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  1. Chimaira_Devil_#9


    Slightly off topic but Mike Commodore really does not like Mike Babcock.
  2. Hynes doesn't seem to be at any risk of getting fired. So Hall.
  3. Who's upset? Spitting is just grim, I would rather get punched that have someone spit on my face. And it's hockey , people punch people. Don't want to get punched? Then don't run around being a dick. If the refs let things develop a bit more sh!t like this wouldn't happen.
  4. The Refs should have just let them go at it at that stage really. Going to add an edge to any future games this season.
  5. Ah I see. It was really hard to see from the video when Hathaway spat at him. I thought it was before and that's why Gudbranson was trying to cave his skull in. Still really hate spitting though.
  6. Good, when someone spits on you , punch them in the face.
  7. The real question to be asking here is who the fvck is taking Jack Hughes' to training and making him food!!!!!
  8. Sweet Jesus there are Leafs and Detroit fans on Twitter hoping their teams claim him.
  9. He has done everything asked of him. I was delighted when Lou picked him up and he showed why in his early days. As others have said it's a a shame that his best stint coincidence with the rest of the team being absolute hot garbage. Really sad way for him to go. Very, very odd timing for this. I am sure all the details will come out in the wash.
  10. I think it's pretty clear he is going to test the market. Which again hurts our potential for a return.
  11. Don't worry guys, plenty of time to blow this in regulation still.
  12. The only reason I will continue to watch with any interest is to see how Jack , Nico , Goose and Boqvist do for the rest of the year. How this team could have killed of any interest or possible hope of the playoffs by early November is truly spectacular.
  13. Kakko's play is warming up. 2 goals last night, 6 on the season. Jack still a point ahead with the same amount of games played. Going to be a great battle for years to come.
  14. All Jack Hughes' stuff is in his house. Clever move by Cory really. Take in the future face of the franchise. Keep him in your basement. Major collateral for Cory there for negotiating game time or a new contract. "Play me on Tuesday John or else Jack gets the hose again"
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