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  1. That article by the Caps writer really hit the nail on the head imho. As a fan of the NHL and Devils for two decades now, this lockout has left me absolutely gutted. At the end of the day it's only a sport, but it's a pretty raw feeling when you know that you have lost passion for something that you cared for deeply. I still find myself checking in on TG's blog and I'm pretty sure that I'd rather see the Devils have some success, however, I know for a fact that things just feel different for me after this latest lockout. Sure, money plays a big role in all of this, but that's not my biggest beef with everything. Above all, I just can't comprehend the lack of respect that the NHL has for its product, its history, the fans, and the game of hockey itself. What about the team employees and the local businesses? There are just no words to describe how poorly this league operates and their lack of regard for the people who help support it and depend on it. I made up my mind in September that the NHL would definitely not be seeing a penny from me this year and for the foreseeable future for that matter. It's not meant to punish them, because I know full well that there will be someone else ready to pick up my slack. It has more to do with the fact that they brought me to a point where I now have to question my association with the league and if I want to be a part of it any longer. That's one thing I can't forgive them for, at least not right now. Sorry, a truncated 48 game season will not change my mind on that. It feels like most people really don't care to much about everthing that has happened and are more than willing to hand over their money asap. Personally, that is disappointing to me, however, everyone is entitled to their own course of action here and many people just want their hockey and don't care how they get it. That's fine, but there are definitely those of us out there who are not okay with everything that has gone on. The only thing I can say for sure is that Saturday will be the first season opener that I actually couldn't care less about, and it absolutely sucks to feel that way.
  2. I have missed a lot of you guys fwiw. I know there are a lot of old timers here and people who will go to the ends of the Earth for this team. Congrats to you all. The negativity at this place can really be a drain sometimes, but honestly, this is well deserved. Enjoy this. I know a lot of you have waited a long time for this. In a very odd coincidence, I've had the good fortune of meeting a great Devils fan and an even better person during these playoffs. MadDog, you're the man buddy. Die-hard doesn't being to describe this guy. Nothing else I can really say. It;s been a pleasure to sit with you during this run. The little group we have there in 214, well this has honestly been just an amazing experience. We'll have these memories forever. Congrats to you all again. Relax and enjoy the next few days off. It's okay to breathe now.
  3. I think they would be hard pressed to be having any fun right now, especially these last two weeks. Sure they're getting paid very well to essentially play a game, but these guys are athletes and competitive by nature. Losing the way they are has to suck something fierce at this point. They have struggled all season long but have basically become the league's doormat over the last ten games. And if any of them are in fact ok with this, they need to gtfo asap.
  4. Or in other words they have no game at all. We're so deep in it that it's not even funny anymore.
  5. CR76, nice effort but it's futile, especially here. I don't know when it became cool to bash the guy but there is a nice group of fans who love to downplay his contributions to the game and what he has done for this team. Let's break down all of his stats and show show how smart I am. Let's devalue the consistency and dedication to your craft required to play 1100 games in one of the most challenging positions in all of sports. A goalie only being as good as the team in front of him? Shocker! Ryan Miller would surely have us fighting for the division lead right now. Whatever the case, trying to knock him down a peg has been such a hobby for some (his own fans and experts) throughout his entire career. Now the feast begins at the lowest point of his professional career. No one can deny that Marty has lost some speed and that the reflexes are not as sharp as they once were. But there were signs of this happening years ago. It comes along with age no matter who you are or how good you are. What I don't understand is why are so many convinced that he has lost EVERYTHING in the span of a summer? I still contend that this team is a burial ground for any goalie you throw in there but in saying that it's obviously not an excuse for every goal that he gives up. He's struggling, especially right now, but this seems like more of a mental issue at this point. I know it seems like forever ago, but after a tough start, Marty got his game in gear earlier this year and was actually playing pretty well prior to hurting his elbow in the Chicago game. He was by far one of the better players on this team at that time (although that may not be saying much). He was keeping them in games. He was still able to do it. Imo, I think he has just lost complete confidence in his game and he can't get it back. But really, who can blame him?. He's getting older. He's been injured. The team in front of him is mistake prone and they absolutely can not score. There have been some terrible turnovers in front of him these last couple of games but that's not an excuse. He's really struggled these past two games, that much is obvious. But what you have seen these last couple of games is not a true barometer of his current capabilities. No way in hell a goalie playing at his current level manages to secure 3 shutouts on an awful team like NJ. He's no longer the Marty of old but he's not as bad as he has recently shown. What has me worried more then anything is that I don't know HOW he can regain his confidence on this team. They're really limiting the shots against right now but they still mange to make such glaring and stupid mistakes all over the ice. Now add in the fact that the offense is basically non-existent, well it's a difficult task to ask someone to get their sh!t in order when everything is in total chaos around them. This can be said for many of the players on this team actually. Again, it's not an excuse for him, but as a goalie it's only you in that crease. Now think about playing that position while you're struggling and knowing that you have no room for error. It's not easy. If Marty were the only one on this team that looked absolutely fried, then yeah, plan the burial. But this TEAM is in the toilet mentally. He's not the only one. They're bad and their season is lost. Say what you will about them only caring about money and what not, no one wants to be considered a laughingstock and this is exactly what this team has become this year. The losing starts to weigh on you, we even feel it as fans. Imagine being in that locker room? They're damaged.
  6. Hopefully tonight officially starts the righting of the ship.
  7. Sickman

    Jacques Lemaire

    By now, I'm sure most of you have either read or heard Lemaire's observations of this team. Pretty humbling imho. As much as we like to get on certain players for sucking and what not, these guys are human and I'm sure it's pretty difficult to be a part of something like this. What we are seeing now is a team that has completely hit rock bottom. It seems like they keep getting lower and lower but I just don't see how there is any way possible to dig lower then this. It's Christmas break and the Devils are officially the worst team in the NHL. Insane. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't all thrilled with some of Lemaire's decisions last year but it was a total team collapse last season. Despite what follies he may have committed, it was pretty clear that the players quit on him. With that being said, I'm pretty glad he is back. The first time Lemaire came aboard along with Larry Robinson, he inherited an up and coming team and instilled the defensive ingredients that would turn this team into a near dynasty. His second go around, I think, was a last shot at squeezing another run out of an aging team with a less then stellar supporting cast in hopes of maximizing their potential collectively. Obviously that didn't pan out so well. Now here he is again for a third crack at it. Say what you will about Lemaire but the dude knows hockey like nobody's business. He may be a little old in the tooth but the man has forgotten more about the game then most of us even know. At first I didn't get the point of hiring Lemaire when it was already too late, but after reading his post game comments, it's pretty obvious why he is here. The season is lost. We know that, the players know that, Lou knows that. Everyone knows that. But the team can't continue like this. How many moments have we seen this season where it looked like the team had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on? He claims they sort of forgot how to play hockey and I honestly believe it. Whatever the case, something had to be done. You just can't keep playing games with absolutely no direction. They did get blown out again tonight but at least they showed some signs of life over periods 2 and 3. Anything is a step forward right now. What most people don't realize is how fast a losing culture can stick. It's one thing to say you'll get out of it but quite another to actually do it. You see so many sports franchises run into this type of situation and before you know it's a festering issue years down the line. I think Lou knows that he needs to move some bodies but can't do much about it right now but really doesn't give two sh!ts about which players feelings may get hurt. Hiring Lemaire proves that considering all the drama from last year. But this move isn't about these guys anyway. Despite the dead weight on this team, we still have some very important skilled younger pieces who will be here for the long haul. They need to be taught properly and taught a winning mindset. This team clearly doesn't know how to do it. They're not going to make the playoffs this year but a strong finish to the end is much more important to us then a hit or miss lottery pick imo. Sure fire talent is sorely needed but the last thing we need is a losing culture here. Losing breeds more losing. Take your 2010 calendar year Devils for example. Just like in 93, Lemaire will get a chance to put his stamp on this team. This time he wont be getting a budding Cup contender, but rather a team with no direction or organization that he can assist with finding an identity. I think the most important thing this team can do this year is settle on a system, instill a strong work ethic and get back to playing simple basic hockey. We have good enough players to at least compete. Some trimming of fat from the roster + a good foundation to build off from the second half of this season, will give this team a good platform to start the turnaround next year. You gotta start somewhere. What better time then now? At least the guy has the organization's best interest in mind. He is sure taking on one hell of a mess.
  8. I proved your point how? Again, is Martin Brodeur as good as he was 5 years ago? No. But I have never said that he was and I'm not expecting him to be either. Of course he is declining, he is on the downside of his career. But it's no where near the level that you guys are claiming. Seriously, listen to yourselves for just a minute. It has gotten to the point where EVERY SINGLE GOAL that Brodeur gives up is a bad goal. I cant remember the last time he allowed a good goal based on this boards standards. Is our defense that damn good that they're denying any strong scoring opportunities? What am I saying that is so off base to you? It's only normal to expect him to slow down a bit, but he is made out to be a cripple on this board. And fwiw, as far as his decline is concerned, in the last 5 years he has been nominated for 4 Vezinas and has won 2 of them while posting nearly 50 wins twice. It's greatly exaggerated. All I have been saying from the very beginning of this mess is that judging Brodeur with this team in front of him is not fair. Judging any goalie wouldn't be fair. Do we not agree that this team has been an absolutely wretched this year? It's frightening to see how little they have scored. How can you possibly win if you cant score goals? My main issue is that people are setting aside his entire body of work, which has been pretty damn consistent, and basing his poorest season totally on eroding skills. I don't think this is fair or accurate and I see it as a giant slap in the face to someone who was a major part of putting this team on the damn map in the first place. There is no fall from grace right now without the original contributions of #30. But now you get some stupid avatars with "retire" in them and a resident ringleader for all this garbage. It doesn't hurt me to see Marty struggle. He's part of the "team" and it bothers me to see them struggle collectively. What really disappoints me is to see legends of this franchise like Lou and Marty get thrown under the bus during the one time sh!t has truly hit the fan for this franchise since they have both been here. I'd day 80% of this board knows nothing but winning and the attitude now is fvck everyone who brought you to the dance in the first place. Call me a fan boy or whatever you want, but I'm just tired of reading how little faith people have in those who have proven themselves over and over and over and over and over again. 600+ wins over 15 season compared to 20 or so rough games on a historically bad team. I don't give a sh!t if Marty Brodeur is 110 years old, a little perspective is needed here.
  9. Glad I'm not the only one here who refuses to accept "reality". The first period was brutal. The one goal Marty really needed to have was that third one. Like you said, just a poor rebound. Assuming they would have had the same strong 2nd period, 2 - 0 may have been possible to climb out of, I think.
  10. Zajac definitely did some lazy back checking on that turnover. Kovalcuk hustled his ass off but in doing so, I think he kind of bumped the Islander crashing the net, which caused him to slide into Brodeur and throw him a little off balance. Eh, I can live with that from Zajac I guess. It's a risk you take playing him at the point and up until today, he was doing very well in that role. But breakdowns of this sort have been going on all season.
  11. No arguments here at all. But to be fair, tonight could have possibly been the type of game where if they had gotten a big stop when it was 1 or 2 nothing, maybe they get some puck luck going the other way. They had a chance in this game, I think. It was a wretched start but I thought they played fairly well tonight, although anything is an improvement over their most recent efforts. Then again it could be that was just a result of playing a team nearly as lousy as themselves. I really don't know what to think anymore lol.
  12. When did I say he was not a part of the team? Please show me this. He shoulders the blame tonight, no dispute there. What I'm disputing is your claim that he played like sh!t against the Thrashers or in so many other games because he allowed four goals or what not. The team in front of him was absolute trash that night. Tonight it was reversed. Oh for christ's sakes, are you in the man's head that you can tell he knows it's over for him? When the fvck did we become mind readers here? Obviously he's lost confidence in his game but who knows what the reason is? I don't know how many times I can say this. I'm not saying the team is completely responsible for Marty's game. He hasn't been as good this year. No arguments there. But this nonsense that he is completely finished and he should become goaltending coach...Where do you guys come off with saying this when the team in front of him has been so bad this year? How can you accurately judge this? Before the team fell off the rails last year, Marty was very strong in the first half of the season. It's why he was nominated for the god damn Vezina trophy. So in one year all of his skills eroded? I just can't see this. And after a shaky start to this season, he was playing very well before injuring his arm. I know it's been a while but take a look at the #'s. You know what, so many of you are crying for Hedberg and this was the same board that was ripping the guy a new a$$hole the first few games he played for this team. Now everyone wants to blow him to high heaven. It's ridiculous. I'm not saying Brodeur doesn't deserve some blame here but there is a fvcking reason(s) why this team is the WORST team in the NHL at this moment and it doesn't rest solely on an aging goaltender's shoulders.
  13. Pretty bad performances? So the teams awful play against the Caps and Atlanta means nothing? They were so bad in those games. Look, the Devils were dreadful in tonight's first period but they brought it for the rest of the game and were let down by the goaltending. It's pretty safe to say that, but it's a two way street. The Devils were especially awful in Atlanta. They played like sh!t that game even when Hedberg took over. I have no problem with Hedberg getting some action tbh. What you watched tonight with Marty is not so much a loss of skill as it is a loss of confidence. He was fighting the puck even on routine dumps along the boards. You either let him play out of it or have him take a seat. Playing through it is not a big deal when the team is playing well and scoring. Obviously they don't have that luxury right now.
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