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  1. I think Jack's concern about his health trumps the Sabres. He will be the one who has to live his life with his spine and neck issues.
  2. Reaves is old and slow. He ain't gonna do much.
  3. If that happens we can swoop in and siphon off a guy like DeBrusk
  4. I know he's a center but David Krejci is still unsigned
  5. That and they realized, "Oh sh!t! We forgot to sign a goalie!"
  6. Everyone knows Saad is only allowed to go to the Blackhawks or Blue Jackets
  7. How long until Bettman asks his goons to investigate for cap circumvention?
  8. A lot of D men being overpaid. I reckon a big reason is because the UFA D looks awful next year
  9. VGK is the heroin junkie. They got their first taste 2 years ago and now they are trying to chase that high again
  10. I'm hoping this signing increases our attractiveness to one or two free agent forwards
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