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  1. Not to keep going in about Hall, but currently at 6 points in 3gp.
  2. 100% , if you could start working on the 2021 draft now please , then we can send this thread and your suggestions to Fitz and the Devil's scouting team and make sure we get some quality going forward.
  3. Miles wood can make you hate him and love him in the span of 4 seconds.
  4. One thing I have noticed about Jack today is he keeps fiddling with his Helmet. It seems to be dropping down over his eyes.
  5. FUUUUUUUUUCK, A bit more composure there from Jack. What a pass by Big Mac.
  6. Linesman just watches as Coyle punches Kuaokonen in the back of the head.
  7. Jack is basically carrying the offense, giving teams more to think about on other lines will really help.
  8. Is it me or do Zacha's hands look far more slick that they ever have. He seem to be stick handling and holding the puck under pressure exceptionally well at both ends of the ice.
  9. I didn't even pick up on that. I need to go back through. I was having a look at the 2014 thread as well. That was a shot show. A lot of posters were keen on Conor Bleackley , who went at 23 in the end, guy has currently spent most of his career in the ECHL. Nessus was again spot on in 2014 picking up that Point and Pasternak should be top prioritys.
  10. Funny how Larsson ended up there anyway. This scenario would have been good. This was on Zacha. At least we didn't go with Crouse. We went the wrong way. Hit, hit, hit and hit. It's amazing that this board could broadly see who the best players were , almost to the point of consensus, but the Devil's scouting team could not. None of Williams posts aged well. This being the finest of the bunch. And another Arizona should have kicked a few less tires. Can you imagine I am bumping this thread because there are some specta
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