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  1. Went to bed after the first. I'm almost in complete disbelief looking at the shots. Outshot them almost 4:1 and lost. It's just .. it's hard to wrap your head around.
  2. Yeesh that could've been so much worse
  3. Nemec is the real fvcking deal, I'm excited for his future for sure.
  4. No issues with us using otherwise dead cap space to acquire a free asset. Kind of signals though that fitz knows we're not going for it this year
  5. Yeah I went to bed after that first sharks goal, not going to lie I thought this is going to be another stinker. Pleasant surprise to wake up to for sure
  6. Pretty sh!tty job by the selke candidate there.
  7. Yep, borderline fireable offense. Really starting to sour on Fitz.
  8. Damn Novo, okay. Guns ablazing on this Monday morning. If he stands pat yet again, those Fire Lindy’s could soon morph into Fire Fitzy’s.
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