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  1. Eh this team is full of fvcking losers, lead by our captain nothing Greene and our whiney bitch star Hall. I hate this team. It's not fun to root for these guys, especially when they decide to not show up. Another year, another devils team to forget. fvcking shame.
  3. What an unbelievable game by Blackwood!!!
  4. fvck I'd love to get Domi on this team. We need some intense competitors.
  5. Stop me if you've seen this before: 1. Devils get a lead early 2. Devils come out flat in the 2nd, hold on somehow. 3. Devils come out even flatter in the 3rd and get caved. Lose the lead, lose the game. Like how can this be happening AGAIN. fvcking adjust and motivate your team, coach.
  6. Man I don't know about that - maybe it's not "accepted" but it sure becomes normalized after a certain point. Look at any of the perennial losers across the major sports - sometimes it just becomes associated with the team and becomes very, very hard to shake. I hope that's not us.
  7. Let me pose this question - if this season continues to look like a complete write-off, should the Devils entertain the idea of trading Subban while retaining salary? He's got two years left after this one, and I think if you retain enough to bring his salary cap hit into the $6 to $7 million dollar range he'd be an interesting piece for competitive teams. Hell I'd retain 50% but it's not my money.
  8. Lose for Lafreniere? Can't believe we're out of it already.
  9. Social media 101 - don't make it easy for people to be negative. Some funny replies in there
  10. Devilsfan118

    Fire Hynes

    Team is soft as tissue paper.
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