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  1. Dano is like "spending time in nashvilles zone" im like wonder what ohio's announcers are like, not to bad.
  2. Cory gave'm the glove and then took it away.
  3. Cangi "silver lining, another shorthand goal" mmmhK
  4. Butcher is a cone, full stop.
  5. Could be 5-3 so about right.
  6. Goose, no backcheck AND not ready to take a breakout pass ugh.
  7. Please check if that puck crossed the blue line before the goal,nas
  8. Zacha is servicable and thats it, its his draft position that makes him a bust. But yeah, hes living the dream, show up, take a few laps and pretend to hockey like its public ice, thats the life lol
  9. Got to get those breakout passes going again, get it up ice asap.
  10. No, i heard him to, i think he said it in the coyotes presser so you can see his body language. And i think its stupid to not atleast make an offer. And glad shero didnt overpay for him to.
  11. Win or lose its gonna be tough knowing devils have been there before, LGD!
  12. He may not have made hall an offer cause they wernt taking any until season end. Hall can still say they didnt make an offer knowing he was holding out.
  13. if they knew shero was gone at the end of the season and the stat dept divide, then why was everyone so shocked is my question. in reference to that podcast
  14. Right, that and the trade deadline had to factor in, and hall. So yeah
  15. Wonder who made shero fire hynes then cause it wasnt sheros idea. This makes no sense if owners are about the money, they throw it away. If the owners are about direction of the team, they have sheros guys still in place
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