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  1. We all know (pretty much) Fitz will overpay for Hamilton. However, there is a possibility he'll sign elsewhere in a market that has a legit shot at cup. Or, last minute change of heart by Canes. (which I doubt-they're flush w/ D men) I also wouldn't mind Cody Ceci for depth. (chipped in a lil offense & was a plus 18, & 27 years old. -fo schizzle) Love to see Coleman back in NJ
  2. I agree Fitz will be aggressive w/ Hamilton. Not so much w/ Vladdy. There's a lot of tempting UFA's out there, costing us no assets. He might make a pitch for Wennberg? Danault, McCabe, M. Janmark, Blake Coleman, M. Rielly? Can't wait for Wednesday.
  3. what surprised me was Tyler Boucher going so early. I thought he might around at 29, but oh well. All teams are trying to draft more grit. It's the rage these day. Kraken is loaded with grit.
  4. How about Coleman. He's been a role player all his career. Is he still role player? or capable of playing in top 6? Suspect he get paid in the 3.5-4 mil range? Watch, he too will sign with Rag$.
  5. Voracek at 8.3 mil? Ken Holland might do that. They've been trying to un load his behind.
  6. I thought he put together a decent team. Lots of role players. Very good D imo. (all big, mobile) They stayed away from the glam names (expensive). I just don't get John Quenville? Tyler Pitlick? I wondered if Habs fans secretly wanted Price to get picked. Now, unless they hold half his $$, they're stuck with an aging 10 mil anchor around your neck. Mentioned this on Twitter last night, and a Habs fan said the City would melt.
  7. The 2 guys I wanted for us to be "in the mix" for Larrs and Oleksiak=gone. Who is still out there.
  8. The league doesn't leak this stuff. Agents/players/teams do. Bettman's probably furious over this.
  9. I saw this guy on expansion list Christoph Bertschy. Anyone know who he is?
  10. I really doubt Kraken taking Subban, even if he's only making 2 mil in actual salary. Because he still 9 mil against the cap.
  11. philanges crossed! would be lovely.
  12. I'm wondering if Parise nixed the deal w/ the Isles last year. If that's the case, Lou may not give 2rd chances. Lou "That ship has sailed" Also, Parise might just retire. He's got sh>loads of $$.
  13. We're making this big stink about which D man Devils will take at 4. They're taking a forward. Thank you!
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