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  1. I can understand Devils are still rebuild, but if Hall, being a pro almost 10 years would want to go to a team that in the mix. (Tampa/Washington et al) which don't have the cap space.unless they room.
  2. good read! ever think Keenen be offered a job in NHL again?.........................nah
  3. If we need to shop him, is Nylander too much to ask? Hall gets paid 6 mil this year, Nylander almost 7 mil (a lil a savings) Every lil bit counts!
  4. can Smith play in the ahl? or is it Devils or back to Jr.?
  5. imo, Hughes will be playing with Simmons all year. That's why he was brought in. I don't believe you can put 3 small fw's on same line. evah!! In fact you might see Woody or Zacha moved up. None of those 3 can stand up for themselves.
  6. reading Tom Fitzgerald might /probably interviewing for Minny job. If he's hired I'm guessing Marty moves into his job? Apparently Fenton was a sh!tshow and Russo says Hextall is similar in temperament. Would anyone hire Chiarrelli?? Fitzy so good with B-Devs and scouting. He deserves a chance. I guess we shouldn't be shocked.
  7. lets not get excited about teams that don't sign ncaa players. probably Caps realized he wasn't very good. you have to sign player after jr. year. Ray will -pprobably sign Walsh after this year. Not sure they're all that high on Notre Dame guy.
  8. under NO circumstance would I sign him.Shatty was offered more $$ AND term to come to Devils, but turned NJ down cause he always wanted to be a Ranger. Trotz said he sucked as Dman in Wash! If he offered to play for $1, don't want him to soil our jersey. Feel same way about Vesey. Devil fans have booed former payers for not signing here at a hometown discount. How short their memory is. I hope he finds a lovely home in the outskirts of Edmonton. he is dead to me. we signed Butcher, and won
  9. I sure hope you're right. Hopefully won't go the way of Shipachev/
  10. he better do a good job on Capitol hill this morning. that's why we gave him a raise!
  11. As it turns out, Lou screwed Nieds and she was right. at that time you had to be 31? to be ufa? no doubt Nieds woulda been gone in todays cba. Niedermeier wasn't treated well.
  12. i always thought Greener would be traded back home to Detroit
  13. Thinking of that pic of Hall, Getzlaff, Rico, Palms etc on private jet going to a sporting event (forgot what it was)
  14. Often wonder about anyone who was healthy scratch at any time in the playoffs. (Backes, Edmondson (St. Louis) Dzingel, Fabbro etc.) hopefully they don't get another shot here.
  15. Saw something on Twitter about Devs "helping" B's move David Backes here and how he could help? Wasn't hard core, but when you have lots of cap space people have everyone coming here. Lousy idea.
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