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  1. Ok I thought maybe there was a player I was unaware of. Like a rookie I wasn’t paying attention to or something.
  2. Who is Andersson? Is that a play on names because we traded Joey Anderson for Johnsson?
  3. Damn I thought he’d do good in Ruff’s offensive system.
  4. Did I miss what happened to Butcher? Is he being scratched or is he injured or sick?
  5. Ok Zibanejad looks like he should be wearing acid wash jeans, black Reebok’s, and driving an IROC in 1988.
  6. Imo Palmieri needs to step it up the most. The whole Goose-Zacha-Johnsson line has been a little underwhelming too. Pretty impressed with the Kuokonnen-McLeod-Bastian line all things considered. Didn’t expect much out of them but they’re working hard. I think the Boqvist-Zajac-Wood line is pretty par for the course for me.
  7. To be clear though, I have no problem with the Rangers suck part. My issue is with the Flyers swallow part.
  8. I’ll tell you what this game was really missing...a Rangers suck, Flyers swallow chant.
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