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  1. That's exactly why it's already over.
  2. It looks like a silent agreement between Lindy and the team. "I pretend I'm coaching, you pretend you are playing, and everyone pretends they give a sh!t."
  3. All he needs to do is finally relieve Lindy from his duty. I don't even care who replaces him. Somebody FFS.
  4. Devils are such a perfect and clear example of atrocious coaching...
  5. Very little movement without the puck. Giving Tampa enough time to close all passing lanes.
  6. I wish we could do something like Habs in the last 3 min yesterday...just too soft and sloppy.
  7. We've said this quite a few times. In some cases they won and gave us hope. In others, they lost in the most pathetic way literally killing our expectations. We should stop worrying about the season. It's not over till it's over. Meanwhile, let's go boys. Just win.
  8. I'd like to see this same team coached by someone else first...
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