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  1. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    Of course, that would be amazing, but there's nuance and technicalities to all of this; so when that doesn't happen (Jack ripping it up), it's important to understand why, and as a fan, not let it cloud too much of how we're approaching the bigger picture. One player getting 18:46 TOI and the other getting 9:24, less than Derek Ryan or Luke Glendening, that right there renders any comparison meaningless. Add to the fact that Kaapo has played with and against 90% of this Finland roster before for years, and how structured and well-coached they are at all levels in playing a unified system of play at all age groups. It makes it easy to plug in during a competition like this, and is something the Finns have found success in for years. Add also that he's basically been on a break, while Jack Hughes has been on a non-stop whirlwind the past month, and from a tournament he was just putting 20+ minutes in nightly; different country, flights, buses, etc. How is Kaapo going to adjust to the size of North American rinks? A team of mostly American and Canadian players speaking English? The travel? Playing 3rd/4th line minutes? No one knows the answers to these questions, but just saying, I'm not taking the IIHF Worlds too seriously; I was more excited about it a week or two ago, as a competition to get better acquainted with Kaapo and Hughes and how they play with other adults, but I now know that's flawed, and there's a lot more to it.
  2. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    But it is fairly black and white on a few levels. I've watched every shift of his since the U18 tournament. The amount of opportunities he creates out of nothing is unbelievable, the distances he skates every game is amazing. I watched U18 linemate after linemate (including Cole Caufield) miss empty nets, miss beautiful chances he put on their stick, squanded 50% of the opportunities he creates. Caufield could've finished with double the amount of goals in reality haha.. He missed so many Hughes-created opportunities. Been watching the USA men's games and his linemates have missed a ton of chances as well; JVR or Keller fumbling a beautiful cross-ice pass, when they could've one-timed it, is a recurring thread. If they put Hughes with DeBrincat and Vatrano, he'd have 5+ assists by now and probably a goal or two. That being said, he's still only 17, he's still young enough to be required to have to wear a visor haha.. they're not going to just give him Eichel's or Larkin's spot, they're not in the tournament to see what Jack Hughes is made of, they're there to win; so we should accept that he's not going to be perfectly utilized or have the kind of big stage opportunity Kaapo is being given on a team full of scrubs.
  3. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    No, that's not the way to see it! lol That's reactionary thinking, there could be a million and one reasons a multi-million dollar analytics and scouting department picks the wrong kid; not just you, but to anyone I see making this IIHF tournament about anything bigger than a few fun exhibition games, just need to remind you it's not lol
  4. I think Jordin Tootoo was the only guy to come here and leave with a tristate guidette girl
  5. I like the Sharks, a lot even, but that 5 minute penalty was an awful call. I can only empathize and think back at how that 5 minute PP vs. LA Kings changed the momentum around entirely and lost us that series.
  6. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I don't know where you're going to find a perennial 25-30 goal scorer for $4.65m/year to "just replace" Palmieri. Building a winning roster is ALL about holding onto those thrifty signings that score you goals the way Palms does, while not breaking the bank so you can fill out the team around him. I mean, sure, you can find those 25-30 goals elsewhere, sign a high end UFA winger, but it'll cost $8-9m/year, and what will that money take away from in the long game of putting the right roster together? That's a $4-5m you can't throw toward Hall or Hischier in a few years, or whoever it is we're trying to retain once we're closer to the cap, or even other UFAs. That's a whole other player right there.
  7. You'd think being in Jersey, he'd find himself a nice brunette Italian or Latina girl with some meat on her bones who could cook him some Sunday pranzo or rice and beans, but I guess those good ol' Canadian boys have a certain type!
  8. I'm curious why a number of you want to see the Isles embarrass the Leafs/Tavares, either by going further or in a head-to-head series? Sure, the offseason and general coverage of the Leafs this season was annoying, but not more annoying than the last few years of dirtbag Long Island fans suddenly popping up out of the woodwork and doing their best Rags fan impression by making the trip and being absolutely obnoxious in our building. I'd much rather avoid their heads blowing up more than they already have, rather than the Leafs', but I guess that's just me?
  9. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Rangers are still the center of the hockey universe in Brooksland.
  10. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    No Pettersson, no deal. And that has to be a part of the deal, not the whole thing. 1st + one or two other GOOD pieces.
  11. Major props to Kane on this one. He's a scoring winger, 30-goal scorer this season, he doesn't need to fight Reaves. Reaves is a legit enforcer, this is his bread and butter, should've never been this close.
  12. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    Yep, they're saying he's not as fast as McDavid but his skating might actually be better.
  13. Agreed, I love Flames' jerseys and full kit.
  14. All the conspiracy theorists need to do is watch the video of Bettman conducting the draw the hour before, as filmed by Sportsnet. It's a tedious process that obviously needs to be done ahead of time, as it effects the whole draft order; showing it live would remove the suspense element from going down the list of 15 teams in a row, which is the whole point of what they're selling to Sportsnet/NBCSports. It's not inconceivable to think the draw is conducted early, someone then needs to change a few of the draft order cards (if they don't have multiple versions of it already printed), and the broadcasters need to prep the graphics (a single-use 10 minute graphic that won't get used again all season, so I get how it's not a dynamic real-time thing). That graphic was probably on some pre-live setup screen, got picked up by Viasat apparently, and the rest is history. The thing about conspiracy theories is that the people who believe them will say what I've said above is unrealistic, while believing a version of the events that's 10x more unlikely. Anyone who seriously thinks the lottery is rigged is placing faith in the story of: Josh Harris, Gary Bettman, and Ernst & Young, a global London-based firm, all being on the same page, with some kind of payoff involved. Gary Bettman being willing to screw over Los Angeles from drafting a generational American-born talent... in order to benefit New Jersey of all places. Ernst & Young staking their reputation on helping the Devils; some kind of payola scheme would be HUGE news and result in massive lawsuits and a blow to their brand. Josh Harris staking the team's reputation, as the Devils would be tarred and feathered for a generation if caught. In this age of social media, snaps, camera phones, leaks, and let's face it, a desire for 15 minutes of fame, this would get leaked immediately if true. As with all conspiracies, it'd involve dozens of low-level and high-level people all being on board. The unpaid intern who probably had to glue up the foamcore team cards is NOT going to keep that intel to himself. This isn't the NSA, he wouldn't go to jail for letting this story out, he'd probably get a sweet payment by shopping it to the Athletic or ESPN. People are ridiculous and anyone who believes any of the above is straight up salty.
  15. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    And Shero's pick will always be under more intense scrutiny
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