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  1. It’s on YouTube with a huge semitransparent nhl logo in the middle of the screen.
  2. Is there a way to watch this?
  3. I’m watching it on Hulu. I have the Devils set as my favorite team under Sports so it always shows up on my homepage when there’s a game on.
  4. Just realized it’s on ESPN+/Hulu too.
  5. Does tonight’s game have a stream?
  6. I like the idea but I guess we have to hope Mercer and Rango have good chemistry without Jack.
  7. Who plays with Nico and Bratt though? One of the two will probably be on the right side of that line. Then maybe the 3rd line is Zetterlund in the middle with Wood or Tatar on one side and then one of Rango or Mercer on the right. Or Mercer in middle if he’s on the 3rd line.
  8. I have a feeling Sharangovich is about to become a 3rd liner. I won’t get too excited about Holtz yet but I fully expect Holtz to take his spot on the first line by the end of the year if not start of the season. I like Rango but I’ve always felt like Hughes needed someone a little better to put up good numbers. Maybe he’ll make line 2 with Hischier and Bratt. But then Mercer is on the 3rd line? I guess this is a good problem to have.
  9. It’s not often you get a Lean on Me reference these days haha. I was at the dentist a few weeks ago (in North Florida) and the dental assistant said she’s from Jersey and her husband went to East Side High when Joe Clark was there. She said Joe Clark stopped him and made him sing the school anthem. Kind of random to be a bullsh!t story so I thought it was cool.
  10. As an out of market cord cutter these games are blacked out for me. So here’s your friendly reminder to press mute before watching a game on ESPN.
  11. That first one with the state shape would be a cool shoulder patch on the Jersey. On second glance it almost looks like a Ghostbusters sign saying “No New Jersey”.
  12. Crossroads? My friend owns that place. Well he was. We haven’t spoken in years only because I moved away. Shouldn’t br any hard feelings between us though.
  13. I honestly believe it’s in Ruff’’s plans to hand the team over to Brunett after next season and take a front office position. I think he’s helped bring in these coaches.
  14. I mean if we’re worried that he’s going to die if stops working then give the man a broom or something! Let him greet people at The Rock like it’s a Walmart.
  15. Yeah 80 is kinda old. Hopefully he wants to retire but I’d let him sit in the room quietly as work gets done. Maybd it can just be a zoom call every other month to check in.
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