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  1. Brown wasn't trying to hit Vatanan there but man was that ugly and irresponsible
  2. Good start to this game. Chances early on Dano is very hard to listen to.
  3. Well then enjoy the all star crap. In this world there are going to be people who disagree with you. You have to accept it without resorting to personal attack tantrums
  4. maybe people just don't want to watch low quality garbage. Yea let's attract 5 casual female fans at the expense of 1000 real fans. Great strategy
  5. The 3 on 3 garbage has made the all star game even less exciting than it used to be. Somehow. just cancel this already
  6. Why are women playing the most wretched slow 3 on 3 hockey I've ever seen? They're boring. TV off. Absolutely wretched. This is the NHL skills competition so why are they forcefeeding hockey that would lose to most boys high school teams around America and Canada
  7. And I hope we give him a nice deep playoff run. Or better yet a Cup. Since 2012 he's played 5 playoff games. He deserves far better
  8. If he can put in 4 more years and stay health, he can break Daneyko's record for most regular season games played as a Devils. With his defensive skills if his skating doesn't totally go south and he can still chip in 30 pts a year...he may be worth keeping around.
  9. I like that Alou pedigree. Felipe was a terrific manager under some very trying circumstances (bleak and hopeless ones) his players always played hard for him and he was always thinking several moves ahead.
  10. eh. I don't really know how to feel about this. I'm still sort of shaking my head after the whole Beltran debacle. Need to get that further in the rear-view mirror. Impossible to get excited about Rojas, but at least he's paid his dues in the minors. No chance he's a Mickey like abomination/laughingstock type. He's come through our system. He's familiar with a lot of these guys already. He's young, bright...not tainted by anything like Beltran would've been had they forged forward with him (and I still think the Mets could've ridden out the storm)
  11. Devils should absolutely forfeit every game against the sh!tjackets. Do we ever score a goal against them? EVER? fvck this embarrassment of a franchise there isn't a big enough cyanide capsule for the Devils right now. How does Schneider justify using oxygen on this earth right now?
  12. what an embarrassing bust Zacha is. 32 goals in 244 games so far. You've got to really be offensively retarded to pull that off. It's not quite Josefson level but man did this team just go above and beyond trying to draft guys who cannot score goals
  13. Oshie hooking to get that turnover. No penalty call naturally. Trash Schneider letting up a trash goal.
  14. Garbage franchise continue to churn the trash. I think the 25th time (it seems) they allowed a goal with under a minute to go in any period?
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