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  1. I'm thinking it's only a matter of time until deGrom is out for the year. There's something going on in that arm and it's nothing good The Mets really needed to do more to bolster the starting pitching at the deadline because at this point you cannot expect deGrom to pitch again this year. Braves did some serious work...still Duvall and Soler, they are .190-.220 type hitters. you can get them out. Still I commend them for trying and working their tails off this deadline Not sure the Mets have what it takes to get across the finish line in the NL East
  2. Baez is a pure slugger. He'll hit the long ball but he'll also K an ugly awful 200+ times this year. I would love to get the 2018/2019 Baez back when he puts on the blue and orange
  3. And they finally get it done. The heat was very much being turned up on them and fast. I mean it's unthinkable that they would even go out and have a single practice without this guy under center. The optics of this are horrific, especially since Darnold missed a portion of camp as well in 2018.
  4. Another atrocious Diaz highwire act that he lucked out on. They had BETTER get this situation fixed with him...and by fixed I mean Kimbrell I swear this team is like the 1960 Pirates in the World Series all year. Get blasted...win 1-0. Get shut out...win 2-1. Get crushed...win 1-0 the next day. Nothing makes sense with them. I've never seen a more putrid offense win as much as they do
  5. One pathetic run in 14 innings...consider ourselves lucky that they didn't get swept. But the Braves...well they aren't your fathers Atlanta Braves that were supremely opportunistic and drove the dagger in the Mets hearts any chance they got. Everybody in this division seemingly do nothing except let the Mets off the hook. I'm fine with that
  6. I would still be so worried, a competing team...maybe on the fringes of a Wild Card trying to stay relevant, to bring him onboard and having him out there during important innings. I still feel that if he can maybe regain some of the old power...for maybe even an inning or two the ideal spot for him over the rest of his career would be as a reliever. And that pushing forward trying to rekindle the old Harvey as a starter is just downright impossible and doomed to fail. I think of Frank Tanana (he threw 90 in the 70s and 70 in the 90s) It can be done but Harvey really has to morph into a cerebral cagey junkballer type.
  7. Mets supposedly will inquire about Max Scherzer https://metsmerizedonline.com/2021/07/morning-briefing-mets-will-inquire-about-max-scherzer.html/ It will take a lot we all know this...and it's not something for any of us to get our hopes over. Still with the team where it is, the uncertain status of deGrom and others, the Nats falling to pieces, and a new owner wanting to leave his mark on the team 1st year, maybe this is not as outlandish as we thing? And maybe due to Scherzers age (37 tomorrow) he won't be quite as pricey as we think? I feel really tempted by this. A healthy deGrom + Scherzer with the rest of the rotation...this team would have a legitimate shot to win the NL.
  8. Yea I saw that too. Not sure where it came from or the details around it. Is he winning by pitching...as in becoming craftier, doing the best with whatever stuff he's got? Or is he actually showing signs of regaining some of the old power?
  9. Terrified at the thought of Diaz entering this game Hill was alright. Crumbled in the 6th but it happens. The Jays get paid to hit too and Hill certainly looks like he has something left in the tank and can contribute Game is far from over but impressed with the Mets immediately battling back...and with Lugo stabilizing things when it looked like the game may get away from us. Alonso is carry us right now...just what I wanted to see from him
  10. So now David Peterson has what's called a "Jones Fracture" in his foot. Looking like 6-8 weeks. Apparently he was just walking and felt a pop...because of course he did.
  11. Maybe we've stumbled upon another Jamie Moyer type. Sometimes these soft tossin lefties just find a way to last and get guys out into their 40s. I hope he can
  12. I'm gonna stop trying to figure this team out. 2021 just seems to be the year where absolutely nothing makes sense. About us...about the division. They crawl out of Pittsburgh tail between their legs making the Pitates look like the Big Red Machine...then they go to Cinci and take 2 of 3 from the Reds where most of the guys we had out on the mound were just random names pulled out of a hat What's truly encouraging is that for the month of July the Mets offense as a whole has ranked much much better. Overall for the 2021 season yea they're still near the bottom of most things but all in all I'm feeling better about this team. And I've also stopped wishing and hoping that they get healthy...I just think this is one of those groups that will always be getting dinged up That recent statement of faith and belief in Diaz is absolutely nauseating. And all of us already know that down the stretch in important September or God willing playoff games...Diaz will be the downfall of this season. Really needed that from Stroman yesterday. He's had about 4 shaky starts in a row
  13. Not really up for watching the inevitable grand slam to make it 15-15
  14. Well that's baseball for you in 2021. It's either 1-0 with 4 total hits in 9 innings...or 14-10 where you're STILL nervous the Mets will blow it in the bottom of the inning How does one man FAIL so often (Diaz) in any profession and continue to keep his job. We learned two years ago Diaz cannot close for the Mets. He can't pitch in New York. Case closed. Go get Kimbrel and maybe try Diaz in a role where he doesn't sh!t his pants
  15. Would be shocked if they didn't blow this one too. But they battled...give them credit
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