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  1. I was a fan of Mercer from the day we even didnt draft him yet. He was great in qjmhl full season and playoff games. He was one of the most "fun to watch" prospects all season. But I think he must try to play AHL top-6 role for better translation of his game on adult level. I dont know how well he will play center role on NHL level, I dont think he protect zone well, but he is pretty good on the boards and in forecheck and I think he will grow in great two way winger. I watched a lot of SHL games of Holtz and all of his AHL games, plus wjc. I think he has a lot to develope in his game and he needs in good center. He didnt have one in shl in the second half of season, in sweden squad and in ahl. I really do think devils can try use Foote in NHL. And may be Clarke too. But not on the same line. And i`m afraid Clarke will not suitable for bottom-6 role. This is just an observation, a lot can change over the summer. Clarke has significantly improved his game over the previous year. Perhaps he will be able to take another step forward and be more active in forchecking.
  2. Hamilton? тьфу. THIS is a big great news. I`m really exited.
  3. My week is made. may be month
  4. Finally. This is how franchise will turn the corner. Hope Fitz find options for third line.
  5. Can you tell what time it starts?
  6. Like it Bardakov is player from SKA
  7. I feel it like this is 5-3 now and we are goin into PK situation.
  9. Carolinas gm Waddell making stupid moves. I like it
  10. Kulikov is a bottom left defenseman. But if we have a good option for subban, why not? I want subban in the roster before deadline, but hamilton will take most of his minutes.
  11. Good news, everyone. He was my number two after Halak.
  12. Can we replace Johnsson by Ritchie somehow? Ritchie is a great option for bottom. He was very good against us last season.
  13. Deangelo to Montreal have so much sense.
  14. Great trade for Utica. Jaros will have some chances when someone will hirt. In other time he will be partner for our left defensemen in Utica. I really like this depth trade. We have hard need in depth guy for Merkley who has 0.01% chance to be regular NHL player with his tool set and can went in Europe for free\be picked on waivers.
  15. Fitzy said he will qualified most or all of them.
  16. Good move! I dont want to trade for Holtby. Only if they will give us compensation. Holtby+Quinn for Smith and i`m ok. =-D
  17. Zacha is top-6 player now. He svck as center. And he will get payment year after. Yegor has great offensive and defensive abuility and better shot. And he will be cheaper for some years. If we have them do we really need 3 top-6 left wingers. I will trade Zacha for Meier easily, but if we trade Holtz for Meier, I dont think Zacha will play good on the Hughes wing. They didnt click before because Zacha isn`t good forecheker and cant protect the zone. Now 3rd line role is misuse for him. Ofcourse we can put him on the second\third line, but in the day when Meier will come in the devils locker room, I will say "get your things together, Pavel" and trade him for something worthwhile. Ofcourse, it`s me, a man, who love balance and distribution of roles, but collecting all the best at once will make a team of the best maybe.
  18. May be. What we gonna do with Zacha after?
  19. =-D thanks. this will happen when we start building a winning team, after we start playing competitively. This is what I wrote about. Thanks. Something similar can be seen in Nashville at one time, in Carolina recently. Everything is right. You're already starting to think in the right direction. In the direction of future steps. That was my thought. It was not about "making a trade tomorrow".
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