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  1. Much like our 1926 Newark Cowfrogs inspired Jersey jerseys, these new Ranger jerseys are full of symbolism. Here’s what I was able to pick out: stripes: over 70 stripes, symbolizing each time the Rags fans decided they were gonna win the cup in preseason only to abandon the team in the spring when they are eliminated and the fans turn to baseball. giant logo: symbolizes the inflated ego and sense of entitlement from a franchise with very little success in nearly a century of existence. After-thought solid practice jersey numbers: signifying that much like the Rags UFA and trade decisions, this was a money grab that had very little planning involved
  2. Rangers decided to see our Jersey jersey stripes and raise us a billion more stripes
  3. I like Vanecek but it just doesn’t seem like he can bring much consistency. I wonder if Ullmark would be available, considering how good Swayman has been plus they have Bussi and Mike DiPietro in Providence. He’s UFA in 2 years so Boston might look to unload him
  4. At some point, “Jack likes him” isn’t going to be enough for him to keep his job. I hope.
  5. Well people who had tickets at that side of the ice got to see a lot of action at least
  6. He’s due. He’s only got 3 points tonight which is a slow night for him this week We definitely need to depth guys to step up though
  7. Damn, I went in the other room after the first period to shower and get stuff ready for my day tomorrow and came back to a totally different game. What a wild 10 mins
  8. I’m not done with Schmid but someone needs to brainwash him into thinking every game is against the Rangers
  9. Thanks man! I’ve been a little MIA just watching the games with th e family
  10. Great to see Holtz getting a goal in the dirty areas. Aaand Brendan Smith is in mid season form
  11. That Meier to Holtz pass was a beauty. Kudos to Holtz getting open and getting a good shot off. It would be really good to have him clicking with Timo and have Jack and Bratt connecting on another line.
  12. Hahah my bad! I have lost several internet points
  13. Interesting. Looks like Fitz wanted another year of Tatar and then pivoted to the Toffoli trade at the draft when Tatar wanted more years. I definitely prefer Toffoli but Tatar was much better last season than the one before that.
  14. How cool is it to have players now hoping they play well enough to stay here?
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