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  1. This team has IT man. If we could just get a solid, consistent, performing goaltender, we would be good to go!
  2. Jack Hughes needs to learn from NY Legends like Derek Jeter, Eli Manning, Aaron Judge and now guys like Jalen Brunson: this is a business. Let the business team and front office do their job and you stick to your job of shooting pucks. Kid is going to learn the hard way--you don't mettle in the business negotiations or business decisions of your teammates. Sorry--bad look for him.
  3. that housewife lady DEFINITELY is. sorry.
  4. he didn't fully settle in here, it's clear as day. now: we just need to retain the guy and keep him here--which is a different story all together.
  5. Lindy's been EXCELLENT. I trust the moves he makes and why and when he makes them.
  6. Update: if you didn't see this MASSIVE GAME 1 LETDOWN coming, well, that's on you. Move on to Friday night and burn the tape. Anyone with half a brain saw this coming from a mile away.
  7. Haula is the MAN. so glad we have him on our team.
  8. Lindy Ruff made ALL the right calls--give the man his due. Well done, Lindy.
  9. Never settle. You PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.
  10. THIS So much hedging going on here preparing for the end. WE HAVE A GAME TONIGHT. Win the game. Period.
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