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  1. Agreed. I know the common sense is BPA and we either get one of Wright or Slav, but we definitely should test the waters on a trade for a goalie, package and other scenarios especially since Wright and Slav are both contesting for best player in the draft
  2. Maybe we can trade the pick for James Harden.
  3. Oh....left. Got it. I assume then entire Rags team counts
  4. Brind'Amour looks like Joe Camel
  5. The world doesn't need more Rags fans
  6. I believe Nichuskin may have been who we picked if we didn't trade for Schneider
  7. Doesn't feel like, it is.
  8. Ugh! If the Rags win the cup we'll never hear the end of it
  9. What about Georgiev? Could we keep 2 and offer sheet him?
  10. Of course they aren't but they weren't doing much before McDavid. For a talent like a Crosby or McDavid to come to us in a draft is very unlikely and I for one have no interest in watching the Devils draft and draft for a grip of years
  11. Well they did get a generational talent so..... I like Slafkovsky. Big, fast, physical good hands
  12. We need a goalie or another top flight d-man now. I think its awesome we got second overall and Strvkovsky looks good but I don't want to go another season watching this team put up offense only to see them constantly lose because of poor d and goaltending Just leaving that there
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