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  1. I think you may have gotten some fake news there Has. Fitz said in his press conference that he found out when Flores called him into his office and told him. He said he was shocked by the timing of the move, and that he was heartbroken by the decision, which I can understand. But I think it may have been the plan all along to play Tua after the bye, and it just so happens the bye got moved up to this week because of the schedule re-shuffling (it was supposed to be in week 11 originally), and it pushed the timeline forward. There were reports some players were surprised, but everyone knew this
  2. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/jack-hughes-is-ready-for-more?fbclid=IwAR0BEv-Ff-nGj_PBEW3ofnIHZicrzQ_hICMfMeF6qhemXXLkb2m2qrwIaqs
  3. Yeah I could live with $70,000 to play a sport lol.
  4. A little late with this, but it’s Tua time starting next Sunday. Surprised Flores made the move now with the team winning the last two, but I’m good with it. Can’t wait to see this kid take the field for us, finally.
  5. Not a bad get on a one year deal. Well done Fitz.
  6. Quality over quantity. More traffic means more idiots. And there is no shortage of them over there.
  7. The best Doc call of them all.
  8. Lou is obviously an automatic when (if) he retires.
  9. fvck all of those people. Your first mistake was joining HF.
  10. Doc in the Ring of Honor is something I think needs to be done.
  11. https://deadspin.com/doc-emrick-champion-of-vocabulary-with-an-infectious-p-1845414579?utm_campaign=Deadspin&utm_content=1603129098&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2EOWGsaAolIb7ExTfp6Z0_iifgxsekOme930h0uQLJRaZSMF1ICyT8lgg
  12. That’s an amazing story MB. Awesome.
  13. Long live Doc! Enjoy retirement GOAT.
  14. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/meet-the-next-great-russian-phenom?fbclid=IwAR1-BLau7lUMq5buJqULgr3wqA_7DRLKXijLDQI3HCxBncOU5K3dZWIhq7o
  15. You can still redeem yourself. Everyone deserves a second chance.
  16. I’m disappointed @mfitz804. I teed it up for you.
  17. Yeah I’m well aware we’re not much better than those two right now. Not lost on me lol.
  18. Yeah if you’re willing to go to Ottawa, and you just left Florida, what the fvck 10 teams could be worse than those two?
  19. Cases appear to be rising again in NJ. Over 900 more were reported today I think. Also, flu season is on the way, so that helps no one. I actually got a flu shot the other day. But the mask thing infuriates me. Just wear it. It’s not a big deal. I wear one every time I go out now. I’ve gotten used to it.
  20. Yeah that’s Canadian college sports.
  21. Pasic, I totally forgot about that guy lol.
  22. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/blog-devils-announce-numbers-for-new-players/c-319461254?fbclid=IwAR3mkvBN2bo1eLdD-IP931dHwv9stqn05x854QkQOmq_HmlFi_OwsUGxLfk
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