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  1. Love the Devils look but the Flyers jersey is so obviously fake. The numbers are on top of the shoulders and not on the sides. That has to be against some sort of jersey standard set by the league.
  2. Is the banner of McMullen considered the first inductee?
  3. Fair enough. That seems like a good enough reason to believe that one is coming shortly. Perhaps they didn't want to fvck up the jersey with the 40 year patch. Look at how terrible this Ducks jersey looks with their 30 year patch.
  4. At the very least, he no longer has to play for Babcock!
  5. The Devils have the third most national broadcast games this season. I feel like this will be the moment where we find out if the owners either respect the jersey or just couldn't make a deal last season.
  6. Nemec with a smart play/assist on that goal too.
  7. You're a real G, Nico Filmon with the first goal
  8. Do we have a roster for this tournament? Trying to decipher all these new numbers. EDIT: Got the important ones.. Nemec - 17 Vilen - 38 Misyul - 59 Stillman - 61 Filmon - 89
  9. If any STHs have 3+ preseason tickets they are not looking to use or want to try to unload, let me know. I want to take my boys to a game as soon as they start up. Trying to go to the Sept 25th game against the Rangers but any will do.
  10. While he was in juniors, I never thought he would turn out to be such a bust. He was captain of the Spokane Chiefs, over a ppg in his last 3 years there. CHL defenseman of the year, NHL all rookie team. Then he just fell on his face.
  11. Excited to see what Josh Filmon can do.
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