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  1. Really don't see how can you infer anything from this.
  2. I was hoping that we were about to take a step and at least not be bottom dwellers. It just hasn't happened. I lay most of the blame for this a Hynse's door. But Hynse is only there for so long because of Ray.
  3. They absolutely scraped in on the last game on the back of one player. I don't think anyone thought they would be perennial playoff contenders year after year based on that. It shows you how low the bar has been over the last 5 years that this is seen as over achieving.
  4. I hope you are not implying this team has overachieved under Ray?
  5. Guy is my favourite player on the team. He brings it every game. He is tough as well but not in a stupid way. He is so hard to play against.
  6. That's one area Ray has performed very well on over the last 5 years IMO.
  7. Ok dude we get your point....... Lol Haha seriously though I don't know many women who would take that sort of thing that well when it comes to proposals. Good for her though if it's genuine, she is probably a keeper.
  8. I hope for that guys sake it was a setup or he had a ring and made a proposal later in that evening in spectacular fashion , otherwise he isn't getting any for a looooooooong time.
  9. Ray has kicked tyres on making the moves to address this season's poor performance, and that is what I feel is the most likely reason he has been let go. I think if Ray sent Cory down in the summer for a stint in Bing and brought a solid FA backup to split with blackwood and then cans Hynes after 15 games rather than when he did he probably still has a job.
  10. Could have just said the usual "philosophical differences" BS and left it at that? If they are now going to let Fitz blow the team up and trade off all the vets, and tank the rest of the season then why fire Ray now? Could have just stuck with the same plan.
  11. They came out and said they are tired of losing and haven't been winning enough. Complete opposite of what tanking involves.
  12. Looks like ownership thought "not on our watch" for another full rebuild.
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