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  1. Tre doing everything he can to mitigate the situation in CGY and all things considered he may be doing a pretty damn good job if he doesn't have to sell the farm here... Then again if you don't sell the farm what does it get you anyway? Go for it now and Dela with the consequences later, I guess.
  2. He shouldn't have been playing at all, let alone with the goalie pulled and he can't even skate.
  3. I don't get it. Hughes can't fvcking skate... The fvck you still playing him for?
  4. Hughes needs to get pulled. He's looking likes he's in a bad spot.
  5. Hughes first shift back he was just standing around. Not looking the best.
  6. I am. I hadn't seen one either and I couldn't find one for a few weeks after the "launch" but then this weekend I saw they popped up on Amazon with an Aug 21-27 ship date. I think they may already be out in EU and Asia(don't quote me). I am hoping it works on T-mobile...it's supposed to but I always have a healthy amount of skepticism with these things. It is going to replace my Sony Xperia Xz1 compact which I love but it's just old now and not really cutting it. A great compact flagship phone for something I bought unlocked for Like $350 in 2017. If Sony even made another one I'd have probably bought it.
  7. The new Asus ZenFone 9. I think it'll ship over the weekend so I hope the site got something out of it.
  8. I bought a new phone off Amazon today. Hopefully you get the referral DM.
  9. Yea we should have drafted this Kaiser dude. He looks good and his coolname/60 is off the charts.
  10. Those tickets are really expensive! I might pay that but I can totally see why the average fan wouldn't...especially to see the WJC in the middle of the summer.
  11. I'm kind of surprised so many people care about this. I couldn't give a rats ass who he roots for, he's just there to call the playoffs.
  12. @MadDog2020There is an update.
  13. A great handsome/60.... Not much else.
  14. Yeaaaaaa.....safe to say he and his agent did not count on that happening. In the end he gambled and missed out on his big raise/over payment but he's still well in the money.
  15. My guess is that he decided to take a risk thinking that he could both get paid and end up on a more competitive team sooner. NJ looked to be, once again, slipping backward. He bet/gambled on himself and it didn't work out. Hindsight is a B. Not like the Bruins are full on out of contention but he definitely ended up on a team on the other side of that hill.
  16. Congrats to him and thanks for all the shootout goals. He's living the life.
  17. It would be fun to see someone try to pull off an offer sheet. Dallas in a bind between Oettinger and Robertson. The Benn and Seguin contracts are coming back to haunt them.
  18. Not sure if anyone else has confirmed it but Kevin Weekes delete his tweet announcing it.
  19. I gave him a B. Overall, he did the best he could with what he had to work with. In the end, if players aren't willing to come here I don't blame him for their personal decisions.... Also... Columbus is just.... Wow. How can NJ compete with that? Time will tell on the Palat deal, Bratt and the draft. Bratt situation likely was the right move for everyone. The Devils didn't win the off season this summer. Maybe this is a good sign?
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