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  1. Time to fire up the old Connor McDavid for Pavel Zacha rumour mill since we seem to be getting what we ask for. MAKE IT SO DEVILS TWITTER.
  2. Considering the Devil's official Twitter account just tweeted a picture of a mother fvcking goose, I think it's safe to say it's done.
  3. Oh For sure, but what I meant was did anyone else feel like this year there was far less activity in the secondary market after day one? You would get at least two solid days of people being picked up . I mean I don't think a few years back people like Jake Gardiner are making this far into the free agency period unsigned. But this could all just be my perception.
  4. Is it me or did free agency just suddenly die an absolute death?
  5. McDavid would probably be the only player I would blow that on.
  6. I think Lehner is telling a bit of a one sided story. I saw reports that he had been offered a two year deal by the islanders at 5 mill per. He had been hoping for either longer term or more $, so his agent said they should go to market and see what there was. Turns out the term wasn't there on any interested team and they were offering the same $ , but by the time this was done Lou had already pulled the trigger on Varlamov. Could Lou have waited? Maybe, but he doesn't know what other teams are offering, and he can't be without a starter in net.
  7. FFS Luckily given we have P.K and Wayne is doesn't even work.
  8. Seen on twitter so far that Chris Ryan has said that Hall really enjoyed playing with Simmonds at the ASG a few years ago. And TG reported that Subban and Simmonds were friends growing up around Toronto area. So there are some links to this as well. Maybe Jack Hughes once played a season on NHL 15 where he was Simmonds.
  9. If this had been more than one year I would have had questions, but for one I am not even worried. He can be physical , although he has a few injuries the last two seasons.
  10. Wayne Simmonds on a 1 year contract at $5mill. Bit left field. But only one year isn't even close to a problem.
  11. Speaking of dreams , I saw on Twitter some speculation that Patrik Laine could be moved and the Devil's being mentioned. I can't see us having the resources to get that done, but who knows.
  12. That's that 30% accounted for! Shero basically gave them both "show me" deals and Blake did and Noesen didn't . In all honesty Coleman has been one of the nicest finds for me in a long while. I though he would be a player who played 30 games and was back in the minors. He is now one of my favourite players.
  13. I was checking out other areas of the forum for the first time in a long while yesterday and saw that PK is still positing in her Stevens thread, this made me smile. I hope Triumph isn't another poster we have lost. Always enjoy reading his take on things. glenwo2 , man up, when I first started posting on here I used to get ripped for my terrible spelling. At first I was upset about it, but then I thought "actually I should learn to spell". And now 14 years later, thanks to my hard work, dedication and massive improvements in built in autocorrect and spellcheck , it's only a problem about 30% of the time. Anyway back to hockey , I see Nosen wasn't qualified and is looking to go UFA. Can't say I am surprised, he took a huge step back last year. But I did like what he brought to the team, especially with Coleman that first year they were on the team.
  14. I feel it would be wrong if after 18 years you didn't actually meet him. We need to make it happen.
  15. Anyone here remember the days where there would have been a clamour and fight on here to become Jack Hughes' keeper? Great to look back on the old days.
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