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  1. If they`ll stay at this point take line - they will take 93 points.
  2. Why he was pissed at Zacha. I didnt see any moment where Zacha was really bad tonight and missed some extra plays.
  3. great win, great job Blackwood, great game for hall, goals will come, fock vancouver
  4. It was the goal. Hall didnt hurt a goalie, marstrom didnt stop the puck, the moment didnt end. It was the goal. Fu, ref
  5. beautiful ref decision for tennyson, another beautiful one with this game stop for hall
  6. lets go boys, dont stop it dont stop it, dont stop them now.
  7. how much Muller can be not compitent at all. He looks like he play worse than two years ago.
  8. Why games cant start at this time everynight? LGD!
  9. Schneider half-american half-swiss against full canadian McD and full german Drais. Ofcourse he`ll cut them off. Easy. Hat-trick by Hall, three assists for Hughes. LGD!
  10. Guadana

    Fire Hynes

    I don’t think there is a chance Zajac and goose would click.
  11. Thanks God or universe we have free legal official records of full games. I can’t say I regret that I didn’t watch it online. team doesn’t ready for competitions with big clubs. And Gusev or Hughes May be the worst in the world in defense, but they were who scored. When you date with girls you don’t count good conversations or flirt. I talked with 10 girls on this week, I flirted 5 times - my expectation chances in my stats. You score or don’t. Other than that is bubbling.
  12. Absolutely Kovy. We lost much of pieces and last of reputation for him.
  13. He is mistaken. I looked into the muddy water just now, rolled an Apple on a plate and result is 37,83%. i know he is good in what he is doing. But if this road trip goes to an end on high note - talks will go on other way.
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