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  1. Marshall

    GDT: Road Trip from Hell, Part 7 - Devils @ Jets

    I really don't think NJ can pony up what's necessary to get Quenneville. I don't know how long Hynes' extension was, but I assume it's this season and possibly next. You'd be paying Quenneville in the neighbourhood of 4 million (assuming a little paycut from his current deal) + Hynes' salary until he finds a new gig. I don't see NJ being a part of that.
  2. Marshall

    GDT: Devils @ Maple Leafs, 11/9/18 7:00pm, MSG+

    The thing with Hall's season is that it wasn't that much of a change from his norm. He had 45 5v5 points in 17/18, he had 51 in 13/14 in similar time on ice. Where things really happened was on the power play, where he had 36 and his previous career high was 17. I've been on the "unrealistic to expect same/similar"-side of things for much of the summer but I didn't realise how the numbers in the different gamestates broke down. If he's in the same spot on the PP (lots of touches, chief playmaker on the unit) and he's himself at 5v5 with a improved Nico...I think it's quite doable to repeat what he did, or come close.
  3. Marshall

    GDT: Devils @ Maple Leafs, 11/9/18 7:00pm, MSG+

    Sometimes below average dmen play above average for a period of time. Keeping him was a non-starter considering the deal he got from the Bruins. He's getting a 96,7% save percentage while on ice and if there's one thing we learned during his time here, it's that he's not a guy who drives that. At all.
  4. Marshall

    Zacha to Bingo

    Under. It's a confidence thing. He didn't unlearn how to hockey and they're not gonna leave him down there until he's ready to be a top-6 forward, because...well, that'll take some time.
  5. Marshall

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    10 ES points for Boqvist, he's been great.
  6. Marshall

    Zacha to Bingo

    I don't think he has developed that much slower than many other players, I think he wasn't that good to begin with which was indicated by his lack of scoring prowess vs his peers. I disliked the pick at the time (my tombstone will say "Wanted Mat Barzal") and he was one of two players I thought they 100% shouldn't take at that position (Crouse the other). Before the season I thought the reasonable scenario with him was a 3C going forward and I don't think that window has changed, but if people are hoping for more...well, I admire the positive mindset I guess-
  7. Marshall

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Painting with an extremely broad brush here, but scouts are good at identifying what a player is good/bad at. Weighing those things and valuing them...another thing entirely. Point was passed over because he's small and Tampa's made a killing of drafting small-ish players in later rounds.
  8. Marshall

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    IMO the team should move here, 100% winning percentage after all.
  9. Marshall

    2018 Offseason Thread

    PPG players are elite talents.
  10. Marshall

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Uh there's a lot of space between elite talent and third liner. How it's an either or is beyond me.
  11. Marshall

    Santini signs three year deal

    And all those were surrounded by plenty of controversy when it happened. Why you'd wanna invite that on a team that had nothing but positives last year is beyond me. I honestly doubt the positives would amount to more than a portion of the fanbase being pleased.
  12. Marshall

    Santini signs three year deal

    I think you guys are making way too big of a deal about the captaincy. Just let Greene play out his deal, probably retire, Hall is the new captain.
  13. Marshall

    Santini signs three year deal

    Vatanen/Butcher/Greene will be the top 3, I bet. I really don't think Shero will get many calls about Greene. Teams aren't lining up to trade for 35 year old dmen with another year at 5m. Vatanen won't eat away Greene's time, at least not significantly, because they don't play the same side. Butcher/Mueller might, on the other hand.
  14. Marshall

    Santini signs three year deal

    Taking Moore's spot insofar as being on the NHL roster, yes. But obviously they're nothing alike in terms of style and not the same handedness. I don't know about this deal. Everything about his career so far has been weird - they stick him on the top pairing and plays brutal minutes, in which he got absolutely crushed. If Lovejoy hadn't been a thing (and hadn't been great at 3RD) I guess that'd been his slot but it still amazes me that he went from top spot to no spot. I just wonder how they'll manage it this year, logically he'd compete and split time with Lovejoy because that's the role I can see him managing and also where he probably slots in long term. But I've got a feeling one of them will play further up in the lineup than they should.
  15. Marshall

    2018 UFA Thread

    The Rangers were drunk in addition to blindfolded.

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