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  1. Devilsfan118

    Draft 2022

    Especially when you realize these kids likely won't step into the NHL for another couple years.
  2. I'm not sure I'd characterize this one as interesting. Could be men versus boys tonight.
  3. Crazy part about Tatar is that's only three points off his career average pace right now. So this is... this is kinda what you get from the guy.
  4. Thank goodness, that makes me feel slightly better. But still - all smiles and giggles and jokes after getting blown out by a team with SINGLE DIGIT WINS IN JANUARY. A team that is clearly tanking, and has been from before the season even started. I hate the culture surrounding this team now.
  5. Nothing makes me feel like "old man yells at cloud" than following the team on social media. Was this actually post game? Like the post-game press conference? It can't be that, it must've been at a practice or something the following day.
  6. Straight out of the Ray Shero school of GMing. Land a job in a small market with no accountability (media, ownership or otherwise) and come out from behind the curtain a handful of times a year. I mean this presser is just embarrassing. I don't know if this is Ruff's new state of being but this lethargic, tired act is getting old. Give me a fvcking coach with some passion that holds people accountable. I mean, to be clear - I listen to some podcasts that cover Canadian markets and they would SHRED this guy DAILY for some of these answers. Loser franchise. How the mighty have fallen.
  7. Not sure giving up Bratt for a goalie makes sense unless it's been made aware to the Devils that Bratt is seeking a 7MM+ deal or something that the Devils would not be interested in. The wingers on this team suck. We have maybe 2 legit top-6 wingers at this point.
  8. This would matter if the Devils had a chance at the playoffs, but since this season is already a write-off... who cares I guess. Sucks to be a player though, cramming all these extra games in.
  9. Edit: Grabbed an old post, whoops. Anyway, general point was that I'm really starting to think Blackwood is just dumb as rocks. His comments after the game last night were.. not great.
  10. "hot" take - do you dangle Blackwood in front of Edmonton at the deadline? In desperate need for a goalie and Holland might be dumb enough to believe that he's still a legit #1
  11. Impressed that it ended up only 4-1 to be honest. I tuned out once the RU game started because I've seen this bullsh!t from the Devils all too often. Embarrassing.
  12. Good lord. Trying not to get too hyped with that Michigan team being so ridiculously stacked but.. it looks like we might have a legit #1D in the pipeline for the first time in forever.
  13. Sure does seem like they market the hell out of those original six teams as the dispense of other franchises, doesn't it? But then again, I think those 6 markets are still probably the breadwinners for the league so... I guess I get it. 29 years old, probably looking for at least 9M / year for 7/8 if this past offseason is any indication. Per LeBrun: "...If they’re selling on Klingberg (which I think they will), the return package could be a first-round pick, a prospect plus maybe an additional pick. Just based on Savard fetching a first- and a third-round pick last year, it’s a reasonable ask for Dallas since Klingberg is a higher-level player. I mean you'd have to lottery protect the pick if it was this year's pick. Don't know if the Devils are in a position yet to be throwing around 1st round picks. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Unrelated: https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2279372/report-nhl-to-stop-testing-asymptomatic-players-after-all-star-break Did the NHL actually beat the NFL to the punch here? Wow.
  14. Don't jump at me here - but I hold Zacha and Bratt in the same sort of category, as far as guys with enough talent to be really good players in this league but have yet to prove they can consistently do it for multiple seasons. Now, this year Bratt seems to be on another level and it sure doesn't seem like he's going to disappear in Feb-April. Zacha though seems like he's fading per his usual routine. Zacha as a consistent 40-50 guy - sounds great. Just don't think he's proven he can do it.
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