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  1. Agree, slump does probably sound a bit much. Rather, they just cooled off, but finding ways to get it done is definitely a huge positive. I'm just worried whether they'll be able to handle the entire season. Even though they've played well without Palat; and Schmid has exceeded all expectations, another big injury (God forbid) may actually expose their lack of depth. Interesting to see what the trade period will bring. Meanwhile I'm hoping they remain excited and motivated.
  2. True. Goaltending is day and night compared with last year. I'm already thinking about the trade period lol.
  3. That goes without saying and I'm rather upset than worried. I kinda expected it and it's better at this time of the season than later. I'm still pleasantly surprised to see them on top of the division.
  4. 100% and I hope they realize it has to be corrected.
  5. Survived this time, but looked sloppy and disconnected all game. Good to get a W, but the slump is evident.
  6. All I want is a win even if they wear pajamas.
  7. Absolutely. Not a tragedy but certainly a wake-up call.
  8. Cmon man...former players, former coach... The key word is former. Why does it matter who coaches the Preds and how we have a hard time beating them. We want the cup, we need to find the way.
  9. I lost the count of how many times they turned the puck over.
  10. It's a great season so far but they haven't been sharp lately. Apart from the Rag game, They played very poorly against the caps but got a W. Today they were good only for the first 5 min of the second pd. Preds controlled the game and the last 3 min was absolute crap. Hope they learned the lesson. Being on top of the division is a hard task.
  11. Hate to say it but Nashville earned this one. It had to happen at some point. They were careless and sloppy.
  12. I'll take it as the Toronto game reparation.
  13. True. Especially with Shesterkin in net.
  14. Agree, but who gives a sh!t now?
  15. He just needs to sit for being an idiot.
  16. Lol another serious fan. It was a joke.
  17. Are you really taking me seriously here?
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