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  1. Backlund kills penalties and Tkachuk doesn't so maybe that was a big brain play right there.
  2. Kovalchuk named GM of Russian national team for 2022 Olympics https://www.sports.ru/hockey/1102268737-kovalchuk-budet-genmenedzherom-sbornoj-rossii-na-oi-2022-kudashov-fedo.html
  3. That's flawed logic. If it took him 18 years to look like he was alive for 14 years, why do you think the most recent 2 years would be linear? By that math he should still look like a 15 year old.
  4. We pregamed on Ferry St. and ended up hitting up a sweet tapas and cocktail bar for some post games while walking back to the car. Can't beat the food surrounding the Rock. I stopped getting grub at the arena when they decided to get rid of Jimmy Buff's.
  5. Yeah I was trying to bring up the photo of my card on my phone to show them and apparently it took too long so the guy just waved me on. There were like 5-10% of the people there wearing masks. Going to assume the rest were vaccinated.
  6. Regarding the attendance.. The arena was an absolute mess. At least half of the concession stands were closed and the ones that were open had the bare minimum number of people working. Lines were long, slow, and a few of the carts had run out of beer while we were waiting. I'm guessing the labor shortage hit them pretty hard and they couldn't get anyone to work. You would think that opening night would be the one game of the season that they would have all the concessions open, instead it felt like Disney on Ice. But anyway, this could have been a reason why a lot of the seats were empty during the anthem and when the periods started. I missed the Hawk's first goal while I was waiting in line for a beer that ended up being a bud seltzer. No one has mentioned it yet but Studenic had a solid game. He was getting involved in the corners, winning battles, and just looked like a solid 4th liner. I was never really impressed by him until this game. White looked better than expected too. Oh yeah, and Bernier was a beast. Great pickup this summer.
  7. Really disappointed that we won't get the Smith-Sevo pairing tonight. Was really hoping to see how they fared on the 2nd line.
  8. Haha I read that as my non-wife and I was thinking man, I hope she doesn't read this!
  9. 09 is double digits, right?
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