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  1. I hope so. I'm just worried that they would sort by point percentage and give those bottom 8 would be play in teams a 12.5% chance at the pick.
  2. https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/06/29/26-nhl-players-have-tested-positive-for-coronavirus-since-the-opening-of-phase-2/ "26 players in total have tested positive since June 8, the opening of Phase 2 small-group activities. 15 have tested positive when returning to their NHL practice facilities while another 11 players tested positive “outside of the Phase 2 protocol.” So if they end up canceling before the play in, what happens to the 1OA?
  3. Watching Bratt's skill plays is unbelievable. If he can put it together and pick up on the NHL game consistently, I think (hope) he could be a force. Gusev blows my mind with his passing and I think it's going to get even better when he understands the NHL vs KHL. Unfortunately I have a feeling that he is out when his contract is up.
  4. The Arizona pick is lottery protected?
  5. Yeah was just about to say, he's looking fit.
  6. Bet he wishes he had that one back. Especially the white board.
  7. He only did it for attention! It's blood money!
  8. Cool, thanks for that. The first time I read it, I guess I thought it said top 4 teams from each DIVISION don't need to play in. Confused me on how the other 8 would play into the seeding of the tournament.
  9. Yeah I'm not actually sure if I do either. Can someone explain it?
  10. If you're in playoff position, you're still only competing against 15 other teams. The other teams have to play in.
  11. Gonna chime in because I just finished my 4th or 5th run through The Wire. It's the perfect show to me with the perfect meta ending. As much as I would have loved to see a season or two more, the abrupt ending mirrored their investigations and wiretaps being shut down at a moment's notice.
  12. That's right. And if they are top 3, the Devils don't get the pick this year.
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