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  1. Ullmark to the Canes and a good FA forward, re-up Guentzel and all their RFAs. They'll be loaded up again.
  2. Bro, I laughed when Kreider did that, but that is a world class chirp. I expect nothing less.
  3. Oh fvck I forgot about that Stenlund on FLA. He's big and fast. I'd take him if you don't want Trenin. Either should come under 3M AAV
  4. Makes sense as he's been in Coachella Valley I think for the last 3 years. I'm pretty sure Bylsma has been hacking away in the AHL for the last few years and has not sucked.
  5. We'll have around 18M in cap space to handle Mercer, N.Foote, Schmid's contracts. None of them are going to break the bank. We should have close to 11M in cap space to work with because I don't see Mercer getting more than 4.5 and Schmid and Foote should be under 2 or 3. I think you throw DeSimone a bone and maybe Tierney? Let the rest walk. I'd be okay with letting the aforementioned walk too. 4th line C, Starting/Elite Goalie/and I do think you need a top 6 RW to push Mercer and Holtz down in the top 9 and at the very least challenge them for their spots. If Mercer and Holtz can light it up to start the year on the right side, you can drop that new top 6 RW down to the 3rd line with Haula and Palat. I think if you get a bargain on a right-shooting RW, we'll need that in order to afford the goalie we all would want.
  6. Hopefully this means we'll have a new face for the 3rd pair/7th D. Preferably a righty who can play with Bahl or Nemec. Looking at Hakaanpa. Big boy and would pair nicely with Bahler. Bahl is one dimensional at this point but this just means he's fine on the 3rd pair. I think Trenin or Maroon should be considered to be brought in for the forwards. Trenin can play wing or center and will play fast and gritty. Maroon maybe if you don't want to bring back Bastian.
  7. RizzMB30

    It’s Keefe

    Would have loved to see Pando. Would have made more sense around the Hynes era as far as where the team was at. Would have been interesting to see him reuniting with Brylin on the staff. Good on Fitz for at least exploring the options. Carle said he had no interest in searching for an NHL job when he went on Chiclets so interesting he took an interview. Pando has been great for BU. Heard they've been very happy with him and I think a NJ job would have been the only thing to pry him away from Boston tbh. I don't see him going to SJ.
  8. That guy is a real POS. I liked tkachuks response. Can't believe the NHL.com feed compares him to Scotty Stevens as a modern day equivalent.
  9. Bro. The arena sounds on every fvcking feed have been driving me insane and giving me headaches while watching. I felt like I was the only one. I have no idea why it's so loud or why MSG seems to be the worst culprit. It sounds like sirens going off during the game.
  10. Rempe and Wheeler in for the Rags with Kakko a healthy scritch.
  11. He's rumored to go to CBJ. Interviewing with them soon.
  12. I have a feeling it was just that game. He usually is blocking a lot of shots.
  13. RizzMB30

    It’s Keefe

    On the topic of Keefe, even if Fitz decides to wait (I know, I know) on the goalie. I have a lot of confidence in the group as constructed. The good goaltending will follow the defense unfvcking itself. Siegs and Marino have to show up to camp in shape and be playing like top pairing dmen. Shutting down the top forwards on a consistent basis. This teams success depends on that fact alone, even if we go out and get a Saros, which frankly for me, it's Saros or bust. It sounds like it will take an awful lot to pry him away based on the fact Trotz continually mentions Saros, Josi, and Forsberg as his core pieces even into the offseason here. I don't know if the assets you'd spend for Ullmark would be much less than what you'd pay for Saros, but Saros can easily get to a point where he's a top 5 goalie in the league. Ullmark has been in that conversation the last 2 years or so too, but I think Saros is still a step better. I think I'd rather go with the cheap option if Saros is unavailable due to trading price. I'd start the convo around draft picks Trotz would want and slowly go from there, Casey, then offer Holtz with the condition that a right wing comes back. There's essentially a goalie tax on teams that the league knows needs goaltending and we might have to pay that price. Opposing side can always fallback on that fact in trade discussion. Keefe never really had a elite goalie either. Freddie Anderson may have been the best, possibly Woll when he was healthy.
  14. RizzMB30

    It’s Keefe

    Got to admit, I'm pretty fired up after that speech. Simmonds looked like he was about to go through that wall in the background there. lol
  15. Honestly. I'm shocked that Bob has looked so strong. He had a great game 1
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