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  1. All I really know about both drafts is Bedard is supposed to be better than Wright and there’s another Jack Hughes in this years draft.
  2. So do we start tracking the draft again now? Goddammit.
  3. I’m dealing with that right now too. Got tested for Covid, the flu, and pneumonia and they all came back negative but I can’t stop coughing. Our immune systems suck right now due to the masks and quarantining the past couple of years. Anyway, anyone see that Blitzer is trying to buy into the Cleveland Guardians baseball team? Get one right before you buy another one please. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/12/guardians-rumors-sale-david-blitzer-76ers-devils.html
  4. i still believe in this team. Just need the right coaching staff.
  5. They really have to try to not draw any penalties tonight. Last thing we need is another power play.
  6. Love it. Ruff is Major Leaguing them.
  7. Maybe they’ll draft that other Jack Hughes and eventually Quinn ends up playing here too.
  8. And I thought we had a lot of H’s with Hughes, Hischier, Hamilton, and Holtz. Looks like the S’s take if.
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