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  1. I wish I could rewatch them so I can more fairly comment on what happened. But since they aren't on NHL.com, I 'm going to stick by my guns and assume that you are exaggerating. I agree that it is poor awareness though. I'm certainly not saying that he has a well thought out plan while he is on the edge of losing the puck with every stride. He was a sh!t show on his goal.. but it wasn't a penalty!
  2. No, you're right, I didn't literally mean crashing into the goalie every time. I'm sure you can get the gist of it though. Does he really do it on a clean breakaway though? I'm pretty sure he had a ton of back pressure. Don't disagree with your second point, but there are a lot of players in that category that I would certainly want on the Devils. And I'm sure you would too.
  3. I'm obviously not asking him to barrel over the goalie every time he goes down the ice. You're making it sound way worse than what he's doing. He is trying to stop. I want him to continue to play on the edge and if he ends up taking a penalty every now and then, whatever, take care of it on the PK and move on (last night it didn't work out so well). I think the utility of making a goalie feel anxiety about having to worry about bracing himself for potential impact outweighs the ideally less likely occurrence of Miles getting sent to the box.
  4. Fair point. I would have scored in NHL21 though.
  5. Man, I need a nap after eating at Fernandes. My grandparents and my father are Portuguese immigrants who lived in the Ironbound for some time so I'm rather familiar with the restaurants there, and it is hands down the best place to grab a meal in the area (obviously bias). It's not bar food, for that I would say Hells Kitchen but that place has been on a steady decline since the previous owner left. I still go because it's better than spending arena prices at Edison, Redds, etc.
  6. I don't know. I don't want Wood to stop running the goalies. That has got to be fvcking frightening as a goalie to see him speeding into the zone with the puck and know that you're probably going to get at least a little bumped. There is something to not letting the goalie feel comfortable in the crease. Granted, it fvcking sucks that the Bruins scored on both of his penalties. Maybe the PK can bail him out next time. Or maybe the PP can score a goalie during at least one of Charlie McAvoy's dumbass penalties. I will take running the goalie 10 out of 10 times compared to the sh!
  7. If there was a more reasonably priced way to watch the games, I would probably pay for it. But there isn't, so I will find other ways.
  8. Are you guys ready? You should be. You've had plenty of time.
  9. Two legends from the era in discussion connecting for a goal not too long ago
  10. Only when it's on at the bar
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