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  1. Fitz saying he would take a shot at Pietrangelo if that was an option. Doesn't really fit the age profile he has been talking about for the rest of the off-season.
  2. Someone needs to ask Pat Maroon about what was harder. He has the most recent experience in both.
  3. I have done it a few times and get different results for the 7th, but always end up with Gunler at 18th.
  4. https://nhlentrydraft.com/mock-draft/ This has a cool feature where you can do an interactive draft. The only thing is you only get the choice of players the computer hasn't selected. But still fun. I just did round 1 but you can do a full draft. Here is my Round 1 based on my available players.
  5. I agree, they need to know there are people out there who won't always agree with you and that's ok. I don't think you have to be ok with other people's opinions in certain circumstances, racism or homophobia for example. I hope my kids will always feel confident enough to challenge that. My main gripe with the way things are today is it seems like the knee jerk reaction to one thing is to go as hard as possible the other way. But Anyway going OT.
  6. Maybe it's just me but I find humanity and society so depressing and draining right now. The level of division globally is awful. Being a Dad to two young kids I often lie awake at night and think, how are we going to fix this for their generation.
  7. The New Jersey Delis , in tribute or all of the Delis of New Jersey. Could just replace the horns on the j with the ends of a salami.
  8. Vancouver making a statement in game 1, another round for them and it's looking like and 20+ pick. Arizona not so much, but a long , long way to go in both series. Vaatanen did not play in game 1 for the Canes but Brindamour said he has a good shot for Game 2. Saw a preview of the 2021 draft today. Jack and Quinn's little brother is eligible for that one. That could be interesting.
  9. Good thread. 1. As others have said the 2001 game 7 , not only do we get a cup but it probably ends the debate on Marty Vs Roy. 2. Have to agree with others in the Cory trade, I was all over that at the time, I wanted Cory on the team as Marty's heir for a long , long time. But actually in hindsight the team was on the decline. We should have actually been looking to get future pieces at that stage , it wasn't the start of another long spell of success it was just a team that got hot at the right time. Lou misread the situation. Based on that I would get rid of Kovy , because that w
  10. Pittsburgh now has a 12.5% chance of first overall. You know what's coming. Crosby paired up with Lafernier .
  11. With Pittsburgh now sh!tting the bed it actually slides to either 17th or 18th at the highest. 17th if Edmonton advances , 18th Chicago.
  12. The first rounder we get from Arizona this year will be no higher than 16th. At this stage if they can win a round and convince Hall to stay it's probably better than tooting for them to fail.
  13. Yes but did he play them all together? Or were they switching lines every 5 seconds? Vancouver are one win away from giving us their pick. Then we can stop rooting for them and hope the wheels come off We are at least getting a 4th from the Canes as well.
  14. Cheers Hynes , still costing the Devil's even after he has fvcked off.
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