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  1. I don't have a problem with that either. Everything I said was premised upon bringing him back. I think he's serviceable, I mean the guy had 19 goals and 46 points a year ago. If you can get that from a 4th line center you should be elated. That said, out with the old, in with the new probably makes a lot of sense on many levels with this team.
  2. It looks the same but with ponytails.
  3. IF you re moving on, that's one thing. We were discussing whether their longevity gets them a little extra in the paycheck if they do opt to re-sign them. I think they do. I don't think you take a guy like Travis Zajac, say thanks for your service, here's a 1 year, 2 million dollar contract. That's not how you treat guys who not only were valued but who also valued playing for your organization and actually want to be there. This is especially true where you just gave Wayne Simmonds at less than half capacity $5m, and a higher value deal (higher than $2m, not what Travis makes now) has zero cap implications. Now, if you ask me about Andy Greene, I would say the same thing. IF they want to bring him back. The difference is, I wouldn't mind having Zajac back in his 3rd/4th line role, whereas I think Andy should probably retire, we should name a new captain, and we should bring up some new defensemen. I for one would be happy to see Smith, Bahl and Okhotyuk competing to make the team out of camp next year than putting another team on the ice with Greene, Mueller, and Carrrick.
  4. Yeah, one year deals are fine. Zajac is still serviceable, I wouldn't have a problem with two. Greene I would prefer one, but I would consider two. Again, the guy has been here forever through some sh!t years, I would give him the extra year out of loyalty. You aren't talking a contract that's going to break the bank.
  5. It’s a 4 year deal, $2.5m for 3 years and then $3.5m the 4th. He’s getting paid pennies. Given our current payroll, his deal is an irrelevancy.
  6. Neither one of those deals is a horrible contract. So now I see where you're coming from.
  7. Also not a fvcking chance. 19 G and nearly 50 points one season ago. You just paid a shell of Wayne Simmonds $5m. You're going to offer your most senior player a nearly $4m pay cut when you have zero cap issues and literally nobody wants to play here but he does? Maybe you get a little discount because he wants to stay in New Jersey, but you think he's worth less than Miles Wood? "Almost" Zacha money?
  8. That’s right. What’s your number? I think two years at $4-5m per is probably what he gets.
  9. Much nicer than the replicas that are available on eBay.
  10. I didn’t say he didn’t compile some good numbers for a couple seasons, I just said he was never suited to being a 1C. That’s not where his skill set lies.
  11. Ehh...that was two seasons and I think that was more playing with a very talented player on his wing than his skill set.
  12. I had a bigger problem when we were using Zajac as a first line center, which he was never suited for.
  13. Agree totally. I mean are we gonna criticize a guy who is loyal and wants to stay? Not I. Further, in a world where current day Wayne Simmonds makes $5m a year, Zajac is not overpaid for what he brings.
  14. Obviously, that wouldn't be an "almost" goal!
  15. Guy has played on a lot of sh!t teams, I can’t begrudge him exercising that option and wanting to stay. He earned it.
  16. I played with a kid that got thrown out of 10 games in a 17 game season. His usually progression was take a 2 minute penalty, mouth off the the opponent, get an additional 2 for unsportsmanlike, mouth off to the ref, get a 10 minute misconduct, continue mouthing off, get kicked out of the game. Every single time. As soon as he took a minor penalty, you knew he'd be out of the game. Out of the other 7 games, he was suspended for 3 of them. We then played two playoff games, he got kicked out of one and started a fistfight with one of the parents from the opposing team, resulting in a full bench clearing near-brawl. I didn't mind because he was my linemate and when he got kicked out, I would shift from wing to center, which I preferred at the time.
  17. I'd be happy with just the skills competition, to be honest. Maybe they could add more events and do it over two days. How about the Miles Wood Goalie Bowling competition? Pavel Zacha "Almost" scoring competition (quickest to his both posts and crossbar)?
  18. Yeah pretty awesome. I mean, I’d have been all over him in my playing days, and whatever teammates jumped in. Those guys didn’t care at all. Once had to step in for a teammate that was not only getting pummeled by a friend of mine on the other team, but totally deserved it. After the melee, my friend says to me “what are you doing? You know he deserved that”, to which I replied “I waited 10 seconds before I stepped in”.
  19. I’ve done this with a few shows. I’m about to start Law & Order SVU which should take about two years.
  20. I can't see them bringing in either a full time GM or a full time coach to finish out this season. I suspect they'll start with a fresh GM after the season and before the draft, and then that guy will choose his coach. Having the interim GM hire a full time coach doesn't really make a lot of sense, unless the interim GM is interim in name only and will soon be the full time GM.
  21. Gretzky was a different animal. I mean, there's a lot of guys on those Edmonton teams with inflated stats. Part of that is just the era, part of that is The Great One.
  22. It is what it is, its not a reflection of your own performance necessarily, its the team's performance while you are playing. But you're right, for the most part nobody is lucking into a high plus rating. That said, I bet if you go look at the defensemen who played with Gretzky on those Oilers teams, they probably benefitted greatly in the plus/minus department. But those situations are rare, arguably non existent in today's NHL.
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