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  1. OH WE USE THE TIMEOUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This team doing it's absolute best to lose.
  3. Why the hell do we still not know what happened to Vatanen? Is it safe to just assume he has a concussion at this point?
  4. How is the ref just going to watch Vats get elbowed in the face and not call anything?
  5. Andy with the slick 5-hole deflection.....................
  6. Huge win to start the Western Canada road trip. These trips have felt like death sentences for the past few years. Nice to start it off the right way!
  7. In reference to the video, how do you even get a hold of an entire mayo jar at a game? I can't imagine that would be allowed in at the gate. Did they smuggle it through? That's a big damn jar. It would be difficult to hide it unless they pretended the girl was pregnant with the mayo jar as the baby bump which seems far fetched. Did they steal it from the concession line? Wild stuff.
  9. Three major notes for the past few minutes of play: Rooneys block was inspiring. Zacha has been legitimately great as of late. I saw Mueller actually throw a hit and it caused some trouble for the rags along the boards during the pk.
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