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  1. What the hell are reverse retro jerseys?
  2. I don't follow the rumors that much so I have no idea if this has been mentioned at all, but some Finnish media is saying that Vatanen could be going to Toronto. But what the hell do they know?
  3. You just know that he's gonna score it tonight.
  4. ..So Devils' new head coach will be... ILKKA PIKKARAINEN!
  5. It's Pittsburgh, of course he's looking into it.
  6. We are the ones who must win this game.
  7. I only listen to one podcast. Wet Jeans
  8. These are exactly the kind of skills NHL players need.
  9. Joonas #6

    Hughes or Kakko

    I just feel bad for the #2 pick. Bright lights, bruh. (I want Hughes)
  10. I wonder why he tried to hide the Martin Havlat retirement game logo
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