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  1. It's incredible how badly the US has handled this pandemic. And that's coming from someone in a country where it's been a complete sh!t show.
  2. Over the last 10 years not at all, but I clearly had devil's tinted glasses on for the drafts in the 2000's era.
  3. Slightly off topic The Athletic published an article on each team's best draft class over the last 20 years. The Devil's was selected as 2017 and at first I thought to myself "well that just seems lazy we definitely drafted better than that in the early 2000's" and after some research it turns out I was completely wrong. Our drafting even before the 2010's is shocking. My perception has always been that the devil's had a long history of successful drafting , but on reflection that seems to have died around 1998. And since the it's been 20 years of a few rare gems and a lot of garbage.
  4. Unless we were picking 1st or 2nd I am not too bothered about picking 7th. There doesn't seem to be too much consensus around the order 3-10. Every player seems to have some upsides as well as down. But over the last few years the 7th round pick has thrown up some good players.
  5. I mean Buffalo hiring someone straight away was a knee jerk reaction not the Devil's current situation. The fact they have now binned off 22 member of staff I think justifies that.
  6. I mean to me this seems massively knee jerk. I would rather take time over things. Also I really do feel Fitz actually has the job. Even with the rumours of others being interviewed.
  7. Very good article on the Athletic about the options to restart the season. None of them involve the Devil's which is unsurprising . The talk of a 24 team format with a 5 game round robin league has been talked about a lot. The Athletic article does a good job of showing why this would be incredibly unfair on teams in a playoff spot but would directly benefit three huge markets in terms of making the playoffs. Currently the Rangers, Habs and Blackhawks all have less than a 10% chance of making the playoffs (I think Montreal is actually nearly 0%). In the new format that jumps to 40% which is incredibly unfair. A 20 team format with a 4 game round robin before the playoffs seems far fairer to me.
  8. According to Elliot Friedman the Devils have interviewed Dallas Stars assistant coach John Stevens. Coached the flyers and most recently the King's. Don t know much about him but his record doesn't scream success to me.
  9. That would be a kick in the balls. If they could wait until after tonight's games and Vancouver could pick up a win that would be just great.
  10. Hope you stay well man. Looks like it's either going to be behind closed doors or for Serie A teams no games at all. Daniel Rugani. Yep. Tom Hanks as well now.
  11. Its strange isn't it? I am guessing you have to have percentage odds of at least one decimal place to get on there. Otherwise it will just look a bit stupid.
  12. This does need to be treated seriously but at the same time panic doesn't help anyone. The current mortality rate for Covid-19 is 4% for known reported cases , seasonal influenza mortality rate is 0.1% and global influenza deaths fluctuate between 2-4% annually. These are all readily available WHO figures. And just remember 4% of the American population is 13.5 million people. That being said there isn't any need for panic. Sensible measures like regular hand washing and self isolation if you have symptoms can stop the spread. It is true that the vast majority of people who get this won't die, they might not even become remotely ill , but it's times like this we really need to stop and think of those who are vulnerable, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions or low immune systems and put those people first. Let's try not to think of the 4868 people who have died from this as just numbers, but as relatives , friends and random people on a message board we for some reason have an affinity for (even though most of us can be complete arseholes when the team sucks) that we won't see again. Think of people you know who have had , or are going through chemo and say to yourself "is their life worth not cancelling a few sports events?". Personally I think it's an easy choice. ESPECIALLY given the season this team is having. So wash your hands regularly, stay home if you feel ill and be sensible.
  13. There is a brilliant article with video analysis on The Athletic about Jack, highlight his strengths and the weaknesses of his game this season. Everything that has been poor about his game is correctable.
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