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  1. Dumb question, but is there a known address we can send a note to or something? Might be especially difficult with COVID and all that but I'd love to be able to send him a little handwritten message.
  2. Lafreniere is a high-elite 82 overall (bleh), and Byfield is 78 medium-elite. Holtz is a 78 medium-elite as well.
  3. So to make you all feel much better here - I think Holtz is like the 3rd highest ranked prospect of the class in NHL 21. Elite Medium potential as well, so clearly we picked a winner.
  4. I mean I think I'll forever hear "HIT THE POST WITH THE SHOT" in my head when I hear the "ping" off a post. Just such a classic Doc-ism. So many great memories in this thread, thank you all for sharing. I'm regretful that my Dad and I never got the chance to really interact with him 1-on-1 - the closest I ever came was walking past him in the concourse a couple times. I always made sure to say something stupid like "You're the best, Doc" and I honestly think he found it a little embarrassing
  5. The best ever. Feel like I grew up with Doc and Chico. This is probably one of my favorites: https://youtu.be/HFDz_59XS6s
  6. Yikes, Pretty slanted article (not necessarily surprising noting the site and author) but still, pretty tough look. Crawford was clearly a leader in that locker room. Probably not the worst idea in the world to consult your best and highest paid players before making a major shakeup. Maybe it's just the angle but.. from one balding to another... it's coming for you Taylor.
  7. Hall deal makes sense to me - on Eichel's wind he should put up a very impressive season.
  8. Very, very happy with this trade. Fitzy is having himself an amazing 48 hours.
  9. They mad. Think Johnson was worth more than, in their words, a cap dump. So I'm happy
  10. And now, off to hfboards and /r/Leafs to see their reaction and, naturally, form my opinion based off that.
  11. I think I love this trade too - Joey for a proven top-9 NHLer? Sign me the fvck up Fitz is KILLING IT
  12. I've gotta say, pretty happy with how day 1 went. I would've loved Krug at that contract, but I get it. Doesn't necessarily fit the timeline and the player would have had to agree to come to NJ at that number, of course. No bad contracts given out which is a big plus. We'll see how today goes.
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