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  1. Another day another great performance from Sharangovich. Goal, OT assist, play on the slot in pp goal. Solid PK and PP minutes.
  2. I will be very surprised if Sharangovich doesn't dressed for the first game. Merkley looks great, but he has good partners, and judging by the games I've seen, Liiga doesn't have high level of defense. I don't know how much Merkley will be able totranslate his game. We should wait of Gritsyuk for year or two. Maybe three. But after that... I wouldn`t be surprise to him in top-6. He is a best devils prospect in zone enteries. I can describe how good he is for a long time.
  3. Studenic scores 6 goals and got 3a in 12 games. __________________________________________________ Sharangovic scores another goal. OT this time. I saw some of his games. Didn`t have a time to make records. Anyway what can i say - he play in Coleman type game. PK, puck challange, speed, wrist shot, rolling to the net. __________________________________ Talvitie got his first assist. That was in his third game. _______________________ Gritsyuk scores. 2 goals in his last two games. He is second ppg u20 play in VHL(second adult league in
  4. Gritsyuk scores his first goal today. Merkley has two assists today. Pakkila made assist today.
  5. I was very happy when LA win their cup. AGAINST RANGERS ofcourse, you silly reader. One of too smarty rags fans said that rangers would be better in final if they win eastern final. 5 games, b1tch, here is the King grandeur.
  6. a small sample, but he is on this way. Anyway we need in defenseman. And i truly believe we will regret when 2% accurate will new one swedish blonde pop star.
  7. Holtz made excellent play few minutes ago. He is #88
  8. Pakkila made assist today, Merkley made three shots, but end the game without a point. Gritsyuk made assist on the last seconds of the game. On the last week Baumgarter made 2 assist in two games. He has 2g and 2a in 7 games this season.
  9. He was always there. They are linemates.
  10. Mukha, Gritsyuk made assist in their own games. Zaitsev made two assists today. Holtz made two assists toady too. One was primary in OT.
  11. this is what the arena staff will look like.
  12. Holtz, Mercer, Foote, Thompson and Clarke have goal scoring abulity. Merkley, Pasic, Sharangovic, Boqvist, Gritsyuk and even Studenic have some different tools on different levels(for example, if Sharangovic will score 8-12 goals as 4th liner in the next season - it`s great result for 4th liner). We should understand that we will be happy if one of three will be roster player, we will be lucky. But for now we have so much depth.
  13. Pasic scores. 3 goals in 4th line in 11 games Pakkila made assist. He has 2g and 4a in 10 games. He is 4th line player too.
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