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  1. I love that they’ll be asked about it; maybe it’ll remind them of what a sh!tty organization they represent 🤣
  2. Oh come on, lighten up and enjoy it. Who cares if Biz warmed bench? Not like he’s not completely self aware about it, he makes fun of himself all the time. Yes, frauds. fvck them.
  3. Yeah Buffalo could be us from last year. They are set for a breakout year.
  4. I’m with you there, it’s the frauds thing. He called their players and fans frauds, and I love that, because they are.
  5. Biz is a tool, but I’m right with him on his Rags take 🤣
  6. 🤣 https://nypost.com/2023/09/27/paul-bissonnette-has-no-love-for-the-rangers-all-frauds/?fbclid=IwAR0ugDJ3FHQ32s16qBbp8Hry8CKjlRGXw_SQSiOQdCqTE_xmCFDH5sToy88_aem_AWrY25xjosV-akf1a_8QXUVzzcuABjQmjxltJ4RXVwP4LT4IGtFiKXQIlEwz2MbQHLg
  7. Good riddance if true https://www.houseofhockey.net/RUMOUR-Jack-Edwards-Days-Numbered-in-Boston-279863
  8. https://thehockeynews.com/news/the-sharks-could-be-open-to-trading-logan-couture-and-tomas-hertl?fbclid=IwAR3UgeViTmwaDCO4nroFtJbecxUtSPSGD8P4zjIE-fwM3c-cDETq9fimuJk_aem_AZuCTRQFd-j-ra3bvW75m3rVrd3YMv2l6uz_zPh5QKHTXh5P-947fVwL-pIgRUgG3Es
  9. Yeah that would be glorious for sure lol
  10. While I agree re: government, it’s a stupid business decision because it costs more money to do business that way. It’s idiotic.
  11. NOTHING pisses me off like condescension. If people condescend to me, I lose it. I have no tolerance for that sh!t. And that’s why I can’t stand Bettman.
  12. If I got the chance, I’d dump a beer on his head. Pretty sure he’d remember that.
  13. Yeah I get that; Bettman doesn’t ‘spin’ though. He outright lies, shamelessly.
  14. Boom. Exactly. Use a card all you want, I use my debit card all the time. But NOT ACCEPTING cash is fvcking dumb. Period, full stop. Oh you don’t wanna count money or bring it to the bank? Tough sh!t. Business was done for 200 years like that. Technology makes us lazy.
  15. Absolutely. And it’s sad. I would relish the opportunity to tell Gary Bettman right to his face what I think of him, but NHL employees and media can’t say sh!t if they wanna keep their jobs/access. I would love to run into that fvckface at a game. I would not hold back.
  16. People like Gary Bettman are like that because no one has ever told him to his face what an a$$hole he is. That dude gets his ass kissed everywhere he goes, and anyone who doesn’t comply gets arrogant Gary. Quite frankly, people like that need the sh!t kicked out of them.
  17. Gotta be the youngest coach in pro hockey 🤣
  18. Like, that makes NO SENSE. It’s CHEAPER to accept cash. Why, if you’re a business, would you wanna pay all those transaction fees?!?! ACCEPT CASH.
  19. I fvcking HATE the cashless sh!t. It’s ridiculous. Cash is and will always be king.
  20. https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2023/09/23/3-takeaways-from-devils-scrimmage-on-day-3-of-training-camp/?fbclid=IwAR3orgc-wv8gaOz2D4wGUtdjB-0r7u5vQKGb-2ASD5hRTWZDH88WCEcp91M_aem_AU4DRQF68iRYsgFNLYVQbWcAxrF9ftUvOI7jUa_WgRQ8Dsc_lGQMvbo6zynN5qwj2e0
  21. Figured I’d start the new thread with this trade that happened the other day: https://thehockeynews.com/nhl/vancouver-canucks/news/canucks-send-tanner-pearson-and-draft-pick-to-montreal-in-exchange-for-casey-desmith?fbclid=IwAR2DpddEq7a0L2bt7P0aAsgRftWZfsVSkDUhqIhUr20VKT7jGRsrPtHXJsI_aem_AU7v0hQqHqzBSrW3-h1s2zOx48Xr8d5gfQXgGFIDQ8xSuh6PFrjhtwhhjoMZ8GFyB3M
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