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  1. Don’t worry. The third jerseys will make a difference. …HELLO!!! I thought Lindy would make a difference but boy. Go get someone else. The whole coaching staff is lame.
  2. wheres Erika? on;y reason to watch this mess
  3. Understood BUT...advertising...which is what the give aways really are... is so excessive anyhow. How much is spent on the same rediculous Car commercials, bank commercials, etc that is just throwing away crazy money. The give aways should be for all in attendance. So what if there are leftovers... that’s the nature of advertising. It just seems to me to be penny wise and dollar foolish at the expense of the fans. They should limit the number of times we have to have every replay or update sponsored by someone. Don’t like the ownership. Lifeless. Passionless. Money grabbers. Just me. I still love the Devils and will always be a fan but the in game experience is so sterile.
  4. Absolutely common experience for opposing fans in Philadelphia. Been going on for years. The Philadelphia fans are mental defectives and actually think they are entitled to act like animals. The overflow of that mentality is also prevalent with all of the youth hockey teams in and around the Flyers sphere both in NJ and PA. The parents,kids all the same. Sad.
  5. I am sooo turned off by the first 9k on all these giveaways. Another reason that soured me on the new owners. Way too corporate. No soul. No passion. Just bottom line guys. And that’s OK but they won’t get my money anymore. I love the team and the fact that it is our team, New Jersey on the logo but... these owners...
  6. I had the same epiphany two years ago and even wrote told and wrote to my team rep. I was a STH 10+ yrs. There is something just not right with this ownership. Way to corporate for me. No soul.
  7. Pepperkorn is so right!! love it. Where is the Scott Stevens intensity? this team needs a kickass captain and a no bs coach. Too much of the “brotherhood” teambuilding trips, feel good crap. The new ownership loves all the cute marketing slogans and corporate speak. For all of Lou’s problems in the later years of the Devils demise, many of which he was hamstrung by bad finances, just look at what he is doing in NY. Awesome coaching, no name superstars on team etc etc. This team has no fire, no fear no nothing to play for. WAKE UP. too much feel good stuff. Not working.
  8. mackchi


    He’s a positive guy who is quite commendable with his altruism. He also is an easy study for all the media types. He’s funny, outspoken , self effacing etc etc. it makes for lots of fun things to do media wise. It brings the Devils into a light in the NHL that has been sorely needed for years. All the great years the Devils had, in one of the largest media centers in the world, and no one knew about them. Unfortunately the timing is way off. All of his efforts are not positive on the ice. For whatever reason. It’s really time for him to get serious about his play and performance on the ice or no one will take him or this current team seriously for a very long time. Personality, levity are all great but please, PLEASE get serious about your play!
  9. As long as they play to their identity they have to be better they need to find a way work through it Ah blah blah blah blah blah
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