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  1. Sounds like the cops and him had an altercation, they had a hard-on for him and wanted to pin him with something so they waited.
  2. Ugh I know this is real life and not NHL Be a GM but I would dangle future picks, other prospects.. anything before Mercer. The dude is a stud, under cost control for a long time, and has just... everything you want to see in a young player. It certainly wouldn't be a lateral move by any means, but I think the addition of Meier by the subtraction of Mercer would be far less beneficial to this team than we think.
  3. He doesn't get nearly enough hate, honestly. Dude is an absolute clown.
  4. To be honest I'm feeling Carolina for Meier, hope I'm wrong but I think they're big fish hunting too.
  5. This one has the potential to get ugly if they play like they did yesterday. Big bounce back game. LGD
  6. You bite your tongue lol. I will be so upset if we move him
  7. Rough one. Burn the tape. Be thankful we'll never see this annoying franchise in the playoffs.
  8. They have got to stop these mid-period interviews with Matt.
  9. I expect a makeup call at some point. That was horse sh!t.
  10. LGD Bury them, they stole one from us at the rock. Time to repay the favor
  11. Can Lou just fvcking retire already
  12. I just want to say... and I'm not trying to flame, or kick anyone while anyone is down or anything. But this thread has been such an enjoyable read without the usual bickering. Huge quality of life improvement. Almost seems like we have more people posting than usual even, now that some folks aren't just... constantly going at it (full disclosure: I've been guilty of it in the past. Am hypocrite). Really excited for this board.
  13. fvcking superstar sh!t from Jack Hughes
  14. Negative, I would not. I think Mercer has already shown he's prime leadership material, going to figure in the top 6 for the foreseeable future.
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