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  1. I don't think players ever go from being below average skaters to top end, but players can work on their mechanics to get to the point where a bad skater can become NHL average.
  2. If he keeps going like this we won't be able to pick him at second!
  3. In other news it's hard supporting GB at these tournaments.
  4. Yeah it was a competitive series , and Rochester have some great players Krebs, Peterka and Raustolinen should all be vying for a spot in the NHL next year without question. I think the nature of the defeat last night was very Devilesque. Blowing a lead in the third period, so its a familiar feeling. I think Brylin will land wherever most of our Russians are located. If Shak and Nikita ate both still in Utica then that's where he will be. Holtz needs to come into camp with some improvements to his skating. I can't imagine the development team are not already drawing him up a programme for the summer.
  5. Disappointing end to the season. Holtz needs to get some rest this summer and come back ready. His performance really slumped towards the the end of the season. 1 goal and 2 assists in 5 games is not the level he needs to be operating at in the AHL. Hoping it's because he has played a lot of hockey and it was late season fatigue. I suppose at the end of the day it was nice to have some meaningful hockey at the end of an AHL season. The River Rats were the last team to even get to an elimination game back in 1997. Will be interesting to see what the roster looks like next season. I would imagine some players will step up and make the jump. Also players like Greer are UFA so there could be quite a lot of turnover.
  6. He has so many qualities that would fit well with this team.
  7. Agreed, but this guy isn't saying "oh he reminds me of such and such" he is saying statistically this player is on par with this player. And as far as I can tell it does not account for the quality of the team mates that the individual is playing with. So Luke could go back to Michigan next year, put up the same points and regress on this model, yet have picked up harder minutes and played on what is looking like a weaker team.
  8. I think his work is good and it gives a nice visual , but it will always suffer from having to compare performance across different leagues and the level of competition at the time in that league.
  9. Couple of Devils getting a good look at Slafkovski tonight.
  10. Hahaha , amazing. This phone at times just goes off the wall. Yeah, sorry , was probably funnier in my head.
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