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  1. I've been going through old storage bins and found my jerseys from 1990's - 2000's. I'm not sure what years they are all from. Are there sites that list the jersey styles that different companies sold over the years? I want to add that these are just replicas. I never had game worn money. Specifically, I found the one pictured. IIRC i got it in Toronto during the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. I'm almost positive it was released by Nike as a throwback to maybe the 1976 Jersey? That's the only one that looks close. Does this look familiar to anyone or does anyone know where to get this kind of information? Thanks guys
  2. I enjoyed Cherry's Rock Em Sock Em tapes from back in the day since pre-YouTube it was nearly impossible to find a collection of hockey highlights. But other than that he has been the epitome of the "get off my lawn" out-of-touch old guy yelling at clouds. It was definitely passed the time to let him go.
  3. I think for Wood "stellar" is just "not god awful"
  4. Oh I think there's plenty of blame to go around. I don't put it all on Ray at all. I think I agree with all of his moves on paper. The only thing I questioned was defense depth and goalie depth but there wasn't exactly a ton out there in the market for that. The team might still need some time to come together since there are so many new players. I think some players are trying too hard to do everything. The wins this week were promising. Blackwood is showing flashes and is very young so if he can develop some consistency we might have our guy in net at least. That's huge. We are stuck with Cory unless he develops another "injury" and Domingue comes up but he hasn't exactly been lights out in the AHL
  5. I feel like Ray would have had final decision but yes that was a classic Conte pick. "Can't teach size" and all that. On your second point, I love most of what Ray has done. I understand he inherited mostly garbage but eventually the excuses get old. I'm really hoping the recent wins are signs of a turnaround.
  6. The Cory trade and extension were very good when they happened. People were panicking that he was gonna leave then almost as much as they are about Hall now. Then his hip exploded and his brain went to mush. And Shero was already GM when Zacha was picked
  7. We'll be having 2020 Draft discussions by Thanksgiving at this rate.
  8. Same here. I was just looking for them to be a little competitive and entertaining. That was apparently too much to ask for
  9. There were free agents, too. I said several times in the off season that an Eddie Lack level guy (yes I know he's injured) would be decent insurance for an often injured 33 year old and an inexperienced rookie.
  10. If I had to guess, insurance for if Cory is "injured" again. And not for nothing, but I have no idea why they went into this season with Cormier as third on the depth chart.
  11. Y'all don't get it man. Hall likes Ric Flair right? Obviously....He's turning heel! Woooo! He's the limousine riding, jet flying, MVP winning, fan hating, Toronto loving, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun! Wooo! Nay-chuh Boy Taylor Hall
  12. I'm sure he would suddenly play better because someone came to his home and suggested he pick it up.
  13. His quotes from last night definitely sound that way. I was holding out hope from his stronger play at the end of last season and his preseason but I don't know. He may just be done.
  14. Devil Dan 56

    Fire Hynes

    As a fan of the NY Jets, I'm gonna have to disagree. Not that I'm enjoying the Devils season at all, but it could be worse
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