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  1. Filmon scores 31 and 32 goals in his last two games.
  2. In general, it is logical - in such a form \ with such a level, Gritsyuk has nothing to do in the AHL, for the NHL his 200-foot game isn`t on the asking level, offensive game can still be polished in the KHL against more serious opponents.
  3. Filmon is 6’02 now, but I think he can be even little higher. He is growing fast, reason why he is so skinny. His production isn’t really sky high, but he is playing on the bad to average team at best. And his scoring rate is really great for D+1 player. Casey is a very good prospect, but he is small. It’s a problem. I know there are small defenders like Girard and Spurgeon, but they are really rare players, and Girard was a problem when they played play off games. It’s a question of mechanics when the board battles is going on. I still hope Seamus can develop his game, he is very good skater. But if he is a main peace in trading for Meier, I can live with it. Anyway he is very intriguing prospect to have. If he can work on his legs, he can compensate part of his short lever.
  4. I`m glad too. All these recent "things" have attracted to me personally a lot of negativity by default on different sites. Thanks to the positive responses of various people, I managed to feel heard. When the forum was blocked, I also thought it was blocked for me. I'm glad to be here. If DM will think I`m making something wrong, I`m open for interact. 30g in 38 games. If he will continue to score at the same rate, he will be WHL U19 top-3 scorer in the last 15 years.
  5. It certainly pleases me that my materials do not stay on my page, but somehow find the viewer, help. This year, unfortunately, due to all these very important wars against each other, money transfers are closed, and I cannot buy a subscription for the American junior leagues. And I can't watch live because of the time zone difference. Reason why I will not make a deep dive into the draft of this year. Last year, you could have learned from me about Gaultier, way before hype on him became mainstream. A similar story was about Edvinsson a year before. And about Sanderson a year earlier. I like my pre draft work, because it was succesful on my taste. I would say - very succsessful. But this year I do nothing. It frankly saddens and upsets me. I watched few games of euro prospects, wjc and some games of russian prospects. Hope Fitz will trade first pick for Meier.
  6. Scouts in attendance at #NJDevils vs. Vegas: - 2 Sharks scouts - Blues - Senators - Stars - Avalanche - Blue Jackets - Ducks #SJSharks AGM Tim Burke is scouting the #NJDevils tonight.
  7. Fitz brother is director of player personnel in sj as I know. And Grier should know Fitz well. Lemiex is zetterlund agent too. They have obvious connections and IF they have conversation, they would never tell about it to Nov, especially after he post it on Twitter immediately.
  8. Adding johnsson isn't the problem if trade partner is bottom team. He cost nothing and has good cap space. Ofcourse he isn't main part, just helping to follow the cap rule. The problem with the trade of Meier is main part. We can give Holtz, rangers can give Kakko. If they will decide to trade Kakko he is a better target for trade. I don't think teams like LA will trade Byfield or Wild will trade Rossi. Both have same adaptation problems as Holtz, but Kings and San Jose are neighbors, wild have problems with center depth. But wingers depth isn't the problem for rangers, and Kakko,even with his slow production development, cost more. Hope they will decide to save Kakko, because of cap reasons(Miller can sign big deal, Chytil will got more, like MB saud, and of course their most problematic position is center), and because of reputation. But the second part isn't big deal for nyr organisation how I understand what they are doing. Interesting case is Ottawa. I don't think they will, but they can make a bold move, especially if talks with DeBrincat about thus summer doesn't going well.
  9. Well, I don't blame American culture.
  10. To the delight of people who have not understood why people from other cultures can act differently.
  11. After time, when talks about raising cap are more serious, would be great to add Meier. We have plenty assets to do. Only Luke and Nemec shouldn't be involved. If some team will trade something more(like rangers can trade Kakko just for example), we can target different players like JVR - he can help with redurections and rebounds. Or even Henrique - he can add depth scoring and make our third line great again. Perron could be interesting veteran depth addition. Kuzmenko is interesting if they will take 1st+Holtz for trade&sign. He is scoring right handed right winger with good skating. Nick Ritchie could be a good depth addition if we will need bottom line scoring/forechecking forward. Plenty of options, devils should find interior scorer(as I remember devils are 21st team in scoring from rebounds), who can make Haula's work and score at the same time, and send Haula to the third line where he can help to Yegor/Dawson/etc with secondary scoring. Very interesting what kind of move Fitz will decide to do, because this year is a good year to try to compete. And players should awarded for their good game.
  12. https://twitter.com/Guadana5/status/1615009077314068484 #81 is Gritsyuk
  13. this was the post that’s apparently drawn the ire of my small ego friend. this place is fun. About Gritsyuk. I have some worries about his NHL readiness as 5vs5 positional player in defensive zone. I think he should start from the limited minutes, but will definetly help with second PP brigade. May be good third line center like Haula(or Henrique, who knows) can help.
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