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  1. No chance on that one. Kicked into our own net.
  2. Right, if you don’t defend him, that’s what he does.
  3. I’m a little annoyed they have 28 shots on him through 2 periods, but he’s looked on his game.
  4. To me, it kind of makes more sense than half the roster sitting out.
  5. That would have been a better alternate jersey logo than “Jersey”.
  6. I thought he was brought in for being “not Zacha”.
  7. Mercer has looked very pedestrian his far.
  8. Not tonight, my negative friend. Not tonight.
  9. Smith using PK’s leftover sticks, apparently.
  10. Only preseason of course, but hanging 3 on the Sh!tstork in two periods is still nice.
  11. Fvck this leprechaun ass motherfvcker.
  12. mfitz804

    Nico or Nolan

    I changed my mind and now I think we should have taken Makar. I think he’ll wind up being a good draft pick.
  13. Counterpoint, Mason Geertsen is always available and I think there are other abilities that are better lol.
  14. Re-eval in 10 days, maybe it IS cramps. Because he has his period.
  15. Yeah, we should have drafted Patrick instead!!
  16. Try to think of an NHL player that you wouldn't take over Geertsen. I can't.
  17. Johnsson's season last year would have looked even worse if he hadn't come out a little hot to start the season, like you mentioned. He is a detriment to the team at this point, and if the Redfaced Wonder can take his roster spot, I will be happy with that.
  18. Definitely. He may be very underpaid by the last year of that deal.
  19. Important takeaway: He didn’t play a perfect game, he may still need some development, but Nemec did not look out of place.
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