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  1. Crisis

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    It wasn't pennies on the dollar. They were getting back cap relief which is a huge asset these days. Especially for a team that's trying to sign a major UFA to a big contract. Teams give up high draft picks for cap relief. I think the Devils picked up a 2nd to take on Marc Savard.
  2. Crisis

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Like everyone else, I don't, but I don't think that matters right now. Do you think Simmonds is worth 5m? No, you don't. And that isn't blowing up the cap either, so I don't see why it's important to always bring up. And I don't mean to single you out personally. I hear it through all of the Devils communities and it annoys me.
  3. Crisis

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    What's it matter how much he makes. It isn't your money and the Devils aren't close to the cap.
  4. Crisis

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    They were picking on Subban there. Really hope he can put one in the net.
  5. Can you explain the Rejean thing?
  6. True, I didn't mean to limit it only to the draft, but check this out. I just looked back and there were 17 players drafted from that team. The Devils picked up 3 of them and Florida, Minnesota, and Anaheim each grabbed 2. Granted Ray has had a connection with that program so it isn't totally surprising that he took the most, but he still did. Grabbing Moynihan in the 7th on Jack's recommendation grabbed my attention at first. Danny Weight is a USNTDP teammate that wasn't drafted but invited to the dev camp this summer. I read that Grame Clarke is a former, non-USNTDP teammate of Jack's. Ray also brought Nicholas Canade who is Jack's childhood friend and former youth teammate to the dev camp. That reads like a comfort move. This could be the case for a lot of other players. I get that these guys are all the same age and their paths probably overlap more than I think throughout their young careers but this is the first time I'm really looking into it and it look to me that the Devils could be catering to arguably their most promising draft pick ever.
  7. Yeah I don't know if Ray had some (bad) inside info on this or what, but I remember looking up stats and highlights for Mirco and just not seeing a project worth a 2nd rounder. It was right after Ray drafted Nico so it makes me think that he brought Mirco in as a Swiss companion for Nico. It seems like he did the same for Jack by drafting a lot of his teammates.
  8. Great post. You've put into words exactly how I think I feel about this Taylor Hall adventure we've been on. It was fun to watch, it was disappointing how it turned out, and I'm anxiously excited to see what the return brings and how we can leverage that into the next phase of hopefully bringing this team back into a competitive era.
  9. Just the other day Mackinnon said this.. Taking less doesn't work unless everyone does it and I think Taylor Hall would blow up that salary structure. Not saying they can't make it work, we know they have cap space for days, it just seems like it could cause some turbulence.
  10. Hoping Walsh could replicate what Adam Fox is doing.
  11. A friend of mine lives in the same apartment building as him in JC (Nico, Mueller, Bratt too) and she told me that he didn't speak a word of English. They were grilling next to him and his family and she tried to strike up a conversation and he just nodded and smiled the whole time. Also said that he poured an unlabeled water bottle of some clear liquid on his food while grilling [emoji51]
  12. Ok yeah, this checks out.
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