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  1. Ty looks green, as expected, but I think the talent is clearly there.
  2. Oh fvck me, yuck. Physically cringed just watching that, no thank you. Nope.
  3. Big fan. +1000. Nothing more freakin' frustrating than having a player listed as "out" for months taking up a roster spot.
  4. Shoot you are correct - that's my bad. Yeah go ahead and make it the 19th, sorry about that. Should've verified before posting.
  5. I kinda like that their first meeting will be in a regular season game that matters. That said, I fully expect Kakko to light us up tonight and send the facebook fans into a frenzy.
  6. Ah is that the same one that had us shipping four 1st round picks to the Jets for Laine? Yeahhhhhhhhh I dunno about that site. Edit: Plus the guy averages <10 goals and 35 points a season more or less.. uhh offensive defenseman?
  7. Nico Hischier : 49 Travis Zajac: 48 (-1) Mackenzie Blackwood: 47 (Restored) Jack Hughes: 47 Taylor Hall : 37 Kyle Palmieri : 3 (+1) P. K. Subban : 3 ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick Wayne Simmonds Andy Greene Sami Vatanen Cory Schneider Will Butcher Pavel Zacha Nikita Gusev Damon Severson Jesper Boqvist Blake Coleman Ty Smith Jesper Bratt
  8. Big Buff apparently contemplating retirement. I think he'd be leaving a hell of a lot of money on the table. I doubt the Jets want to lose him, but it would solve their cap problems as far as getting one/both of Laine and/or Connor signed.
  9. Ahh I saw Ole being used in 2007-2008 and figured R&R didn't make a return until after that. sh&#33;t.
  10. I did some very quick searching on Youtube and it appears that the chant came to be during the 2008-2009 season.
  11. Well one down - trade to announce: Zajac-ing Off (I'll update the name once the season starts, I promise ) is sending Hellebuyck + 20th rounder to Miles Wood Fightclub for 6th rounder.
  12. So I have two guys that I think some folks may be interested in before we lock keepers up next week: Jake Guentzel, coming off a 40-goal season. Ranked a top-40 player, probably projects to be a 3rd round pick in our league with keepers considered. Connor Hellebuyck, ranked the 7th best available goalie in our league after a down-ish year with the Jets. Probably projects to be a... 4th to 6th round pick in our league? Maybe earlier - always interesting to see when goalies start flying off the board. I think he's due for a bounce-back year - seems like a guarantee for 35+ wins if he stays healthy. Both can be had for picks, since my keepers are set. Feel free to shoot me a message here or in FHL if interested.
  13. Starting to wonder about our logjam of forwards - it's a good problem to have but there doesn't seem to be enough space for everyone. Let's state the obvious: Hall - Nico - Palms Gusev - Hughes - Simmonds Boqvist - Zajac - Bratt Wood - Zacha - Coleman Other notables: Hayden, Anderson, Bastian, McLeod Our 4th line could have, and would have, passed as our 3rd line in previous years. Feels like a waste to have all three of those players seeing minimal minutes. Seems like an obvious situation where Shero could maybe acquire a comparable defenseman for one/several of the bolded guys.
  14. Also completely missed the Hughes celly. Probably not the A-team tonight in the broadcast department
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