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  1. How could anybody be positive with the constant every game gag jobs. This team has a long way to go for us to be confident in them again
  2. The inevitable choke is upon us Game is over. 4-2 Pens in regulation
  3. fwiw Saquon Barkleys father being at the game in a Namath jersey is just...huh?
  4. Darnold played very well considering he had again no time to throw. Was absolutely ambushed and destroyed most every passing down. Helmets to the ribs, you name it. But he pulled through. Improved decision making and ball security. He found a way to win despite being under duress literally every play
  5. Jets are terrible, moronic, nobody on that staff can manage a game...this was the first semblance of a little bit of adjustments. But I mean Gase is an awful coach and if that coach is outcoaching Shurmur....if THIS Jets team beats you thank I'm sorry your gone Also why the hell is Saquon Barkley on the field. How much more obvious can it be he's not even at 75%...he's at maybe 30%. Adams had himself a game, give him full marks. Granted taking a football from Daniel Jones is like taking candy from a baby, but he was still an absolutely dominant presence today. The rest of the Jets secondary could not start on most NCAA rosters. It is the worst secondary we've ever fielded
  6. The Jets stink yes but at 14-0...did the refs really need to do that? I mean can we get a crew that doesn't hate us? Is this a real sport or is this pile on the Jets?
  7. They look better on the ice than the reveal though.
  8. This is going to come back to haunt us...
  9. Good start. Do not let up
  10. Going back to the original/real Jets. Then the relocated Thrasherjets. We just don't play well in Winnipeg. 6-24-3 Combined in Winnipeg Arena/MTS.
  11. Giants had one to forget last night too. Black cat, and of course they totally fall apart after the cat ran onto the field. Jones taking his lumps, he has a very serious fumbling issue. He is a pretty decent accurate thrower with good mechanics but poor pocket awareness. Not a ton of zip on the ball either. His arm strength isn't great but it's good enough to play in the league. Still you don't want him throwing it up all that often He's got a better line than Darnold(and below average counts for much better than the Jets), but when he gets hit that ball comes out
  12. This is absurd wow. And how many American NFL players would be onboard with that? To half to spend so much time in the UK with insane travel? Where would training camps be? What would they be paid in? Dollars? Pounds? San Diego...just bring them back already. This is an embarrassment for the league. They muscled in on a city that doesn't want them that despite its size...is not the best football market as it is
  13. We're 3-5-4. It's way too early to throw in the towel on this season and talk about dealing Hall etc. No conclusions can be drawn yet about anything
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