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  1. I wasn’t a fan of pick too. But after draft he is a devil. Let’s try to root for him and not waiting for “I told you so!” moment every time. This also applies to other players.
  2. Holtz Today: About 16:45 TOI 8 shots 1 block 2 goals is Holtz still a bust?
  3. 5 20+ is not a bold predictions. It`s a +\- floor for our top-9. If we will have less than 5 I think it will be dissapointment\injuries.
  4. It`s too sad Mcleod didn`t catch a point. He did start in defensive zone all the time(1 time in OZ, 8 time in DZ) and his line were positive. Couple of good shot chances, i think 5 great passes and some was on breakaways. Luck wasn`t on his side this night. Anyway Kane end this game with -3 and Devils win it. This is awesome to see first NHL point from Mercer in his first game. There is a big potential in here.
  5. Mcleod did play so well. Cant imagine how Hughes will play in his prime. That was a pretty raw game from him. First line did play pretty well, even Johnsson missed opportunities, but was good enough all over the ice. Raw game, raw victory, but still is a voctory. Happy beggining of the new season.
  6. Mcleod play very good game. We can use him as a third center and give opportunity to Mercer to play on the wing with Hughes.
  7. Mikey was great in the first period. Hischier and Zacha play really good. Hughes and Sharkannens have troubles with clicking.
  8. My bold prediction - At least one Devils player will be nominated for an individual prize.
  9. Finally. Hope people will have more joy from the game and there will be less poison.
  10. Tatar. Or Vesey. When I try to remember who did score first goals of the season, first guys I remember are Gusev, Tlusty and Parentau. This is my logic.
  11. Foote looks like a talented quite smart player, but his slowness ruin everything. Okhotiuk was much better than Bahl in preseason, that is not surprise, but I don`t think he is ready enough for NHL. All three did play minimum AHL\NHL games and have plenty of time to develop. On the other hand Clarke is in much worser situation. Devils use Bratt, Yegor and Janne on the right side time from time to time. And Holtz with Mercer are lookin more NHL ready. Clarke doesnt look like a player who can be usefool bottom player.
  12. devils looks good. Hope this will not be the game when devils looks better and lost 1-6
  13. He can`t play without injuries, he is another skilled top-6 winger wich we have pretty enough with some reserve, he is old and he will ask more money and more years than we need in him.
  14. Devils don’t need in wingers. Especially 27+ yo.
  15. About Amanda. She is not the only insufficiently qualified specialist in modern American sports, in whose place more qualified people could be hired.
  16. When did we begin to consider this a bad or unfair reason?
  17. Lets dont overreact of "destroying future of Carolina". KK is young and he has something to develope. If he not - they will trade him. And they have enough good prospects. Philly... Barron is an intriguin prospect. And they have pretty good young players in roster. But they dont looks what devils will not be possible to outplay in future seasons.
  18. Сaps did much better job than pens to make their future not as bad as pens will have.
  19. Would be great if Mercer will play in the Calder race. It is interesting how our top-9 will look like. Hughes and Yegor, Hischier and Bratt. And there are Zacha, Kukka, Mercer and Tatar. And even Holtz. If 2020`s can handle NHL role, our top-9 will be very promising and skilled. With Mcleod and Wood in fourth line. Even if only Mercer or only Holtz will handle NHL role, devils will look pretty interesting.
  20. Hope this music will not playin for the full season.
  21. I think he is kids protector for 3 preseason games, when you dont use all of your future nhl guys.
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