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  1. We will never know for sure, but we have spent months laughing at the Rangers (rightly so) for not being able to develop the talent they have in Lafrenier and Kako (and the many others before them). They went with a win now coach in Gallant and are seeing the results, but they don't seem to be building anything. I think it's the reverse of the Devil's, the Rangers players are developing in spite of coaching, where as the Devil's players have developed because the emphasis has been on making them better players at the expense of immediate results. It's a cliche but the saying talent only gets you so far is often proved right in the NHL. Lindy has given them the framework to succeed in the NHL. Feels like Lindy is actually a victim of his own success in a way. I think it's fair to say no one expected this team to get close to 100 points this season, and now we are here not capitalising on that will feel like a wasted opportunity. But from my perspective we are just further along the line in terms of progress than we expected. There will 100% be a time when Lindy is not the right guy, and I think Fitz has a plan for that. I just don't think he was expecting that to be so soon. Don't get me wrong I am not saying he is perfect, I agree with some of this. But I think that's the trade off for having a guy that the young guys clearly like and respect and are taking direction from. My hope is that by the time Lindy departs all the young guys know what it takes to be a consistent force in the NHL and the next coach who takes over doesn't have to worry about showing anyone the ropes. I can't argue with this, they still haven't managed to figure it out and it's beyond frustrating.
  2. I get the frustrations people have with Lindy , I share a lot of them , but I think when his time here is done and there is time to reflect I think he should get a lot of credit for developing the players to where they are today. You cant have a team on 100 points and not give credit to the coach. He has clearly instilled the right attitude in the young players. He has managed to get guys like Bratt to overcome their consistency issues ( Four seasons before Lindy 30ish points a season, the two since, 70 points a season). I was reading the article written when the team clinched the other day and whe you read what they were asking Lindy to do, he has delivered and then some. Is he the right coach to take this team forward into the future? Probably not. That being said would I begrudge him another season as the HC, again probably not, if he can start working on Luke and Nemec to bring out the best in them.
  3. Me waking up and checking the score this morning
  4. Both Jack and Kakko hit the 40 goal mark on the same day. Jack in a season, and Kakko for his career.
  5. I'd go with Matthew because Brady is painful to look at.
  6. 40 goals is a big, big achievement. And what a goal to take him to the mark.
  7. So many young players on the team every season is going to be a process of learning. I have seen so many people on Twitter say "this team needs to be playing like its the playoffs", yeah well most of them have no idea what that is like. It could be a very steep learning curve come the first round. Positive from tonight, Jack seemed to wake up, he looked like he was pissed off and was determined to get a goal. Negative: still don't think Lindy knows what his best lines are and the team seems unbalanced at times. You would want the team to be pretty settled by now on what their best lines are. Especially for one of the best teams in the league.
  8. I hope they both go out with the intention to injure as many of the other teams players a possible.
  9. Doesn't seem like a popular choice. Seems a bit amateurish to me.
  10. Nico Hischier appreciation post. Had to deal with a lot of pressure given where he was picked and how quickly he came into the league. But showing he deserved his billing.
  11. He seems happy to be here, although they could als just be relief of not being in the Canucks dressing room anymore.
  12. Oh for sure but we could have ended up with some more 26 year old AHL fodder, so it's nice to get a player who has just tuned 22 who still has some potential.
  13. https://www.fearthefin.com/platform/amp/2022/4/21/22943906/santeri-hatakka-barracuda-american-hockey-league-top-25-san-jose-sharks-prospects-ranking For those interested a little rundown on Santeri Hatakka. Seems like Fitz was able to retained some organisational prospect depth in this as well, with Hatakka being a downgrade on Ohotyuk, but still with some possible up sides. Ibramhov looks like much less of an intriguing prospects, but he is essentially the makeweight for Johnnson so who give a sh!t.
  14. I reckon it's : Devils 1st round pick in 2023 Zetterlund Mukhamdullin
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