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  1. And when they win 50% of their games through December we'll look back at this and chuckle.
  2. Hey gents, just to confirm - you can replace me with someone else to run the team if the league is still rolling with keepers. If I need to do anything from yahoo to facilitate that just lmk
  3. Must have a pretty sweet deal lined up with ESPN or something, can't imagine there wasn't a team out there willing to give him a couple million bucks to keep playing
  4. C+ / B- from me. Just going to put my thoughts down for each line, don't mean to/ need to rehash the arguments had for each one lol Drafted Nemec 2nd Overall - A for the asset we got here, but B-> for picking Nemec at 2. Acquired Marino from Pittsburgh -> B, I like it. Acquired Vanicek from Washington -> B, I like it but a lot to prove here. Signed Ondrej Palat to a 6/30 contract -> C+. Like the player, contract is meh. Signed Brendan Smith to a 2/2.2 contract -> C, doesn't move the needle. Re-Signed Jonas Siegenthaler to a 5/17 contract -> B, lots of term and hope it pans out. Like the player. Re-Signed Jesper Bratt to a 1/5.5 contract - D+, but this is probably just as much Bratt's a$$hole agent's fault. Traded Pavel Zacha for Erik Haula - B+, cancer removed. Return is meh for what Zacha should have been but it is what it is. Fired all assistant coaches / Added coach Andrew Brunette to the team - A+, love all these hires. MOVES NOT MADE (Many his fault. Many out of his control.) -- These were all on the wishlist of many Devils fans. Slafkovsky was taken first, and the Devils still drafted 2OA -> Really unfortunate, but what can ya do. No grade, not Fitz's fult. Did not trade for DeBrincat -> F, without knowing what was offered. Big miss. Did not trade for Tkachuk -> F, without knowing what was offered. Another big miss. Did not trade for Fiala -> C- Did not sign Gaudreau -> No grade on Fitz here, fvck this guy. Did not reach a long-term agreement with Jesper Bratt -> F, but again might largely be the fault of Bratt's agent. Did not move the contracts of Johnsson, Tatar, Bernier -> C, no need to do so currently. Did not add an impact scorer -> D for reasons above. Did not get any bigger or stronger -> D, Tkachuk made too much sense.
  5. Great, kicking the can down the road. Would be surprised if he's a Devil next season.
  6. 1 year deal is probably the second-to-worst case scenario for us imo. 2-year deal walks home to UFA, so that's the worst of all. But if he has another solid season he's going to get the bag. And I don't think Bratt at 8M+ for term is at all smart.
  7. Bratt at 6.5m sounds good to me...
  8. Imaging leaving money on the table to sign a 7 year deal with a team in a city you know very little about all because one of your buddies told you to. Johnny ham and cheese might be a little dense.
  9. I imagine they'll flip both for a ransom at the deadline to jump start the rebuild
  10. Glad we didn't pony up to beat that offer, to be honest. Isn't Huberdeau like.. just as good as MT? Plus everything else as well, this seems like a massive overpayment.
  11. Woah holy sh!t Huberdeau on the move... Wow.
  12. And I expected to keep my hair past 28. Unfortunately we don't always get what we want.
  13. I guess I'm in the opposite court with Bratt - I've always been low on him with his typical disappearing act for 2/3 of the season. He had a phenomenal season last year, but with scoring up across the league.. Let's just say, if he would be the major piece going to Calgary for MT, sign me up. IMO that'd be selling high on Bratt and I think it'd be a great deal. I'd have to imagine Bratt would be signed by now if the contract ask was reasonable.
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