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  1. Well I hope they did a deep dive on Scott's background. He did work with Porter in the Sox org so it's pretty clear what the Mets are looking to mine into in terms of front office philosophy and how they intend to build during the Cohen era.
  2. Eh. Better than Chris but really it's like going from a D+ owner to a C owner. Woody isn't so bad when he doesn't meddle too much and we have the right football people in place. Not like we haven't gone through some good stretches with him as owner and did get to the precipice of a Super Bowl twice With Saleh I think he'll hang back at the start and just defer to Douglas and Saleh. We've finally implemented a sound organizational structure Watson/Stafford will also be a test. Will Woody push to get one of these guys in here? He does like those splashy moves.
  3. Didn't want any part of him at his age. Already 31 and wanting that many years (and possible showing the first signs of decline) no thanks
  4. uh boy. And silly us to think lolmets may be gone for good. That we can truly, finally bury this laughingstock stuff...this surfaces I mean of course this is not something he mentioned during the interview process so can't really blame the Mets too much here. This just happens too damn often in general. It's sickening I can't see him keeping his job now. And we had the Beltran fiasco last year Why do people have to be such profound idiots?
  5. This team is really lacking finishers. Hope we can pull a point out before we lose in SO/OT
  6. I'm happy with this. Most people are. He's been lauded as the NFL's best coordinator, the next great coach, players love playing for him. The media is finally not treating us like a punchline (which is nice for a change) but of late it's kind of gone overboard. I've seen many Saleh types fall flat on their face. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he does too. Still it is refreshing to see some energy and vigor back on the sidelines
  7. Yea it was a scumbag move. Now the Devils have absolutely no backup (in a season destined to be bad anyway) but come on now. The Devils needed to know he was committed to playing before signing him. Bad job by the organization as a whole.
  8. Love this trade! I mean we pretty much know what Rosario is at this point. Maybe his game improves a bit over time but for the most part he's been ok and that is below what he was projected to do as a prospect (he was one of the top prospects in all of baseball at one point) but I don't think Rosario ever reaches superstardom...Lindor is still well within his prime and could have plenty more top 10 MVP voting seasons in his future. Gimenez...meh who knows. Showed some ability but I have no clue what his ceiling is. But Lindor is one of the best all around in baseball. He can hit home runs
  9. I don't think the Eagles ever truly stopped playing, quit on the game, didn't play hard...they did. Just wanted to evaluate certain guys and that's their right. QB just happened to be one of them but I'm sure there were others in other positions (had the game on mute) who sat so inferior 2nd and 3rd stringers could play a bit. Eagles have been the walking wounded all season anyway. Eagles don't owe the Giants anything
  10. Jets have requested Matt Eberflus, Arthur Smith, Eric Bieniemy, and Brian Daboll to interview so far. I think any one of them would be an big upgrade over Gase. But a big upgrade over Gase could still end up being middling. I guess out of all of them...Arthur Smith is who I'd want with Daboll a close second. https://nypost.com/2021/01/04/jets-coaching-tracker-who-theyre-interviewing-for-head-coach/ Also apparently Harbaugh's interest in the job is holding up his Michigan extension. But it's unclear if the Jets still have interest in him
  11. Can't be untrue. After this embarrassing 13 game nightmare, the lack of leadership, preparation etc...he can't be brought back. There's just nothing with him to believe in or build off of. Would love Urban Meyer here, but I just don't see the Jets landing someone like that.
  12. Never in my life (and maybe this is a first time in NFL history occurence) have I seen an 0-10+ (0 and double digitis) team turn around and beat +500 teams in CONSECUTIVE) weeks. It's bizarre. Makes no sense, and totally crushed any hope we had for landing a generational talent. Maybe they're not quite as bad as we thought, but these wins really don't do us any good at this point
  13. I didn't hear it but I wonder if Joe B took the angle that he just doesn't want that historic 0-16 label hung on him. It lasts forever. You'll be forever known as an 0-16 franchise and join the annals of the Lions, Browns, and the o-fer teams during the shorter NFL seasons. A sordid list
  14. Where do I even begin with this. It seemed like a total impossibility...yet they somehow came out and beat the Rams and threw away Trevor Lawrence forever. It's nice to not have that 0-16 stigma...but I would rather swallow that pill if it means Trevor Lawrence for 15+ years playing at an elite level. And yet somehow they defy all odds and beat the Rams They played well, they played hard, but this is the most pyrrhic victory in Jets history. Maybe just maybe there will be another twist a fate that leads to us landing him...but if not let's just trade the pick. I hope mayb
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