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  1. I'm in second place and I think I only correctly predicted wins from Boston, St Louis, and San Jose. Everyone's bracket is a sh!t show.
  2. Crisis

    Hughes or Kakko

    That backhand was Crosby-esque
  3. Not to be creepy or anything but isn't your girl Brazilian?
  4. Crisis

    Hughes or Kakko

    And he scores a nice deflection
  5. Nah this has happened before.. Devils vs Flyers in '95
  6. Crisis

    Hughes or Kakko

    Worst part is that the assist was a rebound and not even a silky pass
  7. Nice poll questions. Insightful stuff. I don't hate the Islanders and I have a few friends who are fans so why the hell not? I hope they do well.
  8. That was bad. And the reason he is on his knees in the first place is because Kucherov tripped him. Can't say he didn't know that Nutivaara was in a vulnerable position.
  9. When we beat Louisville that one time when I was there
  10. You can't just assume that this bolded event would have yielded the EXACT same results had NJ lost an extra game. This is where your argument falls apart. Also, this. I love it. Only because you're Canadian and this state is pretty irrelevant, all things considered; but it's an upper case i and not a lower case L. IOWA
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