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  1. I don't know. Zacha makes a strong case for most improved.
  2. That's about as ALMOST as you can get. S H A N G O!!!!!!
  3. I can't tell if Shango is really good at shooting or he is just the only one on the team that actually shoots.
  4. Really pretty goal by Shango.
  5. In regards to waiving Vats: It is possible that a team was interested but only if they could toss him on their taxi squad as a back-up in case of injuries. To do that the Devs would waive him and then trade him after he passes waivers. The new team would not have to waive him and risk losing him since he had already passed through.
  6. "weak" and "wrong" need to be differentiated. Bratt was standing still and gets thrown into the goalie. That is straight up not a penalty. To call it is plain wrong, not weak. Fvcked up that the refs can get away with make-up calls this year especially with the extra criticisms.
  7. That Zajac - Kuok - SHARRON line is really giving the Flyers fits.
  8. The low down ref really just going to watch that and let the other ref make the call?
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