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  1. I don’t even read it anymore. I got downvoted for mentioning that all of Yegor’s scoring was basically during a 6 week period. I didn’t express any other opinion, it was 100% factual. Right about the time that Quinn becomes available.
  2. I always wonder how hot cakes became the standard for that.
  3. mfitz804

    MSG commercials

    Same, he had two 30+ goal seasons right away and it looked like a huge mistake, then he became a very average producer. Looking at his stats, he had a lot of years that he did not play a lot, I am not familiar with his injury history but I’m assuming it was extensive.
  4. Maybe not on this board, but a whole lot of our fan base thinks he is the second coming. “Palms type production” being 30 goals a season and an All Star Game appearance, I would sign up for that. Perhaps if that is his talent level, 30 becomes 35-40 if he plays next to Jack consistently, keeping in mind that Palmieri didn’t really play with a center of that caliber.
  5. Watched a replay of Mercer’s goal this morning, he JUST got enough of that puck to score. Almost shanked it but did not.
  6. I am putting zero faith in that statement, because it was followed with “he will be evaluated further tomorrow”. I think it was Ruff’s way of saying something while saying nothing. I will say again, while many people are thinking Yegor is a superstar in the making, he basically had a hot 5 weeks last season. If Jack comes back quickly and does Jack things, I think Yegor will be fine.
  7. Saying that Jack “fell awkwardly” is like saying that a pedestrian hit by a car fell awkwardly.
  8. He did. I was only speaking of the hit itself. I was agreeing with Ruff.
  9. I didn’t have a problem with the hit. Problem was the guy was huge and Jack is the opposite of that.
  10. Hopefully he doesn’t follow it up by missing half the season.
  11. Have to say, Johnsson is playing his butt off through 2, Siegenthaler has looked adequate. Good things happening. I can be bought, I’m just throwing that out there.
  12. I don’t know if I would want to be sworn enemies with a toothless kid from a freaky show like that.
  13. My grandmother used to fvck Dancing Earl and she said it’s bad…
  14. I’ll admit, I haven’t watched a whole lot of Bernier, but I like what I’m seeing this far.
  15. It’s what I do. If he hurt his jerking arm, you may be up.
  16. My friend’s buddy is his d!ck and he wants all of you guys to lotion your hands more.
  17. Kind of, yeah. It’s not going to be good news, you could read his body language and tell that he’s got a major boo boo. I mean plus that guy with the friend in the training room confirmed it.
  18. Other than Hughes getting murdered it’s been a pretty fun game.
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