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  1. Exactly. It just doesn’t work that way in hockey.
  2. Yes, if they miss the playoffs, they keep the pick.
  3. The apple doesn’t fall far from the punk tree in the Bertuzzi family, does it?
  4. Atta boy Jack, don’t take no sh!t off nobody lol
  5. The Merman got his first NHL point on the Anderson goal. Atta boy Merman!
  6. Anderson has looked very good this call-up. He’s making a case for himself.
  7. I’m not sure exactly what you expected, but Wayne Simmonds and an injured Sami Vatanen returning what they did is (to use another golf analogy) par for the course. No one was giving up a lot for either of them, particularly as both are on expiring contracts.
  8. It’s really cute that the Isles fancy themselves legit. They’ll be lucky to win a round if they even get in.
  9. So a former Devil, being traded by a former Devil, to the former Devils’ GM.
  10. A 43-year old Zamboni driver wins an NHL game, on the same day Ovechkin scores #700, which just happens to be the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. What a day lol.
  11. This guy Ayres is gonna be the winning goalie, this is insane lol.
  12. Yep. Holy sh!t, the poor bastard. https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/zamboni-driver-forced-into-goalie-net-for-hurricanes-as-emergency-backup-1.4823766
  13. Atta way Simmer, boost that trade value! He’s been snakebitten lately.
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