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  1. Games are ultimately meaningless but to be totally embarrassed like this game after game... Yikes.
  2. Man how great would it be if this kid turns out to be a legit goal scorer. Excited to see what he does in the AHL.
  3. Might be the softest team in the league at this point. Unrelated - but we may lose like 80% of our games here on out. Good for the draft I guess, but I really worry about what losing is doing to our young kids. Bingo.
  4. Franchise is a joke, the team is embarrassing, etc. Different night same story.
  5. I just wish we had on-ice topics to discuss / argue about. I am so exhausted with Devils hockey being meaningless for 80% of the year. I can barely muster up the interest to watch these games at this point because... who cares? What does it matter? These games are literally inconsequential and we could just as easily wrap up the season tomorrow and no one would care. I clearly don't have the emotional bandwidth to root for two dogsh!t teams, between RU football and Devils hockey. At least RU seems on the up-and-up, though.
  6. Watched the first period but saw where this was likely going and spent my evening doing something that wasn't soul crushing. Is the season over yet?
  7. I wouldn't say I'm normally rooting for him, but I'm hoping Hall absolutely lights up the Sabres tonight
  8. Yeah unless you're talking like, a top-10 pick (which I don't think would be on the table) I think you've gotta keep Wood around. That sentence would sound batsh!t insane if I wrote it last year or even two years ago, but right now he's definitely become a prominent part of this team.
  9. Yeah I'm 100% with MB3 here, if he's on the board when the Devils are up (barring a lottery win to #1OA maybe) you have to pick him. Quinn hitting UFA before Jack and Luke could potentially work in our favor here.
  10. So, here we go again watching the standings in reverse order for draft position. Seems like Buffalo, Ottawa and Anaheim are firmly out of reach. Detroit may be tough to stay behind as well with three games at hand. So it's looking like 4th-5th would be best case scenario. According to http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL/ConferenceA/East/NewJersey.html our most likely landing spot is 5/6. Not really too concerned over a couple spots at this point with the scouting process being totally fvcked thanks to COVID. Maybe they'll get a legit player at their spot. Luke Hughes ranked
  11. I personally wouldn't write him off until we get a competent assistant* coach running the defense. Just imo. I have ZERO faith in Nas.
  12. It really is, like... the NHL is really just a 3rd-tier league from the top down. All the rules just feel so... arbitrary and selectively enforced. I've said it many times - hockey is one of the greatest sports on the planet. It's just a shame that one of the worst professional leagues on the planet is in charge of running it.
  13. Wait really? They outlawed that? But these cap-strapped teams can use intermediary teams to completely circumvent the cap, hokay then.
  14. Also we're obviously just speculating here, but it's not exactly a well-kept secret that Hall wants to stay in Boston. How does Buffalo not negotiate a conditional pick in there based on a potential extension?
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