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  1. nothin to it ! hehehehehe…heeeeehee
  2. I want Canes to lose. I’m so sick of them. It’s too bad that the Rags have to do it. Then I’ll root for whoever plays against Rags… then kicks the Rags out.
  3. I was there too with my son. We looked at each other and left. Didn’t say a word to each other for the forty minute ride home. I still remember Paul Maurice’s post game interview. He was very gracious about the win but was as stunned as everyone else. Thats a Guy I would like to have as a NJ Devils coach!!
  4. This is why TikTok should be banned
  5. Too much time in d zone this period
  6. ok…. Here’s the plan for next game
  7. Well the rest of my hockey season will be just watching and hoping the Rangers lose.
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