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  1. You won't have a team to root for in a few years. You should read up what Blackstone and Apollo management group does. Have fun in Hartford.
  2. Conte is next, and expect Marty to follow.
  3. I am a Leafs fan now. Peace out have fun with Harris and Blitzer.
  4. The announcement came moments after the New Jersey Devils issued their own release that Lamoriello had resigned from his post as team president to "pursue other opportunities." http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/13306493/lou-lamoriello-leaves-new-jersey-devils-become-toronto-maple-leafs-gm
  5. Do you think he has the size to play center in the NHL?
  6. Nylander is a risky pick, he has a much higher chance of busting.
  7. Strong along the boards, can skate, good hands around the net. He will like never be a first line player, but he will play over 1000 games in the NHL.
  8. As I said in another thread Matteau and Severson will be the two best players selected after the 27th pick.
  9. Sounds like Conte did an awful job recently. Happy to hear these encouraging reports
  10. People love to push their narratives. In time I hope you and I are proven wrong, because I want this team to be a winner again.
  11. Do I? Why don't you tell everyone the account.
  12. Truths and lies spun together to fit your narrative. Beetlebum is not banned, if you doubt me ask DM.
  13. I wouldn't put much stock in a 3 on 3 scrimmage.
  14. Who the fvck cares. I don't need to be coddled.
  15. Shut the fvck up Donny!
  16. Watched the scrimmage today. Zacha is a great skater.
  17. Planning for the next 10 to 15 years? Okay Lenin.
  18. Wasn't Martin a disappointment in Pittsburgh?
  19. Needs experience, but he is already a leader of men.
  20. I'm happy you appreciate it. Serious question, would you have hired Shero, and do you think he was Lou's hand picked successor? I never saw him as someone who respects the Penguin organization, and I find it surprising he didn't pluck someone from the Kings or Sharks organization, as Wilson and Dean are two Lou acolytes.
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