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  1. I did see the replay finally. Looked like Jack was beginning to turn his back just as Lauzon went to hit him. I don’t think it was necessarily a dirty hit, but it wasn’t completely clean either.
  2. From my angle (I was in section 118), it looked like a good hit, and Jack fell awkwardly. I haven’t watched a replay yet though.
  3. Me too. Just in case yours doesn’t fit right or something
  4. Btw, solid crowd tonight. Not a sell-out, but definitely a better than normal weeknight crowd for a western conference opponent. Lowers and 100’s were just about full.
  5. Jack is day to day, per Ruff. Evaluated again tomorrow.
  6. Keep Mike Bossy in your prayers. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/mike-bossy-diagnosed-with-lung-cancer?fbclid=IwAR29O8DtiU6BziDnQgXoDkieLVRIkYJmTA52SNJmt5DZUGXbTzM5RXrFtqw
  7. Decided to go tonight because of it being the first ever game against Seattle; this time, I was asked for my vaccination card.
  8. Discontent and dysfunction in Rag land?
  9. I thought I read yesterday that Wood started skating.
  10. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/severson-activated-from-ir-blackwood-retroactively-placed-on-ir/c-327003402?fbclid=IwAR3Ss49KjoSCyO3LTM5GcgGve5c1aVzEJoK07-iS1_hx5qO6QRu_wN5qT7Y This alone would be worth the price of admission
  11. Yeah Chris Grier is not a good GM. I’d be all for another total house cleaning at this point. But Ross will probably just take another half measure, like he always does. Bottom line- I am not going to see a Super Bowl until I’m 90, if I make it that far lol.
  12. Since I wasn’t born until 1979, that means very little to me lol. Re: Tua- he’s far from the problem. I have faith he’ll work out fine if/when he’s surrounded with a good offensive staff, be it with the Fins, or elsewhere. The talent is there, it just needs to be developed properly. He put that on display last week.
  13. No sympathy from the board’s resident Fin fan. I’m not looking forward to Halloween…..
  14. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/evander-kane-given-21-game-suspension-for-violating-nhls-covid-19-protocol?fbclid=IwAR3FRBoPbS5Ekrh6O3c6oJpAa-P7F6r5I-iwG8RjLAOSHGc_Z_eoXa5Tt20
  15. Our need as a society to abbreviate everything is annoying lol
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