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  1. Best case scenario if all the metro teams will join play-off. No matter what will be in this Playoff - we dont need Lafrenier for years in our division. btw Fvck rangers.
  2. As i remember Skjei was trade to Car from NYR for first round pick. Or there was some clause? If Mtl will win is a best case scenario for devs - two best centers of the last 15 years will get great chance for great winger with cheap 3-year contract. Winger who will be great material for fast rebuild. Fast rebuild of our division rivalry. That's a great plan, SD. That's fvcking ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It's a Swiss fvcking watch.
  3. all of them for one 7th pick. if ARI pick will be ours and devs pick rossi and quinn - will be no matter whose merits are greater in their tandem.
  4. if we look on this pictures - yes, Jamie looks fantastic, but when i saw canada games on wjc he lose his opponents in d-zone, he trew away the puck without purpose. If devils need in one more small puckmover - ok he is an option if he will stay, but i dont think he is what organisation needs in. And what i see in this video - more often he`s trying to leave his own zone by himself without first pass.
  5. Holtz make shots in nondanger situations more often than other goal scorers in that draft. i dont he will be 30 or 40 goal scorer in nhl because of his desicions in game. I think that Askarov may be another one great prosuct of russian goalie school. I think he will stay in russia for 3 or 4 years because he can grow here in KHL with better money. Do we interesting in him so much with Blackwood in other hand? If he stay for our 2nd possible pick he is a great option. Anyway i think Chicago will pick him if they willn`t win the lottery.
  6. Sanderson is an option on draft.
  7. i`m with this guys with our 7th and potential ARI pick. Rossi, Perfetti and two sweds are more smaller than taller guys. Rossi is a perfect all around player but he is small and slow. And i think Rossi has so much assissts because he played with Quinn. Look at his shot! he isn`t a guy who wait - he made his chances by himself, he has speed, he has great shot and use it in absolutely different situations. Quinn is older player but he is younger than others from OHL goal scoring list. Rossi looks like a good material to be a good 3rd(may be 2nd) line center, but we need in top-6 winger. Holtz isn`t well player, he shots a lot and he did it with bad timings. Its a sign that he cant read game play well. And it doesnt fix. Raymond looks well and he is comparable to Marner. He has everything to be a star in nhl. We have enough playmakers but if Devils pick him over the others i`ll not be dissapoint. Perfetti is a perfect guy with a puck, but without it he looks like a shadow. He missed his legs day in gym. Look at him - he skate like Gusev. And skating isnt a trump card of Gusev. All of this guys are small. Only Jack looks and play like what devils need. And Sanderson ofcourse. He is a beast in d-zone and has better skating than rossi and perfetti. I dont like Drysdale because he is a small puck mover and we have some. Sanderson looks like an NHL regular defensman with excellent body work, great skating and puck posession. We have some puckmovers but no guys to play with.
  8. Now play in teams have way bigger percentages for win 1st overall than we had.
  9. When 7th pick isnt as bad as 4th. Good.
  10. My brother had positive test, glad that doesnt affect on his son with his asthma. Everybody, be health. Do anyone can say where will be broadcast?
  11. Something for devils fans after all. Would be good enough for us if teams from the play-in round willn`t win cause well.
  12. Why they didnt sign mitchell hoelscher? I know that we have the first two centers, but this team still needs depth.
  13. absolutely. And i really like it. Hope they lose their lottery. How bad NJD was these years we never play like THAT bad.
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