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  1. Still punching, just above his weight with his incredibly attractive wife. And no I wouldn't say that to his face, I value my teeth.
  2. This move certainly puts a bit more pressure on the Blues to move him.
  3. That forward group upsets me a little mainly the ???? and Johnsson.
  4. fvck trees , oxygen producing , CO2 absorbing morons, just stood their waiting to be hugged. Bunch of wooden arseholes.
  5. A lot of focus has been on Hamilton, and rightly so, but we have holes at forward we need to fill as well, there hasn't been any noise in that area. Would be interesting to see what is left.
  6. No worries. I am not sure why he hasn't got the blue tick. I am still only getting truly excited when one of the big boys posts something.
  7. Dude has close to 2k followers including legit sources such as Amanda Stein, Chris Ryan and Erica Watcher, believe he has a media pass and asks questions on devils press calls. He doesn't have the check but he has been reliable so far.
  8. HOLY fvck. Is this going to happen?
  9. Tidy. IF this doesn't happen , we riot.
  10. Lets see if this one makes the start of the season.
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