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  1. Yeah I agree. It really doesn't fvcking matter to me at this point because they are both playing like hot trash. The only benefit with having Cory up is that there is that tiny, sliver of hope. Like when you buy a Powerball ticket. You get to day dream all day about what you would do if it hit.
  2. Domingue on waivers. Probably going to trade places with Cory.
  3. Crisis

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Well they could mean that the offensive strategy implemented was getting shut down and pushed outside by the Blues and the coaching staff did not adjust or just couldn't crack it. So that could be the coaching issue. I don't know how far off script the players are allowed or willing to go after a GM and coach get fired during the same season.
  4. https://streamable.com/duf7m This is satisfying
  5. The news caster in that first video is a cartoon character. I'm excited to see how his shot develops as he gets stronger. Feels nice getting arguably the best passer and the best shooter out of last year's draft.
  6. Looking forward to this kid
  7. California Kings is easily the winner
  8. They have 2 stud goalies and we have 0
  9. They're probably just saving money because they know there won't be 9000 fans
  10. His speed and size could help give Nico and Bratt some extra room to do their thing. I don't love the idea, I can't think of too many better options that weren't tried already (Boqvist, Zacha), so I'll reserve judgment until after the game. Gusev is the only other option I could see being effective but he looks great with Zajac and Coleman so why mess with something that is working on a team where seemingly everything else isn't?
  11. Whatever he is doing seems to be working just fine
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