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  1. Seriously. I can't even imagine watching this team at this point of the season with everyone healthy and tip top shape putting in work on some more pointless and counterproductive wins. At least we have an excuse we can look back on for our form in calendar year 2019 and not try and take too many storylines from; the kids are giving it their all, it's not enough, it is what it is.... Having that extra bit of quality with a healthy Hall or Vatanen or Palmieri this whole time, and watching them play out of their minds to bring us from 4th worst to something like 9th or 10th worst team in the league would be a depressing as hell close to the 2018-2019 regular season... luckily, I don't see that happening here.
  2. We're inherently biased, and letting a good 6-8 week surge on MoJo's part cloud our perception of his worth. No one leaguewide was chomping at the bit to trade for MoJo (other than some Capitals fans), Boston fans aren't even excited, they hate this trade and think it's a vast overpayment lol. MoJo largely underperformed during his almost-2 years here, I think we're letting a good month or 2 really overvalue how we grade the return, and there's a high likelihood he wouldn't have even resigned. This never-injured always-consistent player got traded here, the team that traded him won a Cup, his play dipped, he got seriously injured, his next contract is not going to be that great; why would he stay here? By all meaningful metrics, his career has taken a step back thanks to New Jersey, let's be honest with ourselves. All of that alone makes him a must-trade (in my humble opinion), and basically recouping what he got him for, "with a little interest" (for lack of a better word, in the 3rd we spent downgrading to a 4th, in exchange for almost 2 seasons of play) is fantastic in exchange for 6 weeks of MoJo.
  3. DJ Eco

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Same, I unfollowed enough people in question that I didn't know this was still a thing haha.. And then after the Kinkaid trade, I saw a million and one comments about him blocking people, and now the family member, etc...
  4. DJ Eco

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Agree on B, but he actually chose his words carefully. "all of you guys who criticize these guys so virulently" (he implicitly includes Schneider in this) is a pretty accurate way of being clear in addressing some of the worst, most backwards, and toxic commenters on FB/Twitter. I didn't read that and think he's talking about me or most fans, but the very worst (and many of us know some of who he's talking about).
  5. DJ Eco

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    It's all a product of this "go hard or go home" mentality too many fans have in rooting for players. He has a good month, the fans think he's the second coming of Hasek, and begin a campaign of anger and breathless hatred toward Schneider. Kinkaid comes back to earth and has a bad couple weeks, suddenly it's open season on him, and now Schneider is a future Hall of Famer. What a basic Mongoloid way to approach sports fandom, I don't know why people act like this? Don't know where the straight up VITRIOL for the other player comes from; not just criticism, but out and out hatred, these people on social media get so toxic with it, what's wrong with them?
  6. DJ Eco

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Is there anything Keith's uncle said that's wrong? Bunch of Devils fans whining about Keith being too sensitive, and yet are being unbearably sensitive over some real straightforward objective not-too-personal stuff from his uncle. We look like a bunch of petulant jackasses, his uncle's right.
  7. Everyone trashing Mueller, don't forget, he's still only 23 years old. He's being relied on to a play a pretty big role at that age, averaging almost 19 minutes TOI on the season. He's the exact same age as Santini, who we don't rake over the coals as much, and we aren't so doom and gloom about. He's younger than both Butcher and Severson. He's obviously not good enough yet, but our whole team has been dogsh!t this year, he's not exception, but as a defenseman, he's still so young, I never close the book on 23 year old d-men.
  8. It is 100%. I can't think of any rational reason or benefit they'd come right out and say they're tanking. Half these kids will be here next year still, if you're Hynes you cannot exude a defeatist loser mentality, that sh!t spreads like the plague, look at Edmonton. Keep the facade of constantly trying to make improvements, stay competitive, keep the intensity up, even if it's all bullsh!t. Praise the physical elements guys like Gabriel or Gryba bring, not because they're great players, but because you want the kids to keep the intensity up and not lose hope (and grit guys are usually pretty popular in locker rooms). Rinse and repeat. The decisions, micro and macro, we've made in the last month or two are such clear evidence that we're in full-on tank mode. The Boyle trade and Blackwood in the AHL should have sealed the deal in understanding that.
  9. Predicting a 4-0 loss at this stage of the season is being an optimist.
  10. Considering his stature within the locker room and in the hearts and minds of the fans, trading him for a substandard return would've been a really tough pill to swallow, and a really hard sell for Shero to approach the fans with. And luckily he doesn't have to, because a 2nd round pick is an awesome return. Way to go Ray, good one to kick off the trade deadline season with.
  11. I dislike games like last night. I want sustained success, not highs and lows, not bipolar disorder, not a 6-3 away win vs. the Penguins followed by a 1-0 or 9-8 loss at home vs. the Rangers. I would've felt better if it were a tight 2-1 win or something. That was in my head the entire time we were up in the game, just knowing that this won't be sustainable, and we'll be back criticizing their effort in a couple days. I hope they prove me wrong.
  12. Don't underestimate the number of absolutely useless positions people get paid to work in in 2019, like checking and helping curate a backup goalie's silly Twitter account. It all seems dumb to us, but the standard is that way more insignificant people out there all have "social media managers", I would be shocked if Kinkaid didn't have one, no matter how useless we think it is, it's that prevalent. Can't really prove it though, just speaking from experience.
  13. Think you guys are overthinking it; most of these guys have PR teams, and if no PR team, they have agents, agents' interns, significant others, or even family members help out. These guys are working to get multimillion dollar contracts, and have teams of suits and different types of management getting percentages of that. All of the little pieces that help further these guys' "brand" is an important cog in the machine, as insignificant as it may sound. It's not too inconceivable that maybe one of these people helps run Kinkaid's social media, and part of their job is muting and blocking any negativity they think would ruin his focus. I'm speaking from a place of experience in the music business, where the money involved is a lot less, and the stakes are much lower than pro hockey careers, and still everyone in that scene has at least 2-3 people linked to their account and helping in various ways (running contests, RTing things, drafting tweets, producing content, regulating follow lists, etc.). Almost no one in these positions handles their social media accounts by themselves, and I super highly doubt Kinkaid does either, outside of some "Kinkode" ideas, but even those I would imagine are being drafted by someone else. Or at the very least, I doubt it's him personally searching through Twitter to block people in order to massage his ego, that wreaks of management.
  14. Remember when we'd be terrified that Chicago Blackhawks were coming to town? Now they're just a barometer of another crappy team we should really be beating haha.. Everything's a cycle, I guess...
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