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  1. RizzMB30

    Santini signs three year deal

    https://giant.gfycat.com/TemptingFoolhardyFawn.webm More of this? Yes pls.
  2. RizzMB30

    2018 Offseason Thread

    They're referencing a hockey podcast called Spittin' Chiclets run by Ryan Whitney and a guy from Barstool Sports (Boston) who they call RA (Rear Admiral). It's a pretty great "pod". It's growing pretty fast it seems. I didn't know so many people on here listened to it. Some pretty great stories are told and I think Taylor Hall was a guest just before he won the Hart or maybe it was before the season started. Paul Bissonette was a guest a bunch of times and they invited him to join the show. I kind agree with some of the critiques I've heard here. Biz is definitely not a good one man show or one-on-one interviewer, better to have the entire cast sit with the interviewee. If you have an hour to kill, it's good listening. My buddy and I have a running inside "Babcock? fvck Mike Babcock" joke because of the show.
  3. RizzMB30

    Best Season From a Devils Player? (Poll)

    I actually really liked Shanahan when he was here. A Jagr like player Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  4. RizzMB30

    Will Butcher Agrees to Terms with Devils for 2017

    Lol same. Gimme more Butcher Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  5. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yeah. He had a good year. I'd give him the extra million per year too. And his playoffs performance was great. He didn't choke/screw up until the Finals. Big part of why the Knights made it. I can't even remember who their backup was unless Dansk was still there or was hurt.
  6. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    It's called a message board. A public message board. Anyone can sign-up and enter the conversation without fee. I apologize if I misread the situation, but sentences like; "And FWIW, HFboards, sadly, blows this place out of the water as far as discussion is concerned. It's got its crazies, no doubt, but there are some really smart people over there in the Devils subforum. It's really sad - I used to hate that place and thought this site was the premiere place to talk NJ hockey. No longer the case since most of the people who actually seemed to know their stuff stopped posting here. We're left with the.. uh.. "personalities" which are fun in doses. No real discussion here though, mostly an echo chamber of sorts." "'member when you actually used to contribute something to this board? I 'member. Barely." "Legit though, I miss when you actually used to post thoughts here instead of trying to police the boards with your "wit". It comes off as you attacking the board and the people here. Don't blame me for how you present yourself in a online forum.
  7. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    After reading this entire post, you are just bitching about nothing and the second half of your post was basically just a personal attack. I'm a millennial and holy sh!t. I didn't know you acted like you were 12 and had the time to write about a whole paragraph attacking another member personally and not attacking his argument. Ad hominems don't help you make your point. Not only are you entitled, you're an idiot with "wE'rE gOiNg tO cHaNgE tHiNgS, oLd MaN!" Get lost. P.S. Abolish taxes, vote libertarian.
  8. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    I wouldn't get your hopes up. Zajac is a pretty useful asset. If we dont hear about the rumor again. I would assume its not true or.....he prolly said no. He's basically an overpaid role player at this point and not a John Tavares looking for a Cup with another team or a scorer who needs a change of scenery to break out. My point is mainly he probably doesnt want to leave. EDIT: He has three kids that I would guess he wouldn't want to uproot. He's kind of a proven team player and with that I would assume he's not the kind of guy who would uproot his family when the future is looking bright here. This is why you don't hand out NMCs and NTCs like candy. Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  9. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    Agreed. Why are we giving up a first rounder for any of the players mentioned not named Karlsson? I hope Ray isn't that dumb when we need our picks. He handed our top picks out like candy last year to pick up players that were not effectice. See Michael Grabner and 2nd rounder. Maybe we should stand pat. Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  10. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    To be fair to Lou. Stralman wasnt exactly lighting it up at the time in training camp. I find it funnier that the Rags gave him up to TB and he developed further playing with Hedman. Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  11. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    Blog post regarding Devils cap space. Trust in Shero. https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2018/7/4/17534410/its-fine-if-the-new-jersey-devils-do-nothing-this-summer-a-defense-of-doing-little We want to keep our core together at all costs and we don't want the cap to limit our flexibility. It's probably good that we are mostly standing pat. Let's see how the young guns develop for another year. If we suck with the virtually same team and the same coach, we can make adjustments then and there, and keep building the team for the draft. We want to be good, but we shouldn't be spending much at all if we want to keep Hall, Hischier, Johansson, Bratt, Butcher and call this our core. Who else should be a part of this future core that I possibly missed?
  12. RizzMB30

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I liked the change in tone. From the beginning where analysts are saying we'll miss playoffs to trading Rico. Good recap of the teams year. Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  13. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    Jake McCabe or Marco Scandella from Buffalo maybe? The move is going to be a trade it seems. Just a matter of looking at depth. Faulk from Carolina would be awesome but maybe a younger guy. Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  14. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    Nill probably has a better scouting and drafting record than what he's given credit for. Dallas is a formidable team since Nill has been there imho Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  15. RizzMB30

    2018 UFA Thread

    Wait, are you talking about the same GM that absolutely hosed Boston in the Tyler Seguin trade? Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk

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