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  1. Hickey and Walsh are getting lit up. Split them up already. Okhotiuyk and Walsh, Hickey and Nemec. That was some gnarly D cover there and Blackwood bailed them out again.
  2. Blackwood looking sharp tonight.
  3. Yeah, Grame Clark and a few AHLers were out there. Preseason sh!t. It makes sense tho.
  4. Let's go boys! Down goes NYR. Let's do it again. A goal and 2 assist for Dougie tonight.
  5. That Othmann on the Rangers is a fvcking muppet.
  6. Beaut. I'm really liking Vanacek back there. Everything you like to see after getting smoked on that short handed goal. That Zibanejad line has disappeared after a pretty strong first 10 minutes in the first period.
  7. Liking our game so far. Keeping up with them. Rangers broadcast actually seem to know our team really well and some good things to say. Tyce Thompson went down the hall to the dressing room, so hopefully that's not too bad or the same shoulder issue.
  8. I think we'll see Bratt-Hischier-Shango Palat-Hughes-Holtz Tatar/Boquist-Haula-Mercer/Zetterlund Wood-McLeod-Bastian Siegs-Hamilton Graves-Severson Smith/Bahl-Marino And prolly Geertson somehow because Ruff likes sh!t like that still. Foote could make it on the 4th line and Wood could end up on that 3rd line if Foote makes it. I've liked Walsh's camp too and he was paired with Marino at Harvard. McLeod is dominant in the draws tonight.
  9. Holtz, Bahl, and Walsh all looked really great out there. Bahl is great at using his body and reach in the open ice. Holtz at the end got to show off his blaster. EDIT: Okhotiuk looked great too.
  10. Teams that wear ads on their jerseys should be mocked relentlessly. Can't wait to play the Gila River Dessert Dogs "Hey, look, it's the Highmark Healthy Pens!'
  11. Wow those ads look hideous on those jerseys and so unnatural. Can't wait to see the Schnausberry Blueberry Miniature Penguins or the Minnesota Pillsbury Doughboy Wildboys. BASEketball gave us a very clear and omniscient warning about this. Matt Stone and Trey Parker warned us.
  12. You don't understand or relate to the significance of the first time a player does something? Like bring a trophy to a mosque? That is a you problem. Pretty sad.
  13. Hockey is a sport that "lacks cultural moments". These are not impressive people who write things like this. Congrats to Kadri and great for bringing it home.
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