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  1. Joonas #6

    Hughes or Kakko

    I just feel bad for the #2 pick. Bright lights, bruh. (I want Hughes)
  2. I wonder why he tried to hide the Martin Havlat retirement game logo
  3. I missed the game. Any #leather sightings?
  4. Playoffs, here we come!!
  5. Nah. He seems like a moody bitch.
  6. It's like a bunch of goalies I have never even heard of. Damn.
  7. I believe Gibbons signed with some team already. Too bad, I really liked him
  8. Joonas #6

    Eric Gryba to NJ

    Oh yeah, fvck yeah.
  9. I hate that "Woo!" thing. I think it's annoying. But maybe that's because I'm Finnish and I have no idea who the fvck Ric Flair is
  10. What the fvck is a training camp drill?
  11. Does anyone know if there are any online streams or something? I'm not sure if my local channels are going to show the ceremony. I hope I'm wrong though... EDIT: never mind, my channel is showing the ceremony! fvck yeah, thank you Patty!!!
  12. Joonas #6

    Max Pacioretty?

    No rangers?! Usually they are after every player.
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