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  1. They don't have to do any of that. This team does not have to be in "all in" mode yet. We are still just entering our window of competitiveness. I am totally against moving anything significant for a netminder over the age of 30. More than willing to ride this season out withnwhat we have and look to address issues in the summer.
  2. Of course. There has got to be some sort of heat on Lindy right now. You can't get obliterated by the leagues worst team and not be under scrutiny.
  3. Yeah I liked that. There was an immediate sense of inevitably in his voice. Watched that back a few times.
  4. As a sports peasmist those are the sort of stats that make me really nervous. Lol
  5. Jack is on pace for 148 points across an 82 game season. He still leads the league in P/G at 1.81. I hate to think what this team would look like without him.
  6. I always had some hope that Tyce would take that step. But he never did. He has connections with Bridgeport and the Islanders org, so maybe he felt it was a good fit with more chance of making the NHL.
  7. Oh look the Captain is back and the team don't look like sh!te.
  8. Record with Nico this season 4-2-1 Record without Nico this season 4-7-0 Team has looked lost without him.
  9. Not really sure where the team goes from here.
  10. I disagree, I think it was a gamble because Fitz was banking on Bahl taking a step, others maintaining their level whilst having a number of new partnerships at that back end and Luke elevating his defensive game. None of that was even close to a given. Personally I would have kept Graves, even at what he got from Pitsburgh (and I think he might have taken less to stay here on what should have been a strong team). Given the free cap space and not singing Miller and one of Smith or Nosek you can make that work. That contract would have been movable when it needed to be moved. Severson was never going to be able to stay, and I wouldn't have wanted him at what was being offered. I just don't think you can lose that much of your defensive unit whilst downgrading the quality of player replacing them not to expect a decline in performance.
  11. This team is in freefall. I still maintain losing both Severson and Graves at the same time was a massive gamble by Fitz and the team doesn't look close to the same without them. Those guys got Lindys system and made it work. I have not given up hope on this team, they have the talent to cause anyone problems, but I think it's going to take some trades to get the personell the roster needs to perform.
  12. I had no idea. Luckily Satans Hockey is on the ball.
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