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  1. did you see damon's interview on the post game? so funny
  2. yea. i feel like losing any of the core guys in our lineup could cause the whole offense to shut down, they all feed off of each others success. that goes for the pitching staff too.
  3. sucks to see him go. Good luck Gio!!
  4. thanks for a great season Clemmer
  5. ZZPop91519


    My Sister's Keeper is my all time favorite book. Jodi Picoult is truly amazing
  6. ummm so yea... Congrats Mariano cheers to a YANKEES sweep
  7. was it just me, or did Cano look even more lackadaisical than usual today? i know the field was wet and all, but the Mets legged at least 2 infield hits today on balls that were hit to 2B i was at the game and it seemed like he took his time getting the ball to first
  8. not quite sure I understand why Mo was in tonight he's pitched 3 games in a row before a series against Boston interesting move there Joe...
  9. it's nice to see Gammons stick up for a yankee for once. i think this may be the first time i actually agree with him lol
  10. Burnett suspended 6 games, Padilla gets nothing WTF? i know MLB always goes after head hunters, but still
  11. ugh i was at the game tonight the only exciting thing (other than the posada homer0 was the bases loaded inning that a-rod hit us out of. god he was hard to watch tonight
  12. setbacks in Tampa... http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/news/articl...sp&c_id=nyy
  13. maybe, but we'd all be complaining if Girardi didn't bring in Posada
  14. toby keith- july 25th jason mraz- august 8th and hopefully Keith Urban October 8th
  15. overall this was a fun series (for me at least) sucks that we only came away with one win, but it was funny watching my dad freak out with Lidge blowing 2 saves i wish the Yanks played the Phils more often; i kinda like watching my two favorite teams hash it out (always rooting for the yanks of course)
  16. yea my mom used to see him all the time at Kings in West Caldwell guess that won't be happening anymore all the best Bobby thanks for the memories
  17. ahh can't believe I missed another great game i really need to get OTB
  18. ZZPop91519


    cheers to that
  19. LMAO those are great i want the Uts one
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