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  1. I don’t think Kapanen is worth a 1st plus Zacha at all but I would hope that if a good deal comes around Zacha isn’t considered untouchable. I would like to see how he looks under Ruff, if anything to up his value, but I would be fine moving him in the right deal. Kapanen ain’t it imo. If anything this ask makes me lose any kind of hope in dealing for Nylander or Marner. If they’re asking that much for Kap there’s no way I’d pay what they want for Nylander or Marner.
  2. That’s what they asked for apparently.
  3. I like it. It’s like we have a narrator now. One year later...
  4. See, he’d be the perfect reminder for everyone in the locker room to keep it clean. Especially Mardi Gras Jack.
  5. What about trying to use the 18th or 20th to move up to grab Askarov? Thinking maybe the Preds or Panthers might bite depending on what we add.
  6. Depends on who Calgary needs to protect for the ED. If they need to get rid of him because he’s not going to sign an extension with them I think we could offer something like either one of the 18th or 20th OA pick + Zacha + McLeod or something. Worth a try at least.
  7. What about Gaudreau? Rumors have it that Hall wants to play in Calgary and that Johnny Hockey wants to play in the east. Contact takes him to 2022 and if we can’t re-sign him we could flip him at the deadline to recoup some of what we gave up for him. I really feel like Jack and Nico need to be surrounded by people who can score asap or they’re going to keep struggling to put points up and maybe never gain the confidence they should have. If the price is reasonable I would hope Fitz looks into it at least.
  8. Who’s on the right? Alex Turcotte? He looks like he’s in an an Adidas ad from the 70’s. Put him on a Wheaties box.
  9. That’s what I’m hoping for. Plus they’re going to have to more cap issues eventually right?
  10. The Rangers are the luckiest and most privileged team in the league. Players like Panarin, Fox, Trouba, Vesey, etc., only willing to play for them is a luxury mist teams don’t get. They were able to rebuild faster then us because of trades involving those guys and being gifted Panarin in free agency (even though there were no other real options for him). Adding a 1st OA and 2nd OA is just overkill. They’re going to be hard to beat going forward, no doubt. Damn metro is such a tough division. It’s going to be a fight just to make the wild card. But I still like what we have goin
  11. Has anyone ever actually had “pork roll” that wasn’t the Taylor Ham brand? It’s as mythical as the Jersey Devil.
  12. Yeah our 7th OA pick just became way more important. If we had 7 and 10 then we could take some chances but now we have to go BPA. I’m not completely sold on Drysdale or Sanderson so if someone like Rossi is still there I think we have to put organizational needs aside. It also makes me really hope Askarov slides a lot.
  13. Az/Van conference finals confirmed. Maybe we trade up with those two picks.
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