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  1. I’ve only seen highlights, but he’s a big kid who seems to know how to use his size and has some meanness to his game. This team hasn’t had too much of that in a while and it’ll be needed.
  2. I don’t think anyone is too upset with 7 when we went in with #6. A lot of talent will be around at 7, plus we could get something in the 8-10 range and late teens depending how this plays out. What’s upsetting is that a team that was shoehorned into the “play-in” will now have a better shot at the #1 pick than teams that weren't given a shot at a play in. Any team given the opportunity to play in should immediately have been removed from top 3 contention.
  3. I'm excited and all but the fact that you can get a shot at the cup AND a shot at the #1 pick is ridiculous.
  4. I still have a Sanderson Jackets replica jersey that I bought randomly back in the day. I thought it looked cool. Crazy to think his kid is about to be drafted
  5. The article talks about Brylin and Elias who were early 90's Devils picks and made a similar transition to North American hockey. They are now 2 of the people helping Gusev with a similar adjustment. Therefore benefiting Goose.
  6. That's a fun podcast. Cam has some real great stories. One of my favorites is when he was in the AHL and someone changed his contacts and put Lou's number under his drinking buddy's name. Cam calls his buddy to go get hammered after a game and its a very unhappy Lou on the other end
  7. Theoretically the lowest that pick could be is 13, and that's only if 3 teams behind them all won lottery picks. The chances of that are very very low
  8. To be fair, that tag is on every coach until they win it. Trotz could never get his teams over the hump either until he did. That being said, I'd prefer Gallant, Lav, or Montgomery depending on where he is with everything
  9. I'm actually reading the autobiography he was writing when he died. I'll have to check out the documentary. I saw that the Grant Fuhr one is in prime too
  10. I'm watching the game on MSG+ from 1998 because I couldn't sleep. Its fun to watch a little hockey from way back when I was a teen. I always forget how great of a puck handler Marty was. I'm amazed more goalies don't make that a bigger part of their game. here's what the team looked like if anyone was wondering: Sykora-Arnott-Andreychuck Elias-Holik-McKay Rolston-Carpenter-Thomas Brylin-Pederson-Oliwa Stevens-Odelein Neidermayer-Bodger Daneyko-Souray Brodeur Dunham I'm guessing Gilmour was injured at this time. Zubrus was on the Flyers at this point and former number one overall pick Alexander Daigle scored while I was watching.
  11. Not sure where to put this, but they are pulling out some old ones for this week.
  12. I can't see us possibly being that lucky again, but id take it in a heartbeat. The rest of the league would lose their minds which would make it even better
  13. I think this whole thing is going to teach a lot about what is actually a necessity and what we just do because “that’s the way it is”
  14. Domi’s elbow to Niedermayer negates anything he says about anyone playing dirty ever. There’s a reason Scotty lifted cups and Domi never did a thing other than punch people. You can't cry about dirty play when your locker room had Corson, Tucker, Belak and notorious knee-on-knee hitter Marchment.
  15. Yeah this for sure. This is what they do, and it will be a welcome return to "normal" for everyone
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