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  1. I think he absolutely needed a year of development and this thing that exists where all #1 OA picks have to be rushed right to the NHL Is a detriment to some players. I still think Zacha, despite his time in Sarnia, would’ve benefitted from a year in the AHL. And he was not a #1 OA. I’d have said the same about Nico as well, as I think he would have had a very disappointing rookie year if not for Hall. That being the situation he was placed in, I don’t think it was the wrong call. But Jack coming to the NHL to skate fast, get knocked off the puck, and have hardly anyone worth passing to? Wasn’t really necessary in my opinion.
  2. As a non-NJ resident, it’s one of the more fun things to get people riled up about. Also, it’s pork roll. Fvck Taylor Ham.
  3. Valid point. But it’s also 2020, nobody under age 50 should have a mustache. Pretty much lol.
  4. Complaining about the penalty, guy kind of stepped on the stick, not sure what he could’ve done to avoid that. I just hate Foligno so watching him melt down was pretty cool.
  5. Matthews’ mustache is awful.
  6. Hehehe fvck Foligno. Elvis has left the building.
  7. Absolutely. I’m just entertained when people declare things over and forget what Yogi Berra allegedly said.
  8. Looks like some folks jumped the gun...
  9. So it’s definitely South, Central or North Jersey. I think that’s pretty clear.
  10. Yeah I can’t root for that douche.
  11. Definitely not straight west, though that looks like the dead center of NJ. If Central Jersey was a thing, I would say it’s right there.
  12. Odds are she is a better hockey player than he is.
  13. Did someone say hot goaltender? https://www.foxnews.com/sports/meet-the-worlds-sexiest-hockey-goalie-who-has-sent-pulses-racing-on-the-ice-and-stunned-instagram-with-skimpy-selfies
  14. Discussing it wouldn’t be an issue. I’m sure there are a slew of other issues, like licensing, taxation, verification of residence, etc. that would prevent actual gambling.
  15. As unofficial legal counsel, I would suggest it’s an incredibly bad idea to have a gambling section on an Internet forum.
  16. I guess he wasn’t really looking like a finely tuned athlete last summer. https://mobile.twitter.com/pksubban1/status/1146909041500852225
  17. I'm not sure that's what was missing in his game, but I am not ready to give up on him yet either.
  18. I did not notice it but I really hope that is true! Loved that game. Still remember the first time I beat Tyson, my sister refused to believe me. So I tried again while she was watching and got knocked out instantly.
  19. Each guy got one punch off. Why bother?
  20. Clearly scoring 4 goals in 3 games doesn't help either, they'd have to have been nearly perfect defensively to win a game with that kind of offense. But, when you had sh!tstork as your number one, he was 'unavailable", why wouldn't they go with the number two guy? I assume that Lundqvist's record against Carolina had something to do with it. And he played OK in game one, so maybe they gave him game two. Or, are we looking at the Rangers realizing they had no chance, giving their long-time goalie his last hurrah, and giving themselves a shot at the #1 OA?
  21. Just don't call them Indians when you do it.
  22. A big fat loss, that was the result. Fvck the Sh!tstork! Interesting that they started their 3rd string goalie who had lost his job in the first two games, isn't it?
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