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  1. lazer

    Hughes or Kakko

    oh yeah maybe, i was making general reference that the Finns are some of the best skaters in the world still a tough choice but hughes would be the easy choice if that makes sense
  2. lazer

    Hughes or Kakko

    just from initial reaction its a tough choice olympic ice; finnish skaters are just superior + size; shot vs good hands and good hockey sense, smaller; nhl ice so no prediction but i want kakko but probably they pick hughes.
  3. is see the new devils like the next old penguins
  4. not a fan of sheros grading system but his roster choices are 4 out of 4.
  5. all penalty shots should be sniped and not that figure skating in close crap.
  6. i want this so badly; there are some olympic games you can find on yt to hear/see what its like but still not the same.
  7. i like rooney's game, hard nosed, little rough around the edges.
  8. or using kinkaid on the bench as a devils scout
  9. just got two pro stock sticks one in devils red and one st petersburg CKA blue; not used. question is are these worth anything? they are not used or signed; i think they are discontinued and probably date back to the last lockout...I got them to use regularly myself cause i like the curve and seeing if they are worth anything before i do. i can do pics if need be. thanks.
  10. lazer

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    shero is the man
  11. lazer

    GDT: Devils @ Rags

    hynes post game comments were cringe worthy...yeesh
  12. lazer

    GDT: Devils @ Rags

    erika just called them the rags...never heard a commentator actually use that term.
  13. greene gets so many wide open looks; thats too bad.
  14. since zacha was sent down for a few days early on hes been, break even to great even. without hall in, nico has held his own as always, last season to; he punches way above his weight...just a warrior my thought was kink was gonna come in fresh and want to make up for the blues game but think thats also why hynes didnt start cory in st louis i like schneider but i hope he doesnt go on a run now this season.
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