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  1. I agree, but clearly changing all of them save for one didn’t improve the team. The issue is definitely part coaching, but there are many, many issues. Having a lot of young prospects is great, but it’s no guarantee that any of them work out long term. It could be a lean couple of years if we don’t bring in some other talent. While I am not advocating this, I would have zero issues if they did it.
  2. Worst game I ever saw in person was against the Pens. Back then, I had very little money (college, I think), and actually getting to a game was a once or maybe twice a season treat. Had my tickets and waited for the big day. Devils went down 4-0 in the first 5 minutes of the game. I was crushed, my big outing was totally ruined almost immediately. I believe we wound up losing 6-0. Tonight’s game felt like that and it definitely had me thinking about that sh!tty game. I was happy they mounted something of a comeback and showed at least a little balls.
  3. Odds are if you placed a tree stump in the crease, the 3rd goal never happens.
  4. In other news, I dug your parents’ sex tape.
  5. Please, my dad taught me that playing catch before I ever even played baseball lol.
  6. My now 14 year old (as of yesterday) pointed out tonight that they should just do that at the beginning of the game. She’s observant...
  7. I love when Cangi points out that Dano once scored a goal and Dano is shocked that it ever happened lol
  8. Pretty much. Get in front of it so if it takes a weird hop, your body is there...basic stuff.
  9. Yep. No, they finally started playing lol.
  10. That was fun. Here’s the memes I didn’t get to use.
  11. Now it’s close enough to give up an empty netter.
  12. Yeah but only in the 3rd.
  13. Jarry fooled by the knuckle puck.
  14. 7 minutes left and I only have two more Frozen memes. Will I get to use them?
  15. How can you even tell? Lol
  16. @NJDfan1711, how much are you donating if they come back to win tonight?
  17. Ok now do it 4 more times.
  18. Wood is an assistant captain now, he can help with that.
  19. Wtf is with these penalty calls?? Lol.
  20. Dano has nice suits, Sal as well. I like a lot of Dano’s ties also.
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