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  1. Won't this be Ruff's "system" for Nas to carry out? How they play in all 3 zones is Lindy's call. They also discuss (before games scouting sessions) which pairing goes out against opposing lines. Nas as assistant, is immune. He'll run PK like in the past, and Recchi will run PP. No chance Nas/ or Recchi will be canned until the end of the season. Unless they leave on their own.
  2. I mentioned players already playing in No. America. Svetchnikov played for Barrie and Muskegon, Provorov played in the Dub. That was the exception I was talking about. We were lucky to get Maltzev to come over. Russian players do not want to play in the AHL. they rather play in KHL. i'll bet if someone looked into it, how many Russian players Devils drafted over the the years & never showed. i don't have the energy. we got to kiss someone behind to play here?
  3. Rutherford is senile. I'll bet Crosby is flipping out & asking Lemeiux to fire his whacky ass.
  4. I'm afraid of taking Russians overall. They stay over there, playing on big ice surface. Come here & need a good long while to adjust. Look at how many KHL guys we're signed over the years, & none worked out. (lone exception is if they're already playing here (CHL/USHL)
  5. Let's leave Zacha & Severson alone. Bobby Ryan is washed up. Shouldn't take up roster spot. (I think I'd rather have Kevin Leblanc if we're going on a NJ nostalgia tour maybe Johnny hockey> ) How many goals/points will Ryan produce? Give a bingo guy a shot. Besides Ryan grew up (Cherry Hill) in Flyer land & loved them.
  6. Can't wait for 10/06. Told the bride I'll (i will invite her, but she'd rather watch "say yes to the dress") be in front of the screen, popcorn, adult beverages etc. Whomever they select at 7, I'll likely say, "you're f'ing kidding me". Then not long afterwards, the pissing/moaning. Should woulda coulda
  7. I would feel a whole lot better w/ Byfield being "elite" the Rossi. At the end of the day, some will be happy, others will say we missed the boat. In the end, our scouts did their homework. They know a lil more than we do. Can't wait for 10/06.
  8. I'd like to see us draft a winger or (Sanderson/Drysdale). we've got Nico, Jack, & Travis for a while. Fitz will listen to me on this, i'll speak to him tomorrow.
  9. why doesn't anyone keep him? Gotta be something wrong with this guy?
  10. Drysdale has said he spoke to Detroit more than any other team. I'm wondering if they're looking for a pairing w/ Seider?
  11. You paint such a pretty picture Fitzy
  12. I'm happy for Lou, but also OK with how things went w/ new staff Shero/Fitz etc. (especially scouting staff). Lou brought Conte on board on LI>(wtf)
  13. Wonder if they'll elevate Clemenson to NHL? (goalie coach) Would they bring another assistant in? (Sarge)? the return of Nas is not the end of the world folks.
  14. I wish they'd try to hire Boudreau if he'd take it. (knowing full well if a coaching job opened, he could interview)
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