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  1. Yea 11 million was strange. I mean even his improvement last year I don't think his velocity really started to come back. It was mostly a smoke and mirrors type thing. I'm not sure what the Angels were thinking here or if there were teams involved that we don't know about
  2. I want to feel bad for Harvey, and while I don't take any joy in his misfortune (because some of his misfortune caused the Mets misfortune on the field) but despite him just being a textbook douche, a Rags fan, and just an unbelievably smug unlikable guy...he ran into some serious bad luck that pretty much nobody can come back from. And he tried. He didn't quit. He didn't just take his ball and go home when it got too tough. He tried every which way and the velocity just can't come back. Maybe there's some way back for him, I don't know...somehow Jose Rijo made it back. Dave Dravecky made it back and it cost him his arm. Harvey may resurface in a few years. But as of today its over
  3. this has to be a curse at this point. This is beyond bizarre what happens to them. The Cubs in 100+ years did not endure the gut punches that we have since 1986. That is a fact
  4. Another brilliant, gutsy outing by deGrom down the toilet because we can't scratch a run across against a total garbage pitcher. Disgraceful Just get on with the gut punch loss already
  5. And hopefully that's the last time Mazza puts on a Mets uniform
  6. Jets stuck with Todd way longer than they should have wishing and hoping he'd turn the corner. He was alot like Sanchez really, only Todd was probably less equipped to handle NY than even Sanchez. But the Jets should've moved on from Todd by 1980 or so
  7. 14-4. What an onslaught. Though for me to get my hopes up again they need to take 3 of 4 in San Fran. Do that and I'll maybe start believing again (though they'd still be under .500) at least the needle will be pointed upward
  8. Well hopefully this ends the creeping "Home Run Derby Ruined Alonso" argument. Puts one halfway up the 3rd deck in Minnesota.
  9. Mets send Wilmer Font to the Blue Jays for cash I don't think he's all that good (nor is he young) but I don't know would've probably given him a bit of a longer look. We really can't afford to be punting any sort of bullpen guys. Still I doubt anything comes of him.
  10. '7'

    2019 Offseason Thread

    He had that run of a lifetime to springboard us into the playoffs, but he's never playing like that again. Like Kinkaid though. Fun goalie to watch.
  11. Pathetic clown Diaz took it to the wire but somehow, someway the Mets gut this out. And get 5 shutout bullpen innings somehow, on the road against a team that's going to hit 6,000 home runs this year
  12. Mets stupidity rears its ugly head again in the 8th with a baserunning blunder.
  13. Other than a nice little run in 2016 Gsellman has been mostly trash in a Mets uniform.
  14. I'm still looking at Rosario and wondering what the hell did he ever do to be considered one of the top prospects IN BASEBALL. He's just so meh at everything. He's ok, he's decent at some things. He'll go through some nice stretches...then he'll sag into the 0.2 WAR guy that he is that we can upgrade over. And Rosario still hasn't developed the eye at the plate that you'd want. His OBP is FINALLY over .300 but who knows how long that will last. Reyes at least learned how to walk. And yea I know of the whole "you don't walk off the island" stuff but Rosario just doesn't progress. He still chases outside crap. And now we're over 1000 at bats in He loves that short porch in Yankee stadium In past Mets/Yankees games I'm sure he's hit about 3 other home runs there before
  15. Familia should not have been allowed in this game. Or any game ever again
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