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  1. Its like if you got to choose any girl you want and there was this girl that everyone liked and you wanted to like but it didnt click. And then theres this girl whos different and nobody likes but you can be yourself cause it just feels right. And it was on tv and your mom was there.
  2. 10 lbs may also equal raised confiidence and the time off to plan approach. I wouldnt say he doesnt belong out there, but if the arguement is hes not a #1 Same excuse people make for zacha, judging him on his draft position. Edit : My question for Daniel is the question of whether he should be out there at all? Again on zacha, everyone is high on him and i dont know why he gets a pass. Is it his draft position, or is he not an NHLer?
  3. Shero handled Hall as best he could imo, the owners didnt agree, thats the price he paid. If that makes sense, it was out of sheros hands. Although aquiring Hall in the first place was a good move by Shero; great even
  4. If you go back to the game before hynes is fired, he dropped hall from the 1st line, for the first time. ever. Maybe doesnt mean much but there is something there. imo Edit: even if not for the trade looming, he had a rough start this season. The only goal they could go to highlight was the one heard around the rock.
  5. imo, the taylor hall stuff ruined the season, probably got hynes and shero fired to. Maybe for the best though who knows. The youth on the team catches opponents off gaurd and yes meaningless wins imo And then theres cory getting the cramps vs jets
  6. Oh and Subes gets it, good game PK
  7. Congrats zajac We need to pick a captain, hint Probably palms
  8. Shisterken be hurtin, no way he starts the 3rd LGD
  9. Who here has net front presence, wood, zacha should. So nobody thats who
  10. I have it 5 to 3 rags quality chances but F that sh!tstain is hurt, like salvador said need net front presence is key.
  11. Double dang, even with the no goal. My new theory is to count the qaulity chances in the 1st period turns out to be final score.
  12. Could be 4-2 devils
  13. Give schneider the blues, devils need to win on saturday
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