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  1. I like what I saw last year, you never know. Maybe he develops into a solid bottom pairing guy.
  2. I'm glad the new regime - from the owners down - have really embraced the heritage/history of the Devils. It'd be easy to sort of 'close the door' on some of these guys (not Elias so much, but your Brylin's, Grant Marshall's, etc.) but as far as I can tell management has really decided to embrace them. Really happy to see it.
  3. But actually - I just use one of the free gif resizer websites out there. I shrink, crop, remove frames, optimize, etc. until the gif fits under the insane 100kb limit that @DevilMinder has set Can we get a bump on the avatar size limit DM? Assuming it wouldn't cause headaches of course.
  4. Ahh.. well sh!t. In that case the price just went up for Boston
  5. I don't think Shero's stupid - this would have to be a Backes + Asset(s) for late pick. Like the Canes just did with Marleau. If we could get a late 1st out of this? Hell yeah sign me up. And then we'd immediately buy Backes out. Everything Shero's done thus far leads me to believe he understands a player like Backes doesn't fit the team he's trying to build.
  6. So, two weeks from 7/1 now and not a peep about extension talks. Still very early obviously, not getting nervous. Just thought it was interesting to note that there's been like.. nothing mentioned by any party.
  7. Handsome son of a bitch, that Rico is.
  8. I'm almost as excited to see this kid in action as I am Hughes. He looks really, really good. Really good.
  9. Any chance the scrimmage is streamed somewhere?
  10. Seems like a pretty decent deal. Surprised at the term.
  11. Can't. Wait. Ice Jerseys having $60 off sale for embroidered jerseys - anyone know anything about the site? https://www.icejerseys.com/new-jersey-devils-adidas-adizero-nhl-authentic-pro-home-jersey-p43969/?location=US&nosto=frontpage-nosto-1-fallback-nosto-1 Want to buy a Hughes jersey. Not too soon right?
  12. Am I completely dense - I have no idea what this campaign references/means.
  13. Credit where credit is due - the new ownership hired a dynamite social media and/or marketing team. They've been killing it. Making up for lots of lost time under Lou's iron curtain.
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