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  1. Wow man slow down. He is our captain. anyway we have no option. We still need him in pk.
  2. Devils organization need to give loyalty contracts to Zajac and Green, first of all because there are to many our possibility future all time devs who must know and understand that it is interesting for them to be loyalty all time devs.
  3. Corey return to the line up and magic disappeared
  4. You are totally wrong. Not epico.
  5. You are creepy, man. I call the police.
  6. Time to slap them! Epic win! Shneids SO! Epico!
  7. When we play against russians they are like Ovi or Bobr/Varlamov/Vasilevskiy/Samsonov, when we play with russian they are Kalinin or Yakovlev. Good we have Gusev now.
  8. stupid penalty by Hayden
  9. 3 straight mistakes by green in one shift
  10. strange luck`n`mistakin forecheck by hughes`s line
  11. woof. we are luck. Anyway they must focus. Bad start of the game
  12. Please no Brodeur as Gm and Stevens as HC with Elias as AC. I realy like Elias as AC, but no other than Patrik. If they will fvck up - it will be completly destroing or big peace of sh!t on our great past.
  13. The Curseman go out from Nico line, so Nico must score a couple of goals. LGD!
  14. subban is 24-33 d-man in league with his 6 goals. He doesnt play like 9KK$ player, but we didn`t pay for him in trade like for 9KK player.
  15. Gallant doesn’t like Gusev really hard. And Lav doesn’t like Subban as I see it. so...
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