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  1. I’m willing to be in their debt if it means dumping that useless sack of sh!t lol
  2. Because he’s awful. Hopefully Seattle.
  3. Well he ain’t staying in Buffalo, that much appears clear: https://deadspin.com/so-jack-eichel-is-definitely-done-in-buffalo-1846861996?utm_campaign=Deadspin&utm_content=1620675010&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3ys-8unYHwc9eT9JIBoieNxbTpjfivJ9M0HIdZ7piIQF-_G4sR5TRB__o
  4. Jack hit the post. Nico broke his face. Sharangovich tore sh!t up.
  5. They were negotiating with him apparently. They bowed out at $2 million per season. He wants $5 million.
  6. Yep. Nothing wrong with it either. There are no friends on the ice. The Islanders are trying to get in a playoff mindset.
  7. I think we know how good Washington, Pittsburgh, and Boston are. Those teams have been perennial Cup contenders for years. The Islanders have also been solid for a while.
  8. Torts out in Columbus. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/john-tortorella-will-not-return-to-columbus?fbclid=IwAR0cJXb98cbeFOnU6za00ACwK1UAIL2N699mpZyEDIkzenZZgV5Lt2ZEoWU
  9. Two games to go. Here is tonight’s lineup: LGD.
  10. Cordell is one of these analytics nerds who never played hockey and probably still wears a pocket protector. fvck that guy.
  11. Great effort. Back to back wins against two very good teams in Boston and the Islanders. Outstanding.
  12. The best one is Vegas- the Silver Knights
  13. LGD. Gotta be surreal for Travis tonight. It has to be weird playing against the Devils for him.
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