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  1. There's the dagger. This team better wake up tomorrow. Playing like scared losers now
  2. and of course Alonso hits into the Mets 2nd crippling DP of the day. At least Fried is out...but it wont matter
  3. Mets have gotten the white flag out. 7 pitch inning for Fried. This one feels over. deGroms choke job when we needed him to be sharp broke their backs a 7 pitch 4th from Fried what the fvck seriously?
  4. All on Scherzers shoulders tomorrow something has to be wrong with deGrom. That they're hushing
  5. Are you fvcking kidding me with this clown. What happened to you
  7. Awful start for Alvarez. 1st and 2nd 0 out but he immediately double plays Thankfully Guillorme singles in a run. 1-0 Mets. Make it stick deGrom
  8. Turns out the bat we needed at the deadline was Escobar. When Lindor and Pete come up small (and yes as CR has stated...in a big spot you can tame them) but Escobar the last month, has been the real MVP Mattingly as a manager is kinda like Callaway without the creepyness. He just doesnt have a good feel for the game. He's a bad manager
  9. NATS WON. Thank you thank you thank you Looks like it rests on degrom and scherzer. But HOW THE HELL do you not win it there. Alonso and Lindor...bad omen
  10. This just feels like a baseball gods tease. Get our hopes up, and then the Mets choke it up and lose and Atlanta wins
  11. because Atlanta is coming up with a man on 2nd in the 10th...and they get clutch hits
  12. Ugh. If they still gag this up...unforgivable.
  13. Forget it. Braves will win that. They're up 1 in the division big difference how the Nats and Marlins play us vs how they quit vs Atlanta Braves arent chokers. We are
  14. yea you have a point. The pressure got to them. This is just not the team we thought they were
  15. Not sure what will happen with the Braves series...but if we get some extra rest going into it, then you really have to push Scherzer and deGrom in their games. 120 pitches if you must. And they absolutely have to be at their best. 7-8 innings. 1 run maximum. Because winning anything other than 2 of 3 is not acceptable
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