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  1. His dog is amazing. I’d give him 2.5m for 5 years.
  2. No. I’m saying he LOOKS like the Cooper Manning of boy bands.
  3. His best moment as a Devil was the Chipotle date.
  4. He looks like the fourth Jonas brother, the one who can’t sing or play instruments, so instead he operates a business that the other three paid for, like a car wash.
  5. Yeah, they should have Bulldogs Night and wear throwbacks and all dogs get in for free.
  6. I couldn’t fit my picture entirely, have always had problems since they changed from a square to a circle. I have to see if resizing it like that would work.
  7. It’s why I don’t mind Dano being the color guy despite his obvious limitations. Having one of the most recognizable guys in the history of your franchise hanging around is good for building a team tradition.
  8. “You’ll also need a new jersey number”.
  9. Correct. And now I want something nicer because we’d have to suffer him for 2 years and probably put one of the kids’ development off. Seems like a bad move for both reasons. Good!! Can he not want to play here like everyone else? Tell him it’s not that close to Manhattan!!
  10. Ugh, TWO years?? I thought it was just one. That’s even worse, why spend assets on that??
  11. Unless we get something else of value as well? But if we’re going to take on a sh!tty contract, I’d rather take one who is hurt and isn’t going to fvck up the product on the ice. I’d rather pay Clarkson to not play than pay Backes to play.
  12. Yeah not interested there.
  13. And none of Taylor Ham because... ...it doesn’t exist.
  14. How about a celebrity take? https://mobile.twitter.com/thatkevinsmith/status/956934060391067648?lang=en
  15. I agree, unless its the ubiquitous "wanting to play close to home" thing. Somehow that is the most powerful draw of all. Other than the Rangers.
  16. "It's the offseason and I am bored" could have played a part. That's for fvcking sure. I still have no idea how it happened. I am that bad. If a goalie played 9 years, had one 40 win season, and won 20-30 for the other 8 seasons, I wouldn't label that guy a "40 win goalie". To me, it implies that the guy, on average is that level of player. You didn't mean it that way, and that's fine.
  17. I’m debating whether a guy who had 90+ points once and 80 or less points 8 different times is a “90+ point player”. Expectations? Sure. Reality? Not really. That’s all I’m saying. I’m a sh!tty bowler, really bad. Usually around like 110 bad. One time, I bowled a 212 out of nowhere. If that’s the last time I bowled, am I a 200+ bowler?
  18. Hold on. I’lm not prepared to say “Taylor Hall is a 90+ point player” where he’s played 9 years, had 90+ points only once, and he’s had more than 65 only twice. He’s a .91 PPG player for his career, which is a 75 points per season rate. Calling him a 90+ points guy based on one season is, let’s just say, not as accurate as it could be. Ditto for Marner, who also has only one 90+ point season and was below 70 the other two. I still put them both ahead of Duchene, clearly, but making the declaration that both guys are “90+ point players” based on having achieved that stat once isn’t really a fair assessment of either guy.
  19. i don't find it weird at all...i love when alumni stay involved, whether its as an actual coach, or "special assignment" or whatever.
  20. This is exactly how they told us it would be. Shero's direct quote: "It'll play itself out. There's certainly no drama on our end, except when people try to make it," said the Devils general manager. "He has one year left on his contract, and I hope to get to it much sooner than that. Let's play it out through the draft. Go through free agency. See where we go. As we go through the summer, we'll sit down and see where we are. Do it the proper way. It's not a big deal. It really isn't. Especially when it comes to July 1. What is he going to do? Talk to other teams on July 1?' There is no portion of this that makes it sound like an extension will be discussed at any time before training camp. He specifically says he will sit down with him "as we go through summer", that doesn't mean immediately after July 1. On top of that, just because they aren't telling us about it doesn't mean they aren't already talking, so there's that too. I want the guy to sign long term so I will be "nervous" about it until pen is put to paper. But I don't read anything additional into the fact that its not done and that we haven't heard anything.
  21. Look at that, ships passing in the night and you didn’t even know it. I wonder how many times I’ve been in the vicinity of an NJDevs member and not known it...
  22. Is Hall definitely refusing the extension? If so, and Marner is giving us the 5 years he supposedly wants to give Toronto, then I probably do it. Maybe a 1st and a 2nd is better, though.
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