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  1. I... do not understand this trade for the Jets. I guess they're figuring PLD staying for the long term. I mean, I guess it makes sense if Laine asked for a trade and made it clear he would not sign long(er) term.
  2. Honestly, I'll take losses like last night. They weren't pretty, but at least at times the Devils looked like they belonged on the ice. Unlike many, many games last year.. I'll tell ya what though, Palms is itching for a healthy scratch when Nico/Bratt return. He's been awful.
  3. Okay so in PK's defense his partner has left him out to dry like... 5 times tonight
  4. Goose trying to be a little too fancy with all the toe drags. Just shoot the puck, bud
  5. I think you and I are of the same mind here, I can't help but fixate on Palmieri when he's anywhere near the puck. He's killed almost every possession he's been involved with. Like he's a total negative out there, it's wild. I'm sure there's some confirmation bias here, because I honestly think he's not a good hockey player anymore, but he's sure failing my eye test right now.
  6. Funny how one bad choice on the pass there completely negates an otherwise great shift
  7. That sucks, lousy way to end that great shift by the 4th line. sh!tty drop pass
  8. Fair, that's very fair and a good call. I didn't think about that, shame on me for jumping on him
  9. Steve missing the 6-on-4 for a long time there. He calls a great game but I'm convinced he still doesn't know much about the actual sport.
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