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  1. Such a goofy fun dude. I’m sure it’ll be great getting him back in the locker room
  2. Eh win some lose some. It sucks but the draft is such a crap shoot (that we don’t win much). Both Barzal and Zacha pretty much went where they were expected in the draft and that’s what most people were saying, which is that Barzal was in the 10-20 range for a reason. Whatever that reason was, he clearly overcame it and made people look foolish for skipping him (including the Bruins 3 times). Zacha unfortunately is a lot like his agent Stefan. Loads of talent but major motivation issues. Such a waste I remember people being ecstatic about Zacha because Crouse looked like a Conte wet dream and some of us were sure that was where we’d go
  3. Thank you, my mistake. I must have misheard something from Cangy earlier in the game It’s nice that the Devils put up a fight with such a depleted roster but damn moral victories have gotten old
  4. So the Islanders only have 2 wins at their new arena and they are both against the Devils?
  5. “Take that guy so I can leave this one open.”
  6. “I don’t know how Barzal got open there” - Dano Well, Dano… let me introduce you to the Devils defense
  7. Annoying how Zacha and Johnsson started hot and then fell off and Bratt and Sharangovich couldn’t get a point for their lives and now they heat up. It would really be nice for everyone to gel together as the season goes on
  8. I think they aren’t allowed to do that anymore but if Gillies gets hurt, this will be a fun puck to hunt down
  9. Good for him. I tried to sign up but I needed my inhaler after I dug my pads out of storage and then I took a nap.
  10. Where’s Peter Sidorkiewicz when you need him??? (I remember back in the 90’s him getting an emergency call up from Albany and showing up during the middle of the 1st period)
  11. I feel bad for that guy. He’s an ECHL goalie being asked to carry an AHL team. Daws’ injury came at such an unfortunate time.
  12. Exactly. Price is a panic move. But if they don’t trust Blackwood long term, there’s other options. The Bruins now have Swayman back in the AHL with Rask back. Ullmark and him were both playing well and one could be tradeable. I read an article saying Anthony Stolarz (of Edison NJ) could also be available from Anaheim and he’s had a good year as well plus a .918 career save %. There are much, much better options than trading a high pick for Price
  13. Good call. It would just be a head poking out from a mountain of pads.
  14. So excited that we have signed the top free agent large raccoon. And yeah I don’t think whatever on ice talent Kane brings makes up for the off ice headaches he also brings.
  15. Damn. Tomorrow night will be interesting if the game isn’t cancelled. Although Schmid may be off protocol, tomorrow, I can’t remember when he went on.
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