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  1. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Jets signed Trevor Siemian a few days ago. 1 year 2 million for what I think is a quality backup and someone you wouldn't necessarily be mortified turning to for a few games if need be
  2. Only a few more games remaining of this red uniformed diarrhea.
  3. '7'

    John Hynes

    The injuries are not his fault. Neither is Ray Shero sabotaging the season by not improving the team in any way shape or form in the offseason
  4. I'm at the point with Cespedes where I've mentally written him off the Mets...forever. Show me that you can come back and play regularly and I'll believe again. But his issues have piled up in such a short amount of time. The surgery itself involved detaching and then reattaching the Achilles tendon. He will have to rebuild a lot of strength in his lower body. It's a huge mess and setbacks are sure to follow. I would write him off completely in 2019. And as you've mentioned it seems like he's mentally already begun to check out of his own career and morph into the fat cat. Frankly I don't even believe that he's 33. More like 36-37 who is just winding things down
  5. Yea. I mean they're all time bombs. Still we've won this trade as Sandy backed into Cespedes (wanting Gomez initially). We did ride him to a World Series and a 2016 playoff. Who knows what Fulmer will be after this thing is over with. Will he be a post TJS Harvey? Or back to what he was 16/17.
  6. Trout 12 years $430million And that's what the Angels think of Harpers recruitment efforts
  7. Fitzpatrick can be great, he can be terrible. The guy just vaccilate's between extremes. But he knows why he's there, to be a caretaker in 2019 and then maybe to mentor someone in 2020 who will be Miami's QB of the future And if and when a good team with playoff aspirations has their QB go down, Miami will have an asset they can deal.
  8. Wasn't it Nomar Garciapparra who did the same thing? Only I think his habit (tic) was even more elaborate? But overall I can still live with it because for the smart players, the smart teams...there is a method to the madness. I remember how slow Lou Piniella and Joe Torre would walk out to the mound to give their reliever more time. After a quick first two outs on a hot day you have a batter who tries to slow things down, take his time getting to the plate, stepping out etc just to give his pitcher a longer break between innings. The little things a batter would do to break up a pitchers rhythm.
  9. Hard to believe this will be 7 of 9 years out of the playoffs Though 1 of those 2 playoff trips was a Cup Final.
  10. '7'

    2018 JETS

    And Buffalo will be the 6th team for Roberts, who is now 31. Guess we'll see if this decision will come back to bite them but I believe the Jets may think ST success had more to do with the coach
  11. I don't think he was on ours though. I think it was something like 1. Brodeur 2. Dunham 3. Potvin. But I don't think he was totally fully sold on any of those guys so he thought by taking 2 one of them was sure to work out. The door wasn't totally closed on Burke at the time though he was losing faith in him. And Terreri while decent just didn't have the size. I have no clue who he was paying off to be listed as 5'9 170
  12. I don't like that. I mean it eliminates a job. Also it sort of dumbs down baseball a bit. Gets rid of a tactic/strategy that when used properly can be a pretty effective way to neutralize a threat. All in the name of saving a minute here and there. Re-examining service time stashing I'm definitely for
  13. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Chandler Catanzaro returns as the Jets apparently can no longer have a kicker play with the team for consecutive years anymore
  14. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Bit under the radar but the Jets signed Brian Poole from Atlanta. 1 year 3.5 million. Finally we've rid ourselves of the never ending disaster that was Buster Skrine. Poole will be an upgrade
  15. Why are they even icing a team at this point. Just go home.
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