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  1. I thought asst Boughner taking over
  2. #29 is a very good goaltender imo. He can play 2 periods of lights out hockey, and let a clunker in. And he seems fragile as well as the rest of the team. Whether he's a true #1, we'll have to see. It's his crease for the time being. Domingue sure as hell won't be taking it away anytime soon. I think we need shut down physical D-men to start. Guys we don't have to rely on to score. I thought he kept us in the game last night.
  3. A new coach at this point is asinine with this group. You can't make Chicken salad out of Chicken sh!t. Who's going to want to come here. Shero (or another GM) has to unload damn passengers. If you think a good coach is going to salvage this team, you're hallucinating. I'm beginning to believe Daniel that Ray needs to go, because 1/2 this team needs to go. The philosophy overall has to change. This team has no grit, soft to play against, and not feared or respected at all. The Devils are an easy 2 points for everyone. Other teams lick they're chops. Start deleting/adding better pieces, and then worry about a damn coach. It's this team, not freakin coaching.
  4. I'm sure Cory & his wife have had the conversation that his career is pretty much done. Put as much $$$ away as possible, & retire.
  5. I'm sure Zajac loves living in NJ, but he has to endure another horse sh>t season. Do you think Ray should/will ask if he wanted to be traded to a contender? He does have another year on his current contract.
  6. I give "C's) because it's all we can expect. (inc=incomplete). Domingue should go down. He's brutal. I think Boquist/Gusev are learning the ropes.(they get a bye) Boqvist- D (inc) Coleman- A Hayden- D Hischier- C Hughes- C (inc) Rooney- C Zacha- C Bratt- C Gusev B Hall- C Wood- D Palmieri-A Simmonds-B Butcher-D Greene- D Mueller-D Severson-C Subban-D Tennyson- D Vatanen-B+ Zajac-A Blackwood- C Domingue-F Schneider-F
  7. I guess we'll have to see what Naz can do. I wonder if it'll come out as to why this team quit on Hynes. I saw a couple other lists of potential coaches.
  8. LGD's . I'd like a camera to pan the players faces when they hear chant.
  9. I'm sure Shero would consider depending on what we got back in hte trade. I think a lot of teams would want Hall as a rental.
  10. Think about, did anyone here think when camp opened in Sept. we'd be discussing stuff like this in Nov./December? I didn't, I honestly thought this team (like many pundits etc) would be pretty darn good. How quickly the worm turns. I'm bummed, can't turn on XM to hear how sh!tty we are, or NHL channel for same reason. Devs & Habs in same spot. C. Price picked a bad time to lose his game. (thank god they have KK-oh wait he's in Laval) finding his game. Julien will probably lose his job.
  11. LGD's, I'm feeling a win tonight!
  12. vadvlfan

    Fire Hynes

    I'm not on board with the concept that a coach "stifles" a players talent. You are what you are when you're drafted, and nothing more. A (good) head coach doesn't stand next to a player & give him pointers on how to shoot better. If your skating/shooting needs improvement, do it over the summer.(w/skills coach) Tell me one guy Hynes has 'ruined"? This means he's never given player an opportunity to prove himself. Nico took a step back because of coaching? Hall took a step back because of coaching? Has Subban taken a step back because of coaching? Has Hynes given Hughes an opportunity? Not a Hynes lover/hater and maybe he's lost the room? We should know why he plays #15 & #16 instead of #37 & 63. Against certain teams you need physicality every shift. But just because they can't execute isn't entirely on head coach. Maybe this team is mediocre at best?
  13. LGD's. This is an I'm portent game. Whomever starts in goal, needs to be on point.
  14. I'll bet the league was heavily involved. He wasn't going to stay under any circumstances. I'll bet he given a "healthy" severance to resign. Who's going to hire this guy?
  15. vadvlfan

    Fire Hynes

    Everyone here thought we added quality parts in the off season we needed to improve. Everyone! Jack Hughes (is struggling to say the least against men-He will be great though) Everyone thought Boquist was next Forsberg (not even close) Gusev was the final piece of the puzzle (getting better but a ways away) PK has been not so good so far (and not talking about offensive input) Hayden (he is what he is) Also I feel the reason Hynes plays Hayden/Rooney is for physicality. That's why Bratt/ Zacha are sitting I guess. So has this team underperformed? Or, is the team (as constructed) not nearly good enough? or overated? The new guys (#86, #97, #90, #15, PK haven't been here long enough to "tune Hynes out" I'm just skeptical of Hynes replacement. ( likely Kowalski)
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