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  1. I think they understand correctly what he should work on.
  2. Bader is the worst. Where he did have raymond?
  3. Bardakov did start as 13th forward, but going through the season he played more minutes. In the playoff he started to play regular role, in the final of conference he played in all 7 games against CSKA more than 16/17 minutes. He isn't potential top 6 forward but he looks and developing exactly like potential good bottom six forward. He did play defensive energy role in SKA, and if he will continue to play regular role there, its a perfect place for development.
  4. Meh. Tampa lost their fuel. Point and Kucherov are working on the honest word. 3 straight long playoff series is to much for them. Really hope they will find some groove. Want to watch great two way final.
  5. Guadana


    Omg. I didn't read topic well. Trading 2nd for Fiala or Debrinkat, sign Gaudreau. Now that! I believe we should give Kuemper 7 years deal and hire Brodeur as a head coach. And of course bring back Lou as GM. I believe we should deal Holtz, Gritsyuk, Okhotiyk and Daws for Quinn Hughes. With unprotected first next year. Let's make crazy bingo.
  6. Yeah. His trades were something like that before. Seravalli is sh1t poster after his departure from tv.
  7. Why? They did trade for 9.5 mil Jones and bury.. I mean they made better themselfs. Now evrybody talk about trading Debrinkat because they are too good and even a guy like him will not be able to hold. Not the best one apparently. btw I would prefer to sign him if I would BH gm. If they want to tank, they can deal 50% of Kane contract.
  8. Do you rank someone else's communication format? Seriously? I thought we were accepting communication styles, because your style can't be called gentlemanly either. I understand that something was happened from the time when you was in high school, but it`s a new time for the team. Team has literally new time line. It`s a prime years of our top players, like Nico, Jack etc. And, like I think, smart manager will try to surround them with players, with wich timeline they connect. And can complement their talent. When I call guys like Kadri or Marchment as good potential target I understand that they are older, but they will not sign deals for years where they will not worth it. Gaudreau and Forsberg will sign. In the years of cap hit only Ovechkin, Crosby and Malkin ends their long term deals. A lot of teams hit the cap ceiling and have trouble with it. It cost them much. Chicago lost freakin Panarin because of that. And we even didn`t play one play off game with Jack. And you are talking about sign a player, wich contract could damage our cap hit right in time of the prime of our players. Big part of our talents won't even be in their prime yet. Gaudreau is good, but he isn`t Ovechkin and he isn`t Crosby. Forsberg... Fiala is young but he isn`t a good compliment for our players. His case is about balance. Devils are the 3rd team in scoring from the rushes. He isn`t good two way forward, he isn`t good physical player. He isn`t good defensive player. He is good perimetr player. Very good dynamic player. But it`s all about the same and doesnt help where we should fix. And it cost us money to fix the problem. His sign is a case how to build a team for fun. If you want first round only, may be second - that`s ok. But it`s not enough for me. Again, if you want to trade Holtz for Fiala, I could understand that, but, again, it doesnt really help with our problems and we will have less money to fix it. I prefer to trade Holtz for strong defenseman. Not for Fiala. Pasta is a great option, he will cost much, but he is young enough and he is really special player. May be not on the level with best ones, but close to them. Would I trade Holtz for him - easily. (with sign only of course) Would I trade 2oa for him. Interesting question. I would say no, because if they ask 2oa or even 2oa+Holtz(I believe they will), and I will got 45 goals, I prefer to safe both and will got 30-60+ goals from both of them in the prime of this team, and I will got them on controlling deals for more years. I think you greatly underestimate the result Holtz showed for his age, I'm not sure that you've seen at least a couple of Slavkovsky's games and soberly rate which player we will soon get in the draft. Sorry for making long read. I know, it`s a mistake. I know it`s a torture for you to watch non NHL games. I give you fresh video of his highlights. He is only 18 yo guy. Try to relax and imagine how he will play with Nico or Jack. Guy is special.
  9. Wich contracts they give to their "secondary scoring" players and how many bucks did have those players they got through the trades? Johnny G is a secondary scoring winger? Or Forsberg? Did they trade their top prospects like Holtz? You are making your argument worser when you are trying to use Tampa as example.
  10. Holtz wasn't OK. He was great for his age. Up high of expectations. Anyway he should work on his skating, upside is there. I don't believe Boston will trade Swayman. May be some boston crazy fans are trying to deal him, like some others did with 2oa or Holtz himself, but Boston very high on their young goalie. Thats always what is never gonna happened, because when you have really good prospect, who did make right steps, you prefer to gamble on his maximum potential, or you can trade him, and everybody will laugh on you about it after, like it was in Erat case. And every team is higher about their own prospects, because they did draft them and develope them, and they know how much this prospect can mean for them. Swayman is a young stud goalie, who is playing on controlling contract. And Goalies are money, like we can see. And they are very hard to evaluate. And they have a boy, who is working well in their system. I like Knight and I believe Florida is very high on him. Every word I did say about Swayman is working with Knight for Florida. I belive he cost more than 2nd oa pick for them, but he cost less for us. Because he is unproven in this moment. And goalies are goalies. Today they are great and bring you a cup, tommorow they are eating your money in cap hit and nothing more. We have a lot of examples. And changing the organisation influence them badly sometimes. Anyway price is the thing that exist in the moment. Tommorow Knight could be a vezina goaltender, or Slafkovsky could turn into the Rantanen 2.0, we don't know. I'm a biggest fan of E. Kane. To never play on this team. I don't wanna see a douche in the locker room, full of kids. It could make biiig damage to the collective. And I agree devils need some good complimentary two way or/and physical players to help with cycling, pressure and interior play. Gaudreau can eat every cent Philly wants to spend on him. Guy needs to have right players around him, we don't have them in top-6. But. The thing I want doesn't mean the thing that never happened. I belive with new deal of Jack and Dougie Contract, with new deal of Bratt, Fitz is under pressure, and I wait some big sign/trade(not wanting) from him.
  11. As I remember there were some relationship problems between him and Ruff. And I believe he will get overpayment for his breakout year. But if it will be 4 year deal, I'm not against, he is very good defensive forward. Like Marchment, who I think isn't well skater, but he finds way to compete. And if he doesn't ask more than 3-4 years, I don't see why we can't give him some time in the middle six role. Even if he is only 30-35 points player. He should ask something like 3-4 mil, Nichuschkin could ask 5/6/6.5 mil. Its too much, but he is young enough to give him this type of a deal. 6-6.5 for four years or 5-5.5 for 5 years. I prefer 4 years.
  12. Yeah, everybody sleeps and see how they will coach the youngest team The Great New Jersey Devils without any working goalie. Fvck Vegas, Yzerman, who are you? I want to make top line with 3, 2 and 1 season experienced players great again! It definitely can’t hurt coaching career.
  13. Cofield, Fiala, Knight etc. This list can work in other way. would be fun to read forum again, when there was Boser discussion. May be we should trade 2nd for Boser still?
  14. Yap. I will use shorter constructions next time for you. Zegras or Raymond, Seider deserve to be trade for 2nd pick. Cofield not.
  15. Bad example for you. Tampa did make a building through the drafts and didn't sign one term deals with older players, didn't trade good assets before starting to contend. They did a great job with having good players in their prime years on big deals. But it is a great example for the Devils organisation to act. And no, we should not trade 2nd oa for cofield. I like him but he isn't proven. 2nd pick is the giant asset. You can trade Holtz+ for Cofield, but if you trade 2nd OA pick, you should get young, very talented, proven player who fits well. Cofield is very close but I saw enough of his bad games. I think he has huge potential, but price is the price. I saw games of Slafkovsky too. I would trade any players outside of Hughes/Hischier for him. But I don't need too. And Fitz don't need. Because he will draft him. And get player with star potential for free. And this star fits... nicely at least. I like your hockey manager enthusiasm, but we could talk about Marchment, Nichushkin, Kadri, etc more. They are more realistic. Interesting things going on in Boston btw. If they will deal Pasta, it would be a huge sign of rebuild. I would sign third line center from the market and deal Blackwood, Smith, Boqvist and Foote/Thompson/Zetterlund for Ullmark. Blackwood is cheaper and could be normal backup for Swayman, if they trust him and ready to start some rebuild. They got G, D, C and W. Thats a lot, but Ullmark is proven, young enough(28 yo) and has 3 year deal. Boston will got prospects he wants. But I believe they will ask Holtz at least and im not ready for trading him for uncontroled aged players. I would deal him for Pasta(with sign), Cofield(why not), Tkachuk(it will never gonna happened), Demko, Ottienger and may be Knight(why not). But all of this trades will not gonna happened, because they don't want to overpay we don't want to overpay. Rebuilding teams shouldn't overpay anytime that was allways bad trades, funny bad. On the other hands teams with limited good assets don't want to sell them.
  16. It`s a great thing to think about, when everybody try to think about "he is big euro dude, zacha and kakko blah blah blah". We should cut the size and think where he could be drafted if he haven`t his size, if he would be avarage sized player. With his skating, playmaking, driving and hockey iq he would be in the 20th of the first round. Cooley without his skating would be 2nd-3rd round guy. Wright without his shot... hard question. I believe it could be a huge drop, but he has good tools. But it definetely not a top-10 pick. Simon Nemec... playmaking? I`m not so well about his defensive game, he at least very non pro active in defensive and I don`t like it at all. His playmaking is awesome, but without it - he isn`t a first\second rounder. Jiricek without his phisicality - late first\2nd round because of his proactive game and great shoot, something like Chelsey, but Ryan has much better skating. Nazar... I don`t know what is his best tool, he is great all around player, he manage opposing defensmen better than any player on the draft. But without it he is still very proactive guy who would be drafted in the first round. Gauthier without his shot is a late first rounder, without his phisicality... interesting question, he is very good shooter, but not so well playdriver - border line of the first\2nd round. Savoie would drop a lot without his offensive vision, Kasper without his two way game\compete level is just a dude for the late 2nd or even 3rd or later rounds. Slafkovsky looks big but he doesnt look like a mature man like many north american young athlets. He looks like a big young teenager. He has room for being stronger. And he develop his skating well through the year. Now he is very good skater. If he will continue to work on his shot and his skating more, he would be a monster.
  17. Like one great man said
  18. Injuries. We should stay away. Like we should stay away from Kuemper. He is much better goalie now, but he is older(32), he is very injury prone, and he will ask 3 or even 4+ years with decent salary. Its a trap. Now I have a little hope that Boston will decide to make fast rebuild and clean some cap space. And will trade Ullmark. I don't believe that they are ready to make a bet on Swayman, but who knows. They fired Cessedy after 2 weeks they said he is our coach. Btw Cessedy could be a great add too. But I understand that Vegas is a first team for coaches to talk about potential work and salary.
  19. Old same fairy tales. Just pick a "better" player who is better after multilpe years in the much better team. Shero did the right choice, because draft isn`t only about better player, it`s about team building. We could stay with Makar, who will be much worser version in Devils, Hischier could going right into the Flyers hands(and it would make Flyers much better), and after that we could pick... Kakko or Turcotte, and Kent Johnsson instead Luke. Now we have great 1a 1b centers and great defensive prospect, who shows Makar results in his D+1 year. When he was 1\2 years younger. Makar could be good here and it could make Hall little bit happier and sign that crazy deal about 10mil, that we heard before. Makar is better in Colorado, but we never know how it could work here. Hischier is playing now, like everybody predict. May be he will be better and everybody will be happy more or will start to be happy, if the presence of melatonin in the blood is still high.. Especially if he will play more minutes with better players than Zacha or Vesey. But it was some kind of luck. Shero didn`t know what he should do with defense, he didn`t find good players, didn`t try to solve the problem, especially when we did try to play " fight for play off team" role, didn`t spend good picks for defensemen on the draft before 2019 draft. I think the Vatanen trade was the only good defensive move. Butchers move wasn`t bad, but that was another gamble, that Shero did like very much, but he did not really and adequately assess the terrible situation with the recruitment of defensmen. That`s great that Butcher did make some offensive impact, but devils were bad in their own zone and only Schneider safed the day. Shero didn`t understand tha. It brokes our starter goalie and everything did fall to the Hole ___ And we absolutely should not offersheet Kakko. We don`t wanna see how they will repeat this with us, when Mercer or Luke or Slaf(or Jiricek or Nemec) will be in the same situation. It could be hilarious, but in the end it will be very sad. Is the current story with the Aho offersheet already forgotten? Aho was a much better player at least.
  20. Screaming? Not. I'm not high emotionally person. You can try to search my comments about severson from last year(I didn't make much, may be second page of searching), and you will find what's im talking about. Btw you can understand who is screaming person here. Am I smarter(in my vision)? May be. I like to built logic, calculate and using proves and working examples. If a person can make some arguments, im in and that is what I want from it. If person will try to make a rank of my vision... ok. Its internet. Im not so worry about what some random guy will say something stupid about me in the case of specific question. Time will tell, who was smart and who was rude. In the end everybody wants to make fun from it. My fun is build on what im building on it, you have your own specific way. Its a post season hockey talks. Don't take it personally. We have different experience and vision and this is a way how we can show it. Nothing bad if your vision working on the smaller distance. And vision of some other person too. You just don't see what I do and don't think that I'm much more smarter than you in cases where I'm)
  21. I’m not surprised.
  22. That was not about realistic trade. You completely missed the message. Like Sterio said, we have Luke, Smith(hope we will trade him), Siegs and Graves, Shaq, Ok and Bahl. Team isn't hard to play against, team have enough talent to drive the play. Even if you trade qh for Hamilton(pp quarterback for quarterback) you still lose on the right side. If you just add qh (for something like 2nd oa), you just adding another qb. Devils wouldnt be harder to play against, and team cap will going tighter without space for solving real problems. Devils have Luke, Severson and Hamilton. Its enough qb's for one team. And they will eat a lot of cap space. 15+ mil only for Sevs and Dougie. Remember, year ago you did try to dispute with me about salary of Severson. Would be fun to see how it will going. I did say he will got 6/7mil+ or something like that. You did say its ridiculous (like you are always saying and after time something gonna happen) and it will never gonna happened. Are you still believe in your words, or story repeating storyself once again? We don't need in qh and we don't have capspace for the luxury to have him. If you wanna help the team, try to find proved and healthy goalie, solid right handed defensive defenseman and try to think about third liners, players who can work hard and spend a lot of minutes, terrorise opponents and spend time on pk. If you will play in ea nhl career mode and sign gaudreau and trading for qh, you will win it. But its not a game, devils are not away from SC in one JG and one QH. 55 mil without Bratt. Sharangovich will sign new deal next year. Wood will sign this year. Mercer two years after. Sevs, Sigs and Graves will sign next year. With JG and Bratt only you will have 72+ mil under your cap. 69-70 with QH and Bratt. Tatar and Johnsson will gone, but Graves and Siegenthaler will eat even more. You still have no goalie, your right defensemen doesn't exist, your third line made of nothing. Your top 6 burying in own zone against really good players. "Your" team is fun to watch but easy to play against, with Gaudreau or QH, especially with both. And will lose talent, that team spend years for grabbing. Its not a one ps5 season. Your strategy to grab every big name you heard, wil not work.
  23. Let's hope Fitz or next gm will not do this type of move. The only one player, I could think about to trade for QH is Hamilton. But again- it doesn't help and make real problems more problematic.
  24. Merce was 18. But Fitz wasn't clowned. Its a rangers level mindset. That's a draft. Everybody have list of preferences. 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a etc. That was very long off-season, everybody have enough time to watch players. Schneider could be drafted earlier by any team, by Montreal for example. Fitz even didn't take a pause he could do, if this situation was surprise for him. That wasn't. I think they scout Amirov and Muk. Toronto clowning Fitz too) Like we saw Muk's pick was made with knowledge. Guy is one of big risers. And confused Fitz didn't use a pause. It is ruining "clowning" narrative. But its fan when dm84 wants to go against consensus(like zacha or hischier) in some cases, and wants to go with consensus in others(muk, Stillman). It is ruining logic of narratives. Hischier pick was good. That is obvious. The more important thing - that was decision of Shero, because he is the man who did make decision. This is how it works. Shero was bad in drafting in first rounds. 1oa were good picks, but it were 1oa's. But he doesn't understand how treat defense well, how it developed, how it builds. And he shouldnt draft Barzal, its fun to say it, but there were many teams who didn't. But he should draft defensemen two years in a raw, because they have the longer path. Especially because he did decide fast rebuild through the trades. (Palms, Hall, no real sales etc). Later rounds and trades? Shero was good. He compensate his mistakes with Zacha and McLeod easily. Miller over Smith? Thats fun, really fun. Dm84 again trying to be smarter after years, but this is not how its working. Miller was exactly like Mukhamadullin. Same props and cons. He was converted forward. And very questionable as a potential nhl player, very raw. Yeah, yeah, again ruined narrative.
  25. Guadana


    I was against him. But its a personal thing.
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