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  1. Also another goal for Gritsyuk off a play by Vladimir Zharkov, one of my favourite old school Devils prospects. Good to see Sharkey still has it.
  2. I have been looking for video of Jakub Malek for a couple of weeks, this is the first time I have seen anything and it's him scoring. His save percentage is currently 0.938 and his GAA is 1.98. He is in the Czech second division, but it's better than getting lit up there.
  3. Thanks. This begs the question is Bratt going to be a bit of an anchor to Nico going forward? If Holtz is strong in Utica can Bratt be shifted. Its early doors and I might be jumping the gun, but these guys have got to lead this team on the scoreboard as well as on the ice.
  4. How have Nico and Bratt looked so far? I have been ill , so haven't been able to stay up and have only had condensed highlights. I was expecting Nico to have more of a breakout year than Jack. How likely is that looking early doors?
  5. I am so glad the Rangers appointed Drury.
  6. I read the script, Jack gives a good interview, even on paper. He is very self aware and I think he has a point to prove and wants to show people what he can do this year.
  7. Gritsyuk with another assist today for Avangard. The rest of the KHL guys held scoreless.
  8. Not sure if this has been discussed but been watching All or Nothing with the Leafs. Really been enjoying it. Hoping it becomes a regular feature.
  9. Also forgot to follow up but Stillman had 2 goals and a fight last night.
  10. Gritsyuk with a two point game so far.
  11. I mean the opioid crisis in America was entirely preventable but $$$$$. The Pharmacist on Netflix is a heartbreaking watch from start to finish. The lengths large companies would go to just to make profit to the point of trying to destroy one man's life is astounding.
  12. It's been a bit quiet on the KHL front recently. All of our prospects who played yesterday including Mukhamadullin finished without a point. Well not today.... Gritsyuk using the screen to get the first of the game.
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