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  1. Not pretty by any means, but TWO POINTS FOR THE GOOD GUYS!
  2. I wanna party with this dude. But as a long time Mets fan, I can kind of see it. Been hit on the head for so long it takes a while to see the sunshine. But, my friend, the sun is out! Enjoy it!
  3. Owners of the Panthers gave this cake to my buddy. We spent the past half hour giving fans slices of it Plus bottle of Macellen signed by the whole team.
  4. Leaving 5am to fly to Florida and the all-star weekend. First time going to something like that, pretty excited. Sitting in the Panthers owner's suite, should be pretty special.
  5. Those Stars unis are painful to the eyes.
  6. Vitek is listed for tonight and Blackwood is set for tomorrow. I agree that I would have probably reversed them. LGD!
  7. https://thehockeynews.com/news/nhl-power-rankings-the-devils-did-it-new-no-1?fbclid=IwAR37Gp58mIdI8DrU3Q075dzi92DeBSNuyqpWUoVJR7k2wDUaDVLQ6tyXWZI
  8. The numbers say 67.25% of Devils fans rely on stats. I can share my notes if needed. LGD!
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