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  1. No I agree, I want a defenseman, I will take any of the ones slated to go in the top 5. But if we end up drafting further back and they all go and Ecklund is there, I think you make that move.
  2. After I posted this I went back and checked and Gordie is dead. But my point still stands, the corpse of Gordie Howe is better than 75% of this roster.
  3. Let's get Gordie Howe back out of retirement and try to get back his record.
  4. Who needs the playoffs when you can root for the draft lottery.
  5. Who knows , results go our way and that three becomes a two!! Then who's laughing?? Narrator: no one was laughing.
  6. Have we actually managed to score a goal with the extra man this season? I can't remember us doing this.
  7. The Vegas helmets would look so much better if they were matt. The level of shineyness is just so unnecessary. Who though that this was a good idea? I guess it doesn't affect the team at an on ice level because of the background, but it can't be easy.
  8. Yeah not so much here. He at least looks like he has a decent frame to bulk up a bit. This video should be titled Alexander Holtz/William Ecklund highlights. Those two have an incredible understanding. If Ecklund is there when we pick and is the BPA I think we have to go for him.
  9. Holtz looks like a bit of a tank in this photo. Broad shoulders and looks like he has some upper body strength. Much needed , maybe he can get the rest of the young guys in the gym.
  10. Someone needs to GIF Jack flipping someone off at the end.
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