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  1. So he has interest in coaching in the NHL , just not for the Devils.
  2. If this virus gets worse and they end up having to cancel the season completely do we get to do this whole thing over the right way?
  3. Arizona is going to win it (the Hall effect) and we’ll have their unprotected 1st next year. That’s about as bright side as I can do right now.
  4. Yeah if it’s not us I hope it’s Ottawa. They’re due for good news.
  5. Oh no. Wish him luck. I have asthma too so keep that kid safe! Wait I think I misunderstood that. They’re testing for antibodies now?
  6. I have that same feeling but I’m an admitted pessimist.
  7. I had a boy in 2017 and we won the lottery and drafted Nico. In 2019 I had a girl and we won the lottery and drafted Hughes. I tried to get my wife to have another kid but she wasn’t going for it. Sorry guys.
  8. Canceling the season is the best thing for us imo. Arizona was probably going to beat the Hynes’ so we’re going to get a better pick from them, assuming they don’t win the lottery (they do have Hall), if they just kill the season. I was very happy to have two top ten picks before this play in crap.
  9. If the role of GM is going to be a little watered down compared to what Shero and Lou were then I can see them going with someone with a little less experience. If decisions are made more democratically with Harris, Blitzer, Marty, the new GM, and whoever else all having input then a good hockey mind could be all they’re looking for.
  10. Imo there isn’t as much of a rush to sign a coach as there is/was to sign a GM. At this point I think the draft belongs to Fitz but if they are going to hire a new GM to replace him I would have preferred they already hired him to give him time before the draft to get his ducks in a row.
  11. I empathize with Hall and I think he handled himself like a pro until the very end. His run in NJ is like the entire run of Game of Thrones. Enjoyed the whole thing until the very end and now I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth.
  12. Hall was getting kinda douchy towards the end. Remember the whole “where’s the booing now” thing with his hand to his ear after accidentally knocking a puck in while slinging? He obviously didn’t like it in NJ. I say duck him.
  13. I have a feeling we could see Fitzgerald (or whoever the GM is) go after Hoffman. Which I wouldn’t mind at all.
  14. True, I just feel like he should want to have another shot at a contract season. He definitely played on two bad teams this year but he wasn’t exactly lighting it up on either team. Especially in a time where the top players seem to be easily Hitting 100+ points.
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