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  1. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/bernier-plays-smith-stands-out-in-first-scrimmage-of-camp--feature/c-335722070?fbclid=IwAR3D8jilnEURTKcPh4fMUmGoumZqVjPtJ0XHEpYIp1cOXb02aLkScksubO8 Really didn’t expect Bernier to be playing already. Looks like he’s still a ways off from being cleared for games but him playing the first scrimmage is encouraging.
  2. Yeah I don’t think starting the year in Utica would be the worst thing for him. It would probably be really good experience to not have to have all that pressure on him. If talks with Severson break down and he’s traded, a spot opens up for Nemec to step in later in the season. And of course… injuries are always a thing. Not much else on the right side other than Walsh after the NHLers
  3. I like the offseason for the most part and I think Fitz is right. Jack should be stepping up and hopefully avoiding injuries. A tandem of Vanecek and a healthy Blackwood should be solid. Nico, Mercer, Sharangovich, Bratt, all a year older and theoretically better. I like the additions of Marino, Haula, and Palat. Maybe Holtz surprises us, maybe Nemec makes a case for himself. I’m not expecting playoff success but I think this team can sneak in or at least be in the conversation if we don’t go full catastrophic mode like last year. I do think this team makes a little run in the playoffs in the next 2-4 years and that officially ends our time as a league joke and puts us in the young team on the rise conversation.
  4. You’re starting a little early with the straw man argument this year. No one even said anything.
  5. Hopefully not this year’s “the answer is in the room”. I do think he had a pretty decent off season. A lot was out of his control
  6. Bernier is skating. I definitely wasn’t expecting that
  7. I really love the potential of that Palat-Hughes-Holtz line. Palat making room for Jack could work wonders if Holtz can find ways to get open
  8. I’m not a huge McLeod fan to begin with but if it comes out officially that he was part of that they can fire him into the sun.
  9. I think Daws has potential but I also think Brennan has the tools to be a steal in the 4th round. I hope he develops well. With Marek and Schmid in the mix it’s nice to have some goalie prospects again. I’m still kinda shocked he haven’t taken a Russian goalie though considering the way some of them have been turning out. I think we are the only team in our division without one in the system
  10. Schneider signs on for another year of the AHL except for when he gets called up to shut us out
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