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  1. I’m absolutely shocked that the league doesn’t have something that the teams use. Crazy to think these GM’s are using a website that can just be taken down.
  2. Kreider and Zibanejad both signed through age 36 is gonna get ugly. I hope they sacrifice one for captain elbow and then Shesterkin runs for the hills next offseason
  3. Panthers will probably take the finals but it would be cool to see Henrique get a cup
  4. Absolutely. Rangers have a dangerous Powerplay. Carolina just could not stay out of the penalty box with them. 5 on 5 both Carolina and Florida were much better teams.
  5. Without Shesterkin they would have been toast in 4 games against Florida. He’s an incredible player and dragged them kicking and screaming to 6 games. I hope he wins several cups for a west coast team
  6. Absolutely incredible how Carolina and now Florida are repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot against these schmucks
  7. It’ll still be unbearable if they win just the one. It’s been 30 years and they still act like 1994 was yesterday
  8. This Dallas-Edmonton game is wild. 2-0 Edm, then 3-2 Stars, then tied and now Dallas up again. This reminds me a couple of series they had in the late 90s that were back and forth the same way
  9. One thing about Shesterkin, as good as he is, he can definitely be frustrated. Timo was pissing him off last year
  10. Reinhart blew some great chances in the 3rd. Plus Barkov dinging the post on that one great chance. Florida can definitely pull this off.
  11. Seriously. ESPN is following him around the ice like he’s Gretzky in his retirement game.
  12. These guys in the TNT desk hanging from Rempes nether regions. “The energy in the garden when he’s on the ice!” Hes a 4 minute a night goon. I don’t get it.
  13. Oilers and Canucks is 1-1 with about 2 minutes to go in the 1st and the shots are only 4-3. They are playing careful
  14. Ok I’m a Panthers fan for the next week or so
  15. 2 posts and a missed breakaway in the 3rd. Felt like watching the Devils again.
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