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  1. Then come in the new owners and its been a sh!t show ever since.
  2. I saw nico scored so fuk right Re edit: Does anyone have vid of hughes' tantrum?
  3. True, by give up i meant thats all they got but, yeah they dont give up.
  4. Severson is a poor skater imo but its debatable but just throwing out there
  5. There gonna try something new, get frustrated, get one or two, give up If thats enough to win than lgd
  6. Im thinking fitz thinks sieg is the replacement kulikov
  7. Same goes for gusev, goose egg. Kulikov and vats and goose, as a package.
  8. I liked kulikov, now we need another kulikov.
  9. Jack trying to send it from the corner across the center, in our end.
  10. that zohorna guy is gigantic, they say 6'-6"
  11. why trade kulikov just wondering.
  12. Good effort Sh!t calls Some fluky goals
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