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  1. I was really talking about getting attached to potential draft picks and then losing out on them because someone else drafts them. Like right now if we don’t get a top 2 pick I want Turcotte but he’ll probably be gone by the time we draft. When we drafted Zacha I really wanted Barzal (don’t know how we dropped the ball there). But what SD said applies too.
  2. I have to stop myself from getting attached to certain prospects this time of year to save myself from disappointment.
  3. Me either but with the rioting after they lost the SCF and the overrating of their players their fans on message boards do it’s enough for me to really enjoy wanting them to fail.
  4. It should just be a series of emoticons.
  5. We’re gonna have to buy another owners box for all of the injured players to be able to fit in.
  6. Yeah I’m kind of not feeling drafting Russians early on. Seems too risky.
  7. http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/nhl-mock-draft-2019-senators-rangers-ducks-gain-stock-trade-deadline-edition/4n62ocox915e1374vojas1odx This mock has us taking Zegras with our 1st. I won’t pretend to know anything about him so I’ll just say sounds good to me. I’m sure one of you can give a better opinion/valuation of this pick.
  8. A few days ago I was having an issue where it would say this was a fake NJDevs site that was probably trying to steal my information. Then it would make me back out. It only seemed to last a Day. Maybe only even a few hours.
  9. Yeah Flight of Passage! That’s it. Incredible experience. I usually don’t like 3D rides but that takes it to the next level. I live in orlando right now and I almost never go to the parks. Only when my parent come visit (they’re in Jacksonville now and have season passes). The parks are just too crowded and they haven’t added too much until recently. I just read that they’re changing the whole entrance to Epcot. Complete makeover. Supposed to be some high tec thing. They’re moving all of those rocks or whatever that people had their faces engraved on them to outside of the gates. I only bring that up because my family is on there haha.
  10. Did you manage to get fast passes for the Avatar ride? Not the boat ride but the 3D one where you fly on the bird thing.
  11. Yakovlev at LW? Did I miss that last game or is that new?
  12. That’s dangerous. We risk losing them as free agents like Kerfoot. But it’s not our choice really and there are so many spots up for grabs on our defense that it makes sense for them to want sign with us anyway.
  13. It’s cold in the arena.
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