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  1. The payback from the hockey gods will be swift and brutal. Prepare for an own goal off his beans.
  2. Part of me is all "let's go Devils" and also part of me is "meh"
  3. Who in the world said he has nothing to prove and is already a number one? Its just about giving him a responsible workload in his first full season before we end up with the next Dan Blackburn. I already said he's playing more than any other rookie goalie by a large margin and should probably get more than half of the remaining starts
  4. The season is a wash so there's no reason to run Blackwood into the ground. He's played nearly twice as much as any other rookie goalie in the league. Overplaying him won't develop him any quicker. As for Coleman and Palms, if you get an offer you can't turn down, fine. But you need guys who can play too, especially guys who put in an effort like those two do. Otherwise we'll end up with a team of 20-25 year olds every year in the constantly rotating rebuild.
  5. I know the all-star game doesn't mean anything, but seeing some teams with 2-3 players there made me miss when we were a lock to send some mix of Marty, Stevens, Neids, Elias, Rafalski etc.
  6. I don't know if anyone is checking out the skills competition but Vasilevsky is just incredible.
  7. It's easy to just look at point production and say he's easily replaced, but his major contribution isn't points. The idea of throwing a bunch of young guys together is appealing but it's not realistic.
  8. As much as I want Nico to be captain, with Vatanen likely headed out the door and everyone ready to drop Severson , Greene may be a necessity at least next season. Someone has to actually be out on the ice. I have high hopes for Bahl and Smith but they can't jump in and take 25 minutes a night off the bat Edit: I was really hoping Butcher would take a big step this year to becoming what Greene once was, an all situations guy
  9. It has to be post and crossbar and out though. If he hits post and it goes in, it's not a true Zacha shot
  10. Honestly, good for him. If he wants to exercise his no trade and he wants to stay on this team that's fine. I think it's good to have people that want to be here while they try to figure out this rebuild.
  11. That definitely took me a few tries to get through. Those are some thick accents. Eventually I found the interviews worth it. Guys really open up on that one
  12. I might be the only non-Caps fan who was bummed when Chara broke that record. I always really liked Iafrate. I also remember the game feeling more important when I was younger. Especially when the ballots were in the Brendan Byrne/ CAA and id just check off Devils and cross off Rangers as a kid.
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was you actually. That part where he talks about Burns calling him a few days before he died to apologize about being hard on him really speaks to how amazing of a person Burns was
  14. Someone here suggested the Scott Gomez interview on Spittin Chiclets and I finally listened to it. Sorry, I forget who mentioned it but wow what a fun one. Its a must listen for a Devils fan during the time period. He's a bit of a goof but he tells stories about Lou, McKay, Gilmour, his line with Brendan Morrison and Claude Lemieux, Colin White, and Burns. He only got through the first few seasons so he'll be back. Thanks to whoever suggested that one. I couldn't find the post.
  15. I will now forever hear this song as Duck Authority.
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