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  1. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Wild wild game. Defenses really have no chance and that's exactly how the NFL wants it. But credit these two QB's who are just make incredible throws and are very entertaining to watch. And you've got two head coaches who understand how to win in the modern NFL and are not afraid to take chances.. It is full throttle take no prisoners offense. And when the offense sputters the refs will start throwing those flags to extend drives.
  2. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Forgot about that. And he's still kicking around somewhere with the Browns apparently. Just not sure what he's doing, whatever it is the role is not especially visible
  3. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    I don't know what's going on with Schneider but he is just unable to tend net at an acceptable level right now. A lot of this is mental. Physically I'm not sure he's ready either. Schneider needs to be pulled before he gives it right back to Carolina And he almost did
  4. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Supposedly this report about the Browns being interested in Condoleezza Rice was...not a joke? I mean it has to be. Francesa was right this makes a mockery of the entire league.
  5. '7'

    GDT: Detroit Rock Sh!tties @ Your...New Jersey Devils

    Refs were not evenhanded today. This was a screwjob plain and simple.
  6. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    Not a single player or coach or anybody who actually works in these franchises (quality control etc) are happy with all the preparations and just the entire cumbersome process that is preparing to play an international game in Mexico. The usual road game routine, difficult enough as is, definitely gets knocked on its side.
  7. '7'

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    It really was a privilege watching deGrom perform this year. And a great shame that we wasted this kind of year from him from a team standpoint. Some of it was the usual bad luck, the rest was usual Mets bungling and incompetence. But a 1.70 era nowadays is just remarkable. It's otherworldly really. If he adds a full run to it this year it will still be not just a good year, but a great year Still amazes me he took 9 L's with a 1.70. I mean the guy should've won 20 games easy this year. Bob Gibson also somehow lost 9 games with a 1.12. But that was 1968 which was pretty much another dead ball era. At least he got his 20 wins
  8. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    I don't blame these guys if they're being dragged to another country the least the NFL could do is make sure the field is in perfect condition. Injuries are so prevalent in the league. Hamstring, tears, high ankle sprains etc. Can you imagine suffering a torn ACL or MCL because the league who is forcing you to go on this trip you want nothing to do with, can't even provide a safe playing surface? Is this so damn important to the NFL? Christ, this looks like an old ashtray
  9. '7'

    2018 NFL Season

    You know I think he would do ok there if Dallas were to move on from Dak (and I think they should, just not a huge believer in him) But because it's Dallas I think his replacement will come through a draft splash move in 2020 or they'll obtain a higher profile QB than Tannehill
  10. '7'

    GDT: Finally Back Home, Penguins @ Devils, 7:00 pm

    Well at least it's day to day. Still this is not a time we can afford guys out of the lineup
  11. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Devin Smith's bizarre injuries year after year. Hackenberg was a bust but nobody picked around him turned into anything special either. It was a risk we could take Maye and Adams are good. But Stewart, Hansen, Leggett are all trash. He was really looking to hit on some cheap middle round value and totally failed. I don't really see any gems. Some decent guys (Jordan Jenkins, Elijah McGuire) and a good deal of garbage like Petty and Mauldin. I get the feeling his drafts are probably middle of the road relative to the rest of the NFL. If we can find a better guy who can build a better scouting department then by all means do it...I'm just not sure we can. But at least when the obvious guy is there he takes him. And I think the Maye pick which was totally off the radar for us when they made it was a nice snag. He also understands the importance in finding late round productive backs and getting your franchise QB a good athletic security blanket TE to build chemistry with like Herndon. But his total negligence of the OLine...that's what could be his death knell. I would like to see how a coach not named Bowles deploys this personnel. I have a feeling someone like Rex would've gotten a heck of a lot more out of this defense than we've seen thus far.
  12. '7'

    2018 JETS

    I'm not sure Mac is in danger. His drafts in retrospect don't look very good. But no tears shed if he goes. Still it wasn't fair fro, the getgo saddling him with an inept loser like Bowles. Bowles has no clue how to utilize any personnel properly
  13. '7'

    2018 JETS

    It is that bad. Why would we ever fire Rex Ryan for someone as incompetent and unintelligent as Bowles. How was someone this unbelievably incapable even considered? It's over at least. Todd Bowles will not coach this team in 2019. It was never going to end well, the Bowles era. A mental midget like him was always going to go out in a wretched spiral of embarrassment. Bowles will never work in the NFL again
  14. '7'

    2018 JETS

    Think this is it for Bowles. He MUST be fired tomorrow. Must
  15. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Maple Leafs, 11/9/18 7:00pm, MSG+

    This is just ridiculous. I mean they look like the worst team in the league right now. Non competitive and just downright stupid.

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