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  1. What other former Penguins will Ray hire to fvck up our team?
  2. CarpathianForest

    Fire Hynes

    Shero will extend Hynes and look to add some more folks from the Baby Pens to the front office
  3. CarpathianForest


    Shero wont hire Babcock. He's never had anything to do with the Penguins
  4. https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/yips
  5. Schneider has had a case of the yips for a while.
  6. Haynes is like that guy searching for his arm on Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan
  7. There's a reason they called Ulf Samuelsson "Robocop"
  8. Do we play only one game per week now?
  9. PDB school of curbing development
  10. Do the Roger Nielsen and have players hang white towels from their sticks
  11. It's the dread 3-1. You knew it was coming.
  12. SO is gonna six. Cory got the jimmies
  13. This team is Tommy Wiseau
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