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  1. If I can find a cheap single ticket, I may finally make my return to the Rock tonight. Maybe.
  2. Last events I went to at the old arena were a Coldplay concert and some WWE PPV (No Way Out? One of the less interesting ones. I think a steel cage match was the main event). Those are the only two times I was back after the Devils moved. Was at that last game there against the Sens and remember thinking how much I'd rather have been across the lot at the music festival going on at the time, because we just were so outclassed in that series.
  3. Carrying a Sabres bag, not wearing gear. Don't really think it means anything. Supposedly he's trimming a dozen teams that have reached out to 3-4 to visit. I'd post a link but I read it this morning and have no earthly idea where I saw it.
  4. Yeah that scares me a bit. I lucked into Marty night tickets because I bought tickets as part of a group sales thing before it was even announced as Marty night. They seem to have planned ahead a bit further with this one.
  5. That would be awesome...keep me posted? It's been too many years since we caught a game together!
  6. I really hope I'm able to pull a ticket to this come Friday, but in the event that I don't, if any of you season ticket folk somehow wind up with extra, do keep me in mind?
  7. I don't know if it's the original scoreboard there, but they might need an upgrade even worse than we do. For those curious about the size being distracting, I didn't find Tampa's huge board distracting when I was down there a few years back, but I was also in the lower level. It definitely beats the hell out of what we have right now.
  8. I had read somewhere that the season is likely starting on/around October 4th this year.
  9. I'm a Mets fan; I can put up with a lot of stupidity from the teams I like...
  10. This choice would feel a whole hell of a lot less stressful if Dallas got the #2 pick instead of Philly.
  11. So the Columbus poster guy who joined the team this year left awhile back - his last poster was the Bob's Burgers themed one against Buffalo. Kind of makes sense, his have a very certain style to them and most of the ones towards the end didn't really have that. Wonder what's in store for next year now, if they still do them or not.
  12. AND that was the pick we probably should have given up over the Kovalchuk crap, but didn't, which resulted in our having the 30th pick in the 2015 draft when we would have otherwise had I think the 9th overall pick instead. That decision was just a disaster all around. I usually defend Lou's...Lou-ness, and even probably did at the time, but my god does it look terrible now.
  13. We win, Arizona loses to Dallas but picks up an OT loser point.
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