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  1. with a top line like that, no need for defense to pinch
  2. sog reversed from last game i like subban and greene out there to
  3. got the feeling youre gonna hear that a lot this season
  4. 2 secondary assists? does butcher get credit for panarin deflection ok back to the little dik jokes haha
  5. rooooooney butcher and seves need to step the f up
  6. that means the ice on the rink has lead in it to. circular reasoning
  7. lazer

    Hughes or Kakko

    oh yeah maybe, i was making general reference that the Finns are some of the best skaters in the world still a tough choice but hughes would be the easy choice if that makes sense
  8. lazer

    Hughes or Kakko

    just from initial reaction its a tough choice olympic ice; finnish skaters are just superior + size; shot vs good hands and good hockey sense, smaller; nhl ice so no prediction but i want kakko but probably they pick hughes.
  9. is see the new devils like the next old penguins
  10. not a fan of sheros grading system but his roster choices are 4 out of 4.
  11. all penalty shots should be sniped and not that figure skating in close crap.
  12. i want this so badly; there are some olympic games you can find on yt to hear/see what its like but still not the same.
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