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  1. no one. Blues won with Binnington, Vegas with Hill, Colorado with Kuemper, Pens with Murray. We dont need to trade future top six players for good goalie. We should find average or hot goalie, its enough. No one will trade Vasilevsky in his 20's for you.
  2. And you can see that SV% isnt the reason of "defensive system" only, because in different teams different goalies have different results.
  3. They have the same problem with bad goaltending. They are really bad as Vanecek. And Ekholm is really good defensive defenseman. And eye test always is a first thinng, advenced stats is a helping tool only. Because for example Bahl has great stats but its because huge pressure is on Marino - he is a man defensive core piece there. And Hughes is third pair defenseman - reason why he is playing against weaker competition, but still he is doing very good against them. It was a huge problem with his game in NCAA, he made tonns of mistakes, played 4th role in defensive forechek and tryed to be first breakaway option. But Ruff and coaches simplify his game and asking to focus on puck battles and positioning. He is growing from game to game and its great to have so much talented player who is in miles away from what he was doing even one year ago. Overall this charts represented by defensemen from teams with good defensive systems and by very talented defensemen like Dumolin, Gavrikov, Hughes(who is compensating by positioning, stick work and decision making), Faber etc.
  4. Luke is #4 defenseman in the league in shots against per 60 - to the net, missed and blocked. #18 in goal chances against per 60. It does mean he made bigger mistakes when the shots goes on. But overall its a great result even if he plays against weaker competition than Marino or Siegenthaler.
  5. When our leaders are healthy, it doesn’t look bad. 8-3-1 with two of Nico-Jack-Timo on the ice. Or three with Bratt. That was the same in 2021-2022 when we had 7-1-2 with Nico-Jack-Bratt-Dougie in the game. Team is good. Vegas missed playoff after the trade without injury Eichel on the ice. They won Stanley cup after with him.
  6. Luke is playing pretty well defensively this season. Im ready to give Nemec an opportunity to play and send Dougie to rest. On my taste he isnt looking 100% ready and its not like we cant play without him now. Luke is running 1st pp.
  7. 24 is triggering me only by the number only on the ice. vietnam flashbacks.
  8. Sorry for being late. From the past SC wins, teams did it with Vasilevsky(twice) and Hill, Kuemper, Murray, Binnington. Devils dont need to lose Mercer for goalie. Mercer is 25-30 goal scorer in NHL, young and shifty. Not consistent, but he is young. Teams spending tonns of assets for players like him(Hagel for example), goalies are cheaper and streaky. Guy like Hellebyuck couldnt really help to his team in play off. Bobrovskiy was great once but his deal was an anchor mostly. I believe its enough to deal for Vejmelka\Ingram and we dont need to spend Mercer for that. More over, Devils have huge window (Jack is so young, Nemec and Luke and very young too), they need offensive depth for years. They dont need to lose Mercer for goalie who would be good(if he will) for 2-4 years. Reason why I hated Hellebyuck trade(thanks, God, there are no more of this on the horizon). Im okay to invest something in Saros(he isnt really good btw this season), but again - something reasonable. Because in modern NHL you need hot goalie, not a great goalie. But I think Fitz should invest in goalie market. VV is really bad. Schmid shouldnt be the savior.
  9. https://twitter.com/user/status/1723498480218333648 https://twitter.com/user/status/1723498480218333648 https://twitter.com/user/status/1723497767404810420 Casey and Nemec. I just wait for Nemec call up when he will be ready.
  10. Bardakovs revenge for Gritsyuk. Should have assist, but it wasnt counted. After he scored PK goal. https://t.me/NewJersey_Devils/440 Better game from Zakhar today. He started slow after another injury but with game after game he is finding his game and today he is playing on his edge more often like he liked before. He scored PK goal. https://t.me/NewJersey_Devils/441 Gritsyuk has secondary assist today. One of his yesterday goals. https://t.me/NewJersey_Devils/432
  11. I think he is a good second pair defenseman to play with left handed Marino or other good mobile defensive defenseman. His deal was from the actual market price and I think with time it will look like modern 5.5 mil deals for second pair defensemen. I don’t know when this deal will start to age badly. 6 years after or 4 years after. He could be a good devil for us. But it was too much with Dougie, Marino, Nemec, now Casey and him. Marino is a better RD for second pair, cheaper, and Luke will cover most of Severson advantages soon on the left side. Nemec will do it on the right side. But still I think he was good enough for minor role here. im happy we didn’t invested in Graves. I didn’t like him a lot, even if he was okayish, he wasn’t really good defensive defenseman or offensive defenseman or transitional defenseman. He was good in puck battles, but his decision making in many situations wasn’t good. I think he is much more good third pair defenseman. And in situation, where he is playing major role, like he did for devils in his first year, he is much worser, than Severson. One should play 20 min, not 23-24 min, second one should play 14-16 min, not 18-22 min. Both are playing more major role than they should. I really like we’re are not the team that made decision to invest in them.
  12. Yeah, absolutelty agree. We cant make robbery deals every time. Gms will not deal with us after or will rate our prospects lower. WIth Casey, Vilen, Orlov and Karpovich in pipe line(may be Leddy, but I didnt watch his games after draft mostly) Devils have huge defensive prospect depth. And Nemec still doesnt play in NHL. Devils easily can(and I think they should) deal some of them in the future. For now its a puzzle for GM and for fans how we will treat Casey in the near future. He is electric prospect with huge potential. And we already have Nemec with Marino and Dougie signed for long term. We cant trade Marino, because he is very good defenseman on cheap deal and he play important role as shotdown defenseman and as main PK specialist. Very interesting case.
  13. Its a false narrative from rangers side. I have a couples of semi proves. Devils didnt use pause to rethinking it. And When they taped pre draft work, they shows how Fitz watched Amirov(R.I.P., Rodion) and he was amazed by Shakir, said he is what they want to pick. They didnt have draft picks before 4th round as I remember. So even if they have Schneider ahead on their list, it wasnt problem for them, they wanted Mukhamadullin. Overall I made pre draft work and told why Schneider isnt a good pick. After few years I can easily say that Schneider isnt exactly what Fitz wanted from top-20 picks. He wants higher ceiling from the beggining. Stillman was exception but scout, who drafted tonns of nothing from CHL, already fired). AHL is a weak league for Shakir. He already looked better than everyone when he visited us in the first time. Wish him luck, money and success.
  14. https://twitter.com/TheDraftAnalyst/status/1713356191512899942 How many times I said Devils were good in the draft day with Mukhamadullins pick and he was Devils pick from the beggining?
  15. Nice. They found a way to win. Played second role and when they tried harder they controlled the game. First period was bad but Detroit didnt have wheels to play it through the whole game. Seider looks very good. Holtz was good, people should stop a little to worry about him for a little.
  16. Hope everything is okay in your family after everything that "started" in 2022. I should notice and advice to watch some soviet animation movies. They have very good, kind human morality, about friendship and mutual assistance. They are not so bright and catchy, but they do not warm up the idea of aggressive, hot-tempered behavior, cartoons are very empathetic. You can argue with many things and disagree, but the фтшьфешщт in the Soviet Union was really good. Your children will still have time to absorb modern culture through classmates and tiktoks. 16 years in Spain. Envy. It was easier for me. I was a smart, calm child and moved to Moscow at 16 from a small town where I met a lot of interesting people. In general, it is a very important age to spend it in some interesting scenery with interesting people. Whether it's Moscow, New York, Madrid, etc.
  17. In the first season with Hamilton we were 7-1-2 as I remember when Highes Hishier Bratt and Hamilton were healthy. It worked well last season.
  18. LGD! Dont lose this game again like they did in the last season when they dominated. Need to destroy red wings from the beginning.
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