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  1. Don’t insult Kid Ray like that
  2. Thanks buddy. Thankfully Tua was discharged and traveled home with the team. But that whole scene was terrifying. Just glad he is okay.
  3. Certain players are just injury prone. I don’t know why. Nico is definitely one of them though.
  4. That’s awesome man! Have a great time and be sure to post pics and give us scouting reports lol
  5. Call it whatever you want, dude is injury prone. Injuries find him. It’s annoying. The best ability is availability.
  6. One fvcking preseason game and he’s already got a fvcking soft tissue injury. fvck outta here. Ridiculous.
  7. Nico is really beginning to piss me off with his fragility.
  8. Cramps my ass. Just go with the standard UBI or LBI and don’t insult our intelligence.
  9. I don’t care if he does or if he doesn’t- between how he played during his call-up last season, and what I’ve seen so far this camp, dude deserves to start the season with the big club. He’s earned it.
  10. Neither can I. Legit. Curtis Gabriel just retired, so yeah- no one.
  11. If Zetterlund was ever waived to make room for Geersten I wouldn’t lose my mind- I’m pretty sure my head would explode, taking my mind with it.
  12. And the PA announcer sounds like a seasoned professional. Win-win.
  13. Good to see Wood resembling the Wood of old on that play.
  14. I really like Zetterlund’s game.
  15. My sister can relate; she was a theatre kid, and now she’s a mother of one. The rehearsals and commitments never stop lol
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