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  1. Well if they think PK is still good, they certainly didn't vote for him for Norris. I think Mac is the only Devil who got a vote in any category from the lists I looked at. And yeah I'd to have a defense even close to Columbus, or any defense at all at this point
  2. Nice to see that Blackwood's play was noticed a bit. 6th isn't bad for a goalie on such a bad team
  3. Great fight by the Isles. That last power play where they couldn't get into the zone was a killer. It's gonna be cool seeing Coleman in the finals plus I can just enjoy the series because im fine with either team winning.
  4. That's why I said "without being rushed". Basically, it would be cool for them to show up at camp and you can tell they fit. I'm not expecting it, especially with about a month between the draft and the supposed training camp, but just wishful thinking. We don't need to rush anyone, this team isn't gonna be fighting for a cup anytime soon. Might as well let 'em develop
  5. I will praise and complain about every pick so I can keep my bases covered.
  6. There's also a chance what we find at 18 or 20 could be something special too considering the depth of the draft. I wouldn't expect them to really affect anything for a few years though. I hope whoever is at 7 can step in without being rushed
  7. Love the islanders fight right now. I fully expect Tampa to end it in the next game, but the isles certainly haven't rolled over.
  8. The timeline has clearly skewed into an alternate 1985.
  9. If Nico continues to develop as he is and Hughes can put the tools he has together, yes I think we would be set. A 3rd and 4th center is something that can be found but to have a legit 1-2 punch is huge. I'm not saying it's definite, I'm saying there is potential that Fitz can build off of if things break right for us. And I guess it could be a little overly optimistic of me. I also think he trades one of the later 1sts at the draft.
  10. But having a number 1 and number 2 center for the next 10 years is a great position to be in. You don't think that gives Fitz a good position going forward? I feel like that's just being negative for the sake of being negative
  11. I think Zacha slides into that 3rd center slot once Zajac is gone unless Ruff wants him at wing. Then the 4th line center could be some combination McLeod, Merkely, Rooney or maybe even Maltsev or Schnarr depending how long Zajac stays
  12. Yeah that last month of games might have given us more of an idea. I think we we'll how the team views him when we see what kind of contract he gets. And I think if we can grab a goalie we should. I one Schneider but it just doesn't look like he's ever gonna get back to what he was. I'm guessing the Devils try to entice Seattle to take him
  13. I think he's got a good foundation. Blackwood could be shaping up to be a starter. We are set at center for a while, plus this draft could be huge. He is really in prime position to build off of Shero and has the team turn the corner in the next couple of seasons.
  14. Supposedly, he is a guy teams were high on if the Devils didn't make him the full time GM. I'm hoping he learned the best of Shero and maybe with his own spin.
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