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  1. The more Barkley the better - even if he was a bit toasted.
  2. To be fair, he's an awesome CFB and CBB caller. Just not his thing, calling hockey.
  3. Well that first game was insane, I hope this series goes the distance. I want 6 more competitive, intense games. Mack is such a fun player to watch. Guy is a fvcking truck out there.
  4. “You have the pieces to make a deal work, so why not give it a try?” asked Lapierre. “You offer any player the Devils want outside of Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield and Alexander Romanov to get the 2nd overall pick.” Translation: You offer the Devils any player except the ones they could potentially want to get the 2nd overall pick"
  5. I'd surrender a 2nd round pick for him as compensation - what would that get us, a 3-4M per year deal?
  6. 100% behind this, if you can pry him from Calgary for a package involving the 2OA plus reasonable assets I'm in. He is exactly what this team needs. Also can get behind this - in an ideal world Holtz becomes a Fiala or Debrincat so.. sign me up.
  7. I guess for me, the fact that both guys are in need of extensions and likely to get big paydays (figure at least 8M+ AAV) is a turnoff. Whereas the player picked 2OA will be under team control for the foreseeable future at a much more manageable cap hit. Not that we're in a cap crunch yet, necessarily, but it wouldn't take much to get there if you look at the holes we still need to fill. Also, FWIW, I'm not crazy about adding another undersized forward to this already tiny forward corps. Maybe I'm just being old fashioned, but I still think some size is important in the playoffs.
  8. Devilsfan118


    The dude was a highlight machine that playoff, in no particular order that come to mind: Setup on Travis Zajac's game 6 OT goal against the Panthers: This badass goal against the Flyers, making Bryz his bitch: Snipe from the point that really put the Flyers to bed: This sick snipe against the Rangers: Obviously, this insanely beautiful PP goal: Just to pick a few of my favorites. To the OP though - no. He looked cooked with LA / Montreal, nothing left in the legs. It's a faster game than it was during his prime.
  9. Not to beat a very-much-so-already-dead horse but.. I don't understand why she uses her personal account for Devils stuff. I don't follow her, but if I did and I saw this tweet pop up? Instant unsubscribe.
  10. This new beat reporter is already doing laps around Amanda - expected, since (as we've noted a million times here) she's just a mouthpiece for the team but... feels good.
  11. I am hyped for these finals, should be really entertaining hockey. Truly the two best teams in the league going at it - hope it lives up to the billing.
  12. Throw out a scenario here: To NJD: Q. Hughes B. Boeser +? To VAN: 2OA +? Is there any scenario here where you'd entertain this? What would the "+" need to be to make this passable for both sides?
  13. Fire Fitz into the sun if he makes this trade. I'm thinking there must be other assets involved besides the 2OA.
  14. I've disliked the dude ever since his Spittin Chiclets interview where he said something like "and then the dude comes over for one year and takes my number", in regards to Marty's brief stint with the Blues. Like, what? The greatest ever is going to grace your (at the time) dogsh!t franchise and you're going to declare #30 to be your number? Check that ego bro, you fvcking pigeon.
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