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  1. How's your wife doing? Any symptoms or do you think your self isolation was successful? I'm sure it's still a bit of an open case though.
  2. All the best, guys. Reading this is the first time it's actually felt like it's directly affecting someone close to me. My wife is due to have a baby girl the first week of May so I'm praying this thing can at least settle down a bit before we (or maybe just her at this point) have to spend some time in the hospital. Hey @DevsMan84, which grocery store? I don't think we live too far apart from one another.
  3. I disagree with this. I think Scotty knew that he was more useful being on the ice instead of in the penalty box. There is no code that if you throw a legal hit, you have to fight whoever is on the other end of it. In that era, you have players on your team that are taking the fights so players like Stevens can do his job and play defense. Domi just isn't worth his time.
  4. I also appreciate Amanda's lineup, but my god, these simulated games are getting annoying. It was clever the first time around but does anyone actually watch them?
  5. Shea Weber was supposed to play his 1000th game in Nashville. Such a missed opportunity. I highly doubt that's going to line up again.
  6. As long as Vancouver is in, it's cool with me
  7. I'm going to preface this by saying I totally agree with you. But it's easy to make that distinction now.. McLeod vs Smith.
  8. Go to the Sharks games while you're out in California on your business trip, they said. It'll be fun, they said
  9. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-03-13/apollo-s-josh-harris-will-pay-devils-arena-staff-during-shutdown Good thing we have all that extra cap space
  10. There was a pretty good comment on reddit when this article was posted. "COVID-19 cancels hockey. Canada cancels COVID-19."
  11. Find someone who looks at you the way Claude looks at Patty
  12. Like who? Throw a few names out.
  13. The more I hear this argument, the more I think there are 4 areas: north, south, central, and shore.
  14. Would be funny if there was a condition that we had to give Kuokanen back
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