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  1. I'm not saying he's a perennial 20-25 goal scorer, but he was given an opportunity and he cashed in on it. And like CR76 said, his goals weren't all luck and they weren't all tap-ins from line mates. There's no reason to think he isn't a perfectly good 3rd line and PK guy
  2. Another thing I really liked was Subban's reaction after the OT goal. He was pumped. That enthusiasm can go a long way with a young team
  3. With the way Coleman played last year, I agree that there's no way he stays on the 4th line all season. 22 goals on that team last year is nothing to sneeze at
  4. He has raw talent and crazy speed but it comes down to if guys like that can ever put it together in their head. Its the same with Zacha's offense to me. I look at McLeod as more of a boom or bust whereas Zacha has at least found another way to contribute
  5. Depth is a great thing to have. All it takes is one injury and you have Coleman moving up. Simmons is already dealing with issues. You just never know. We had that freak Bratt injury last preseason too
  6. Mike McLeod looked good on his goal and assist. The goal was flukey but he used his speed to get into position. Really hoping he takes a step this year.
  7. I guess I'm on the minority, but I don't see the big deal with Hip Hop Hooray. Its a little different, which is nice. I like Don't Stop Me Now as a song but it makes no sense as a goal song. Howl I could always take or leave. It never did anything for me. Just felt very generic. And I don't want to start a whole thing but jeez the "you suck" people are kinda sad at this point. I never had a problem with the chant, and it fit into RR2 very well, but yeeesh. Shoehorning it into everything is getting cringey.
  8. He was signed from Buffalo but he's 29 and only played 124 career NHL games. Looks like AHL depth
  9. I thought it was interesting that White, Anderson, and Rooney now have "normal" numbers.
  10. I think he showed a little more consistency once he came back from the AHL. He's got the talent. Much like his agent, though, it's a mystery if he'll ever use it. He's a perfect replacement for Zajac if he can figure it out.
  11. I guess Ole wasn't terrible the few years we used it either. Even if it's not the most original goal song
  12. That looks a lot like Ray recognizing what Zachas agent is up to and him trying to appeal to Zacha himself. For some reason I get the feeling that Zacha isn't the kind of person that holds out and looks to the KHL without an agent telling him to.
  13. Nice to hear McLeod is contributing. It would be great to see him take a step in the right direction this year.
  14. Apparently its because unlike players in the NHLPA who are automatically in the game, alumni players had to be negotiated with individually on a year to year basis.
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