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  1. I can not believe how good Nico has been. His game has translated to the playoffs in an incredible way.
  2. Story book ending to a historic regular season. What an absolutely insane goal to get as your first.
  3. He does have 3 points tonight so he has already made up for a large part of his missed points from the last 8 or so games
  4. Brendan Smith looks even worse than he usually does. I guess this is what happens when you put him out on the first defensive pairing. I need whatever Lindy is smoking because there is no frame of mind I have experienced that would get me to make that decision.
  5. This team is just so different than it was last year. The kind of late goal they gave up at the end of the first was always such a dagger last year. It felt like a game was over every time it happened. This year they just never give up at all. It's like giving up a goal is a minor inconvenience for this team.
  7. Never tell me that "Game management" isn't a thing. Garbage make-up call.
  8. Amazing game. Its been a long time coming but the Devils are actually fun to watch.
  9. Gotta love seeing Seigs fully shutdown McDavid at full speed
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