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  1. Good read. Good job CD. Your evals are quite different from other rankings. But good detail & I guess we'll see how it shakes out.
  2. Zacha is a good Center. Wins draws, good along the boards, getting harder on puck. W/ our luck we'd trade him and he'd become a 25 goal scorer. And, he has what so many on our team lack........size. Zajac still has couple good years left. I say keep him til. well, haven't thought about that yet
  3. Verified account 29m29 minutes ago More The Devils have signed forward prospect Jesper Boqvist (No. 36, 2017 Draft) to a 3-year, entry-level contract. Boqvist had a solid season (13-22-35 in 51 gms for Brynas in the SHL) after breaking wrist in 2017-18.
  4. Wasn't sure which thread but, potential good UFA's to consider (besides the glamorous ones Panarin/ Ducheune etc) that Could play up & down the line up. Be happy if we added. Connoly (Wash) Donskoi (SJ) B. Tanev (Winn) Colin Wilson (Col) Ferland (Canes) R. Panik (Yotes) I don't have a good feeling for : Eberle, Nyquist, Don't see any D men (UFA's) I'm overwhelmed with except love to see Ray go after Gardiner.
  5. Wonder if we've got anything Jet's might want. Are not Smith/Butcher similar both good puck carrying types, PP point men. Wonder if Davies will make it into the mix at camp.? Logjam at D, but another top 4 guy needed.
  6. vadvlfan


    We've beat this dead horse many times. Greene, currently is our #1 or #2 Dman (Severson) Yes we need 1-4 help this year and thinking beyond. Hopefully Ray can land Gardiner? or trade for Colin Miller or Mcnabb (for prospect/2nd & maybe B's 2nd round pick? Greener will never be sent down. If we did he's stays as cap hit. I thought if we were to trade Green, it would be home to Detroit. I'm hoping also Ray's thinking about Nic Ehler's or Roslovic
  7. Sadly, Speers= NHL bust
  8. We don't know what goes into a lot of this stuff too. Ray may make a decent run at a player, but shouldn't you set limits? We don't know who he made an effort to get, (cept maybe Maroon-Shattenkirk) we all thank God that didn't come to fruition. GM's give a stupid contract out, and 2 years later trying to move him? Maybe Van. trade Virtanen to us for Mcleod or Q /pick. That's type of player I love us to pursue. In addition to a top 6 guy/ top 4 D man.
  9. AV probably had input into that move. (he played for him)
  10. Also, after I read the Marner for Hall "swap" (idea above Guadana) I thought it was pretty far out there. But, not so much any more. Kinda makes sense. I'm calling Ray!
  11. David Pagnotta (4th period) is an occasional guest on XM. A few years ago they used to have Ekland (2.3%) on. Then all of a sudden he disappeared (upon realizing he had no credibility) Hopefully the same fate will go to Pagnotta after this rumor. But, I understand to a certain extent Hall wanting to see how the off season goes. My fear is he might pull a Tavares. I hope Ray puts a time limit on Hallsy's decision.( i.e. if he doesn't want to sign by mid November-) We can't continually kiss his backside & genuflect. He's not the only one holding the cards. I hope he signs here, but to lose him for nada would be no so good.
  12. Any ideas who we'll take early 2nd round? Somebody that was (supposedly taken in 1st) drops to us. Nolan Foote? John Beecher?
  13. Many italians love escrow (in soups etc.) pronounced "schkrarrole" (I know, that was really bad)
  14. He was brutal on goal #3 in game 1. As Stevens would say, tie up the stick!
  15. I'm hoping Wood will step up as well. All teams are looking for speed/size, Wood has both but hasn't figured it out. He's been on all 4 lines for brief periods. What is Miles Wood modus operandi? a checking winger? A potential top 6 guy? I honestly think even Hynesy isn't sure. He skates faster than he thinks.
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