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  1. Especially where you just lost money from an early end to the season.
  2. That's right. Leading scorer Kenny Agostino. 22G, 27A in 53 games.
  3. Last year's first rounders will enter a fishing tournament and the draft order will be determined in order of total weight. I think so, anyway.
  4. So the draft lottery will be 6/26, and the actual draft will be at some point in the future after all this crap has been ironed out on the ice?
  5. I’m beyond trying to understand this sh!t. Play some hockey, do the draft lottery, tell me which picks we get.
  6. Ahh I missed that. That makes a little more sense. I mean not a lot of sense, but a little. We can assume from that that as of now, Vancouver has not made the playoffs for purposes of our pick.
  7. To clarify what I said, a team can play in, win the Stanley Cup, and also select the #1 overall pick. That’s horsesh!t. Or balloon darts, I’m not particular.
  8. Absolute horsesh!t, a team that is going to the playoffs should not be able to win the draft lottery.
  9. How about all the teams go to Jenkinson’s and play the game where you low up the balloon by shooting water in a clown’s mouth and we decide the draft order that way?
  10. Yeah it’s dumb. And it says to me that the play-in round isn’t being treated as “the playoffs”, so Vancouver has not played in the playoffs yet. In other news, what about Vatanen, anyone know his status? Is he ready to lace them up?
  11. If you don’t have interest in wearing one, and they’re required, you won’t go. The suggestion that you didn’t sign up for it when you bought season tickets is kind of a ridiculous statement though. Nobody signed up for any of this. If what you mean is they should refund your tickets because you don’t want to wear a mask and/or don’t want to expose yourself to the virus, maybe you have an argument there. My comment about spacing out the fans was also tongue in cheek. But I do think they could probably work it out because I am thinking the arena will be at least half empty. I get as a STH you chose your seats, but again, sh!t happens, and nobody wants to be exposed to the virus.
  12. I’m not worried about being uncomfortable for 3 hours, but I am worried about exposing myself to something that requires me to sit wearing a mask for 3 hours. I suspect crowds will be small enough that keeping 6 feet distance between fans will not be too hard. I mean, at the Rock we just call that Tuesday.
  13. I'm sure. I will add, there's probably about 0.5% of the time I am serious on NJDevs, and if one thinks that I was taking a serious position with them, odds are their balls have been broken and they didn't even know it lol.
  14. I think that's a pretty tough argument. A best of 3 series certainly isn't the regular season, so I would imagine that has to be the playoffs. If that is how they go, I think its also a hard argument to say we got "screwed", because if they make the 24 and not the 16, isn't that just us trying to take advantage of the situation by saying "they made it" when the "playoffs" at the time the deal was made were something else that only involved 16 teams? The only fair thing to do is to have the team captains go punch for punch in the stomach, and whoever lasts the longest gets to decide.
  15. Could've been...see my post about ball-breaking above. Well that one was definitely me lol.
  16. True, but I could wait the month for that. After the way this season ended and every other damn thing we’ve endured, a 4 week delay is not gonna phase me. But ask me in October lol.
  17. I’m most ok with that happening. Not a crazy big deal in my opinion. Ask me in October, though.
  18. Each team designates one representative in a Yahtzee competition. Last man standing’s team gets the first overall pick. Second to last team gets demoted to the AHL, and the last place team’s representative is executed on pay per view.
  19. Or one of Ned Stark’s bannermen who fought for the King in the North during the War of Five Kings.
  20. Wasn’t that the guy who coached Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2?
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