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  1. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

    Does that make me the troll for starting this thread?
  2. What about something like McLeod to Edmonton for 8th OA + Lucic? Then maybe work something out with Seattle at the expansion draft to make sure they take Lucic. That should assure us Caufield.
  3. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

    If anything Shero should unite the brothers here.
  4. Jerzey

    2019 Offseason Thread

    So what’s are the chances Elias is a full time assistant coach next year? Was his stint the final week of the season a test or something? I’d love to have him back in the organization.
  5. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

    Black lungs matter
  6. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

    The more I see of Hughes the more I want him. But my research isn’t nearly done. I did vote too early though. I was excited. That doesn’t mean I’m a premature ejaculator though.
  7. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes says he skates with Taylor Hall in the summer. I might be changing my mind. Especially if it helps keep Hall. I guess I’ll be going back and forth until the pick is made.
  8. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

  9. Jerzey

    Hughes or Kakko

    Who should Shero pick?
  10. Time to start doing some research. Right now I’m leaning Kakko for his size and Fins are killing it lately. Plus Nico is a good low end 1c already and Zacha seems to be turning into a good 2c.
  11. I don’t plan on having any more kids so this pick better work out.
  12. I’d like an unprotected 1st like the Avs have this year from Ottawa. Not saying we’d luck into 1st overall like the Avs but it would be a good starting point imo.
  13. We just had a little girl born on March 30th. One of each now. Just thought I’d add that in considering the last couple of posts. Also I’d like to point out the year my son was born, 4/10/17, we won the draft lottery and drafted Nico. Just saying my kids might bring us draft luck.
  14. Regarding Hall, the conspiracy theorist in me tells me Shero knew we needed at least one more year of good drafting so he told Hall to take the rest of the year off as a vacation as part of his extension. I still expect he re-signs for 9-9.5 million per for 8 years.
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