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  1. GOAL Song news! A great idea= T. Hertl (SJ) said something new coming to Tank. When any player scores a goal, a song HE chose will be that goal song. 4 goals, 4 different goal songs. Love the idea! Saw it on twitter
  2. I was under the impression Ray/ownwership pursued & got PK to show Hallsy commitment to improving the team. Keeping a high profile guy like Hall helped w/ butts in seats. Too bad it didn't work. Thinking back on our shortcomings, I honest believe it was Devils D zone play (man to man) that killed us. They were chasing their man around and spending so much time, (in D zone) and exhausting themselves doing it. The system didn't work.
  3. vadvlfan

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Wonder if Fitz will call Ray, bro, what should I get for homeboy?
  4. LGD's! Slow em down neutral zone, we will be victorious
  5. I'll bet he's pissed. He was all set to go an exotic Island w/ #63 & # 37 to find some wild & crazy girls!
  6. good points. I think too that holding onto Hynes was probably a mistake. And I'll bet Ray didn't want to fire him, but was told to do so. Just like when he stuck w/ Bylsma in the Berg. Ray, you gave us a 5 year plan, and it's not improving. Bye.
  7. One of those guys made an effort to get him back to NJ.(sure as hell wasn't Shero) And not to be Hugh's assistant. They had something in mind more long term.
  8. Isn't it crazy that in Sept. ALL of us were so high on this team. Ray got Gusev. Ray got Boquist to come over. Ray got PK for 2 minor league D men We all thought Schneider was going to regain his mojo. Ray signed Simmons (a very good move IMO) but things went South in a hurry. Here it is 4 months later, that GM is gone. I love this team.
  9. GM's have a philosophy as to how to build a team. I thought Ray did a good job overall, but some things needed to fall into place. It didn't for this team. Not sure what Hall had to do with this, but I agree the timing baffles me. Anybody ever wonder why Marty was brought in? I think Castron has done a good job as well, giving Ray what he wanted. (speed/skill) until he went for physicality last year. Let's see how it unfolds. Marty will be our next GM imo. And he'll get a couple St. Louis guys (mgmt) to jump ship.
  10. I'll bet Shero's going to have THE conversation with Sami, Greene, Travis, Simmons: Do you want an opportunity to go to a playoff bound team? If it's presented? I can see Greener going to Isles w/ Lou? (w/ Pelech out for season)
  11. Why not wear the Heritage jerseys on the road? I think it would be pretty cool. eh?
  12. Listening to Boomer Gordon & Jake Hahn on XM yesterday, in their recap they think our "heritage" jerseys are awesome. Too bad we can't win a freakin game wearing them
  13. I wish him (Hynes) well & hope he succeeds.
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