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  1. Please be paranoid about it privately. I’m sorry, this is ridiculous at this stage of the game.
  2. He’ll have another job in five minutes.
  3. My momentum was disrupted. Tough to get it back.
  4. People really shouldn’t opine on what they don’t know.
  5. HF. Exhibit A of ‘fans are fvcking stupid’. Listening to some of the muppets in that hellhole will make you lose IQ points.
  6. Yeah it’s dumb of her to respond. You’re a reporter for the team. Twitter is full of idiot trolls. Ignore them.
  7. Well, I’ll just simply say this: Whatever changed- change it the fvck back.
  8. I agree. I just can’t even begin to think about the draft right now. Not that it’s not important, it obviously is very important. But mentally, I can’t get hyped for something that is likely a year and a half away.
  9. I just wanna know what happened to the team that showed up in Boston a week ago. These fvcking losers don’t look anything like that.
  10. At least Ulmark knows his pads are good to go now. He hasn’t had to use them too much.
  11. That’s the other thing. They inexplicably shelve the RR’s because reasons. This game is one giant clusterfvck by the players, coaches, and the marketing dopes. The draft? There isn’t gonna be a draft until 2022. So I can’t even think about it right now.
  12. Not time to root for the tank yet, but certainly a step back these last few games. Lots of work to do.
  13. Nope. We’re gonna get shut-out and probably give up one more for good measure. This is one of THOSE games.
  14. A true team fvck-up. Team work makes the dream work.
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