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  1. No one on this team is ever ready for a Jack Hughes pass. And they’re alway right on the money.
  2. Still need a GDT for tonight but...
  3. Well I guess it’s within his rights. I’ve been very critical of Zajac in the past but I think I’m happy to keep him at this point. Now that we have a 1C (pretty much two of them) he’s being used properly on the 2nd or 3rd line (even though his line is currently the most productive). Still think Hughes needs to get a shot between Coleman and the Goose and if that’s successful I might rethink my stance on Zajac again.
  4. And Blackwood, not to be confused with Subban or Simmonds.
  5. Yeah I’m almost positive if they’re a lottery team they’re going to win it with him on the team. Maybe they’ll be so far out by the deadline that they trade him.
  6. Coyotes have dropped the the last wild card spot in the west with 3 games at hand on Winnipeg who is just outside of the playoff picture and 3 points behind them. Looks like Hall might get us a good second pick in the first round as long as they don’t win one of the lottery’s for top 3.
  7. To me it seems like the owners want more of a democracy between them, the analytics team, the President (Marty’s role), and the GM instead of the GM being a dictator on everything. It might hurt the ego of an old school GM but I think it could work this way. Less bad decisions falling on one person.
  8. Maybe we’ll get a compliance buyout for the expansion draft.
  9. But we’ve got the biggest, Bahl’s of them all.
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