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  1. We are biased, BUT my expectation (and many who were looking at the two players objectively) was that Kakko would maybe have the better first 1 or 2 seasons, while Hughes has the higher ceiling and more dangerous weapons over time. I personally bought into the "Kakko is ready to play with men" argument, Rangers fans can be delusional, but you look at the two players' bulk and that was a pretty straightforward prediction. Many expectations were also that Kakko would definitely score more goals while Hughes was the playmaker who'd rack up more assists; fair predictions in my opinion. They'r
  2. Yep, same as last year: a bunch of plugs, and really boring "get dominated, but counterattack occasionally" system, but their record is what it is, so strange they can get away with this in the new game, but Trotz is a guy who knows what he's doing.
  3. It's funny how partisan politics are in 2019 that a governor can't write a pretty harmless tweet about his state in good fun without people berating him and saying that the guy who played political checkers with mayors around the State by holding pieces of steel 9/11 wreckage from the Twin Towers as quid-pro-quo leverage is "decent" compared to him, but here we are, there's nothing between going 0 and 90 mph on everything anymore, I guess lol
  4. I've told my brother many times this season, I think Coleman will escape this pretty crappy era of Devils hockey as one of the fan favorites or faces of the team we can fondly look back on in future years. In a decade where there aren't too many positives that come to mind, he sticks out. Even now, with 16 points, I still think he's underrated by most of the fanbase; we still see him as this scrappy grit player, but there he is, 3rd in points, and 2nd in goals, with 3 more goals than Taylor "About to Make $11+ Million/Year" Hall, many times in big moments..
  5. great comment followed by an amazing reply good work boys
  6. I get the feeling Shero sees what a lot of us see. Hall's 25 points in 29 games is pretty good window dressing on what has still been a pretty lackluster 1/3 of the season so far. Hall just doesn't seem like the player who can command a game on his stick or pull something out of nothing, the way he looked his Hart year. His goals haven't been in big moments, he hasn't made big game-changing plays the way some others on our team (much younger than him) have. Those 25 points look good from the outside and help cover up some pretty inconsistent play, so it makes sense if Shero's trying to pu
  7. this is anecdotal i guess, but what's funny is that in the last year or two, it's now the 50-60+ year olds i see most on their phones at sporting events, they leave millennials in the dust
  8. DJ Eco


    I'm still giving Subban somewhat of a benefit of a doubt. That he doesn't have any PP points whatsoever is just freakish, and really points to a fundamental deficiency in the systems and powerplay setup our coaches have set up. His shot alone makes him an asset on any marginally well-coached PP in the league, you have to try hard to make his one-timer NOT to make a dent in a single PP this season, and for at least the first 10-15 games, I noticed the PP was not drawn up to set P.K. up for the shot; and when he took it upon himself to create the shot, there were never any bodies in front,
  9. DJ Eco

    Fire Hynes

    Re: Nasreddine being picked as interim: Fitzgerald just spent a couple weeks watching mission control from the bench, I trust that he's seen enough of the dynamic to weigh in on whether Nasreddine is the right guy to be named interim coach, or that they have a replacement plan up their sleeve in short order. We can complain all we want, but no matter who you pick of the bunch to be interim coach, they were all in charge of an aspect of our game that is god awful no matter what (special teams, offensive play, defensive play), so I trust Fitzgerald saw enough to weigh in with Shero that Nas
  10. DJ Eco

    Fire Hynes

    I get the feeling Shero is waiting for Tampa's Jon Cooper to be made available, it's really the only thing that'd make sense of all of this. Toronto's Babcock domino fell and Shero probably felt like Tampa's right behind them. Tampa's holding on though, and meanwhile the situation in New Jersey has become that untenable; Hynes is doing such a bad job, he couldn't even buy Shero an extra week or two. My guess is Nasreddine is taking over because Shero has no other backup plan other than to wait for Jon Cooper to get let go from Tampa (which could happen shortly for all we know) and swoop i
  11. DJ Eco

    Fire Hynes

    I've been really trying to give Shero the benefit of the doubt for as long as I can, but it's really starting to enter that territory.
  12. I almost see it as his own making though. Even a couple weeks ago, with our record the way it was, I did not have much distrust in the job Shero did. I still saw it as, "Shero did his job, and Hynes, a subpar coach who's used to untalented gritty rosters, is sabotaging it." Shero could wash his hands of this at any moment and he'd be justified, the fanbase would still be on his side and cheer him on; but the longer he waits, the more of the buck he's starting to absorb for himself. Like others have said, if this isn't enough to get a coach fired, can we have any faith that Shero knows wha
  13. DJ Eco

    Fire Hynes

    Yep, that's all it comes down to. Shero can do and has done dozens of good things; great trades, fairly good drafting up to this point; but none of it means squat if he can't cut our losses when a bad coach is clearly way in over his head. We have a talented roster, we have a roster that's good enough to go on a run and pull a 2019 St. Louis, but every day Hynes is still in the position is a day that inevitable jumpstart happens later and later at the point of no return; inevitable, because there's NO WAY Hynes survives this! Let's be real... It's another wasted season by now, this is all
  14. DJ Eco

    Fire Hynes

    Every day that Hynes is still head coach of the Devils is an insult to the fanbase and its intelligence of what it can plainly see and hear with its eyes and ears. The players have stopped playing for him, stopped caring, and it's entering well-worn territory of, I'm sure, doing more damage to our budding prospects and long-term players than the good that stability can do. Stability in absolute failure is not good.
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