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  1. Our "new Corey" is 10 years younger like in good old days. And devils have a lot of problems. And we still have a bunch in later rounds. Vasilevskiy is a great goalie. One of the best. Better than Khudobin, but the difference doesn't affect the game as much. And i`m not against Askarov, just not by 7th. I think Askarov is a better option for 5th of Ottawa than for 7th of devs.
  2. Blackwood has toooo maaaanyyyyy chances for vezina than Askarov because he showed good results in bad team in two seasons. Askarov spent 3-4? professional games. im ok with drafting him, just not by 7th pick. if our Duo was Corey and Kinkaid , then Askarov should have been drafted. There are ton of Russian talented goalies in later rounds.
  3. Kucherov, Tarasenko, dadonov, kuznetsov, Gusev spent some time in Russia after draft. Some Swedes played in Sweden. it's normal to grow up in more pleasant conditions in more competent League and still have better perspectives for a good contract if Nhl trip will not successful. I'd rather wait four years for Khusnutdinov, but I'll get an explosive all-round smart forward for 20th pick, but who's asking me.
  4. I admire how long you held back =-D yap. That`s true. In Russia, they have a great opportunity to earn real money with their talent. And then, if something goes wrong in NHL, come back for a good contract. Professional hockey career is short.
  5. This is the price you are willing or not willing to pay for an over-the-top player. Tampa did not(all teams in the league do) regret with Kucherov, Carolina with Svechnikov, Phily with Provorov, and Chicago probably still regrets the trade of Panarin. But there is always a chance that the player will be Nichushkin, Burmistrov or Yakupov.
  6. I`m ok with picking potential vezina winner, but now we have one.
  7. Not the first source says this. Fitz constantly claims that he will take the best regardless of the position. Castron added fuel to the fire. I wonder if this could be a provocation on the part of our management.
  8. Scott Wheeler @scottcwheeler Jack Quinn, who trains with #NJDevils prospect Graeme Clarke, says he was interviewed by the Devils twice in recent months. The two have spoken “a lot” about playing together and are best friends. The Devils have multiple first round picks and clear connections with the 67’s. Really interesting, especially after Devils not sign Hoelshier. ___________ First Raymond`s goal in his first SHL game this season. Stickhandling, skating, starting speed, accurate passin
  9. Sanderson/Drysdale is a perfect choice for devils. I like Raymond more than Drysdale, but it's harder to find first pair guy.
  10. I think perreault can be the subban guy, if we talk about subban how you see him. Not about subbans funny talks, more about play of course. But he has potential to be the best scorer in our team. Zary isn't flashy in any aspects, he has bad skating and he doesn't create much dangerous chances in his line. When we talk about line with three good players - that may be a red flag. He isn't good and he isn't accurate in passes. I think he has big potential to be a good third line player, but he hasn't enough in his bag to be the first line player. Greig will be Gallagher type of player
  11. Like I said if we will draft him, and I think we will, I will his number one fan after that. scouching is a great youtuber with great analysis. And I like his stream too, because he gave more context. But I recommend watching the shift by shift video at least. Look at stat and on partners. For example there are a lot highlight video of zary, but his shift by shift video reveals the dark side of his game. He play with top partners and he is overeager. Greig is a far better option.
  12. We will watch draft with my red wings friends and if Detroit will draft Perfetti - i will open champagne bottle. My red winged friends won't understand why I'm so happy for them.
  13. Detroit drafted Seider and Antti Tuomisto year ago. They had good year. Hronek is right handed young puck mover, Lindstrom is right handed defensman. They have lack of depth in LD, Yzerman is an old school gm and he likes to draft big guys. My bet he will draft Sanderson. May be Rossi, or Perfetti after them. In that order. An interesting detail - Perfetti passed three interviews with Detroit. This is a likely option. And there is a small chance that we can expect a surprise - Askarov. Yzerman pick is the biggest and most intriguing mystery for me. But Sanderson.
  14. I dont think Fitz will choose Guhle instead Amirov or Gunler.
  15. I think that is a bad journalism work. 2 centers and one left handed stay at home defenseman. If we will pick Rossi, and i think we will, i dont see any chance we will pick Zary too. And I like Guhle more than Schneider, but organisation hasn`t deep in RD, but we have three or four defensive LD. The devils will prefer Schneider more likely. Or any talented RW that the first round is full of.
  16. When I say everyone , I mean "most". But you cant force people think exactly like you think. I think Shero was too chicken to make a real rebuild. Not fast rebuild. I mean Rebuild. He can trade Hall earlier, he can trade Butcher. I think he was tryin to bet too often and too risky for rebuilding team. Everyone analyzes the details in their own way. Most importantly, the story is over. We have Fitz now. ______ We are good at centers. Zacha is our third center and he is ok as minimum. Because of points. If we will pick centers in this draft(which is full of great wingers) in first rou
  17. cmon, guys. SD, Of course, everyone really knows that Lou fvcked up with Conte. Not only with him. And his fire was fair. Everyone is just grateful for all the good things that have happened in the franchise's history. Everyone understands that Shero had to build everything from ruines. Absolutely everyone, except mfitz, loves our players. Many even like Zacha. Almost all like Hughes. But Shero was really trying to sit on two chairs and make a quick rebild. It didn't work out. Thanks him very much for the trades, and for the fact that some of the draftyears came out really well. But he was
  18. Another good news is that we have special topic for Lou and Ray debate.
  19. Devils were 87 points per season under Nas. Without Hall. Without Greene, Vatanen and Coleman in last 10 games. In last 17 games devils win 10 games, lose 5, 2 OT. 106 points per season hehe. I`m understand that was a hot strick, but Nas deserve his work. Like it or not. Perhaps they should hire a defense specialist and give Nasreddine to concentrate on the PK.
  20. Hold my beer meh. When I see this mock I understand that his under-22 rating isn’t valid.
  21. What's the good news. My hands are already shaking.
  22. He was PP coach. Penguins PP with Recchi: 1st (26.2 percent) in 2017-18, 5th (24.6 percent) in 2018-19 and 16th (19.9 percent) this year.
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