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  1. Derek

    I’ve got a washing machine issue

    I think that the problem is solenoid valve; it got stuck. You’ll have to dismantle it and clean it – after this, water fill should work just fine. Does it sound like it’s too hard to accomplish? The it’s better not to fix it on your own. I’d recommend that you contact professionals: https://appliancenj.com/ . I helped my granny living in New Jersey with her washing machine by contacting them because I was busy and couldn’t do it myself.
  2. Derek

    My Girlfriends Vlogs

    If you're speaking in a movie theater, you're in the wrong.
  3. Derek

    The Movies thread!

    The last movie I watched was Warcraft
  4. Derek

    Best sports bar in central NJ

    I had heard about this bar but never been there.
  5. Derek

    First "Professional" Car Purchase - Any Advice?

    I love the retro car
  6. Derek


    And this is her second tatoo
  7. Derek


    My GF has) There is one)

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