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  1. Nico just got smoked and was slow to get up. Went to the bench right after.
  2. Yeah I feel like he's almost definitely nursing something.
  3. Dice does a cool thing with their concert tickets. After a show sells out, you can put your tickets on a wait list to be sold to others who missed the original sale and if someone picks them up, they refund your money.
  4. Maybe somebody mixed it up with his father.. or brother 😐
  5. I'm coming from the same place you guys are by just making assumptions but I think there are enough smart people vying for GM jobs that having the reputation as the guy that makes decisions with his heart just isn't a luxury they can have. What I think happened was that they had a plan in place based on the metrics and it went to sh!t with the injuries, goaltending, and eventually losing the room. I agree that Fitz should have cut bait earlier but the owners are so heavily invested in data that I think they waited to long to make the decision.
  6. You guys have no idea if his personal relationship affected his decision to fire Lindy lol
  7. Apparently the full quote was something like "Are you out here to hurt people or to play? People pay to watch me play."
  8. Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts said that Bettman was making sure that the information about the investigation stayed between the police and the league and the teams didn't know anything about it. I'm sure the teams had their suspicions and that is probably why all players involved were on contracts expiring at the end of this season.
  9. At least he's getting PP2 time
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