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  1. i disagree completely and I can't believe how ignorant you are.
  2. Well now you challenged him, I bet he can make that connection.
  3. That’s really random. Guess it was just meant to be...
  4. I can’t imagine there are many people that we’d let fans of such short-lived teams, made the jump to New Jersey, and are still fans today. And we have at least two right here.
  5. On the Internet?? No friggin’ way!!
  6. Tell that to the pages of posters who melted down over the removal of a couple of stripes lol.
  7. Can’t be many more than that.
  8. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who’s an elite poster.
  9. Its stands for R U serious about that question lol.
  10. $70k ain’t exactly broke when they also cover your living expenses. I’m not saying forever, but for a year I’d sign up right now.
  11. Hmm, pretty nice record as a head coach.
  12. With the chance of almost $900k of you’re good. I’m not good, but I’ll take the $70k and a year off from working an actual job.
  13. Was an assistant in Wilkes-Barre Scranton. Awful picture right there, he looks like a leper.
  14. I don’t know...I think I might give up my present job to make $70k playing hockey...
  15. Neither the Scouts nor the Rockies did anything that would equate to that lol.
  16. Some people walk around their whole lives talking about how they played football in high school, even though it was only a couple of years and nothing at all ever came from it. Same can be said about Kansas City and Colorado. I could give a sh!t about either of those teams. they moved the team here. I am glad they are here.
  17. Because of how little time we spent in the other cities. At least the Nordiques had a lengthy history. What the fvck would I want to honor two seasons in Kansas City and a handful in Colorado that were all terrible for?
  18. They are barely a blip in our history at this point, I have to agree they should not do that. Big difference between that and the Avs doing Nordique themed jerseys, IMHO.
  19. They probably just ran out of the upside down L's and backward N's they use on everyone's jerseys...
  20. So we drafted 7, 18 and 20 and got the top 3 guys? Awesome!
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