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  1. We are pro trumpers - full country(obvious reasons), but there are much more pro vax people. You, guys, making wrong decisions time after time. I will try to make assumption - Bernier. Only because we have to get into Crawford 2.0 story.
  2. I don`t know) I was a big fan of Mercer from day one. But I don`t know is he ready to jump right into the NHL game? I was never a fan of rushing players. I was not a fan Zacha didn`t spend full AHL season, same with Boqvist. But if he is NHL ready? Can he learn on the fly? Top 10 u24 players last year Mcdavid - high end talent Marner - didn’t play I’m AHL. Very talented Auston - high end talent. Play a year in a pro league Aho - year in liiga Debrinkat - didn’t play in pro leagues Kaprisov - years in KHL - better than AHL Boeser- didn’t play in pro, two years of ncaa Fox - three years of ncaa, didn’t play pro Robertson - 1 season in ahl Barzal- two y in WHL, no pro exp 4 players with some pro exp. BUT! Next ten u24 top scorers - only one player with pro exp. next - four players. Nine players in top 30 u24 players. I still think devils should give a time in AHL for Mercer, but if he is ready - he is ready. I think Holtz needs in AHL experience more than him. I dont like idea to use him as 3rd\4th line center, but I think he can be good enough to play on the third line with Mcleod and Woond on the right wing. He will must make all cleaning work. But it`s only my "theory". I don`t will it works or not. If he will play first line minutes in AHL, PP and PK, I think it would be better for his development. But, again, if he is ready - go and use him. He is very talented smart guy with beautiful hands. I think everybody think he will be great defensive center, I dont think so, he is not as fast for that and he didn`t control enough gaps, he is not physical enough. But I think he is very talented two way guy with awesome take away skills. And he is pretty good offensive player. ____________ Studenic was lookin solid candidate for 4th RW spot. I think they will give Zetterlund a cuople of games. Okhotiuk? Defensemen are the long project. I would give him one more full AHL season minimum. I like him very much. Mercer is my number 1 guy and Okhotiuk is my number 3 guy. But there is a big competition for the place and he isn`t an obvious candidate because of offensive upside and... trend. But I think he has potential to be best PK minutes eater, last minute protector and the guy, every opponents will watch him and think about him. I think Zacha\Kukka, Boqvist, Johnsson, Jankowski, Wood, Mcleod and Studenic are our bottom six guys. And Mercer will be our "lets give him some games" option. And Siegenthaler as 3rd LHD. Who will be the first callup... I still think it will be Bahl. I like Okhotiuk skating and game more, but Bahl is big, has offensive upside and... he play more safety. I think it is matter.
  3. If any player regresses a bit - it’s a lose for any real contract. Kaprisov is very young top talented player with better track record in KHL than Jagr has. And he is a key player for the franchise in the next five years.
  4. Wild win. They taked Best years of Kaprisov. If he will stay on the same level of production- it’s a fair deal, if he will raise- wild in profit. And he will be great partner for Boldy/Rossi. He did make look Rask like a good hockey player.
  5. Wish him all the best. Be a coach. Be the devils coach. Finally win the Cup with Devils as a coach. One of the greatest Devils. Great hockey Player. Thanks for everything.
  6. The next train station. I didn’t say he will/he is next. And I did use “rantanen” as a concept/example. I can’t say today that he will be pt per game player and his style of play is different compared to Rantanen. please, read your interlocutors carefully. And please don’t be so stone hearted. It’s a great theme to debate where his floor, where his ceiling, how his style of play looks and where he can help. “He even didn’t play a game in nhl, so he is nothing in nhl” is an obvious thing, everybody understand he didn’t play and can struggle, because of coaches/organization problem with development/mental problems/injuries/lack of luck. People know about it, saw this before and remember how our “future lidstrom” turn into the “pretty good stayathome defenseman” Larsson or other much worser cases. This is a part of conversation to talk about weaknesses. “He can never be a nhl player, you even didn’t see any of his nhl game” isn’t a part and not open nothing new for anyone. let’s be a part of conversation , don’t be “an oddly negative, highly snobby comment”OR. And I hope you did read this massage without negative color.
  7. I’m done. your expectation feeling gave you a jersey you never wanted
  8. Ой ой ой началось у барыни) yes. We are easily pleased. Someone watch his second game, someone 20th+ game. And everybody see skill and potential. I did use ”hope” word, and it was in context “help to turn the corner”, not “ pt per game player”. Someone see Coleman/stone shadows because there is visible material to see this. Everybody exited to see flashes of big talent, and the talent is from the devils organization. Mercer the only player who looks flashy everywhere. I know you was disappointing so much time before and you don’t want to create expectations, because it’s hurt to be disappointed again. We are all in the same boat. It will not help. There is nothing wrong with having favorites. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, roughly expect something good in a successful case, and something bad if they can't fix their problems and grow above themselves.Don't be callous. Some of these guys deserve your attention. You probably have preferences in general. Some of them will be playing in the NJD roster soon, some will spend a lot of time in our organization. It's just fun, interesting and pleasant to watch them grow up. Not everyone will succeed, but this is the interest. Moreover, at this stage, our team does not have many reasons to get involved.
  9. Mercer is our number 1 prospect. This is not surprise but he has good potential. Hope he will our "Rantanen" who will help to one of our center step on the another level. I dont want to bury him in the third line. Holtz was good in the first game, if you are not biased. He was good in the second. Good physically, move and find spots for the shots, good passing game. Today he score. Great. I think this will be "Zacha 2.0" story where people will bit_hin on the player who play dependent game. He has potential, he has a shot, he will never be a good 200 foot player, but with great center he has a good chance to be 30+ goal scorer. Hope he will develope into the solid top-6 player because I dont think he has a future as a bottom line player. I didn`t like a pick, but he is a better fit than other options. Foote was good today. The only thing he should work on is his speed. It is a question will he ever fix this part and I can`t imagine how. Okhotiuk is very fan and solid defenseman. Walsh is not. Funny thing Wlash has solid chance to play some games in NHL, because we have only 2 years of Severson and only one year of Subban. But on the left side we have Smith, Graves, Bahl, Mukha and Hughes. It is stupid and sad, because Okhotiuk is much much better defenseman and he is younger defenseman.
  10. you are a part of wide humor\irony culture. this shouldn't shock you
  11. meh meh meh we did draft three picks in first round in this draft. Could draft (pick any name from who is better after the time) over Holtz, 3rd round talent by 20 pick(19 yo defenseman did play first fvckin minutes in KHL yesterday) meh meh meh bad management, bad drafting.
  12. Mercer is everywhere. How great we did draft him.
  13. He is a relative that everyone avoids on family holidays.
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