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  1. Agreed, and that seems to be the difference between the two at this point. Gusev looks ready to step right in.
  2. He lives on forever in our hearts. I dedicate each and every RECAP to his memory.
  3. Gusev is impressive, one of those guys who always seems to get something going, even when it looks like nothing is happening.
  4. RECAP: Awesome goal by Maltsev Cory looked like he was moving well McLeod is playing like he wants to make the team Ty Smith was extremely unimpressive and handed the Rangers goal Zibanejad looks like Brett Seney’s mom (Marge Simpson’s sister) fvcked a goat I was looking forward to seeing the Rangers young goalie, sh!tstocking was ok but gets the L. Cock-o will miss the rest of training camp, not because of the injury he just suffered, but because his d!ck is sore from the Rangers announcers sucking it all night.
  5. Did Kaako just get banana peeled???
  6. Late to the party. Is Kaako really pronounced “Cock-o”? Because I think it’s even funnier than I thought it was.
  7. Someone tell me so I can expand my meme base while also impressing my 12 year old.
  8. Yeah I figured I’m just too old to know.
  9. If he was surprised by that, he didn’t watch the last 2 seasons,
  10. I still think we should do an official board outing, where we take over a box or something. And this is coming from a person who has never met anyone from the Internet in person. I will wear an @MB3 name tag so people don’t know who I really am. Worst case scenario, I have to go home with Taylor Hall.
  11. He's listed in places as 5'9". I am thinking 5'6" or 5'7" is closer to reality. It was like peeing next to a child with an awful combover and mustache.
  12. i whizzed next to him once at the CAA. I was shocked anyone that small could have been a professional athlete. Times have changed... EDIT: I’m talking about his stature, not his ding dong.
  13. I’m just not going to worry about our team being so talented that we have a hard time paying everyone. In fact, I’ve been waiting for it for years!!
  14. The only thing better than us embarrassing them is if they do it to themselves. LGD.
  15. Agreed, "cap hell" doesn't really see to be a thing, actually.
  16. Shero is willing to wait because he has to. If Hall’s position was that he wants to be nowhere but New Jersey, do you think an extension would be done already?
  17. Yet another way Hall’s indecision affects what we do.
  18. Agreed. Maybe MLB retiring Jackie Robinson's number made more sense. I mean, people can't even remember what position Gretzky played, why retire his number league wide??
  19. If Deion was the best player in the history of football, and had his number retired league wide, and held most of the records for his position, and was the most well known (maybe the ONLY well known ) personality in his sport for half his career, then yes, it would be exactly the same.
  20. Was a nice hit, problem is that his left leg kind of didn't follow his body. That had to hurt.
  21. You...forgot Wayne Gretzky was a center?? That's like thinking Tom Brady is a kicker.
  22. I haven't paid much attention to him, so I looked up his stats. I did not realize he's been in the league as long as he has, time flies. Also, his last two seasons pretty much demonstrate he may be done. Obviously the Jets are totally on board.
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