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  1. What's the real deal with this guy? We have nothing on him in the NHL? any cause to be skeptical or full on Future Gretzky mode? Enlighten the ignorance...
  2. Valley Ice Center...about 20-25 minutes from my house. I should go stake the joint out and stalk him...in a very nice, genial, fan sort of way, of course...
  3. who else? that's it?
  4. Who is on our (realistic) wish list here in Free Agency? Enlighten me with your knowledge.
  5. excellent. looks a lot better today. thanks
  6. hahahaha What do our current top 3 lines look like? Forwards and defense? Help me out here...
  7. love that he is the face of American hockey for years to come AND he is a Devil. Killing two birds with one stone. What a great day!
  8. The guy is a personality. He's smart. Knows how to express himself. Knows how to market himself. Knows how to get people behind him. Smart guy. In professional sports in 2019, this is what it's all about and I am pumped that he's a Devil. Taking this entire franchise to the next level...
  9. Love this guy already. NHL needs more personalities like him. PK Subban is THE man.
  10. This says to Taylor Hall, "we mean business, let's get this deal done..." that's the #1 by product of this trade...
  11. big time. he knew it was coming... 5. P.K. Subban, Nashville Predators Subban's second season in Nashville was one of the best of his NHL career, and he was voted to the NHL Second All-Star Team. His 16 goals were an NHL career high, and he had 43 assists, 59 points (25 on the power play) and a plus-18 rating in 82 games. The 29-year-old has scored at least 10 goals in five of the past six seasons and has topped 50 points in four of the past five. Subban won the Norris in 2012-13 with the Montreal Canadiens. He finished third in 2017-18, the third time in six seasons he's been a finalist for the award. "We know he has the offensive flare, the heavy shot and can beat players 1-on-1, but I think he's improved his defensive game tremendously since joining Nashville," Daneyko said. "Sometimes learning the defensive game takes years to really understand ... and he now uses his stick much better in his defensive positioning."
  12. It's a new day for the Devils...perhaps I'll stop being such a pain in the ass just for my own entertainment. Perhaps. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
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