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  1. I can’t imagine we are going to win 4 out of the last 7 games. I think we have a good chance at #30 with the lineup we’ve been icing lately.
  2. Or the star of “Harry Potter and the Sharp Angle Shot”.
  3. Not really. People were calling for a tank, that’s a tanking lineup. It’s completely irrelevant at this point. I’m still rooting for my team irrationally, but st this point, I’m down with putting whoever out there just to get a look at them. If he can’t make it his team with an 80% AHL lineup, I think that speaks volumes.
  4. What are the odds he’s had a nagging injury the last 3 years and tonight he goes off for a hat trick and a couple assists?
  5. Agreed. The first 3 you mentiobed are all borderline NHLers.
  6. I don’t think any star player approaching free agency thinks otherwise, but ok. The concept that he doesn’t want to be traded is probably flawed. Did you consider that maybe he didn’t like being traded because he didn’t like WHERE he was traded?? On the list of things that could keep him here, I don’t think a desire to not be traded again is high on the list.
  7. I would not because I’m ignoring statistics.
  8. I ignore almost everything that has statistics. I don’t go to work to think about hockey, and I don’t come to NJDevs to think about math!!
  9. What kind of ultimatum, take all this money and like it??
  10. It’s not even a question, Shero will be offering an extension on or about July 1. That much we can be sure of.
  11. I can’t be worried about it. There's a lottery system, so you aren’t guaranteed a top 5 pick. Sometimes a team gets lucky and wins a higher pick. Nothing at all we can do about it. Just draft the best guy available when we pick.
  12. I think that’s the biggest problem. Our $88m/8 years may not be as attractive as a Cup competitor’s $77m/7 years.
  13. As you intimated, they’re going to have to hope that Hall (and perhaps others) will view boatloads of available money as an incentive. I’m hoping that’s enough. I always get more concerned when it’s a player that was traded here, also. He didn’t come here of his own free will. Maybe he really enjoys New Jersey, maybe ge’s just making the best out of his situation until his deal runs out and he can go elsewhere. We’ll know in July. The longer he goes without an extension, the less likely he will return. I expect that Shero is going to offer him a gold mine, so if he doesn’t take it...
  14. There isn’t much. When the best selling point people can come up with it “it’s near New York”, and there’s another team slightly less sh!tty that is actually in New York, that’s a bad situation. I guess there’s “it can be your team, we’ll build around you”, but who really cares about that anymore?
  15. My man, feels so good to be appreciated and understood! Most of the time I assume I’m only entertaining myself.
  16. Next game we’re starting Mr. Koslovsky and Ms. Sanchez from the Investors Bank commercial.
  17. Keeping the GDT alive while the season is not. Erin go braless, slainte, and all that fun Irish stuff. LGD
  18. Ok, I totally fell asleep at 2-0 and woke up with the score 2-2 and like 3 minutes left in regulation. Just in time for Cangi to call Blackwood “Blackstrom” and mispronounce Elias Pettersson. Regarding the latter, he said something to the effect of “Its s miracle I didn’t do that more often tonight”. Yes it was. OT was fun, so was the shootout. The goal posts were Blackwood’s friends throughout. Pettersson’s shootout goal was spectacular, but guess what? Not enough this time, you Mighty Ducks 2 extra guy playing for Iceland looking motherfvcker!!
  19. Even with this lineup, McLeod is still McInvisible.
  20. Pietila is a true sniper. He hits the exact center of the goalie’s chest every single time. What aim!
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