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  1. Cool. Cool cool cool. Ugh. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/walsh-nhl-players-angry-proverbial-gun-pointed-season?fbclid=IwAR1nNX58i41iNd9e4lGt6S36LsoeWQbY-VVqB2-_Y0Hr7pbxqbL-1zfb3xA
  2. That's awesome, damn. What an experience
  3. For some reason I just always loved this goal and especially the call my Rick Jennerette(?) I butchered his name.
  4. A tree would probably block shots as well too. Win win
  5. That was also Jon Casey in net if I remember correctly! I really liked the North Stars. I think I still tend to root for Dallas from time to time because of them.
  6. What are some of your favorite hockey moments or memories that didn't necessarily involve the Devils? One that immediately comes to mind for me is Jon Casey coming in for an injured Grant Fuhr and taking the Blues to Game 7 double OT before Yzerman ended the Cinderella run in I think 96 or 97 Also the 1996 World Cup when the US beat Canada 2 games to 1. I thought this might bring up some good moments from yesteryear that others had forgotten
  7. The Devils twitter is having some fun
  8. Yeah it looks like the yolk is too far down which pushed the "c" and in turn the logo. That being said, the color contrast is sharp. Would have looked nice with black. Basically, the Chicago reverse retro design.
  9. I'm gonna guess there will be some white trim in there, it'll probably look a like like the old Wild jerseys. I'm interested to see it
  10. Not to interrupt the fun, but this just got posted:
  11. Bolded: Titans quotes from the article are pretty damning. Add in that the mother said it was still occurring up to 2 years ago also isn’t a good look.
  12. Yeah I have no problem with an alternate but I really think our logo is one of the best. It has nearly 40 years of history. No touchy. (unless for an alternate a few times a year like Mfitz said)
  13. This is the way the hockey shop near me put it together back in the day.
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