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  1. LGD! And couple of goals for Nico please.
  2. Kings trade Toffoli to van. I think Vancouver has more chances for playoff after that
  3. Kovy`s comeback. And i deffently can`t think about roy`s kids in our system. And... Roy as a coach. Oh my God it doesn`t sound like a thing that can`t be. I realized my deepest fear right in this moment.
  4. Brylin is a coach in Bing. May be it’s not the end of his devils story.
  5. Guadana

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    It’s not enough for Byram. You know this.
  6. I don’t see any problems in Gusev trading. As faster as Fitz can. Gusev made all his production with Coleman. Coleman and Zajac did all of positional work, Coleman did breakaways. After Coleman gone only thing where Gusev can be useful is playing with Hughes and Hischier. With jack Gusev was terrible and they are both small playmakers without scorer still. Coleman was Gusevs scorer. And now only one chance for Gusev to be really productive is if nas try to play him with palms and Nico. If it will not happened or Gusev can’t click with Nico and Palms - Gusev doesn’t have a place in this team to be a man he may be. and now he has some value. And still has one year of contract. It’s a best time to trade him.
  7. Guadana

    Our Next Captain

    Nico. If Lou was our gm - it will be Zajac and Palms after that. But we have Fitz.
  8. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Russian hackers blabla. I’m happy after blue jackets lose. Blackwood made another miracle. hope they sign good backup for him like Greiss or khudobin.
  9. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Anyway trump is funny, and... he is my guy if you know what I mean.
  10. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    You are focusing on it. He just has some problems with foots. Anyway if fitz can trade him somehow for another foot - I’ll be very happy. It’s more like Hillary or Trump.
  11. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    If you are kidding - it’s not a Daniels mode.
  12. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Zacha had good game. You are on daniel’s mod when things goes about Zacha. Or SD mod - you can chose whatever you like.
  13. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    With Blackwood it’s a different team. great win.
  14. It’s a great return. May be biggest asset that’s better than hall’s trade. but I still have a heart.
  15. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Zacha made good moment and Hughes lose it =-D
  16. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Awesome pass by Hughes
  17. Guadana

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Merkley deserve his minutes in today game. Anyway LGD! Couple of goals for Nico please.
  18. That happened after Merkley join NJ?
  19. Thanks for all, Andy. I think if his play will be good enough - lou will resign him for one year. I`m not the man who will say something bad about Captain. He was good in his limits.
  20. We love Blake. If it is a trade... hope we will have something big.
  21. Ofcourse. If only someone hire chiarelli back and offer McD. Or Lafrenier. But it`s a fairytale.
  22. in sequence we dont trust. After all i`m understand. Do not thank.
  23. Its not amazing but it is what it is in lesser games. With horrible linemates. After Hughes went on first line devs are 3-1-1 btw. Both loses with Dominge. Hughes has 1g and 2a. Isn`t as bad? Zacha may play in different game with differenet numbers, because it`s differenet team. We never know. Today he play for his salary. it`s over. And his salary is 2.2KK per year. And he is decent and capable enough. What were we all expect - stay in the past. Strome had some expactations too. Anyway everyone - Bratt, Butcher, Severson, Hughes, everyone else can change his game for better if managers can change all coaching stuff. Because no one didnt grow in his own game really well as we were all expect. Our coaching stuff is our circumstances.
  24. yep. They didnt ask to pick them 6th. All what they ask - it`s their salary. Everybody in the world say that hughes isn`t ready for NHL(and he is the best in pts from this draft anyway). Boston coaches wanting Thornton to ease into the game, and NJ coaches wanting to not svck the cock.
  25. Why circumstances is meaning something for you in other happening?
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