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  1. ,Jets team has quit on the season. After the Raiders debacle it became clear what was going to unfold. Douglas basically checked out gave up after Rodgers got hurt and refused to do anything to give them a chance. When your GM shows no fight and stops competing then soon the players will too. Having Boyle and Wilson starting games for you is an insult to the defense which for a while was working miracles (as well as the special teams) but that couldnt last forever. Now the team has collectively quit and I don't know if I could really blame them with the way management threw in the towel after Rodgers injury. Douglas could've so easily avoided this. When it's so glaring that no effort is being made to win, even when the team got to 4-3, when it showed it deserved some kind of support...and it gets nothing...well of course it's going to fall apart. It's insulting to the Jets D to have Wilson start 9(!!!) games this year with Boyle getting a start himself. How long were they supposed to put up with the worst QB in football? 10 games of Wilson/Boyle with no attempt to remedy the situation is criminal
  2. Also time to pull the plug on Rodgers and any fairytale comeback nonsense. The team will soon be 4-7 there's no sense in getting him back for meaningless football
  3. And that's the season. At 4-5 with the AFC as strong as it is the Jets are buried and have no shot. All because Joe Douglas decided to sabotage a defense and st's units that are very damn good
  4. They absolutely torpedoed what could've been a very good, live, in the mix team even without Rodgers that would've been in the playoffs this year with a chance to beat anyone. But no...plod on with Zach Wilson and waste an incredible defensive season as you watch your hopeless bust embarrass himself and drag the team down
  5. This is just repulsive to watch. So stupid, helpless, and inept. The Jets defense and their special teams is tremendous, and at a level you could conceivably get to a Super Bowl with with. Yet their offense can't even operate at a slightly below average level. If they could be around the 19-24th best O in the league this team would be fine...but no they're an absolute worst of the worst joke. This team is 4-5 when any kind of pulse on offense would have us at 6-3.
  6. Speechless. I mean...a garbage performance and maybe the worst football I have EVER SEEN. But they pulled it out and as is every Jet win...a costly one injury wise
  7. Wilson is disgusting bad you have to put Boyle in there. Just have to
  8. Totally erases the good feelings from the Eagles win The team is a sloppy, stupid, helpless fraud. And undisciplined. Embarrassing loss and an abomination of a game. ABOMINATION. That's what you dare put on the field and try to pass off as football? And that's not even talking about the field itself. Lost to some Devito nobody
  9. Even if they win this game the season is probably kaput...they wont have any warm bodies left
  10. If Tommy Devito beats us I'm reaching for the cyanide
  11. Jeez. McGovern AND Woods now. I mean WHAT THE fvck IS GOING ON
  12. Offense is pathetic and Wilson...well he's showing you why he's the worst QB in football This is a SOJ loss. Absolute garbage performance. And the weather isnt working in our favor either
  13. Even when they punted the season and tailspinned a bit I would look at the standings and see "sh!t...we're like 6 out of the final WC". I kind of see what Benigno is saying. Still they showed no sign of being a team that cared much throughout the entirety of the season. They played below their ability from day 1 and were poorly constructed If they actually could've kept this unit together...maybe they could've ass backwarded their way into a playoff spot maybe not...but I don't think this team had anywhere near the gumption to make a playoff run once they got there
  14. Elated we don't have to see the Phillies in another WS. Would've annoyed me to see them con their way into a 2nd in a row. Plus Mets are 21-12 their last 33 vs Philadelphia...they really STILL can't beat us with any regularity Something with this playoff system...you have a team like the Braves who are on cruise control for months, suddenly they play a live Wild Card with no pressure on them...and they just fall apart. And all you have is a 5 game series. I hate the Braves and have no love for the Dodgers but it's almost like once you get through the Wild Card round you have the advantage over the division winner
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