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  1. Lovejoy has regressed to last year's form over the past few games.
  2. I'm waiting for this guy to start burping like Rick Sanchez.
  3. Gotcha. Well, with the way he has been playing, you could replace him with a few options from the Bdevs who will play at the same level. Maybe watching a couple games from the press box would help get his act together, a la Zacha.
  4. He's a rookie who was productive for most of the season. On a young team, why would you sell now? What do you expect in return?
  5. Sell high on Bratt? ridiculous. He def needs to sit a game or two though.
  6. "Off John Moore's shaft." Sounds painful.
  7. Tailgating. We used to park near the Giants Stadium side of the bridge, and in the dead of winter we brought a fire pit and a grill.
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