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  1. France and GB are basically in the same boat Mous, there has been so much upheaval at every level of UK ice hockey it's a wonder we can get a team on the ice half the time. Over the last few years though it's been a bit more stable and we are starting to see some positive results. The NHL making another stop in the UK wouldn't do any harm.
  2. Not quite, "were sh!t , and we know we are" Variation on an old football chant.
  4. Also Ben Davies who plays for my local team the Guilford Flames deserves a mention for roofing that shot on the 3rd goal.
  5. It's such an achievement for a country that just has one fully professional league. And about 15 ice rinks.
  6. Ben Bowns lady's and gentlemen. One (future?) Devil getting robbed by a current (Cardiff) Devil. GB's star player. Really please with that result after the Denmark sh!tshow. I want the see less of the "just happy to be here attitude".
  7. GB having a fun afternoon against the US so far. Bowns with some good stops especially 1 on 1 with DeBrincat. Don't think the US is going to go far in this tournament. Denmark didn't even conceed against us.
  8. Of course, but I think he would get ice time anyway, he is clearly good enough. I think one of the things that will limit Hughes Ice time is the fact he has just come off the back of another tournament where he logged huge minutes. That's got to have some effect.
  9. I mean that's true of Finland , but he stands out against the teams he is playing against and there is a some significant NHL talent there.
  10. Total shots & Total shifts.
  11. Looking forward to seeing GB get destroyed by Canada later.....
  12. Kakko hatrick on the EN. He just manhandled Jaros with one hand. 5 goals in two games.......
  13. Kakko is incredibly good. Upsettingly good in fact. Oh this is tough.
  14. Hughes passing is rediculous. He set up two clear chances but the US couldn't finish. The US team as a whole looked very disjointed.
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