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  1. Phil also has a say in where he goes - not sure he agrees to come to NJ. I dunno, I'm not exactly crazy about the idea of introducing Phil the Thrill to our young and very impressionable locker room. Then again, I guess Eberle isn't well known for his work ethic.
  2. Have a good feeling about Eberle coming to the Devils this summer. Plus, having one of Hall's best friends on the team can't hurt. Hall - Nico - Eberle Bratt - Hughes - Palms ...yeah I could do that.
  3. Devilsfan118

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hot damn he had some sweet assists today. The second one was especially impressive - intercepted the pass, protected the puck with his BOYISH frame, and then dished it to Hanafin for the goal.
  4. Devilsfan118


    Holy sh!t you're good at this stuff. Always impressed by your knowledge of the team.
  5. Gotta pull for the Blues but like I said before.. I think the Bruins run away with this.
  6. Final bump - the Bruins saved my bracket for sure.
  7. Wow that's disappointing. Jack's been one of the better players in his limited ice time, or so I thought.
  8. Yeesh I remember that. Not a good look.
  9. Devilsfan118

    Hughes or Kakko

    Yeah I'm still on the Hughes train - I think Kakko's made it interesting but there's a reason Hughes has been the consensus #1 kid in his draft class for years. NHL-readiness is just one quality like many others scouts have to look for.. Hughes' size doesn't worry me one bit.
  10. Man assuming the long break doesn't fvck up the Bruins' mojo.. I can't see either the Blues nor Sharks putting up much of a fight. Bruins are on a different level right now. That said, I hope the Blues close it out at home.
  11. The league just can't get out of its own way. That's an embarrassing way to essentially end the Blues' season. fvck what the book says, fvck what the ref did or didn't see - if it's clearly available in a replay.. make the right call. San Jose getting a LOT of help this post season. Almost.. almost makes you want to grab your tinfoil hat and start talking conspiracy theories. The league really, really wants to push the Thornton narrative.
  12. He clearly got a little cheeky and thought he had a tap in - and frankly I don't blame him. It pretty much was.. but he put it into the goalie's glove. 95% of the net was open to shoot at and.. he hit the 5%.
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