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  1. i`m not even think about that Jay Hugh will not be in the starting line-up. I just think what will be better for him and for his development. I wonder and ask myself and others. I do not demand and do not stand on one decision Johnny isn`t my only example, but Jack and gaudreau are comparable in style and size.players.
  2. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    and philly-smilly. and montreal shmanadiens may be. Next season will not be an easy walk.
  3. And now here i am whit unpopular thoughts. How do you think - do organization really need to force jack and put him in a mix in the next season or give him some space for growing like Johhny G did have in flames. They didn`t rush him. Auston spent his 18`s year in swiss league and start his first season in nhl when he was 19. We had some good example in Hishier, who start to play here and now, we had bad example - begins with the letter Z, end with ACHA.
  4. Sometimes when you hear nothing it does mean something. May be this “investment “ is all we got. This article was typed from management position and spend much words for pour some water. I don’t try to start a panic on the ship, but I hope Shero has or think about plan b.
  5. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    i`m not happy, that Ferlund goes to Van, but it`s not metropolitan, now he will not be pain in our ass. And 4 years is too long for us, who have wood and zacha in roster.
  6. Actually I'm 55 yo woman with 9 beautiful kids. Offseason is a beautiful time.
  7. But yours butthole is his first favorite.
  8. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Maybe all Russians drink vodka instead of water. You never know which stereotypes work.
  9. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    everyday i wake up and look in my ipad to read news about new signs. And day after day my great expectations crush to the dust. May be shero just can`t. Hello, Jarme, i want Panarin. Ray, he is a free agent. Talk to him personally. No-no-no. No personally. No. How can i trade him? Someone must hold an intervention with ray about his signophobia.
  10. what`s a problem to give another chance and some time with better partners for prospect when we have some roster spots and better partners? He played only 15 games.
  11. my support for devils is the most and cheerest support than you. The most supporting support of supporting supports. Imho Fans must booing and hating each other. It helps blow off steam(i don`t know english version of this frase). When i studied at school i heard that sport competition made for something like that
  12. Mcleod deserve another chance. Especially if we watch at zacha or JJ. But if Jesse trade will happen - i think MM will be in compensation.
  13. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Yes. Ofcourse . Or land Marner. or we can pick another Zach’s, mcloud’s, Josephson’s and teddy bears. i like Zacha but now we have one
  14. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    — Btw I don’t know what writers write in American papers about Stanley panarins cup in nyr, but half of Russian papers talk about how artyom’s girlfriend - smart and beautiful model helps to choose nyr and how she is very happy about it. it’s bright lights and nothing more.
  15. Guadana

    2019 Offseason Thread

    after one night
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