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  1. DJ Eco

    GDT: DevIls vs. Flyers, 1/12/19, 1:00pm

    Don't underestimate the number of absolutely useless positions people get paid to work in in 2019, like checking and helping curate a backup goalie's silly Twitter account. It all seems dumb to us, but the standard is that way more insignificant people out there all have "social media managers", I would be shocked if Kinkaid didn't have one, no matter how useless we think it is, it's that prevalent. Can't really prove it though, just speaking from experience.
  2. DJ Eco

    GDT: DevIls vs. Flyers, 1/12/19, 1:00pm

    Think you guys are overthinking it; most of these guys have PR teams, and if no PR team, they have agents, agents' interns, significant others, or even family members help out. These guys are working to get multimillion dollar contracts, and have teams of suits and different types of management getting percentages of that. All of the little pieces that help further these guys' "brand" is an important cog in the machine, as insignificant as it may sound. It's not too inconceivable that maybe one of these people helps run Kinkaid's social media, and part of their job is muting and blocking any negativity they think would ruin his focus. I'm speaking from a place of experience in the music business, where the money involved is a lot less, and the stakes are much lower than pro hockey careers, and still everyone in that scene has at least 2-3 people linked to their account and helping in various ways (running contests, RTing things, drafting tweets, producing content, regulating follow lists, etc.). Almost no one in these positions handles their social media accounts by themselves, and I super highly doubt Kinkaid does either, outside of some "Kinkode" ideas, but even those I would imagine are being drafted by someone else. Or at the very least, I doubt it's him personally searching through Twitter to block people in order to massage his ego, that wreaks of management.
  3. DJ Eco

    GDT: DevIls vs. Blackhawks, 1/14/19, 7:00pm

    Remember when we'd be terrified that Chicago Blackhawks were coming to town? Now they're just a barometer of another crappy team we should really be beating haha.. Everything's a cycle, I guess...
  4. DJ Eco

    The Pavel Zacha Thread

    I don't know what it is, but I can't bring myself to dislike Zacha the way many do. I really pay attention to him every second he's on the ice; he does good things, has a certain smart instinct to his play, is a very clever playmaker at times, plays hard, gives plenty of effort all the time... And then I look at his stats and they are what they are, it just doesn't connect for him and I don't know why. Devils players who've played worse than him have put up better numbers, but he just doesn't... I felt the same with Josefson, found it hard to dislike him because he really didn't do all that much "wrong", and was always trying to piece it together, just never could. I never got the sense that Josefson made us a worse team, and I feel the same way about Zacha. He arguably has all the tools to be an effective 3rd line center for a long time, and I really want Zacha to piece it together somehow, because his leash is getting shorter and shorter. He's not that bad a player, I just don't understand why he can't put up numbers, it's frustrating.
  5. DJ Eco

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Spot on
  6. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Sabres 1/8/19, 7pm

  7. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    Wood needs to be reeled in big time. He doesn't go fully in on the goalies like Kreider did his first couple years, but the intent is the same, and the refs know it by now. He plays too close to the edge and it's only a matter of time every game before he does something stupid and hands the opposing team a power play or 2.
  8. DJ Eco

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Proof that everything from the 90s is being forcefully brought back and in style lol... Weird, but I guess this is what our parents and grandparents must have felt when I was growing up in the 90s and girls were wearing bell bottoms and swing-based pop music strangely got popular for a few years LOL I went to a club for a birthday party a couple weeks ago and everyone 21-25 years old is wearing Champion, FILA, Kappa, and saw at least a dozen girls wearing camouflage pants like it was a 90s R&B girl group night. That sh!t was in 99 cent stores nationwide 2-3 years ago lol
  9. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    I think that's where things have been for a decade+ now. Only difference now is that the Rangers are Devils are relatively new to being consistently in that bottom 16, so both fanbases are now in on the tank/1st overall pick conversation other fanbases like Buffalo, Edmonton, Colorado, and Toronto were having for the better part of the last 10 years, and those fanbases (except Edmonton LOL) are enjoying talking about trades and making the playoffs. Let's thank our lucky stars for the draft lottery, that's made things better. It'd be a lot worse if being the worst team still guaranteed you a 1st overall. Tanking discussions would be way more toxic if that were still the rule.
  10. DJ Eco

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Yeah, I'd probably watch WC every year if they went with 2 unique opponents each year. I have zero interest in watching Boston or Chicago for the 19th time and hearing their interviews about how "great" playing outdoors is.
  11. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Stars 1/2/19, 8:30 pm

    Agreed, it should've finished 9-1 last night, we had no business being in that game. Blackwood was rattling off saves through the early part of the 2nd period when it was like 26 (DAL) shots to 2 (NJD) or some absurd sh!t. Blackwood had a good game.
  12. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Sharks 10:30 PM MSG+

    Interesting, I've gotta catch up, haven't read the interview yet!
  13. DJ Eco

    Ray finally speaks

    I'm fine with Hynes this season still the way I was fine with Pete DeBoer in his 2nd season. The roster is what it is, Shero did not do him any favors this offseason, similar to the way Lou did not do DeBoer any favors his 2nd season (although that was way worse; Parise left, then Kovalchuk, etc.). Wood, Noesen, and Kinkaid last season had career years beyond their wildest dreams. Brian Gibbons put up 26 points, we got Maroon who put up 13 points in 17 games, we had Henrique for the pivotal first few months of the season that launched us into a good position that we held onto for most of the rest of the season. We should have known Wood, Noesen, and Kinkaid would regress. Gibbons, Maroon, and Henrique are gone (although I'm a big Vatanen fan, so I still support that trade). Let's face it, Hynes has less to work with this season than he did exactly a year ago, that's just facts. That being said, something does need to change. I don't think it's Hynes, I think he's an effective overall coach and leader of the guys, but I do think it's time for Alain Nasreddine to go. There are fundamental defensive and positioning errors we're seeing this season and they're only getting more glaring week by week. I don't think "the buck stops here" applies in this case, I think it's been well documented by now that Hynes is the offensive brains of the operation, that's what he brought to the table. We need a specialist under him that can really turn our defense around.
  14. DJ Eco

    GDT: Devils @ Sharks 10:30 PM MSG+

    If we're going to lose every game with 5-6 goals against, for the love of god, let's get Schneider back in there as the starter to get some reps in and really sink or swim. Enough is enough. Kinkaid was winning us some games here and there but that's no longer the case. Really, what is the justification to play Kinkaid at this point? Since his shutout in Philly on 11/15, he's rocking an 0.878 sv. % through 9 games, I just did the math. That's atrocious. Enough!
  15. DJ Eco

    Devils Goaltending

    Let's be real, Kinkaid's been pretty bad lately. Even if you take away his 3-4 posts/crossbars each game, we're still losing and letting in 4-5 goals every time. If he weren't getting that kind of puck-luck, we'd be looking at a longer losing streak and Eddie Lack would probably have been called up a week ago; but it's been a pattern of 2-3 weeks now where the opposing team hits the post 3-4 times a game when Kinkaid is the starter. We should otherwise have had a few more games with 6-7-8 goals against, but some ridiculous puck-luck seems to be going only Kinkaid's way and obfuscating the reality of his performances dropping lately. Meanwhile, Cory gets scored on by his own team 3 times last night, it's almost comical. And yet, did you hear his post-game press conference? He remains positive, focused, kept his focus on his own play and how he started the game, did not throw anyone under the bus, and reminded us that we have 3 of 4 points on our California road trip so far, which we historically do pretty poor at usually. For all intents and purposes, Cory Schneider saved 33 of 35 Anaheim shots last night, a pretty strong performance by the team in a game we should have won 5-2 to cap 2 games of consistent and strong play in the offensive zone; end of story. If Hynes wants to make a point, he should maybe play Cory again tonight, challenge the guys to get this win for him, they owe him big time, last night was as comically frustrating a loss as I can ever remember; even more frustrating than that shootout loss where Kovalchuk lost track of the puck on his rush in. Our players scored on our own goalie THREE times.

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