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  1. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    it's absolutely absurd. absurd.
  2. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

  3. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    two missions accomplished. bingo!
  4. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    I was right the ENTIRE time...
  5. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    NJD 2015–16 82 38 36 8 84 7th in Metropolitan — — — Missed playoffs NJD 2016–17 82 28 40 14 70 8th in Metropolitan — — — Missed playoffs NJD 2017–18 82 44 29 9 97 5th in Metropolitan 1 4 .200 Lost in First Round NJD 2018–19 82 31 41 10 72 8th in Metropolitan — — — Missed playoffs
  6. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    and I am going to soap box for a minute so spare me the friendly fire but... all you guys (90% of you) with your cute little jersey collections and your die hard "devils fandom" have been killing me on here for several seasons when I have been calling for Hynes head. And now look at it...? What do you see? I will wait for some apologies...ahemmmmm....
  7. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    this is TRULY amazing...I was right the whole time. The WHOLE TIME.
  8. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    This might actually happen. It might need to happen. We can't go through this season with this roster with THIS product on the ice.
  9. I knew this day would come...I knew it...all in due time...like Jesus and the Apostles--took time to spread the word...
  10. is this going to get any better?
  11. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    Looks like I have company...
  12. mikepeluso8

    Trade Taylor Hall

    All options should be considered at this juncture.
  13. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!?!
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