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  1. I'm happy for Isles fans because of so long being laughing stock. Things would start to look up and got messy again. I too am happy for Lou. I root for whatever team is playing the Rangers or Flyers, and now Toronto. I no longer hate them, but don't want them to succeed. I'm sure they feel same about us. I'm a hockey fan as well, and love seeing upsets. loving seeing Canes success this year, and the Isles. As far as classless fans, we all have them. Nobody has a lock on a$$holedness
  2. How many "Status quo's did you count?
  3. That last goal was unreal. Bozak gets the pass off 2' off the ice, through defenders legs and redirected still by Schwartz. Skill but luck too.
  4. I think Rag$ are going to let current GM do the rebuild regardless of new Pres. . So far I think he's doing OK. Whether to bring in a Panarin or like UFA possible. They have 2 more years of the king henrik & stall. Gotta pay Kreider.
  5. Wonder if Ray takes a flyer on a guy never drafted wants to play in the NHL & may just succeed. He missed with Yak (I thought he was better than some of our other D) The Russian guy the year before, maybe take a shot with this guy. Like Pasta, you throw it at the wall, until it sticks?
  6. Don't you think a couple of these will be dealt to upgrade somewhere? Also, I think we need a couple big boys that can skate (ride shotgun with JH. ). Wonder if anyone would have interest in Q & maybe McCleod?
  7. vadvlfan

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes only. If we didn't pick him, Rag$ would scoop him up and we'll be forever remembered as the team that passed on Jack Hughes. No thi9nks! Live & die with Jack.
  8. Hughes is the ilk of Crosby/McJesus. He will be a Devil. This team will be good for a long time. Folks (UFA's) will want to come here. I can't wait for Prospect camp. I was at band practice, got a couple calls in succession. last one being "we got him"!
  9. Steady hand needed. It's fine by me. Always trying to make the team better w/out committing to bs contracts (I think Flyers will regret JVR) Think about it, we made playoffs last year w/ pretty much same roster.(less Boyle/Lovejoy) But we want to go deeper into playoffs, not satisfied with just making them. upgrades needed on D (T. Myers or Jake Gardiner) and on 2nd line, bottom 6. And a lil more sandpaper. (Ferland if available)
  10. Green-top 3 in NHL blocking shots.(fro what that's worth) I think he's top 4 on many teams. But, sadly still # 1 here! He'll probably play out his last year (next year) I hope Ray gets us a stud D man to play big minutes, so Greener can be used in a lesser role. I agree with everyones assessment of Bingo player contributions. Q & McCleod should've shown more given the opportunity. Bastian might've earned a bottom 6 role. I think the overall confidence of this team was shattered early on after a hot start, and never recovered. I think Zacha is the next Zajac (when he's gone) Although we keep looking for Pav's "breakout' . We all know they'll be better next year. look fw to lottery tomorrow night.And Ray re-stocking the shelves
  11. We're going to get a really good potential player. Maybe even someone that makes the team 1st go-round. Been reading about Turcotte/Zegras, Cozens,Dach etc. Watched Sas/PA last night, Dach had a nice goal (end to end rush) Big boy. If you stay with these NA guys, no need to worry about Russian factor. A player getting drafted at 18 yrs old will tell you what you want to hear. Yes, I'd love to play in N.A.! until his agent gets him better deal/promises from KHL> Just looked over previous NJD drafts, we made really sh!tty choices. D. Conte (AND STAFF) weren't very good.
  12. Brutal for Carolina? How is that? Lindholm turned out to be good-Hanafin-5-28 Hamilton 18/ 19 Ferland 17/23 I wouldn't mind either Hamilton or Ferland. I think Calgary knew Fox wasn't signing, as did Canes.
  13. Of course this comes form Brooksie, a bidding war for 18 yr. olds.
  14. Of the still remaining NCAA players, hopefully if J. Davies' team gets knocked out, he signs and plays in NJ. Maybe Bobo? if he's done. Not sure who else is out there. Surely Fitzy has 1 or 2 "lined up"
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