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  1. wood has been very much better since talking to elias
  2. wood has been stellar since talking to elias only thing is the wins have been squeakers and nothing dominant but maybe that takes time. wood has been dominant and i like simmonds game, really impressed hes got an old school style that gets chances. edit: if you can combine the old school with the new school thats hard to do to have equal parts skill and power is the holy grail of sports.
  3. meant to say thanks for posting that explanation. right so refs>rules great its a subjectively judged athletic activity now, like figure skating.
  4. should be 3-1 devs edit 4-1 devs
  5. yes seves and simmonds and bratt and hall
  6. not saying this is true, but if so then...were just gonna be a farm team for the nhl, a mickey mouse club if you will. devastating.
  7. also hall is going to poison hughes mind to
  8. if they use losing vats as an excuse this season was over before that happened. id rather lose this game than lose vats, is that too much to ask
  9. however many goals mcdavid gets this year... -1
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