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  1. Let's go Devils! ...............Go....fight.......Win!
  2. You're pumping Bratts tires quite a bit. Let's everyone calm down. Players salaries have a "range". Whoa to the team that overpays hoping he'll play to that salary.
  3. Problem is he's been in a "roll" he's beginning to handle pretty good. He might be able to move up to 3rd line from time to time. Now he's a some what physical, has speed & a decent shot.
  4. Let him take feakin Boqvist's spot w/ Nico.
  5. RWings 2nd goal infuriated me. Between #7 & #24 (latter truly sucked) don't know why they're together. Then 2 minutes later, score again. I shut it off. So many players "fell off" after last year. Goalie needs more seasoning, although at times made great saves. I think coaching needs to change. But, imo, Fitz won't be making them. They will move on from him & let next guy change coaching personal. I think this team , as is, is so one dimensional.
  6. I think most devil fans (me included) overrate this current team, & blame coaches for every shortcoming. . There's nothing wrong with coaching staff. they desperately want this team to start winning & it aint happening. This team is mediocre, period. Are some players a little getting better as we go along? maybe, but many are clearly not! Is the team Fragile? Hell yeah. Has anyone "stepped up" this year? We still are in the lower-most tier of this league.
  7. Absolutely no too Dobby. He sucks this year. Old too.
  8. Fitz hired Ruff, & he also chose to keep Recchi/Nas. It's on him. Fitz won't get an opportunity to hire new guy AND start over. He's not Doug Wilson.
  9. Don't most GM's hire assistants. Coach's can request them I suppose. But if a head coach has to go, one of the assistants can step in. (regardless of the "system')
  10. Wonder what they would want in return? (in reality) Severson? PK, ? But I keep hearing w/ Jake, be careful what you wish for.
  11. Happiest of thanksgiving to y'all
  12. totally unnecessary move. Although i liked him ok when he was here, we didn't need Bastian.
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