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  1. Jerzey

    Beating the Deadest of Horses (Parise)

    The thing is, after all he did for the Devils and the state of NJ, Lou gets a pass for his mistake. Parise does not get a pass. He should have been honest about his intentions instead of letting us lose him for nothing. At least he has his bullsh!t little excuse about been jealous of Kovy though. Tavares screwed the Isles over for seemingly no reason.
  2. Jerzey

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Could be something really cool to have one day.
  3. Jerzey

    Beating the Deadest of Horses (Parise)

    Still salty about that whole situation. Parise and Lou both screwed us bigtime. Hopefully Shero doesn’t do the same thing with Hall and trades him before letting him walk for nothing (I still think Hall will re-sign but if he says he wants to wait till he’s a UFA to decide then trade him immediately). Parise never should’ve gotten a 1 year deal from restricted free agency that took him directly to unrestricted free agency. I’ll never let that go.
  4. Jerzey

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Yeah especially when we switched to the red and black. Kings and Raiders gear was really popular because of the colors. Plus I listened to a lot of west coast hip hop back then (more east coast but I still liked a lot of the west coast stuff).
  5. Jerzey

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    If they didn’t have Starter jackets they were doing it wrong. Also, remember when hockey jerseys became popular in the hip hop community?
  6. Jerzey

    John Hynes Signs Extension - Star Ledger

    Hit em with the Hyne
  7. Jerzey

    GDT: Toronna vs Your New Jersey Devils - 12/18/2018 @ 7:00PM

    Didn’t you see Lovejoy hit Kinkaid?
  8. Jerzey

    Ray finally speaks

    The one cool thing about this season is that get to play the scoreboard games from my phone in Florida. Even though I have no idea what the outcome ever is.
  9. Jerzey

    Devils Goaltending

    Too bad the Seattle expansion and next CBA are so far away. They’re probably going to offer compliance buyouts again. And a deal with Seattle probably could have been made around Schneider. Lots of goalies seem to be struggling right now. Maybe a trade is possible. Maybe we should just throw a shooter tutor up.
  10. Jerzey

    Holiday Shopping

    I used the link but I don’t know if it worked. Hopefully. Spent like $450-$500.
  11. Jerzey

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    Is this considered a strong draft or another top heavy draft?
  12. Jerzey

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    Everyone is having a sophomore slump.
  13. Jerzey

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    Blackout game for me. Probably a good thing.
  14. Jerzey

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Two seasons ago I was on board with getting rid of Hynes but I’m a believer now. I like him and his system. They can change the assistants out though. I want Shero to make some roster moves before Hynes gets the axe. Not really much to work with there either but this team needs a goddamn shake up of some sort.
  15. Jerzey

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Jesus Shero make a damn move already.

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