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  1. Should I be the first to use the dreaded word(well, phrase)? Isn't this clear cap circumvention? Acquiring injured players in order to LTIR them? Have we done something this blatant? Maybe Matvichuk or some of the older guys that Lou somehow jettisoned, but still.
  2. This please. I actually like the guy.
  3. I mean, they aren't acting differently than any predecessors. Praising the veterans is really nothing new, especially the color guy. Chico on the radio is a breath of fresh nostalgia if you guys need that. I could do without Loughlin though.
  4. Lovejoy needs to stop being manhandled behind the net.
  5. Still kind of in this camp, but boy....he seems really done. I can't remember a single game Schneider has played in this season where he didn't allow 2 goals in the first period of every game he's played this year. It's looked so bad.
  6. Kinkaid's save percentage was a 94.9% coming into tonight. He just blanked the Stars. Ohhh boy.
  7. Missed the damn first half. Kinkaid looking good and I'm hoping Butcher is alright too.
  8. Yeah definitely, props to Orlov for the hit. Respeckt
  9. Looked clean to me. I'm with Dano & Cangi, Taylor Hall doesn't get hit like that often...too speedy.
  10. Not as much as Auston Matthews and JT to start the season. 8 and 6 goals respectively to start the year. It looks like at least 2 elite centers is the norm now plus another elite wing or two is a must if you're going to compete with Toronto. I can't believe I'm typing that. Hopefully Palms keeps it up!
  11. Not an insult. You're just chirping at people all the time. It's funny. See below.
  12. Holy sh!t boys. They are blowing up the reigning Cup Champs. Good sign in my book. It's 25-11 in shots. Palms has 4 in 2. This is gonna be a good one.
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