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  1. The Zacha Attack-a is back in business
  2. Vatanen looked silly on that Pastrnak play a minute ago
  3. NBC just talked about how consistent Palmieri is so I don't think they've watched any Devils hockey
  4. Kinda cool seeing two hockey teams on the ice on NBC before whatever our team is comes on.
  5. Here’s hoping the Devils that showed up in Boston a couple of weeks ago show up today and not the Devils from yesterday
  6. The fact that this team has a bunch of my money for next season makes me sad.
  7. He's do for his biweekly fancy play and then back into obscurity
  8. Subban is the only vet who shows any fire and unfortunately a lot of times he shows it by taking penalties and shooting wide of the net
  9. I hope they don't get those bad habits. The team has been mostly uninspired for so long
  10. My feed cut out and I think it was my TV trying to help me
  11. Might as well just save time and go to shootout. That's what, 4 breakaways?
  12. Yeah this. Cory didn't even become an NHL regular until he was 26 or so.
  13. Little surprised about McLeod but I'm guessing it won't be long
  14. Shesterkin is day to day with a mild groin strain. I'm guessing/hoping it's Georgiev because if its Keith Kinkaid we are getting shutout in his first good performance in 3 years.
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