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  1. LGD's. Slay the Crosby-ites!
  2. AHL will be a nice Baptism. All of us fans are guilty of anointing rookies on their hype. We don't know how he'll fare. But optimistic for sure.
  3. Holtz is on an ATO, but signed ELC starting next year. I don't know how many games he gets on a ATO, (Binghamton) but we'll see. I'd love to see Mercer get his feet wet too.
  4. That's a sh>tty way to treat a city. They helped promote & made sure team was involved in community. Also, a sh>tty way to do business. they were happy to host the Devils. If i were the AHL, I'd make the Devils honor their last year & play in Binghamton.
  5. I'm starting to feel very uneasy about Fitz keeping his job. After trading our most experienced players. The kids are in charge and they clearly not up to it. It'll be hard for any GM to attract players to come here. Fans keep blaming Nas & Recchi, not the case. Ownership will look and see if there's at least an upward trajectory, and it's getting worse. Now, a few of us are hoping we suck enough to get a specific draft pick? And take solace in that? wtf. It's groundhog day again like last few years. I like Fitz, but won't be shocked if he's replaced.
  6. Laine is not totally out of the question. We have a couple 1sts (we could trade one) & couple interesting prospects other than 13 & 86. Of course we would need him to sign. I get what you're saying about Zajac, but if he was still here, he would still be our best face-off man. Just like when Greene left, he was in our top 3 D men.
  7. No to petite, fleet footed, "skilled" set up men. I would like big, fast players like to play physical. Guys that like to shoot. And win draws. If it's a D man, no more Will Butchers dammit.
  8. Curtis Lazar said that he "can't wait to stick it to em" (his ex-team mates) scumbag. Hugs all around the other day against Cryers, now this?
  9. Gosh darn it, you're special, now let's get out there and make them feel unwelcome!
  10. We also have a history of signing "fringe" players to a one year contract, those players knowing full well they'll be traded somewhere at deadline. You're right about attracting UFA's to sign here. It's clear we're rebuilding & likely won't make playoffs. I wish Fitz could land a Laine type trade. Zajac loves NJ (and the team). He'll sign a one year deal with us I believe. What's crazy to me is the price teams are now willingly paying for size/grit (Savard/Foligno/Riley Nash/Josh Anderson/ Goodrow ('20_) Mantha)
  11. Wow -Anthony Mantha to Caps for 1st, 2nd, Vrana nd Panik?
  12. Yes, that's fair/reasonable. Or 6 for 3/4 w/ M-NTC?
  13. Philly D isn't that bad. Goaltending has been brutal. This team was pretty darn good at the start of the season. Hart lost his mojo. I love it. Nothing kills a bench more than letting in softies.
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