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  1. As others have said - well within his rights to say 'no', he's certainly earned it. But that said, I don't see the need to keep him around if he continues to decline just so he can catch Dano's record.
  2. To be fair, the team desperately needed skill when Shero took over.. which is often harder to find. Now I think we've got a lot of individual skill but no grit, which is probably what Shero was trying to adjust.
  3. This team is just a spinless bunch of individuals right now - not at all surprised a well-coached team like the Jackets have pushed us around for the past few years.
  4. This franchise is a fvcking embarrassment. I'm sorry, but it's just beyond pathetic at this point. And trust me when I say - I know embarrassing when I see it, being an avid supporter of Rutgers football
  5. Unless you get an absolute King's Ransom back, you can't trade Coleman. He's one of the few salt-of-the-earth, competitive guys on this roster it seems.
  6. Did you intentionally omit the number of games played, or did do not consider it? Edit: I've got to stop grabbing quotes before reading the rest of the thread. Regardless, I think it's pretty clear that that's a relatively meaningless statistic since few players break into the league at 18. And perhaps that's the problem, maybe we rushed him.
  7. So in other news, Friedman mentioned on the latest podcast that Greene fully intends on playing next year, and that he "hasn't thought" about whether he wants to be traded to a contender this year.
  8. Not a buyout, but definitely a trade for peanuts if that's all you can get. He's a negative on every single line. I'd rather let a kid from the Bing have at it.
  9. Nope, don't buy it. Respect the optimism but Zacha's had his chance to show something - anything - and has failed to do so for years now. "Only 22" has lost its meaning into today's NHL when most high potential kids have shown consistent flashes by 20. Comparing Coleman and Zacha is apples to oranges - two completely different players with completely different pedigrees and expectations. B-b-b-bust.
  10. Zacha's agent deserves a medal, honest to God. He made a fringe NHLer a multi-millionaire. Not bad.
  11. I want Zacha off this team so badly. I feel like he brings down anyone he's put with. Sick of it.
  12. Better than 2nd to last or wherever we might find ourselves currently - but point taken. They're not lighting the world on fire, yet. I mean, I do. I hate seeing the Rangers succeed at all, especially when the Devils are trash.
  13. In other news, Panarin is now 3rd in the NHL in points. Big yikes for us. Rags danced right around us in the rebuild game, didn't they?
  14. Caps re-up Backstrom for some serious dough. Must mean Holtby is gone this off-season. Thoughts on the Devils going after him? Proven winner, though I'm sure he's benefitted from playing on great teams but I don't think he's as average as Crawford. Edit: Beaten to the punch, disregard
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