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  1. Thanks for sharing that. I was a huge fan of The State as a teenager so it's cool to hear that Black was a good guy
  2. But it would be similar money to sign Hall, so them being hamstrung doesn't get fixed that way
  3. It wouldn't seem clear to me unless we were hitting the end of August and closing in on training camp. Shero wanted things to settle down first and there's still a lot up in the air free agency at the moment. Once Marner signs somewhere, the dominoes will fall and we'll get a more clear picture of what's up with Hall
  4. Why is that clear though? Shero said that they weren't even going to sit down for serious discussions until a few weeks after free agency
  5. "Well he didn't put up 180 points in the Swedish league as a 19 year old. Seems like a bust."
  6. I get the concern about development, but there's less than zero chance the Devils draft a player as hyped up as Hughes first overall and promote him like this just to send him to Switzerland or something. He's in the opening night roster unless something dramatic happens
  7. I'm from central jersey and it's called meat circle.
  8. Jeez. Kids today. When I was 18, I enjoyed making romesco garlic shrimp with grilled vegetables in a balsamic glaze. I'm sorry. I meant "microwaved pizza rolls." Stupid autocorrect.
  9. That settles it. BUST!!!
  10. That's very disrespectful to Tom Chorske.
  11. Ohh that's true, I forgot about that
  12. I wonder if he jumps straight in or they start him in the AHL. I'm also curious to see who that "where did he come from" guy is. Like Speers really impressing that one season
  13. Ty Smith had a nice goal batting a puck out of the air too
  14. Jesus man. You are a real wet blanket. Go back to work since its so important to you.
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