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  1. Keeper eligible Mark Stone, Ryan O'Reilly, Connor Hellebyuck and Ivan Provorov available on my trading block. Make me an offer.
  2. Good point! I will wait to pick after all then.
  3. I'm coming back and I'm happy to take pick 4!
  4. Keeper eligible trading block: Stone O 'Reilly Provorov Sergachev Yamamoto One of Helleybucyk, Shesterkin or Samsonov. Svech and Barzy are staying in the Fight Club though, lifetime members.
  5. Oh no wait sorry thought this was the fantasy hockey thread.
  6. Im in. Sorry the forum stopped working in my Tapatalk app!
  7. Pretty happy with my first season so far. Main surprise is no one wanting Mark Stone! Thought Heiskanen was going to be a steal and ended up being a lead weight. Svechnikov and Barzal are two exciting keepers though.
  8. Samsonov or Shesterkin could be available for a good offer...
  9. Haha well I think it's fair to say all of us have been stung by expecting a certain team to be much better this year! Also could be tempted to move keeper eligible Mark Stone for a first, if there's interest?
  10. NQDevil

    Fire Hynes

    Yeah when it starts going really well I'm going to swap all the letters around for the wrong ones so it becomes totally unintelligible.
  11. NQDevil

    Fire Hynes

    Ah that's interesting. One of the things that struck me when I read some Athletic season preview stuff was how much the other NHL coaches rate Hynes. It'd be a shame to never see what he can do with a really talented roster, hope they keep this run together.
  12. NQDevil

    Fire Hynes

    Seems to have turned it around a bit? What's he done? Devils have looked mostly good of late, maybe it just took only average goaltending to rescue the team. Special mention to Miles Wood too, who's started to bring some of those unique qualities back to the game.
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