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  1. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    I think the tax issue is very overrated. These guys pay the jock tax. They are paying local taxes in every state they play. Secondly, if the taxes were such an issue, why aren't the best players lining up to play for the Panthers, Lightning, or Stars where they do not have a state income tax? I know there are property taxes, too. However, do you really think guys like Roberto Luongo are living in houses with low property taxes? They are likely living in the most expensive towns in South Florida. (Yes, I know ARod, when he played for the Yankees, bought a condo with a tax abatement and wasn't actually paying property taxes).
  2. Supposedly, Buffalo is interested in Vesey. They have the 31st, but the Rangers would have to add to it, to get it. They do not have a 2nd, but have a 3rd. I think a 3rd is too little, so maybe a 2nd next year? Maybe Vesey and something (the Stars 2nd, which is 49th) for the 31st? Namestnikov likely moved in a deal similar to Grabner.
  3. I don't think they are signing Panarin. Of Kreider, Namestikov, Strome, Vesey, and Fast, the only guys who will be extended are possibly Kreider and Fast. If Kreider is not extened before the trade deadline, he is likely moved. Namestikov, Strome likely traded at deadline or allowed to just walk. Seems like Vesey will be traded soon, possibly by friday.
  4. On Front St. Near Hofstra. Over the years, so many people from Hofstra went there, they actually now accept Hofstra Meal Plan.
  5. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    Agreed. While this is not the US's A-squad like you would have in the Olympics, this team would likely win the President's Trophy if it competed in an NHL season. Finland? Do they even have any NHL'ers on their team? Much more difficult for Hughes to get the ice-time that Kakko is getting with Finland. I have always been led to believe the U-18's are really the tournament the scouts and GM's taking seriously for the upcoming drafts.
  6. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/nhl2004e.html Agreed. This is the 2004 draft all over again. There was nothing Chicago or Carolina could offer to Pitt or Washington to get them to trade down from Ovechkin and Malkin. Not saying these guys are as talented as either, but the drop-off is similar. Here is the draft results from that year for those who are not familiar:
  7. It is all about the clicks, nowadays. I stopped reading him years ago, but even if people read him just to make fun of him and call him an idiot, he is doing his job.
  8. If he is willing to offer Petterson, Shero has to listen
  9. Not sure if this was posted, but an article on how the draw is actually conducted. Rangers winning combo for the 2nd pick was apparently 2, 5, 9, 11. Order does not matter. Haven't seen anything about the Devils or BHawks winning numbers. https://foreverblueshirts.com/how-the-nhl-draft-lottery-actually-works/
  10. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    A trade down or an outright trade? For a trade down, Rangers likely not giving up much. These guys are that close. It's like comparing a million dollars worth of gold or a million dollars worth of diamonds. To trade outright so the Devils have 1 and 2? Don't think it is possible.
  11. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    And, if Kakko turns into Michael Jordan while Hughes is Hakeem Olajuwon? Not that Olajuwon was not great, but the only 2 seasons he won titles was when Jordan was pretending to be a baseball player. Or worse, as in Sam Bowie?
  12. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    Honestly, don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  13. Matteau#32

    Hughes or Kakko

    Didn't even have to go to hockey's future. From my friend's (rangers fan) Isles fan brother on facebook: "NHL is so corrupt. How does Chicago and the Rangers get selected in lottery in same year? What they WANTED to do was Rangers 1st, Blackhawks 2nd, Kings 3rd. 2nd choice was Rangers 1st, Blackhawks 2nd, Devils 3rd. They then realized it would be TOO obvious, so the gave the Devils first (still in a large market) and dropped the Rangers and Blackhawks down a spot. Now, somehow the Devils will take the Russian and give the Rangers and Chicago Hughes and Kakko." Neither my friend nor his brother are known for having a competent and logical thought process.
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