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  1. P.K. and Lindsey Vonn got engaged: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2850814-devils-pk-subban-olympic-gold-medalist-lindsey-vonn-announce-engagement
  2. I’ve heard the same stuff. My sister’s dog came from Louisiana.
  3. Dogs are great. Cats are great. Love ‘em both.
  4. There was a reason we called him Dollar Bill lol.
  5. Good for Billy G. Glad we get to hold on to Fitzgerald.
  6. No one said an 18 year old dude wanting to see tits is bad, or that it’s news- however, this type of behavior, like it or not, is generally frowned upon in today’s society, and it’s not a good look. He’ll be talked to about it, and that’s it. We all move on.
  7. Yeah Jack will be hearing from Shero about that.... probably his parents too I’d imagine.
  8. What are the odds a doctor would be fishing 150 yards away? I believe in fate, always have. It wasn’t your time brother, and thank God for that.
  9. Glad you’re still here with us brother.
  10. The Fins may cut Kiko Alonso.... I could see that being a fit for you guys. Gase knows him.
  11. Me too lol. Less nuts than in my 20’s, but when the money is down in a playoff game, I’m still a certifiable fvcking maniac mental patient.
  12. You know what it is though CR- it’s the elephant in the room. Even if everyone says ‘we aren’t talking about it’, it’s there. Everyone knows it. It’s in the back of everyone’s mind. We just don’t need that.
  13. Absolutely. That’s the issue- Hall playing with the Devils as a pending UFA is a major distraction. We don’t need that sh!t. We don’t need all 22 other guys on the team answering questions every day about it. We don’t need a new article every day about it. We don’t need the bullsh!t speculation from the talking heads. And by we, I mean everyone- players, coaches, fans- it’s the only thing anyone will wanna talk about. And this is before we even get into the risk of injury by playing him.
  14. And if he does get hurt, then you have a real problem. It’s Taylor Hall. You'll have plenty of good offers, regardless of him coming off an injury.
  15. Yeah I think I would.... not an easy decision to be sure. But my response to that would be, you’ve had three months to decide. You’ve lived in the area for three years. You see the direction the franchise is headed. If you need another month, it isn’t a great show of faith. You either believe in this thing, or you don’t. If you need another month, it tells me you don’t buy in. Therefore, I’m gonna have to move you- so keep your phone on.
  16. Because I don’t need him getting hurt and tanking his value. You can’t fvck around with this. I feel the best way to maximize Hall’s value is to trade him early on; he’d be healthy, and the team you trade him to would get him for a full season, probably making it more likely that they’d give you more back.
  17. If the two sides are working in good faith towards a deal, then fine- no problem. However, if it’s one of those things where Hall is still being a little bitch about signing, and he’s showing resistance, and he’s still not sure, blah blah blah- call your realtor, Taylor. You’re outta here to the highest bidder.
  18. If no offer has been made, then that’s a different issue, and then I shift my ire to Shero. There is no reason to not tender an offer before the season starts. This is a ‘sh!t or get off the pot’ scenario for both sides. Under no circumstances whatsoever should Taylor Hall be allowed to set foot on the ice for the Devils without a contract extension.
  19. He needs to sign by camp. No waiting until the season starts. No waiting until the deadline. Sign by the end of September, or Pack. Your. sh!t.
  20. I can’t recall ever feeling this blah. Gonna be a long year. Just get me to the draft.
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