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  1. It was nice to Speers get a taste but the Devils did the right thing. He's not going to you more than a Boucher or Blandisi offensively so might as well save a year on his ELC.
  2. Two home games two gwg. That's pretty damn good. This team has too many good offensive players to not score. They need to figure out the PP cause it's ugly right now.
  3. This, and he is still capable of being a major plus on the pk.
  4. I thought Wood had a good game against Florida but a weak one against Tampa. It wouldn't hurt my heart to see Josefson never play another NHL game. What he brings on defense doesn't make up for the offense he's keeping out of the line up. Zacha needs to play, case closed. Fiddler on the other has looked fantastic. The Devils could still use a good playmaking center to pair with Hall.
  5. Time to switch to hockey... Baseball is dead to me in 2016.
  6. Can't kill the offense... Bumgarner is the best post season pitcher in recent history. Familia is a garbage and unclutch as they come. Absolute garbage!
  7. Pretty shifty at bat for Reyes. No need to be jumping at this stage in the game.
  8. That ball gets up the middle the Mets when the game. Game of inches...
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