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  1. Imagine that, Nico scoring on a shootout…
  2. I don’t even want Shane Wright anymore, this is the guy.
  3. Let’s trade up. Give them Tomas Tatar back and the 2OA.
  4. If it happens, you and me should go halfsies on buying him a jersey with Knight’s number and that phrase as the name.
  5. Blah blah blah, stop using common sense. I'm going with @MB3's "tits jacked" theory.
  6. It's all bad news to me, I am mathematically eliminated from winning no matter what happens. I can't believe I am in 3rd place. Best I can possibly finish is 2nd.
  7. That depends, are we getting Knight or Matthew Tkachuk with out 2OA?
  8. Unfortunately I think with most of the names that have been getting thrown out, there is no possibility. Do people actually believe Matthew is available for 2OA? A 100 point player?
  9. Maybe, maybe not. If he had a thug like Brady Tkachuk on his line, maybe guys have a second thought about running him.
  10. I don’t know what his ceiling is or if he’ll ever have 100 points like his brother, but he just scored 30G, 37A, and he’s a physical guy who plays with the grit we are often said to be missing. When I think of the kind of guys that Jack needs on his wing so he doesn’t miss significant time every year because he’s too small to take a hit, there’s definitely a line of thinking that says Brady Tkachuk is the perfect player.
  11. Always cool when a celebrity remembers you. Not as cool as Chico, but my wife and I met Guy Fieri at a book signing back when he first started at the Food Network. He’s as nice a guy as I have ever met. We had tickets to his cooking demonstration the next day, also he asks our names “so I can say hi tomorrow”. We told him like sure, You’ll remember. The next day we are at the demonstration and he walks out on stage and the first thing he does is ask for us by name, and when we waved to show where we were, he just says “I told you I’d remember”. A couple of years later, we’re in Epcot in Disney and we ran into him. He was with his sons and his wife, who we also recognize from his TV show. And I mean, it’s Guy Fieri, with the weird goatee and the hair and everything. We easily recognized him. So, of course, we say hello like it was the first time we ever saw him, tell him we like his show, etc. He denies that he is Guy Fieri. “I get that all the time”. His kids are laughing. My daughter is like “it’s obviously you, the hair, the beard”, etc. and he just keeps denying it. We figure it’s just part of his schtick, we are all laughing. Eventually we tell him to enjoy the day and we turn and start walking away, and we hear from behind us in a low voice “see you later” and our names.
  12. I mean what more could you ask, 50 saves?
  13. Just re-read, maybe I’m drunker than you.
  14. Asking for a guy who doesn’t sound like he is getting his a$$hole fingered is a pretty low bar indeed.
  15. We’re getting Knight for a 2nd, 3rd, and using our massive amount of cap space? Yeah, I’m in like Lionel.
  16. Thanks man. She’s a combination of very happy and humble, one of her good friends (a senior) is also nominated, and she said she’s rooting for her because it’s her last chance.
  17. Gonna take the opportunity to brag about my kid here, she was just nominated for the local Catholic school version of the Tony Awards, which I’m told is quite a feat as a freshman. Guessing she will be really excited. I don’t know because, of course, she’s in rehearsal for another show right now. That’s how these things happen.
  18. No they can’t, we need a goalie so they have to do it now. He’s barely old enough to go to a titty bar anyway.
  19. I know what they definitely will take a look at. Boobs. But really, stop putting this idea in our heads, I really would love to have Knight on this team.
  20. Those should be our next season’s reverse retro jerseys…
  21. Arguably that’s even better lol. Just try not to Nutivaara in your pants. (He’s injured but I had to).
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