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  1. https://youtu.be/677BomObUZ0 Zakhar Bardakov #10, white jersey, SKA vs Dynamo Minsk, 01 october 2022, all actions, good and bad Fun game from Bardakov. "Help" to score goal, passes on the high slot, hits, board battles, positional game. Everything you want from the third line center.
  2. Daniil Orlov #62, white jersey, MHL, Spartak vs Dynamo, 28 sept 2022, all actions, good and bad. Made assist in the game. Finally, I found time to make video about Orlov. I understand what Fitz is actually is trying to build and find on the draft. Orlov is a "modern defensive defenseman", who is very good skater, can join the rush, help with transition, play with the stick and control the gaps very tightly. I like how he control the gap, how he is closing the zones. Good stick work, very good positional game.
  3. Shakir Mukhamadullin #85, green jersey, Salavat vs Ak Bars, 27 sept 2022, all actions, good and bad Finally, a raw game from Shakir. Rivalry against Ak Bars. He was not guilty there, but he sinned several times.
  4. Artyom Barabosha, #80 White jersey, Red Army vs Dynamo SPB, 7 sept 2022, all actions, good and bad Earlier game than I posted before. Not his best game. He tries to play ahead, which I like, but he is in a hurry for about half a step, which eventually creates an opportunity for the player to attack. actually, in later games, he performed better in similar situations. We will watch and evaluate. I like that he correctly stands on position in cycling, does not give space for playing on rebounds. https://twitter.com/Guadana5/status/1574543852773560330
  5. Three years from the draft. This is literally the devils prime. But if our target is Stanley cup, Devils should not worry about Mitchkov in division or Bedard or both. If they want to won everything they should win against everyone. Jack should be the perfect version of himsel - 90+ points player, Nico should be perfect version of himself - 70+ points player with perfect two way game, etc. and of course they should find better goalie. Kuemper isn’t perfect goalie, but Nathan and Cale are pretty perfect forward and defenseman.
  6. Lets go to the offices of all metro and atlantic teams and ask them to give to the Devils wild card spot. It is necessary to ask very well, with the eyes are like the cat from Shrek.
  7. Don`t know how it will work in NHL. Holtz is good in hiding through defense, but he isn`t good in puck protection and control. If it will work, Devils will be in a great position.
  8. Islanders were a very strong team with covid problem, nothing flashy offensively, but defence and goaltending were very strong(Dalla were sh1tty team when were hitted by covid, previous year - SCF, year after - play off team, lost in first round in seven games). I don`t sure Islanders will play in play off next year, but it`s about East and how this conference is strong. Vegas Golden Nights missed play off because of injuries. I can`t understand how devils fans could wait meaningful games with the youngest roster. I believe even this season with healty roster and average goaltending Devils could easily miss play off. And may be even should. Because core players are still very young and inexperienced. They will be better, they could finally crack the top-8, but I just can`t say "they finally ready". They will be ready when goalies will not sh`t the bed and Nico, Jack, Bratt, Dawson and full D core will make the next step. When they make it, then they will make it. Simple and clear. The example of Colorado in full. This club has everything to fight for serious places and aim weapons at serious targets. All these young players in total should become critically good. No partners and no coaches would have made Jack ready for big challenges at the age of 18. He's ready now. It's the same with the rest of the players. And I realy hope, this year is the year, I just can`t wait for it. I believe they should be better overall, but will lose some points here and there. On the east every team should fight for every points and fight from beggining to the end in every game. And I can`t imagine how this young leaders could walk through 82 games path without critical mistakes. And of course I have enough of critique about the game of the team overall. Team is very good on the rushes, but good teams prevent them. Team is very bad on the draw and without it I can`t see, how they will crack top-8.
  9. Artyom Barabosha #80 red jersey, Red Army vs Dynamo, 17 september 2022, all actions, good and bad, in two parts PART 1 Barabosha played very strong defence in tight game against Dynamo. Prevented any chances and all transition. And scores. https://twitter.com/Guadana5/status/1573775000577916931
  10. Jack and Nico health, Vanecek and Blackwood form. If both things will not go well, any every expectations worth holding on. And work on drafting top six center on the draft and sign another one on the market.
  11. Zakhar Bardakov NJDevils - 3-1 SKA KHL.mp4 Bardakov`s goal. 2 g 2 a in 9 games as third line defensive center.
  12. Artyom Barabosha, white jersey, #80, Krasnaya Armiya vs SKA-1946, 4 sept 2022, all actions, good and bad. Tough game for defense, but Artyom Barabosha prevented a lot of offensive pressure from SKA-1946. Was on the ice when CSKA missed goals only in PK and it wasn`t his fault. A lot of physicallity, gap control, defensive work by the stick. https://youtu.be/ib79OA8cYs8 https://twitter.com/Guadana5/status/1572721475060367365 Good two periods and very rough third period. Lost his energy and made some mistakes.
  13. He doesn't drive the play. I believe he can make impact in pp. Would mean much how good he can in neuteral and in d zone without the puck. And with whom he will play. If he will play with Nico, he should face tough minutes, if he will play with Jack, he will face tough defense, if he will play with Boqvist or Haula, he should play some defensive role and could lost time without good setups. I think he should start in nhl and spend some time with better competition. He won't learn to play in nhl if he will not spend time in nhl. But I would slow down expectations. In the last years most of successful Calder finalists were good drivers and/or players capable for two way game at least. I think, as he did before, he should spend one year for understanding new level of the game and after translate it, understand the timings and find open space.
  14. Zakhar Bardakov #10, white jersey, against Dynamo, 16 sept 2022, all actions, good and bad PART 1 https://youtu.be/8h_spXNI8Gg PART 2 https://youtu.be/8ertRGc_2pE Good two periods and very rough third period. Lost his energy and made some mistakes.
  15. Stein said, they will streaming games.
  16. Arseniy Gritsyuk against Barys, 15 sept 2022, #81 white jersey, all actions, good and bad. PART 1 https://youtu.be/Y4NTyunxorY PART 2 https://youtu.be/hXVK9BdkEJw https://twitter.com/Guadana5/status/1570561228149489664
  17. Shakir Mukhamadullin, #85, white jersey Salavat against Admiral, 15 sept 2022 All actions, good and bad https://youtu.be/r0YUNymMWN0
  18. Zakhar Bardakov #10 white jersey vs Severstal, 12 sept 2022, all actions, good and bad. https://youtu.be/UzCkGgO6kjg
  19. Very good first pass, very good transition game. I would say he is good defensively in the move. Very good shot. Accurate, hard and low. Good for rebounds. Good skating, good speed. Should be faster on the short distances. Could have problems against fast gritty players who is good with the puck. Should use frame better. WIth better physics he will be much better in this aspects. He was criticised for his game with the puck under pressure, but now he is fast, smart and creative with the puck under pressure. I can`t say he is good QB. At least on the blue line. He is ok, but isn`t fast with movements, again because he isn`t fast on the short distances. But can shot on the blue line, can join the rush and make good pass. But definitely not blue line playmaker. But who can do it? Even Luke isn`t elite pure playmaking defenseman. First pass of Shakir is really-really good. Guy make very accurate movements with the puck. Mechanics could be better, but are ok for his size. He developed a lot of parts of his game. I listen him a lot, he is smart. And development is a good sign.
  20. Zakhar Bardakov #10 blue jersey, SKA vs Dynamo, 09 sept 2022. All actions, good and bad. https://youtu.be/3-_SALKU_Bk
  21. Shakir Mukhamadullin #85, white jersey 07 sept 2022, Game against Dynamo Mynsk. All actions, good and bad. https://youtu.be/uugMnvRD1aU
  22. Arseniy Gritsyuk #81 white jersey and Zakhar Bardakov #10 blue jersey. 07 sept 2022 SKA vs Avangard All actions of both. Good and Bad https://youtu.be/PVTxBeCMZFM
  23. Zakhar Bardakov #10 blue jersey, SKA vs Barys, 03 sept 2022 All actions, good and bad. https://youtu.be/B0N158GGWLc
  24. He has one year on actual deal. May be Avangard will offer big money for him, than he will play another two years I believe. Its not so sexy for devils fans, but it will help him to develop more, and Devils will got legit top 6 player for free when they will be ready for real competitions. May be he wants to travel no matter what. Everything I read about it, he is in interest to take next step after thus season. Like Shakir too. Both look good for now. Today I will make Bardakov video and another one video, I didn't decide yet.
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