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  1. Here's my take on Puck Daddy: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/The-Devils-and-Pete-DeBoer-Lou-Lamoriello-gambl?urn=nhl-wp9406 I like any coach that knows Lou has the itchy trigger finger. Also, any coach that gets a chance to work with a solid NHL roster instead of a Panthers roster that saw more talent leave than Vinny Chase's bedroom door. <JESTER>
  2. Our Dmitry Chesnokov, who broke the Volchenkov signing yesterday, gets some words from the A-Train on joining the NJD: Chatting with Anton Volchenkov about deal with the Devils FYI... <JESTER>
  3. Hey folks, Was writing this the other night and decided to post it before the Frenzy begins. Maybe I'm alone in feeling the weird collision between Kovalchuk as a huge star and the concept of "Devils hockey," but here's where my mind is heading into today: The last temptation of Ilya Kovalchuk. Thanks for reading, and I hope all the folks there are still posting here after all these years (long after my sorry ass got lazy and cut back on the boards) are doing well. Let's hope today works for the best. <JESTER>
  4. What I don't get: Chere's article, before and after the edit (and no clarification on it!) talks about Lou's desire to get a No. 1 center. Alex Semin isn't just not a No. 1 center, but actually can't play the position at all (hence, left winger). I mean, this trade fails on sooooo many levels, but the story was that half-assed. <JESTER>
  5. You make a good point. Ranger taint. Ruins Driver and Holik and Shanny in some regard too. But another poster makes the Chicago argument, and it's hard to ignore that either. <JESTER>
  6. Am I the only Devils fan left that still has some bitterness about Johnny Mac demanding a trade? I'm going to snag a retro sweater, and have been considering name options: Verbeek, Terreri, Dano. But MacLean 15 speaks to me. I always liked Mac in the red and green days, but have never gotten past the trade thing, even as he and Lou and the team have obviously made amends. I don't know ... maybe I just go Terreri (after Twitterers dismissed my Troy Crowder idea). Dude personified Devils hockey during some rather awful post-1988 times. <JESTER>
  7. Better question: If Bergfors, Cormier and a low first rounder was "the future," then it wasn't exactly a bright one anyway. Great day to be a Devils fan. This stuff just doesn't happen to the franchise. Wonder if they'll sign him, and go from the Marty Devils to the Ilya Devils. <JESTER>
  8. My humble take on Marty's record: Brodeur clutches history, traps NHL shutout record at 104 Can't even recall how many of those shutouts I've watched. What a legend. Our kids' kids will still talk about him. Well, if the NHL's still around then. <JESTER>
  9. NJD Jester


    Oh dear, he really did, didn't he? I'll have to drop Ross a note. Sheesh. <JESTER>
  10. My nonsense on Lemaire, for what it's worth: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_dadd...?urn=nhl,176254 One thing I find hilarious in some of the coverage is that Lemaire returning is the Devils trying to get back to their "glory years." Is there any possible way 1994-98 can be considered "the glory years" in comparison to 2000-2003? Bottom line: I'm willing to give Lemaire the benefit of the doubt that in a two-year sprint for a Cup, he's the right guy for this team. No, I'm not looking forward to the slings and arrows from Rangers and Flyers fans, but it's not like they've stopped since Lemaire last coached. He makes our defense better, he makes our power play worse, and he's either going to build on Sutter's success or squeeze us into the postseason in the seventh or eighth seed. But even with the holes we have, he gives the Devils a shot to get back there. <JESTER>
  11. I'll be in the press box at Verizon Center, watching on CI online. And while I know this will kill any good karma and cause the Devils to lose, I'm bringing an NJD hat to wear to the bar in victory after we take Game 7. <JESTER>
  12. God-willing, the blood of Carolina fans. C'mon boys. Enough of this lazy garbage. Take it to them, Game 1 style.
  13. I find this writer to be as insightful as he is handsome.
  14. Agreed. It needs to be situational, game to game. It worked against Tampa Bay because their depth lines are awful, allowing for a little more offense from the Devils lineup. A team like Detroit? Eh, you might not want your sniper on the checking line. <JESTER>
  15. Which says all you need to know about our fowards this season. I thought Salvador played well -- good, physical minutes that you need against a team like Tampa. I also saw a lot to like from the way the Devils defended near their own blueline -- a huge improvement over the Sabres game. They did more disruption closer to the neutral zone, which will only help Weekes. Despite giving up the two goals, I didn't think the PK played all that badly. And this is a classic, textbook example of how important converting on the power play is: Tampa probably wins in regulation if the Devils don't establish that 2-1 lead. Thank the hockey gods for small miracles. <JESTER>
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