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  1. DJ Eco

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I could sure tell by the "eye test" but was hoping to have the coaches confirm that he's made big strides.
  2. DJ Eco

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    Agreed and thought the same thing. Even if he stagnates and puts up the same numbers as last season, I'm happy paying him this for the next 4 seasons. The good news is that's unlikely, I'm sure he'll show some improvement.
  3. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    In regards to yesterday's game, some positives and negatives: Positives I really like what I've seen from Studenic from the Prospects Challenge to Monday's game to last night's. He's looking like a pretty shrewd 5th round pick and he's consistently stood out (to me, at least) in all 3 games. Decent showing from Quenneville, he looks faster and smarter 2 games in. I really think he has a chance to make the team if he keeps it up. Kinkaid looked sharp. I thought both goals were unstoppable; weird bounces that teed it up perfectly for Isles forwards in the slot. The 2nd goal especially, he was positioned to make a save on the initial shot, it bounced off our defenseman and stopped on a dime for the Isles player to tap in. Overall, it seems like the Isles played 80+% of their starting lineup vs. maybe 10-20% of ours. Eberle, Lee, Bernier, Boychuk, Cizikas, Clutterbuck, Greiss, Hickey, Mayfield, Nelson, and Sbisa are most likely all starters on the opening night roster, and their edge in the game was only a result of the 49 (or whatever the count was) penalties we gave them. Given all these penalties (self-sabotage by Gabriel), I'm satisfied in the team defense involved in only letting in 2. It could've been a lot worse. Negatives I too am worried about McLeod, he just seemed like a non-factor again, and with his speed and size, he should be causing more trouble. Even when Miles Wood wasn't as skilled early on, he used his speed to barrel into opposing defensive zones, but McLeod just can't seem to channel the skill sets he has into meaningful NHL preseason play. Damon Severson didn't look great either; very passive, not making much of an impact. No SOG, no rushes forward (which we saw from Butcher). Early on, Butcher may have seemed to eclipse Severson from the depth chart. I'd be more okay with that if it weren't for Severson's confidence going into camp. He's really got to do a much better job of walking the walk. Kurtis Gabriel. I don't think Drew Stafford has much left in the tank, for either our team or anyone. Barely noticed him last night. This is the second game where I didn't notice much of Santini, and I feel like I can't criticize or praise him. That's probably not a good thing at this stage, I want to see something from him, but similar to Stafford (and at times, Severson), he's got to be more of a difference maker. I think we can count Greene and Lovejoy out as people driving our play forward or making bold contributions (to Greene's credit, he's still a solid consistent presence), so Santini needs to show us more.
  4. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    Think that's missing the point and putting words in people's mouths (no one said critique of Zacha is "unfair"); I'd argue more that it's just kind of pointless. Like you said, there will be an expiration date eventually for the "he's still young" defense if he doesn't reach certain milestones, but right now, in terms of critique of his skill level, we're well past the expiration date of bringing up his place in the draft, there's no point and it doesn't add much value to the conversation. We know a few players around him in that draft have sprouted and look like elite talent; it is what it is and that's life. In the here and now (and this preseason), Zacha's showing promising signs. I thought he looked really strong last night, was an effective quarterback while most of the rest of the team just seemed incapable of generating anything really most of the time. There were a lot of passengers last night, Zacha and maybe 1 or 2 players were at least trying to generate something. In the larger context, he looked very good on Monday too, so yes, there objectively is improvement so far. Criticizing him right now isn't "unfair", it just seems grounded in the context of his place in the draft, and not really reality honestly. He's an improving young player.
  5. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    The episode that started it all!
  6. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    Glad to see this lineup. Overall, the kids impressed on Monday, they're not making it easy for Hynes & Co. to make decisions. Good to throw them all out there again to control their own destiny (no Hall or Hischier making one kid look better than the others, etc.).. I really want to see a strong showing from Michael McLeod, who will be playing at RW with Zajac centering. Quenneville-Zacha-Anderson will be a good line to watch, and Seney centering Studenic on the top line looks like a vote of confidence on both, they've both looked strong since the prospects challenge. I'll be paying extra close attention to Yakovlev-Severson on defense today. I would've liked to see Johnson in goal today, but I guess with all of the young blood at forward and defense, Hynes is electing for Kinkaid to bring some veteran presence at the back (crazy to believe he's 29 now).
  7. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    I'll be there too, uppers center ice! Probably getting to the area around 5:30 or so, anyone know a cheap but good bar near the arena?
  8. DJ Eco

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Bennett was equal amounts frustrating and unlucky. For a few stretches, he seemed to do everything right and put in the right effort, but he'd hit posts, goalies would come up with robbery saves, etc. Just didn't work out for him here and I guess he just doesn't have it for the NHL.
  9. DJ Eco

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I think you guys are chasing a red herring re: ice time. How do you quantify that or put pen to paper on that at this stage of negotiations? I'd imagine Shero having little say in how Hynes wants to run the team. Not sure what leverage a player would have in jamming that in during contract negotiations, and could be seen as undermining from Hynes' perspective. "Philosophical" could mean he wants more years or it could mean certain performance bonuses on top of a currently-fair base salary that is a slippery slope Shero doesn't want to go down. It could also be a no-move clause?
  10. DJ Eco

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I highly doubt Wood's agent is asking for 2.5m and I doubt they're just 100-200K apart unfortunately.
  11. DJ Eco

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I initially saw people trashing Shero about this early on, but am seeing cooler heads prevail. It's not like Shero has low-balled other RFAs (or even UFAs) the last few years, so I'm inclined to think Wood (and his agent and/or dad) are the variable here, and agree with those of you who think they're asking an unreasonable amount; it sure looks like that.
  12. DJ Eco

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Ooof, I think Toronto would take it, but not sure we can deal with losing Severson in that deal.
  13. DJ Eco

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Agreed. I try and make it to Italy every year to see my family, and when discussing sports with them every year, I'm noticing more and more people reference the American salary cap as something they'd like to start seeing implemented. Half of Italy's population are Juventus fans, but I'm sure the other half are fed up with the status quo.
  14. DJ Eco

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    The most likely answer is a simple ownership change. Manchester City (one of the strongest teams in the world now) was in the 3rd division as recently as the late 90s. They were bought and injected with an endless cash supply and are one of the highest spending teams in the world (and successful). Our own (Devils' Harris and Blitzer) ownership group is currently making those kinds of baby steps right now in English soccer, having bought into the ownership for Crystal Palace. AS Roma is another example, bought by an American investor relatively recently and they are starting to make some money moves and shrewd signings. Most of these investors come in the form of Arab oil men/royalty or Chinese and American businessmen, and if you have the money to play ball, it's an extremely lucrative investment. My favorite team, Napoli, was one of the best teams in Europe in the 70s/80s (Maradona played there) and then fell to the 3rd division. A prominent movie producer bought it and refounded it in the early 2000s and they climbed 3 divisions to regain their footing as one of the best teams in the league, making huge money signings and sales.
  15. DJ Eco

    GAME THREAD 1: NYR @ NJ 7:00 September 17th

    Some more fuel for the rivalry fire.

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