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  1. I don’t know why it was Boqvist over Kuokkanen or Johnsson, but it doesn’t bother me. None of the above has done much of anything this far. Maybe Coach sees something in practice we aren’t privy to. I think you’re giving too much credit lol.
  2. Yup, there they are, I didn’t realize those had a fight strap in ‘em. That style is a pretty cool one too. I do like the old Desert Storm tan ones with the camo sleeves also, I know a lot of people didn’t but I went to the game the year they wore those, so they have a special place in my heart. But I haven’t found a goalie cut one yet.
  3. Interesting, I don’t think I ever saw retail authentics available on those.
  4. I think I already did...thought it was a sprain...it was a fracture.
  5. Having once sustained a hairline ankle fracture that was initially misdiagnosed as a sprain, I am almost certain that’s what happened here.
  6. Amanda Stein reporting Merkley is in the lineup tomorrow.
  7. I actually didn’t even realize that was jagknife, when I saw it was a Palmieri I kind of assumed it was you lol.
  8. Confirms to me that we had nothing to offer for PLD that I would have been ok with parting with.
  9. At least you don’t have a Cinco Domingo military jersey like someone else does.
  10. There have been enough trade rumors about Laine that I have no problem believing he was on his way out regardless. They got the best deal possible for him, and they hope that PLD will stay.
  11. I just read it and was like “that’s exactly right”.
  12. I mean that’s one game, but clearly he’s been sh!t in a lot more than that one game. I am confident we can find someone better who can play his minutes.
  13. Maybe he'll buy it himself, he's the biggest PK fan out there.
  14. There are two sets. Set 1 is nearly sold out on pre-orders. The only ones still available are Subban, Sharangovich, and Hughes. That does not take into account any Game Issued jerseys of people who may or may not be on the roster, those are sometimes available later and are not up for pre-orders.
  15. I think the "right now" part of what I said wasn't clear. I meant I would give him the job for right now since Palmieri is playing bad. Not I would give him the job forever "right now". Bad wording on my part. I haven't heard anything about his timetable, but if he's already 19, is there a reason he couldn't try for a spot in 21-22 (if that's a thing)?
  16. I am not ready to give up right now, but I would rather be watching a 19 year old Holtz than a tiny lumberjack struggling to find his way.
  17. Kind of distracting graphics on the pads, but I like them a lot.
  18. I’d offer him Palmieri’s job right now.
  19. I mean how do you not love that helmet and a guy that appreciates the team’s history that much?
  20. Every time Barzal touched the puck, all I could think was how you can’t use the 6th pick on him lol.
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