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  1. Devilsfan118

    18/19 Playoff odds

    I'd rather look at the chances of us finish last, to be honest.
  2. Devilsfan118

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    I would 100% look to trade Wood. He's had a down year, but he's a guy that other NHL GMs would probably salivate over. "Big, fast, fights, scores? NAME YOUR PRICE!!!" Coleman is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and he's cheap.. I don't see him being traded. Or at least I hope he isn't traded.
  3. Devilsfan118

    GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM MSG+, MSG+2

    Hall ripping it up for the rest of the season pretty much guarantees him like 88m+ dollars, if he wants it from NJ. So... yeah I'd say that's some serious motivation lol
  4. Devilsfan118

    GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM MSG+, MSG+2

    I mean, it's pressure free experience for Blackwood so it can't be all that bad. Just have to hope the losses don't affect him mentally
  5. Devilsfan118

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Can't blame em, good lord they've lost like a dozen games or something. Insane.
  6. Devilsfan118

    GDT: Devils at Blue Jackets, 1/15/19 7:00 pm

    Man, rough game for KK. Didn't watch but just checked the highlights.. some tough breakdowns in front of KK but Christ can he make a big save once in a while? Appeared off his angle on #1. #2 was a tough break. #3 too deep in his crease. #4 lol make a save.
  7. Devilsfan118

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I wonder what Lappin did to fall to the literal bottom of the call-up list? I thought he looked serviceable at worst during his time with the big team.. but what do I know.
  8. Devilsfan118

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Agreed - if Hall wants to stay here you have to keep him. I refuse to worry about 'wasting' cap space on guys like Vats and Hall because literally what the hell else are we going to spend it on? In b4 "Gotta save for Nico and Bratt's bridge deals!!1!"
  9. Man if I was a player I'd HATE this. Big brother is watching everything you do on the ice and compiling data on you that GMs will inevitably use against players in contract negotiations. I don't see how this affects us, the fans, besides for some fancy graphic analysis once in a while.
  10. Devilsfan118

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    At this point I'd be surprised if EK makes it to free agency. Very surprised. Think the Sharks lock him up long term.
  11. Devilsfan118

    GDT: DevIls vs. Flyers, 1/12/19, 1:00pm

  12. Devilsfan118

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    Am I bad fan for skipping games like this? Maybe. Probably. I just don't see how the Devils can compete with the Tampas/Torontos of the world at this point.
  13. Devilsfan118

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    So, based on a couple different simulations.. at our current pace relative to the rest of the league, odds appear to be good that we finish 6-10 overall. Disastrous imo. Call some kids up, tell Hall to take his time, idk. Do something. This sounds ridiculous to be trying to think of ways for the team to lose but to suffer through this sh!thole season and not pick top-3 would be so disappointing.
  14. Devilsfan118

    The Pavel Zacha Thread

    Off-topic: Dave Lozo is firmly on my sh!t list after killing two of my favorite hockey Podcasts.. Biscuits and Puck Soup. Though the new iteration of Puck Soup is pretty good too.

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