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  1. Devil Dan 56


    Yeah its lookin like a good decision so far. I guess we'll see how it ends up. Side note, that scar on Perry's nose is something out of a comic book villain origin story.
  2. Devil Dan 56


    What a crazy knee jerk reaction to switch out Fleury. He got them to the conference finals, I can't believe one mishap is enough for the hook
  3. Devil Dan 56


    Hell of a game by Price to keep them in it. Shots were 30-8 Vegas going into the 3rd.
  4. Same here. I was 14, only following the team for 3-4 years at that point, and did not realize just how special it was.
  5. Devil Dan 56


    Yeah the difference is night and day. I was thinking he was just not the same player but it turns out he was just half assing it here at the end.
  6. Whoops, 20. I was thinking early 90's were 30 years ago but the team collapsed 10 years ago. Math hard.
  7. I have noticed that somehow Blackwood was never a Conte pick and Zacha was a Conte pick but has slowly morphed to a Shero pick as he got better. Lou gets bashed a lot, but there were 30 years of winning before the wheels came off. It couldn't last forever. It was going to come at a price, and the price has been steep. And where SD is absolutely correct is that the roster was a disaster and a half by 2015. Lou was trying to get whatever he could get out of the team while Marty and Elias were still around, but there just wasn't anything there anymore and he wasn't willing to tear it down. That's why Shero was brought in. Its definite that the future is much brighter now, and these kids still need some time. I agree with you though, in that it's getting old finishing bottom 5 every year. I think we need that next step this season. No more trading picks for reclamation projects. We need some vets to help these kids, and they need to make a move. Something that shows that there's a pulse somewhere in the front office. Trade, signing, something that says "ok, we expect to be a regular playoff team at some point in the next few years" I think a good season for 2021-2022 would be flirting with a wild card and playing meaningful hockey into march as opposed to looking at top 10 draft possibilities in January.
  8. I would like to tag back out please.
  9. Its different because trading your 3rd line center right before the draft a year after winning a cup is different than potentially trading your best player and your starting goalie at the deadline while you're still in playoff contention.
  10. Just to piggyback on to this, Staal was behind Crosby and Malkin, which makes playing hardball and eventually trading him a little different.
  11. I think if they weren't so desperate for playoff success they probably would have made a trade with at least one of those guys. Twenty years without a playoff series win, I think they panicked a bit and tried to go for it before the window closed. And their playoff run was basically Homer jumping Springfield Gorge.
  12. Did Columbus refuse to talk contract with Panarin or Bobrovsky?
  13. Devil Dan 56


    And Varlamov is going down the tunnel. That was a terrible play by Pelech
  14. Weaponizing literally means to use as a weapon. Having and using are not the same
  15. I personally learned a lot from hearing Chris Kreiders dumb opinion between periods in the middle of those 4 straight losses to the Rangers It really opened up my view to the league.
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