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  1. It HAS to be Rodgers now. You can't get Hackett and not bring aboard his bosom buddy Rodgers. If they end up with Hackett and are forced into a plan B or plan C it would be...well, very Jets Outside of that stint in Denver, can't say Hackett really worries me as OC. Supposedly Hackett was planning on sitting out 2023 and would only accept a job if he knew he had certain things in place. If they have Rodgers in the bag behind the scenes...then I could see Hackett accepting. There's a lot of smoke here, right up to Joe Namath saying he'd unretire #12 for Rodgers, Rodgers speaking highly of the Jets weapons. Something is going on behind the scenes
  2. Guess we will see tomorrow...it's almost a certainty that Lafleur is gone and it was such an ill advised, baffling decision to bring in a 1st time rookie coordinator. I don't know what they'll do with Saleh, guess I'm kind of leaning they will keep him, find some better coordinators, and next year will be playoffs or fired. Still it wouldn't shock me, nor would Woody be unjustified in firing him. The team was 7-4. Yes there were injuries, as there were on many other teams. The Jets staff game planned very poorly down the stretch and were outclassed in every one of those losses. They could not make the proper adjustments and utilize what they had when injuries hit. Other teams have the same injuries and somehow, better coaching staffs are able to scrape by somehow. None of this was done here. Saleh looked defeated and overmatched and that fire he had earlier is gone. You could tell he was a guy who the team no longer believed in. They outright quit vs Seattle and they quit vs Jax. Things like that fall squarely on the head coach when the team is unprepared in so many facets of the game. Why keep a coach that completely crumbled down the stretch. Instead of playing for their playoff lives down the stretch there was apathy. The Jax-Seattle debacle was just baffling...Herm teams, Rex teams. They were far from perfect but they never checked out like this. Even with the injuries this team was too good to lose 6 in a row.
  3. Can't not get at least a point out of this game. You had a lead in the 2nd. You went into the 3rd tied. You outshot the opposition by TWENTY (39-19) you need to be getting points out of games like. I have no idea what Kevin Bahl was doing on that winning goal by Saad but he doesn't look like he belongs on an NHL roster as of now. He seems like a player who would've had a home in the late 90s early 2000s NHL. Big defenseman who can clutch and grab his way to a career but will provide nothing offensively and definitely isn't shut down caliber.
  4. Something about Dom Smith makes me feel that he's he's just going to be a tease or chronic underachiever throughout his entire career...he has such a long swing with so many exploitable holes in it it seems. He doesn't have the power you'd expect him too, he's slow, doesn't get on base as much as you'd like. It's like after 2020 pitchers went to school on him, made their adjustments, and he has had no answers for it. And I'm not sure he ever will
  5. It is the same old Jets swoon...this time I feel especially after the Jax boo birds disaster that Woody may be close to doing something knee jerk in terms of offseason moves. You look at this and you really wonder about Saleh. I'm not sure he's safe. Douglas is on shaky ground too especially being tied to Zach Wilson who doesnt look like he belongs on a football field They can't go into next year with uncertainty at QB and a head coach that you don't have faith in. 12 years is far too long. This isn't the worst staff I've ever seen, but it was very questionable to bring in a first time coach and 2 first time coordinators. Saleh lost his grip on this thing much like Mangini in 2008, which got us Rex. sh!t I'd take Rex back in a heartbeat now Other teams have injury issues too, and yet they managed through them...schemed around them better than this group If Saleh comes back next year them it's playoffs or he's fired. And everything is on the table regarding QB. Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Jimmy Garropolo...any veteran QB who can step in. Forget about trying to draft one. I dont even want to see them try
  6. The team quitting like this really looks bad for Saleh. I think he gets one last year with new coordinators but...if maybe you can go out and get a Sean Payton, the Jets have to go all in on him and right now. From 7-4 to 7-10, it does make you wonder about Saleh
  7. They totally no showed and are eliminated. Again, 10 days to prepare and they flat out don't care. Nor do they have an NFL qb on the roster I'm totally ok with Saleh/Lafleur/Ulbrich going. Saleh I think gets one more year but it's looking like he's not the guy. No more drafting QB's either since they'll take another garbage from the getgo player like Darnold/Wilson. Go out and sign or trade for a QB
  8. fwiw the Jets are 4th in the league in none QB WAR. Just goes to show how much a problem Zach has been
  9. How about that...the Jets somehow (they should be fried and finished) can win two and with a bit of help...can make it in Seattle on the road is daunting. I certainly can see Geno shoving it down our throats, however they are not the talented LOB impossible to walk into that building and win Seahawks of old. They're not playing well just like us The Jets got a 2nd life with crushing losses by NE and by Miami. TAKE ADVANTAGE! With White in there...it will look like a completely different team. Finally they won't be able to zero in on shutting down our run game since opponents have no fear of Zach Wilson doing anything.
  10. Jets never even tried to compete today. And with the momentum of both teams coming off that kind of loss and win, it was expected Zach really is a cancer to this franchise. Hopefully today he will take his last snap as a Jet
  11. Correa a MET Holy crap it fell through with SF. 12 years 315 mil. Mets sign him at like 3am
  12. The Jags are absolutely soaring heading into this game. Lawrence playing great, beat Dallas in OT...I just don't see how the Jets can be competitive. Maybe with White under center but no way he plays
  13. About as textbook, predictable, and scripted Jets loss as I've seen. All the good and good luck we enjoyed earlier in the year begins to even out. Zach was very very up and down...and you can see how mistakes just take over his mind. It ruins him for series after Letting up that TD on the 4th down was unforgivable. They had a chance and the playcall was atrocious and execution even worse 58 yards forget it, not a chance as long as he's in a Jets uniform This broke their backs. They wont win another game this year. 7-10 The season is over, and even though you cant pin it all on him...so is the Wilson era at QB. The team absolutely hates him
  14. If it was Mike White and not Zach Wilson I can see them winning one of those games vs NE. But you can't undo history...they started Wilson (who to me looks outright finished as a Jet) and he gagged up both games.
  15. Agree this is likely it for Bassitt. Frankly I'm not sure the Mets even wanted him back or trusted him going forward after his comments about pressure and pitching in NY. I don't think he has the mental makeup or desire to be here either
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