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  1. I hate this thing but why wouldn't they use the J Marty had on his helmet? I don't mind the black striping. If they used the regular logo all would have been fine.
  2. The defense is horrible and Blackwood has sucked. They similar type forwards. They need some bangers in their to protect the smaller players. I don't know how many times we've seen guys get crushed and no fight back. You have to be hard to play against and they are soft. I would love to see 5 hard-nosed stay at home D. I'd get rid of all of them except Smith. 1 mover is plenty with these forwards. They need toughness.
  3. Would a team take him at 6m?
  4. I think were going to get what we all wanted and thought we would get out of Nico. The kid is an all situations beast in the Elias kind of way. I would still take him 1OA. Watch out for Yegor. I went to some B-Devs with my eye on Boqvist and was enthralled by Sharangovich. He has Nico like qualities. Boqvist is a beast btw. When he gets comfortable at the NHL he's going to be a star. A ton of speed, puck skills, and finish. Very fun to watch at the AHL level. I know people are not expecting much but Ruff can get them to buy in and supports them the right way we could be surprised.
  5. I subscribe to nhl.tv and use a vpn to watch the Devs.
  6. This is what I'm going with. They just aren't in position to make a pick like this in the top 20. These kids are scouted like crazy. No one had him in the 1st round. The thinking was we have 3 picks let's take a gamble with one. I love Holtz and Mercer but 20?
  7. Ok, fair enough. I'll take that back. I have an issue with him being 36 and the GAA. But, I don't want an argument.
  8. It's been a while since I've posted. Let's be honest Fitz can't be completely off the hook on this one. Crawford wasn't even adequate in his play the last 2 seasons. It wasn't a good signing at all. Fitz has made some good moves but he's also made some bad ones and he hasn't been around long enough in the big chair to be racking up the bad ones. Vatanen has been good one. The Coleman trade was good. Anderson trade good. Jury is out on Murray. Shakir bad pick, Bratt situation very bad.
  9. It was nice to Speers get a taste but the Devils did the right thing. He's not going to you more than a Boucher or Blandisi offensively so might as well save a year on his ELC.
  10. Two home games two gwg. That's pretty damn good. This team has too many good offensive players to not score. They need to figure out the PP cause it's ugly right now.
  11. This, and he is still capable of being a major plus on the pk.
  12. I thought Wood had a good game against Florida but a weak one against Tampa. It wouldn't hurt my heart to see Josefson never play another NHL game. What he brings on defense doesn't make up for the offense he's keeping out of the line up. Zacha needs to play, case closed. Fiddler on the other has looked fantastic. The Devils could still use a good playmaking center to pair with Hall.
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