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  1. I keep waiting for the "it's confirmed!" post but I guess I'll get back to those spreadsheets waiting for me now LOL
  2. I missed the game....but seriously? They couldn't beat the blue off the Laffs? DevilinLa is as right as rain here, they are the WORST in the NHL.
  3. If you are tired of dragging your laptop into the bathroom to watch porn on, then this is for you. Otherwise, you don't need it.
  4. I remember walking into a bar in the Bronx 35 years ago and getting a draft beer for 35 cents. I was 13 LOL.
  5. jim777

    Souray speculation

    I don't think he's the best use of 5.4 mil
  6. He and his team are appealing the suspension. Here's one link but there are dozens out there.
  7. If you've got half a brain the good time comes to a screaching halt when the cameras come out. It's the Michael Phelps rule
  8. I may try and catch up with you all at the last stop for a pint and some grub, but I'll have my 8 year old in tow so I'm not crawling
  9. Dude, I'm in South Jersey, you just have to download the Sop Cast ActiveX stuff and watch the game on your PC. You could have seen the game here: http://www.kilonetsports.com/kilonet2.shtml You just need to download and install this (on Windows)http://www.sopcast.com/download/
  10. I hate when they skip the three stars. the stars are part of hockey heritage, they should show them every game.
  11. Talk about a seeing eye goal, that shot by Parise was nice
  12. In the thread already, http://www.kilonetsports.com/kilonet2.shtml channel 2 Nice seeing Trots, he's a good guy
  13. Is there a working feed/link? Got it at http://www.kilonetsports.com/kilonet2.shtml thanks though
  14. Any news on these, or are we still looking at mid-February?
  15. Yeah, I just don't see Lou getting a 1st line type of player. I guess we'll see though.
  16. It would be great to really put a beating on the Habs, even though I like the Habs. It would really crush their fan base. Go Devs!
  17. I personally think the Calgary brass simply got tired of the two Chinese take out places and that miserable falafel stand as the only available take out, and decided to get some better grub on the East Coast.
  18. We don't need him; he doesn't want to be an enforcer anymore, and he's got 1 goal in the last 21 months. Gainey said, "I don't have a copy of Georges' code, but there were players being treated unfairly by opponents and nothing was being done."
  19. My bad; he doesn't have a no-trade, which would allow waivers. He has a no movement clause, that's why no trades, waivers, reassignement, or anything else without his permission. And, because of the buyout at 2/3rds, it's really like this (even though the contract would've been over after the 10-11 season): For the remainder of 09-10: technically a part of the team, paid full salary with full cap hit, but doesn't show up to work 10-11: officially bought out, 1/3 of his salary ($500K) paid to him and 1/3 ($500K) cap hit, no longer part of Habs 11-12: due to the buyout, another 1/3 ($500K) of hi
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