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  1. At least its only preseason. This would be a true embarrassment if it was opening night.
  2. McLeod has been really impressive so far. Love what he is bringing.
  3. Zacha is shooting lasers out there.
  4. Going one-at-a-time always seemed like the more difficult aspect of them to me.
  5. The only acceptable on jersey advertisement
  6. Rumors have been swirling. This was the first actual tweet I've seen but still not a blue check.
  7. Jack hella pumped up to have Luke in NJ
  8. This is the kind of advanced stats everyone here can get behind
  9. I don't know. Zacha makes a strong case for most improved.
  10. Zacha is absolutely MONEY right now.
  11. That's about as ALMOST as you can get. S H A N G O!!!!!!
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