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  1. DJ Eco

    Schneider: done or finished?

    I don't know what to think about Cory anymore... I've been his biggest apologist for a while now. But even I'm out of answers here. Sure, he was pretty good for 59 out of 60 minutes yesterday, but it's like the team comes out over-thinking everything when he's in the lineup, and that's never good. He's got to figure out how to make a statement and save one of those first 2 goals in the first 30 seconds. Neither of them were "his fault", but if you're Schneider, you've got to play for the survival of your career essentially. Rob one of those goals; your career, or at least the fans' and league's perception of your career, depends on it. He may just need a change in scenery, New Jersey has not been kind to him, dating back to the 2-3 season he was playing like a top-5 goalie in the league and putting up elite numbers, but not getting wins (1-0 and 2-1 losses). But what could he possibly be worth in a trade? I don't know. I feel bad for him, but I don't know what the problem OR the fix is.
  2. DJ Eco

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    It's really all about the money as far as the Gomez situation is concerned. Imagine the Devils giving someone McDavid or Tavares money in 2018 and he's *only* getting 40-50 points a season. Even if he's playing well, that's just a bad deal financially, unless he's getting 80+ points on some superman sh!t like the other few players that justify that kind of money with their contracts. A certain fairly large segment of Devils fans had Kovalchuk on their sh!t list because we gave him $6.67m and he *only* (sarcastic) scored at a 0.91 pts./game clip during his time here. And we got him in 2009, imagine in 2007 handing Gomez $7.36m/year for 7 years; that was a crazy amount then (still is) and under a much lower cap. He must have known things were going to get ugly at some point in New York (and later Montreal), but no one's going to say no to that kind of money for being a very solid (but not generational elite) player.
  3. DJ Eco

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Right there with you, fella.. I've got a Tedenby jersey AND a Tedenby juniors Sweden jersey. Wish I could have those $400 or so back; no other way to view it besides a complete waste of money lol.
  4. DJ Eco

    GDT: Road Trip from Hell, Part 7 - Devils @ Jets

    Crowd looked and sounded legit. I was at a soccer bar in Toronto watching with a few other Devils and RBNY fans, we got them to turn on the sound, the fanbase really brought it and you can tell it was a big game atmosphere. RBNY-Atlanta is going to be one for the ages, and whoever wins is probably winning MLS Cup.
  5. DJ Eco

    HOF Weekend (pilgrimage to Toronto)

    Weed was legalized in Canada a couple weeks ago. Little did I know when booking my AirBNB but the place I'm staying at has a dispensary/cafe/edibles bakery at the ground floor. Game changer.
  6. DJ Eco

    HOF Weekend (pilgrimage to Toronto)

    Oh yeah, I've been but my brother hasn't so I'm probably going to aim to go on Friday afternoon, before the larger bulk of people land in Toronto for the weekend later on (hopefully that's the winning move), or maybe before Devils-Leafs.
  7. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    I don't know about that. I watched some of their early home games and that building was empty in those too. Maybe the tickets are selling, but plenty of people are not going to the games. That opens up a bigger issue I've been noticing. 1 or 2 bad seasons, and you're already seeing places like Detroit, Chicago, etc. with empty seats. Goes to show how silly it is when people joke around about our attendance. Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, the fans are there when they're good, not really there when they're not..
  8. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    His game has looked better than Hall's in some of the recent games. That's not to say that some of that is opposing teams throwing all they can at stopping Hall's specific skillset (allowing Hischier and Palmieri a little bit more room), but he's really driving play and looking good.
  9. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    Really rooting for Cory tonight. This game, and many coming up in the short term, are essentially him playing to keep his career alive. Hope he doesn't get into his own head (in some ways, coming in during the 3rd vs. Tampa Bay was good, in order to just get it over with) and hope he makes a statement and puts in a strong performance. He was the best player on our team for a few years when we basically had no other name on the team to cheer for (Tlusty? Clowe? Tootoo? Farnham? Harrold?), keeping us in so many damn games when our offense couldn't put more than a goal or two up most nights; it's disappointing how many Devils fans forget that, how many fans hold his bad performances last season so aggressively against him as an indictment on his whole career. We wasted his prime years with some of our worst lineups, and his stats during that time were still phenomenal; and yet he doesn't complain or resent that, doesn't show the poor body language other goalies do when things aren't going their way. Put yourself in his shoes, being traded to the Devils at the time he was kind of ruined his career, no one wants to say it but we all know that's true; and yet he still showed up and played hard and was proud to be a Devil. We should all be rooting for him to succeed, a "goaltender controversy" is a good thing, I don't understand the "either/or" mentality too many fans have right now where it seems they can ONLY cheer on one goalie, and the other goalie is their target for jokes, jabs, and insults.. what is that?
  10. DJ Eco

    HOF Weekend (pilgrimage to Toronto)

    Is anyone making the trip up to Toronto next weekend? My brother and I will be flying up Friday morning and staying til Tuesday! There are obviously some cool things going on all weekend, I thought it'd be a good idea to list them and compare notes (some cool non-Devils stuff too). Friday 11/9 New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple Leafs @ Scotiabank Arena Saturday 11/10 HOF Inductee Q&A Fan Forum New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors @ Scotiabank Arena (cool if you like the Knicks and can't afford MSG prices to see them, seeing some tickets on StubHub in the $50 range) Sunday 11/11 HOF Legends Classic @ Scotiabank Arena (Brodeur, Niedermayer, Stevens, Daneyko, Roenick, Wendel Clark, Belfour, Fuhr, Gilmour, Lindros, Andreychuk, Larionov, Martin St. Louis, and Shane Doan are all playing) Monday 11/12 HOF Induction Ceremony We're also squeezing in a couple concerts (Thievery Corporation on Sunday) and shows in between here and there, but figured I'd keep the list simple. I've been to Toronto twice, but only for short, usually a day or less. Really looking forward to enjoying the city over the course of 4 days. Who else is going? Anything cool that you're checking out?
  11. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils at Lightning, 10/30/18, 7:30pm

    As disappointed as I am in Zacha, I may actually be more disappointed in Johansson right now. He has so much skill and hockey IQ, but isn't contributing a damn thing on the score sheet or PP. Zacha is feeding him well at times, especially last night, but he's not doing much with it.
  12. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils at Lightning, 10/30/18, 7:30pm

  13. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    Surprised by some of the overreaction I'm seeing (by this board's standards, not surprised with FB groups or HF Boards). Sure, I agree with some basic comments, like Zacha has been disappointing (after showing more flashes in preseason), Noesen has been invisible, and Greene and Gryba didn't have a good game. I also agree Kinkaid let in a softy or two. I'm no Kinkaid apologist, but he's the only reason we were in that game early, Hischier said as much in his intermission interview. Yeah, we put 17 SOG on Juuse Saros in the 1st period, but they put 17 more dangerous SOG on Kinkaid that period too. Our defense let 36 shots get through on Kinkaid, many of which were dangerous scoring chances. Some people need to get a grip. The Predators are: 8-2-0 Number 1 team in the league Best goal differential in the league Top 3 in goals for 5-0-0 away record Probably best defense in the league One of the top backup goalies in the league Remove this game from the context of the last 2 crappy results, and all we did was play a heck of a game going toe-to-toe with a heavyweight Western conference team that's blazing hot to start this season. And if you can't remove it from the last 2 results, at least admit that we came out flying and really kept up with one of our league's powerhouse teams. Losing the lead (AGAIN) sucks, I know, but we had a lead, and we got a point. The last 2 losses were unacceptable, but this one is not in that category. Tomorrow however, we should really be winning.
  14. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    The boys played really well against a really good team and almost beat them. It was an improvement on the last 2 games and sets up for a statement game tomorrow against a struggling Panthers team.
  15. DJ Eco

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Hynes doesn't make too many bad moves, but putting Stafford on the 2nd line would be such a Pete DeBoer move. C'mon man... Seeing someone go from extra forward to 2nd line is always a frustrating one. I'd shift Dea, Quenneville, or Noesen into that spot, call up Brett Seney, and have him take the 4th line center role. I'm sure he's working hard, but Stafford doesn't belong on this team. I hope he could prove me wrong.

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