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  1. If I was Zahca`s hater I would try to laugh it off. It was illogical and pathetic from the start of his current contract.
  2. I`m tired after covid and look on tired players after covid. They have a heavy schedule, I have a heavy schedule. I feel bad, and they feel bad. It makes everyone feel even worse.
  3. i will try to be optimistic. I like how Maltsev play, I think Sharangovich is good enough to be a bottom-6 player. He has more goals and assists in his first year than Coleman and he is younger. I really like how Bastian play. I see a biggest problem in Zajac, Palms, Johnsson and Gusev`s game and I didnt think they are a part of our future. Blackwood isn`t in his best shape, but he cant be 94+ % goalie all the time.
  4. 'm surprised how much worse than expected the rangers are playing
  5. We were not play off team in this division. Before first day of the season. But the team is experiencing serious problems with players that we do not expect to see in the future in the squad. Moving forward.
  6. he and #11. Johnsson lost a lot of chances. Lets GO PP DEVILS! If not now i dont know when.
  7. They can give Maltsev a couple of shifts with Hughes. Constant games are hard for many of our players. Gusev looks unbearable.
  8. Maltsev, Sharangovich. Next one must be Gusev.
  9. I don`t think that Johnsson will have long story with devils organisation. After 3 years Bratt, Zacha, Hughes, Blackwood, Smith and Severson will have new deals. I think it will cost more than $40KK for devils. Every free dollar will be in the account. In the near future, it will be necessary to profitably get rid of Gusev and Palmieri, and a little later from Johnson. Holtz needs at least one more season in Sweden.
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