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  1. https://www.hockey-reference.com/amateurs/team.cgi?t=har01 all Harvard players. Couple of solid names but there is no special players. Poor list.
  2. i dont think that team was really crap at the end of the season. They werent contenders, but they still play in decent hockey for team that was half AHL half rockies. After january begin i remember only devils blues(when devs shot 17 times or so) and devils vegas games when devils were really bad at all. I like this team and i really interesting in how things will go on. And i will miss the games too. More than 14 years with online translations i ruining my health.
  3. bright side of it - i`ll sleep like a normall man
  4. you are totally wrong all over the massage. JH is a youngest boy and every one talk about how he dont ready for nhl. All good rockies are 20-21 yo. He need time. He isnt invisible 95% because he is very visible. He is often make mistakes - yes. Because he try to translate his skills. PZ is a good 3rd line center now and statistic from all nhl 3rd line players show that. i dont understand what you are really do. i dont think that you are ranger fan or passive devils hater. May be you have some real life problems and try to translate the fault of them to wet lips boy who cant answer on overpriced expectations.
  5. great shift by zacha`s line
  6. second pp unit now is a first pp unit? nas somehow fix pp
  7. Why the best hockey player of generation has so much disgusting face. Not surprise sid find a chemistry with boston`s rat when they play for national team. Anyway little unluck there
  8. Do you really like it or is it autocorrection on your phone and you lick it?
  9. Tonight is the night when the world will know that Kuokko is better than kakko. LGD!
  10. becasue c-virus i willn`t going to knight reconstruction big event that happenin once in the year here. anyway if i was a big producer i`ll spent money for cameras and crew and make online big movie with flying cameras and cameras on helmets in the days when there are no audience on stadium. translate in online, cameras didnt hurt visibility and willnt hurt the process. If you have specific circumstances - benefit from it. But betman isn`t smart enough to make something new that didnt happened in other american big sports leagues.
  11. I think that Byfild has big difference with his opponents in his league because of his size. Its good that he is one o fthe biggest guy in OHL but its not good for developing competition. There are not so much big and skill defensmen in ohl, usually they are big or skill, or small and awkward in the same time. This difference fade away in NHL and he still may be good interesting player but there is more chances that he will not stand out in nhl like he is in childrens league.
  12. Oh boy can we let it go this time when we had nothing 5 years ago? ok we had nothing those days, now we had five real players. Or six. Hughes and Hischier - it’s good to have first picks but you can’t give gold medal for mathematical luck to your gm in seasons when team svck. And this picks are questionable still(yeah I like both but shero didn’t shot in bull eye). Palms was a good trade, he is 7th best rw in scoring in last five years in nhl. but look at njdevs forum - we have enough guys who want to trade our best and only one scorer. From team that has only one scorer and needs in scorer for something that can became or can’t became useful. It’s more a question to their logic but we had much rumors about that. Zacha is a useful third line center, but he was picked in this five years and he is only third line center. Is it a coaching question or picking question - it’s not even bronze medal. We had Bratt and he is good, we have Blackwood and now he is a best from what we have in this five years. And Gusev who can walk away and can’t play against real players. Other than that everything bad has context. But in five years that’s all we have now. This team should get real fight for playoff and our mvp resign. I’m glad we didn’t resign that crap but that was a strategy. Vats goes for b-prospect, hall goes for b-prospect + mathematics chances, joha goes for not real math chances. Shero had a strategy, had a peak of it, had his Hynes faith and in five years after all he had one working deal with palms and two real good draft picks. That all in five years of rebuilding. Team still far away from the rebuilds end. We have good prospect smith but he lose his roster place to Mirco the great muller. We can’t say will he ever be a solid dman in nhl or he will be another butcher. All we have now for our future is Severson. Minus man of the league. we done with Lou and with his favored conte. And we done with shero because he didn’t win much except Blackwood and lose enough. Can we turn this pages?
  13. Senators is a strong team. Few years ago we wait for more but Toronto win in 7game. but - can we sent down to the bing someone like Hughes? It could be game changer move. edit - he can’t. “Needing to be on the AHL roster on nhl deadline day to be eligible for the AHL playoff”. Damn
  14. Phonex arizonix have only 6 more points than us and we have game in the hand. Stranger things can happen in draft day. i`m little bit scary for hall luck on draft day, and i dont really want to devils have some chances to draft byfield.
  15. Everything start to happen after we trade hall for Nick Miracley.
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