has totally fallen apart. Now down to Luke Falk. No Herndon, no Enunwa, no Darnold. Just chaos and confusion and no chemistry anywhere. Really an embarrassment The defense has done absolutely all it can despite being hosed with penalties. To me this is a very gutsy defensive performance so far and an offensive abomination
  13. Ben Roethlisberger is done for the year. Foles Brees Roethlisberger Darnold
  14. Rivers too. I'm not so sure he ever gets that storybook finish to his career though at this point
  15. NY Post had an article about how dejected the clubhouse was after last night, and frankly I can't blame them with how the bullpen sabotaged this season and what could've been. They've taken a lot of gut punches and rallied. But this may have floored them for good. https://nypost.com/2019/09/16/mets-clubhouse-scene-shows-just-how-much-this-hurt/
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