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  1. I'm not even sure if this is rock bottom
  2. goodness are they an embarrassment to humanity
  3. Glad they gutted out a W for deGrom yesterday. Would've been an embarrassment otherwise. Even as things stand the lack of support he gets is just...seems like it shouldn't be statistically possible Mets Offense needs to pick things up...but just glancing around the majors, seems like pitching is dominating things early
  4. ugggghhhhhh https://theathletic.com/2519652/2021/04/16/ive-barely-hit-on-you-inside-a-mets-culture-rotten-beyond-mickey-callaway-and-jared-porter/?redirected=1 What festered under the Wilpons was more rotten than we can never imagine Just flush out the $hit and let's move on. These clowns are no longer owning the team or running day operations. Cohen is investigating what went on...what kind of culture existed here. These stories cropping up are irritating but it's important to make known that the current leadership of the franchise is trying to fix things (and they've made miss
  5. We needed that DH sweep in the worst way because here comes Wheeler who I feel wants to stick it down our throats. Can bad Wheeler show up please? Mets are better than the Phillies and need to step on their throats here. Sweep 'em and send them away with their tails between their legs. Really they should be 4-1 against them so far this year if not for the game 1 debacle The bats have not gotten going yet. Only 24 runs in 7 games...this offense is capable of more.
  6. ack. Dom Smith just misses a grand slam (or a 3 run triple) we finally get one on the board and lead 1-0...but we're gonna need more. This game just feels like a bullpen disaster waiting to happen.
  7. So far so good for Walker. No hits in 4. But we really need some runs. That DP with the bases loaded just now is a killer. Hate having pitchers up in that spot. Even decent hitting ones
  8. I'm ok with this...the return is good. Sad how it ended with Darnold. I mean he's still only 23 and has had an uphill fight ever since coming into the league. But he's also made some puzzling mistakes, exhibited poor NFL awareness and instincts, and made stupid mistake after stupid mistake. He really should've sat year 1 and maybe a good chunk of year two. But even by then the supporting cast was still sh!t
  9. It's cringy too. He does come across as not caring as much as the fans and perhaps others around him. We're not asking for bad jokes/puns...just somebody who has the passion and energy and puts in the effort in terms of repairing things when they go wrong. He's always so damn late and wont address the issue until that issue has cost us over and over to the point where there's not going to be enough season or time left to turn things around Sandy is just not for the New York market. And for a guy who elsewhere in baseball I believe is thought of as one of those savvy genius types...he's on
  10. And also with the Callaway hiring...maybe the Wilpons you could say were probably totally oblivious to his background and behavior, but even Sandy had to have known about this scumbag behavior. And he hired him anyway in the hope that it would never surface
  11. The traditionalist in me despises it as well. Heck most baseball purists (and non purists) do There is a way to shorten these games and still not mess with things that are sacred and resort to gimmicks Less advertisements, less commercials between innings. Of course none of that will happen...but we can absolutely have non gimmicky extra inningns and full 9 inning games and not have it stretch out to 3am Still part of me loves that stuff. Not 20 inning home losses to the Marlins in May...but stuff like the Rick Camp game. That 20 inning win we had in St. Louis a few years ago. I
  12. Just feeling that Rojas is not long for managing this team. He was chosen due to being a Mets lifer and ending up next in line after the Beltran fiasco. Nowhere else to turn. Definitely not a Cohen guy. still feels very interim to me and that there won't be anybody within the Mets org that would fight for/defend him if things go south early. Let's see where they are by Memorial Day but it wouldn't shock me if the move from Rojas will be swift
  13. Friggin Nationals...but we were involved so it feels like a bit of that Wilpon-esque misfortune residue still remains Did the Nats follow proper protocol...somehow I doubt it. Now they have to face Atlanta with a depleted roster but they get a pass against us...they could've played us with a depleted roster too couldn't they? The guys who have to go on quarantine go on quarantine...then piece the rest of it together Rizzo. This is what happened under your nose. But they get a pass against us...
  14. Jets get Tevin Coleman...who Gase originally wanted over Bell (and was overruled by Mac in a disastrous decision) https://nypost.com/2021/03/24/jets-signing-tevin-coleman-in-nfl-free-agency/ Vinny Curry as well https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-add-former-eagle-vinny-curry-to-their-defensive-line Two solid pros. Curry I see maybe as a Steve McLendon type impact guy. Can still play a bit but also a strong locker room leader
  15. To me he was still such a low impact type player...and honestly I haven't seen much from him in watching him with the Giants to view him him as a big difference maker. He always disappears in big situations. I don't trust him in the future to have a consistent motor. He had good stats last year, for a 6 win team that was lucky to even get to 6 wins. When offenses tried to neutralize him during his Jets days, they usually succeeded. I think that will be the case once again with the Giants next year. Would not feel comfortable shellingn out that kind of coin for him (bad memories with Mo Wi
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