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  1. Only 8 games left!! So excited to see this team not play any more hockey.
  2. That season was up and down , started really quite well and was looking good until an absolutely brutal December. We picked up in January , but got destroyed after the deadline . But we had some spells were we put 5 wins on the bounce together. This year has been brutal, outside the 4 game winning streak to start we have barely been able to put two wins together. Apart from a blip in December this team has been horrible since late November.
  3. When does this god forsake season end? This has been my least favourite season as a Devil's fan ever.
  4. Would you say that it's less common now for a player who makes an impact at NHL level to spend any reasonable time the the AHL before being called up? Or is that just my perception? Seems like these days they just go straight into the NHL skipping the AHL all together. I mean you still get a considerable amount of 3rd and 4th liners , but top six players don't seem to see an AHL stint.
  5. You know it's a fvcking terrible season when there is more talk about the history of the Epcot centre than the team on the ice in a game day thread. Especially when I was more interested in the discussion about the Epcot centre.
  6. Hoping we can see some good performances from the young guys . Might as well treat the remained of the season as an extended prospect camp.
  7. Who calls their car Emoji Douche?
  8. I think it has some relevance in terms of process. If Ray was a fan and was hoping to bring him back he could have spoken with MoJo about trade options that were preferential, where to send him and how to bringing him back. If he has told you "I am not interested in coming back" Ray doesn't really have to keep him onside for any future deal. Means it's far easier to trade him to a team featuring say, the guy that intentionally took his head off, without feeling too bad about it.
  9. So in his interview Ray just said that there was no chance of signing MoJo to an extension. So looks like Jimmy was indeed 100% correct.
  10. He was never that good, but at the same time he wasn't really bad. He always spoke about enjoying being a Devil and being part of the organisation. So I wish him well. He is one of those players I can see Ray Bringing back at some point though.
  11. Can Cory only play well when the season is down the sh!tter? Here he comes again to stop us bottoming out completely at a time where we really could do with him just being terrible.
  12. For sure. You can never tell with drafts. It seems entirely possible that Vancouver actually got the best player out if that draft but who knows? In another 2 years time it will all be a lot clearer.
  13. But just remember according to the flyers broadcast he is having a difficult year..... Oh and TSN says he's not even the third best player from his draft class. Rediculous.
  14. So we have a 0.06 chance of still making the playoffs.
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