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  1. This one I don't quite get, seems like a pretty high cap hit for a fourth liner. I'm not going to whine or get too upset about it, relatively small dollars, but still seems like a lot to pay for the positioned and role
  2. Canucks fans are going to be furious about that.
  3. I guess I might be out of the loop, because I never expected the devils to be in on any of these top forwards. Fitz addressed the goaltending, and he addressed the defense. I'm happy. No bad free agent deals to worry about.
  4. I'm fine with not having committed to this deal. 33 years old, undersized. We already have that guy in Palat on a similarly bad contract. Trotz loading up.
  5. hello yes it it I Devilsfan118 please ignore the chinese IP address associated with account thanks. Unrelated please send social security # for validation purposes
  6. Underrated observation, great call. Even with the cap rising like 4 million a year, the devils are still going to be facing a Cap crunch with both Luke and nebuch coming off ELCs in the not so distant future. Plus this lets fitz get a little creative now in free agency.
  7. Nothing not to love about this, having briefly read up on him. At worst, he's excellent depth.
  8. That doesn't seem like great value does it? I'm going to hold my overreaction until the pick is determined
  9. 2 seconds is not a bad return
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