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  1. That hit on Eichel last night was a thing of beauty, holy sh!t. Also, Jack and the rest of our undersized players better learn to keep their heads on a swivel with guys like him out there. A hit like that could probably knock Jack out for a looong while.
  2. I know the Canadian hockey world is peddling this as a "worst case scenario" for the league, but I love when new teams/franchises get a chance to win it. I happen to hate the Panthers for how they targeted Nico, so I'll be pulling for the Knights. Should be a hell of a series.
  3. Twitter is a joke, honestly I hope it dies away. Or DM you can pay the ridiculous ransom they ask - isn't it something like 20M / year for unlimited calls? You can cut that check, right?
  4. We'll see soon enough - team took a record jump up in the standings. All due to Ruff, or was his staff pulling some serious weight?
  5. Damn. Really thought he'd be our future head coach. I hope Fitz knows what he's doing, sticking with Lindy
  6. 100% agreed, they'll continue to grow and adapt.
  7. The Panthers would've bitch slapped us across the ice. Bennet and Chucky would've eaten us alive - we don't have players to match their style at the moment.
  8. Seriously, it's poetic. Just delicious
  9. But wait, there's hope for Carolina!
  10. Carolina's season ends in a penalty. It's almost... Poetic
  11. Dallas probably looking for a reason to do so anyway - Benn's past his prime.
  12. Leafs are gonna get this one, aren't they?
  13. Bratt in a package for Hellebuyck?
  14. Said this before, but we learned this team has fvcking heart and balls here during this run. They never quit.
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