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  1. I guess it was pulled off the air…
  2. I’ve checked you tube and it’s not there. I started watching right after the loss and Gomer was on fire. I think he was drunk. Did they scratch the recording?
  3. They gotta stay north south watch those lazy cross ice passes
  4. I’m watching game with sound turned off
  5. This really hurts. I am so tired of looking at Brindamor nose and stalls face. Sickening…..
  6. My exact sentiment. 😎😏😁
  7. I’m gonna be a wreck until this thing gets going. I can only imagine what the players are feeling! NHL tonight can’t stop talking about Rangers. Its Rangers this Rangers that yada yada
  8. I’m giddy with excitement 🤪 ( i’m gonna check my shorts)
  9. Why can’t I get game on nhl network i have it on comcast but they have the Detroit game on!
  10. Oh boy he sure does!!!! Someone asleep at the switch!!
  11. I guess they’re comfortable being uncomfortable
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