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  1. I'm so glad we didn't get Taresenlo, he has same "hangnail" health Blackwood . He'll be out of the line up a bunch. In like a lion, out like a ________
  2. Let's keep in mind Bratt is still RFA. Not necessarily in drivers seat. Again I think Bratt shouldn't earn a nickel more than Jack or Nico. Tatar has been very good this year, wonder if Fitz has any intention of signing him?
  3. I know this might be out of left field thought but, I heard there's a possibility Flyers would consider moving Kevin Hayes? If so, would Fitz entertain this if he misses out on Timo? We could always use a 3rd center. But then again would Filly trade him in our conference?......................nah
  4. I guess I could get excited about Boeser/LeBlanc/Buchnevich. Are there any rentals we can get enthused about? And realistically fit on our cap space
  5. We get little to no scoring from bottom 6. I heard on Twitter there's interest in Kevin Leblanc? not much, if any improvement over what we already have. We need a speedy winger to close the deal on this season. Someone that might around for a couple years.
  6. Really talented guy. But he's been in player rehab this year. Not sure what that's about, but maybe why not one team claimed himoff waivers?
  7. I think (I might be a little biased here) we have a deep pool of prospects, maybe more than most teams. I agree on Buchnevich for sure. He's be great on Jack's wing.
  8. I think Grier is going to want Miller as a starter from Rag$. The same way we feel about losing Mercer. Why haven't we heard anything about Kevin Leblanc? (a NJ native) Also, T. Bertuzzi ? Maybe he's a head case? I know he hasn't done much since he returned from injury. Buchnevic from St. Louis? Wonder if JVR is on the table? (Philly retaining half his salary) If Canes are in on Meier, will they need to off load $$? Folks, I'd be OK if we didn't do much of anything?
  9. I honestly think SJ is going to want budding young potential stars. They'll ask for Nemec, Hughes, Schmid, Dawes maybe Mercer. Fitz has untouchables there. No offense, but no ones going to want Tatar. (not saying he's not a decent player) definitely not in a Meier deal.
  10. We have to know what Timo is willing to sign for. We can't trade anyone without knowing this. I've heard the Sharks are not letting teams talk to Timo? We know he'll get paid nicely if he goes too FA. Teams trying to climb out of the cellar want to show their fans they too are serious about building back up. I think we have a good amount of prospects to choose from to make the deal that doesn't include Mercer/Nemec.maybe we can keep Holtz. Can we sign both Timo and Bratt? A luxury indeed!
  11. I don't remember a player getting hurt at an ASG. Unless someone skating hard, falls and goes hard ito the boards maybe? With 3 on 3 format no one typically gets hurt because there's no hitting. End to end rushes, no tight checking. I like 3 on 3 format. They actually compete. 5 on 5 was a joke. No defense shot blocking (stuff that actually goes on in a regular game)
  12. We all know Devil fans will be pissed at Fitz if he doesn't land Timo. Devils are competing w/ teams willing to give up a lot as well. I think fans should lower their expectations. If a deal for Meier is made we all know $$$ has to go the other way. For me, if we can't out bid for Timo, I'll be satisfied with another fw. I think we have a very decent d corp. (veteran). This "c'mon Fitz do it already" stuff is common with all fans. In Fitz we trust.
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