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  2. At least tell me you get it on a kaiser roll with SPK.
  3. I can't even imagine what kind of boujee motherfvcker orders a "Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese". Yikes. 'Round these parts (Central Jersey/ Jersey Shore) you get the shoprite brand Pork Roll cause its cheaper and I gotta save every penny i can to afford tickets, gas, and parking to go to the games.
  4. Just to add to Hobby's Deli stories: On the Patty Jersey Retirement game day me and thecoffecake hit up Hobby's wearing green hats and one of the owners came out and chatted with us. He told us that the hat Patty wore on the ice after the St Patrick's day game years ago came from Hobby's (they were giving out on St Patrick's day that year) and he even had one they had kept up on the wall. Cool people.
  5. Usually its justifiable to sh!t on Trenton since its a sh!t-hole but Pork Roll originated from Trenton. They have the right to call it what it is. Its Pork Roll.
  6. I know we already have our resident meme makers but a little competition is always a good thing right? For all you Chappelle Show fans out there.
  7. This announcement is like 2 hours late...
  8. JT Miller for a 1st and a 3rd. Not a great deal in my mind for Van.
  9. Man it would be huge if Ray could somehow jump back into the first to grab one of the defense men slated to go soon.
  10. Mark the date. The future is NOW!
  11. There are reports out that say that Marner refused an 11x8 from Toronto. Also the way the offer sheets work is that you divide total contract cost by either years of the contract or 5, whichever is smaller, so it would have to be a 10.5 x 5. I don't know why Marner would take a 10.5 x 5 instead of a 11 x 8. There are other things saying that he doesn't want max term though so take the shot Ray.
  12. WaffleFries

    Hughes or Kakko

    Better video: https://streamable.com/x37qo?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  13. I can't believe the refs called that DoG on carolina when the ignored it on washington during OT 1. If I'm a Carolina fan I would be screaming about league fixing games right about now.
  14. You can be the judge. https://streamable.com/sw7fn
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