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  1. Jerzey


    Well hopefully weeks not months doesn’t mean 7 weeks.
  2. Jerzey

    Draft 2023

    Without a 1st round pick it’s just not the same. Kind of relieving, to be honest, after 10 years of the draft being the highlight of the season.
  3. Jerzey

    2023 HHOF Class

    Crazy thing is he scored 30 goals in his one year with us. He seemed like a nice guy. I’m not sure what happened with him. He apparently kept playing in Europe until the early 2000’s so he must’ve liked playing on some level.
  4. Jerzey

    2023 HHOF Class

    That’s awesome! I also got the 90-91 Devils to all sign a LGD sign at South Mountain Arena. I’m actually probably part of the reason they don’t have open practices anymore haha.
  5. Jerzey

    2023 HHOF Class

    Back when the Devils used to hold open practices at South Mountain Arena Pierre’s brother Sylviain handed me his stick that he had just broken. I was a huge fan ever since even though he was the less skilled of the bros.
  6. Damn kind of surprising for the fact that I thought (assumed) Lindy was going to take a different role with the team and Brunette was going to be the next coach. Oh well. The team really seemed to rally behind Ruff.
  7. Part of me would feel more comfortable suiting Marty up over either of these two at this point. LMFGD!
  8. Really? I thought it was 50 years after it was released. That sucks.
  9. Is the song public domain yet? fvck him but that song is a classic. I still listen to I Believe I Can Fly too. Michael Jackson is innocent so I’m fine listening to him.
  10. I know it’s a long shot but Pasternak hasn’t re-signed with Boston yet and with how old their team is he might not want to stay there. I mean I’m assuming he’s going to re-sign but the future of the team doesn’t depend on Timo Meier. There are always going to be options. I don’t blame Fitz at all for not getting Debrincat, Fiala, Gaudreau, or Tkachuk and I hope he doesn’t feel like he struck out with them either. I don’t want him thinking he has to make a trade. We still have some guys coming up who can make a difference.
  11. Glad you’re still here @Guadana! Have to be honest I thought you were one of the people who were recently banned because last time I looked you were in a conversation with the guys who were.
  12. Blacked out for me but I listened to it. It was pretty boring to listen to. Devils radio guy sounds like a pro wrestler.
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