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  1. Going out on a limb here. and,...........................................We'll be better than last year.
  2. I think Forsberg's going to get paid wherever he goes. Jack's inline to get paid next year & although I'd love to see him (Forsberg) in NJ, other teams are willing to pony up.
  3. She (Amanda) post lines/D pairings as they happen (on Twitter) during practice everyday. ALWAYS. I see them, & don't understand why folks here don't.
  4. I think Dano is a good compliment to Cangy. I've had Centre ice (and XM radio) & listen to a all other teams broadcast teams. IMO, Cangy/Dano are pretty darn good. My fave radio (p x p) guy is Isles. Love the fact Dano struggles with names.
  5. f>ck J. Vesey! I hope he gets cut after preseason, & signs with Virtanen in Spartak! You don't diss my team & come crawling back. I guess you weren't as good as you thought you were. Thanks, I'm done.
  6. I think Subban is setting himself up for post hockey career. He does have personality.(outgoing) I'm glad we have someone on our team that draws attention to the Devils. I hope the other players like PK, but I have no idea if they do or not. He seems like a real team guy. I don't get why they boo him either. I think PK is a 3-6 D man on most teams. Then again, I don't get why fans boo Bettman any more. Why? '03 Lock out?
  7. KK awful? hmmm. I wish Devils could've been in the mix somehow rot get him. Of all 21 year old centers in this league, who would you rather have?
  8. In reality, The (almost) clear choice was Nico/Patrick. Both centers, and you always pick a center. The entire Devil fan base (sitting outside in Championship square) roared when we picked Nico. Also, Hughes was the absolute no brainer Number 1 overall. Folks outside the Rock, went nuts (and rightfully so) Go "off the board"? I think not.
  9. Maybe NHL should give up on keeping a team in Az. How many owners have come/gone? Then again, we'll never see a A. Mathews to Coyotes. If they move it'll need to be left of the Mississippi to keep conference straight.
  10. Let's hope he has a "Cahter Hat" type of year. making for a lil chaos in MSG.
  11. Someone say Pete Rose?
  12. We all know (pretty much) Fitz will overpay for Hamilton. However, there is a possibility he'll sign elsewhere in a market that has a legit shot at cup. Or, last minute change of heart by Canes. (which I doubt-they're flush w/ D men) I also wouldn't mind Cody Ceci for depth. (chipped in a lil offense & was a plus 18, & 27 years old. -fo schizzle) Love to see Coleman back in NJ
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