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  1. No, no team in contention is worried about saving $1 mil per in a lateral move at the trade deadline, unless they happen to be exactly $1m shy of having the room on another deal.
  2. Side note, only players on our roster without a point are John Hayden, Mirco Mueller, and yes, Jesper Boqvist.
  3. Agree. Even if we squeak into the playoffs, you have to assume we’d have no shot to win. Retaining him and not getting assets back when he leaves after a first round elimination would be monumentally stupid.
  4. I don’t believe it either. But the way you react to people mentioning that site is odd. He didn’t even do it as if he believed it. Regardless, it’s not up to you what people talk about, whether you like the content or you don’t.
  5. Interesting stat from the N.Y. Post today: players with 225 minutes played at full strength with zero goals this season: Mitch Marner, Jonathan Toews, Jamie Benn, Joe Thornton, Cam Atkinson and Nick Foligno. Among the 21 with one full-strength goal: Phil Kessel, Pavel Buchnevich, Zach Parise, Ryan O’Reilly, Bo Horvat, Nicklas Backstrom, Derek Stepan and Joe Pavelski. And of the 37 with two: Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Aleksander Barkov and Johnny Gaudreau. Referenced at the end of this article about the Rangers possibly calling up that goalie Sh!tstocking it whatever it is. https://nypost.com/2019/11/16/its-time-for-rangers-to-call-up-igor-shesterkin/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=pasteboard_app
  6. The broadcast team seemed to agree with you, when they posted a list of the 5 rookie goalies who started the most games for their team (I think 61 was the highest).
  7. Another one of those rules where the referee has discretion to stop play, but is not required to. Truthfully, that’s stupid and the referee should have clear requirements of what they are supposed to do.
  8. In fact it was specifically noted to be trash. But it still exists so it can be discussed, until the topic becomes “things that @MB3 approves of”.
  9. Can’t remember the last time I saw a period of hockey quite like that. I can’t really describe how I feel about this one, though we left with 2 points against an 11-5 team. Pretty damn nice. I am really, really feeling bad for Hall, snakebite doesn’t even say it. But two more assists, we need those as well. Mac wasn’t as sharp as yesterday (obviously), but screw it, the job got done.
  10. I think I was the insider who floated that trade rumor on this board a few days ago. I mean I am the assistant GM after all.
  11. I do not. Nor was I including those platforms as “message boards”. But point made.
  12. I wouldn’t imagine anyone would give a top great goalie prospect for a half season of Hall. Or are we signing and trading? Also, we should get Caufield because he’ll make Hughes look huge.
  13. It’ll be like when me and my friends used to play NHL 94 with both goalies pulled to see how high we could run up the score.
  14. This is the most negative message board I’ve ever been on, so I agree completely.
  15. Did you read any of the posts I was referring to?
  16. Dude looks like a hockey player now. Wonder how his new bride feels about the “adjustment”.
  17. It’s more evidence of the NJDevs tradition of stating popular opinions that actually have no basis, but if people say them enough, the board starts to believe them. Given that the team has been performing like sh!t, Gusev’s performance is on par with everyone else. If we were in first place, Hall had 10 goals, Nico had 7, etc., maybe then he could be criticized. 4 goals and two shootout goals in the first 15 games of his NHL career is ok. Not great, but ok. If he was an 18 year old kid instead of a KHL veteran, I’d be thrilled.
  18. The question was whether I could blame anyone for their ridiculous negativity following a bad win (worst win, actually, like that’s a thing). My response was, essentially, yes, I can. Agreed, it felt like they might collapse but they didn’t. Instead they pulled out a one goal win in a low scoring game against a better team (albeit an injured one). That’s the “worst win”? Hardly.
  19. I haven’t thought he was going to resign, but at this point I think it’s pretty clear he is not going to. All of the BS about how great it is to live in New Jersey and how he would appreciate that was wishful thinking. He doesn’t want to be here, he never wanted to be here, it’s time for him to go. Ray needs to get the most he can get it and be done with it.
  20. Then it’s time to send it. Request the current font and the Adidas material nameplate. They would likely have given you both anyway, but I always tell people to be as specific as possible so they know they will get what they want.
  21. But...the season was declared over after 2 weeks, are you saying it doesn’t really work that way???
  22. And historically, red are easier than white. Glue leaves less stains. But for the most part, PX isn’t using a lot of glue. My heritage jersey was an exception to that, those numbers were locked the fvck down and took an extraordinary effort. A bit of EPS advice, they are taking about 3-4 months to do anything more than basic work (stripping/cleaning glue residue is not basic), so if you send it now, you won’t see it again until February at a minimum. So if you’d enjoy wearing it as a Dea while the season is going, you may want to wait. I say this as someone who absolutely never waits and who sends his jerseys in as soon as the whim hits him. But I’m ridiculous with the buying and selling, and typically always have something of mine at EPS at all times.
  23. With the amount of games we have been losing, I could give a sh!t less if we have a “bad win”. But, that said, Blackwood stepped up like a good player does. Coleman made another crazy effort, 90% of our roster never gets the second shot on that play, let alone score the goal. We got the job done, period. I will take that every night, please.
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