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  1. That would be a kick in the balls. If they could wait until after tonight's games and Vancouver could pick up a win that would be just great.
  2. Hope you stay well man. Looks like it's either going to be behind closed doors or for Serie A teams no games at all. Daniel Rugani. Yep. Tom Hanks as well now.
  3. Its strange isn't it? I am guessing you have to have percentage odds of at least one decimal place to get on there. Otherwise it will just look a bit stupid.
  4. This does need to be treated seriously but at the same time panic doesn't help anyone. The current mortality rate for Covid-19 is 4% for known reported cases , seasonal influenza mortality rate is 0.1% and global influenza deaths fluctuate between 2-4% annually. These are all readily available WHO figures. And just remember 4% of the American population is 13.5 million people. That being said there isn't any need for panic. Sensible measures like regular hand washing and self isolation if you have symptoms can stop the spread. It is true that the vast majority of people who get this won't die, they might not even become remotely ill , but it's times like this we really need to stop and think of those who are vulnerable, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions or low immune systems and put those people first. Let's try not to think of the 4868 people who have died from this as just numbers, but as relatives , friends and random people on a message board we for some reason have an affinity for (even though most of us can be complete arseholes when the team sucks) that we won't see again. Think of people you know who have had , or are going through chemo and say to yourself "is their life worth not cancelling a few sports events?". Personally I think it's an easy choice. ESPECIALLY given the season this team is having. So wash your hands regularly, stay home if you feel ill and be sensible.
  5. There is a brilliant article with video analysis on The Athletic about Jack, highlight his strengths and the weaknesses of his game this season. Everything that has been poor about his game is correctable.
  6. Because there is a difference between being concerned about his development and giving a justified, reasoned argument around it to just throwing out ridiculous statements like "he is not going to be a good player". Daniel has basically painted himself into a corner because he is so negative and reactionary over every little issue that even valid points will start to get ignored. You can only cry "wolf, wolf" so many times before someone tells you to fvck off.
  7. I don't know whether this is just you having a dark sense of humour where you find this funny, or its a coping mechanism for the team being terrible. But if it's neither of these things I think you need to step back and maybe take a break from the team for a while. Because this doesn't seem to bring you an ounce of enjoyment right now. And this is supposed to be fun. If you can't find anything to enjoy or be positive about maybe skip the rest of the season and come back after the draft.
  8. What you can see in the picture is that Quinn is actually down on one knee......
  9. Arizona's 1st rounder: 10th overall No change in position overnight. Wins for the teams above them haven't improved their chances of making the playoffs. Within the next couple of games they could slip to ninth best in the league if Chicago can beat the Sharks and Ottawa. Seems like a possibility. Next game is another Biggie. 4 point game against Vancouver. Vancouver's 1st rounder ( aka. the pick that is going to stress me out for the rest of the year) : 17th+ 2020 The Canucks gave up the lead 3 times last night but managed to get a shootout win against the islanders. This has pushed them back into the last wildcard spot. They are level on points with Nashville and only one point back on Calgary with a game in hand for 3rd in the Pacific. They just need to keep winning till the end of the season and then get swept in 4. As above next game Friday against the Yotes. Carolina's 4th: no pick Carolina unsurprisingly battered Detroit 5-2 . The win moves them into the 1st wildcard spot , with a game in hand on Columbus below them. Can't see them catching the Penguins in the Metro. So the Wildcard is going to be the only option for them. Buffalo's 5th: 5th round We switched places with Buffalo because we are also terrible.
  10. No need to apologize, it's a message board. This is what we are all here for. Agreed about the league position, the whole point of a league is to filter the best teams out. Sometimes teams may get unlucky with Injuries but every team has injuries. The teams that make the post season deserve to be there because they got the points to make it.
  11. Yeah the outcome of them doing that want great. It depends on what you are being offered I suppose.
  12. I mean his arrival coincided with Darcy Kuemper getting injured. And he was in outstanding form. But they should be better than they are.
  13. Vancouver have basically switched odds with Minnesota. I still feel this is very much in Vancouver's hands but dropping below 50 is never a good sign.
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