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  1. What a ridiculous embellishment by Rielly to draw that PP in overtime.
  2. Neither would be great. Send the kid to the Jets, that's what I'm hoping for.
  3. Looking like we're going to have two divisional rivals in the running for the #1OA pick. fvcking horsesh!t.
  4. Just have to hope Vats stays healthy. He's been really, really good for the Canes too.
  5. I am so God damn torn. I love watching the Rag$ get embarrassed, Hank especially, but you guys just.. you know they're going to get that 1OA pick. You just know it's going to happen.
  6. The Flyers are legit right now. Lots of talent, great system, great coaching. I could see them pulling this off.
  7. I'm enjoying the hell out of these games today so far. Too many penalties in the first game, but they'll figure that out. Oilers getting spanked. Panthers-Islanders is.. I mean, it's hockey. I'm happy to watch it. Lots of compelling games tomorrow.
  8. So with the college season in jeopardy, do you guys think our chances of actually signing Riley Walsh have improved? I see a lot of other teams are signing guys to ELCs now to just to burn a year off (seems to be a nice incentive for a college kid). Maybe we'll be able to do the same?
  9. Chiming in late here, but I was disappointed initially. /r/Devils seems to be on suicide watch, and /r/hockey was hugely critical of the move as well. So, naturally, I'm assuming this is probably a decent move because it seems like most folks on reddit don't have a clue and tend to react in the wrong direction almost every time. The guy is 60 years old - he's probably not the solution for the next decade. Let's hope he serves as a solid 'bridge coach' while the kids develop and learn how to be professionals. I know it sounds crazy to be talking about the next head coach when we've just hired Ruff but.. let's see where we're at in 3-4 years when Nico, Jack and the surrounding cast are in their true primes. Maybe Ruff will have everything rolling and we'll stick with him.. or maybe we part ways and look for the coach that will "get us over the hill". Laviolette seems to fall into the latter category to me - a guy that will take a competitive team and make them contenders. I don't know if he's the guy to lead a rebuild.. and at 5M per I don't necessarily blame the owners for scoffing a bit. ALL THAT SAID - Gallant was who I wanted. Nailed it with this, I agree. We have tons of kids and, perhaps, a lack of true structure right now. We need a "program runner", not a rookie HC who's figuring it out as he goes. I just hope he's able to develop our young kids well and doesn't resort to favoring veterans. Or put another way - I hope he's not your typical "old school" head coach who hands sh!t to veterans on a silver platter and keeps the kids nailed to the bench in crunch time. Oh man, Mila Kunis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.. top-tier. Doesn't get better.
  10. Man how great would it be if we came out of this awful COVID era with a fresh CBA in hand, guaranteeing another lockout isn't gonna happen? That'd be a real silver lining.
  11. Can you blame him? Feel like we're a bit directionless right now.
  12. Still salty about this stupid outcome.
  13. This completely undermines the play-in round. Why would any of these players on these inferior teams even give half-an-ass when they know if they lose they've got a good shot at a generational talent? Why would the Canes, Rags, Wild, Habs, Yotes, Islanders or Panthers honestly try to win their series? And then what? What does the NHL do then? Every single play-in team gets an even chance at the 1OA? Sorry I'm not coming at you, just trying to acknowledge the absolute absurdity of the situation.
  14. Right there with you. How can anyone root for this joke of a league?
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