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  1. Kinda hoping they do a throwback night and rock that old logo. I always had a soft spot for the Utica Devils because that was that farm team when I started following NJ
  2. Cordell’s take. Looks like Holtz, Mercer, and Foote will be given every opportunity to earn a spot. If they don’t impress I guess some of the PTO guys will get a one year deal
  3. That’s cool that he got to turn his few games last year into something. Hopefully he gets a spot in Providence
  4. I love how much of a fan Chico is, complaining about the double minor and saying “but the other guy hit the ref!”
  5. Jankowski and Wotherspoon too. A little competition for the young guys is always good
  6. I don’t care either. I just hope in April one of them is telling us to WAVE THOSE TOWELS and other loud Kevin Clarke things
  7. I personally don’t like those videos but I’ve never looked at it that way before. That’s an interesting point
  8. As maddening as Lou’s overbearing rules and structure were, I think guys like Clarkson (and a young Gomez) needed stuff like that.
  9. I still remember the Leafs acting like they signed Wendel Clarke in his prime when they got Clarkson. Good dude but I think that Toronto fanfare really got into his head. That’s a lot more media pressure than he ever got in Jersey
  10. Yeah I agree with this. He’s forced to play big minutes and he’s usually fine but his brain farts are massive, so they stick out.
  11. This certainly describes his run as well
  12. Good for him. He was a great assistant coach. Not so great head coach
  13. Yeah having the ability to take some of the salary definitely helps get him to a cap-strapped team if it comes to that
  14. Knowing there’s some interest is a good position to be in. I think P.K. will be a much better player for us with Hamilton taking the big minutes but if we aren’t looking at the playoffs at mid season and he’s not in the future plans, trading him at half salary for something makes all the sense in the world.
  15. That's a heck of a hail mary for them to throw considering they may not even been in Arizona
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