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  1. How do we know what exactly Nasreddine is responsible for?
  2. Yeah, it's crazy to think he was drafted in 2014. I thought he was younger.
  3. I saw that article on theScore mentioning Zacha, Severson and the 20th pick. I'm reluctant to give up Severson because he seems like our most complete defenseman and it really falls off a cliff after him. I know he is the most valuable D asset, but I don't think he is expendable during this off season. Smith and Walsh are absolute unknowns at the NHL level right now.
  4. So what happens to the lineup if we draft Rossi? I think it's a fair question to ask after drafting two 1OA centers. Would Rossi play 3rd line with Zacha on a wing and Travis in the 4 spot? I know it's cart before the horse conversation but I have nothing better to do.
  5. Heard this too. Very possible I heard it here or even from you ha. Or a case of deja entendu, I suppose.
  6. He goes on and around 52:00 gives his breakdown of picks. 1. NYR - Lafreniere 2. Los Angeles - Stutzle 3. Ottawa - Byfield 4. Detroit - Perfetti (he actually called this as much of a lock as Lafreniere) 5. Ottawa - Drysdale (said this could change and be Sanderson) 6. Anaheim - Sanderson (Drysdale if Sens take Sanderson) 7. NJD - Rossi 8. Buffalo - Raymond
  7. On an episode of 31 Thoughts, Sam Cosentino was talking about who he thought would go where. He slotted Cole Perfetti at 4 and he mentioned that "the ties between Detroit and Perfetti are too much to ignore".. whatever that means. The episode is from June 27th and the sound clip came from his analysis that starts around 47:30 - worth a listen
  8. I just don't like them. You don't need to understand.
  9. Like both players, hate both teams.
  10. Yeah, I feel you, and I agree with everything you said. Would be awesome to land a rookie Skinner type of player but just looking at the past, it doesn't seem too likely.
  11. The last number 7 pick to start in the NHL the year they were drafted was Jeff Skinner 10 years ago. 63 points in 82 games and a Calder. But yeah, no other 7 made the jump right away. Clayton Keller played the last 3 games of the season for Arizona but that hardly counts.
  12. He actually commented that he thinks it was a 3 way tie. NYR was ranked 1 and Vancouver 3.
  13. Ha I'm sure he would have rather gotten an offer from Brian MacLellan
  14. Would anyone here rather coach the Devils over the Caps?
  15. If we are going to take the quote for what it literally says, the Devils have an internal budget for 2020-2021 season. Going into the expansion draft with a boat load of cap space could be the smartest thing for the franchise right now. I can't imagine there is a cache of UFAs that could possibly improve the roster enough for a playoff spot. Not saying don't go after anyone, but committing to the cap for the next few seasons would be dumb at the moment. Especially with all the opportunities from the flat cap and expansion draft.
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