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  1. Dude same. That's the only reason I follow. And it's kind of addicting to watch struggling young team become good.
  2. I felt he was our best D-man out there, a few turnovers, but he was the only D man who could get the puck up the ice for us tonight. Nobody else could make a tape to tape pass. If there was a turnover that he caused, he worked to either get it back or up the ice. Okhotyuk on the other hand looked outclassed, wasn't winning his board battles, and was particularly slow coming out of or off of the boards. Horrible game for him. He's looked okay and even looked like a decent possesion/shooting driver the last few games with some solid pinches here and there and just getting the shot on net. Not tonight.
  3. First a bag practice for the defense. We are going to get chewed up 5-1 or 6-3 again if the defense is that bad. I'd even call up someone else to play with Bahl tomorrow and sit Okhotyuk and Smith. Horrible.
  4. He's one of those guys who has actually gotten more solid with age. He's been the only positive corsi dman for Vancouver who is awful. He's a top four guy somehow in VAN, but he would be a depth guy and be a clear upgrade over Smith here. Two cups in TB, mostly in a depth role. VAN is going to fleece somebody for him more than likely unless Tocchet says he's a core guy or something.
  5. Jagr or Lemieux vibes...I'm telling you. He could easily score 50 once Buffalo is as good as NJ. I envision some wild playoff series between New Jersey and Buffalo in the next 3-4 years with what they are building there. Imagine a playoffs series with the d corps and future d corps of both squads.
  6. Don't even get me start on that tripping call called on Blackwood. That sh!t is for goalies intentionally tripping a player trying to skate through them or near them. Like with their stick. Blackwood was trying to stop a shot attempt. Blind fvcking zebras.
  7. I wish I was alive to see some of those Miracle on Ice guys play in the NHL.
  8. Stop it CR1976. I fixed that for you. I wish I had been alive to see some of those Miracle on Ice guys play in the NHL.
  9. Today I learned that Jack O'Callahan played for New Jersey that season they made playoffs for the first time. holy fvck. I knew of Broten and that Mark Johnson played.
  10. Was about to exclude Dougie from my comments on the defense, but he can wake them up a little. Say something. Hold guys accountable.
  11. Same. he's letting the defense know that every one of them are dragging the rest of the team down with their play. Everybody else has been in this game forwards and blackwood even. Defense awful. PK okay, but we are cratering in 5v5 right now.
  12. I think you're right... Huge for Sharangoalvitch.
  13. That was 2 years ago. He's clearly closer just by proximity to the NHL roster. He's battling with good players for a spot. Bastian, Zetterlund, Boquist, and Mercer are all clearly NHL roster players, albeit depth players minus Mercer. It's a testament of the teams ability to stockpile this talent in the past 2-3 years. I think he's clearly still in the mix and is ready to slot in once some of the vets contracts on up. Tatar for example, you let him walk and Holtz slides right in there and is getting tough love right now. It's easy to be down on a player when he's good trade bait. I would at least argue that he'll still on track to replace Tatar, whether he's truly ready today or another year or two. God forbid we get hit with injuries worse than we are, but I think if you lost Tatar tomorrow for whatever reason, Holtzy slides right in to that spot pretty seamlessly today and play the minutes. He has a tough tough road ahead him to the top 6 if you look at the players ahead of him on the depth chart. If he's not traded, which may be the best for him at this point too.
  14. That main host is criiinge. PK was getting annoyed at the guy speaking over him I think. Kept interrupting, bad look on TV.
  15. Omg, you're right. Shades of that, but avoiding the hit almost entirely.
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