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  1. we all have these would should coulda moments. We all know what scouting staff shoulda focused on, but although the B's hit a home run w/ MacAvoy, the year before they had 3 1st rounders early in the 1st and to Zboril, Debrusk, & Senyshyn (Debrusk being the only sure-fire NHL'er) Also the B's had another 1st round pick in MacAvoy draft, and they took Trent Frederick? All B's fans don't understand why he's up playing in NHL team. Everybody misses once in while.
  2. loved our 3rd period, we out played Boston 5 on 5. I was especially happy with the physicality. McCleod's line was good, Things will get better when Nico get's back. Man Jack's got wheels. Smith played well, composed. I think we're going to be OK
  3. He has 3 cups, and didn't sign with us for a 4th. He knew damn well before he signed we have 0 chance to win a cup. .He likely went to the highest bidder. I hope it's not a marital issue ("I'm staying in Chicago w/ the kids") kinda thing. Personal doesn't sound like anything physical. Wonder if he'll even play a game with us.
  4. I'm sure they'll continue to call them Binghamton Devils. We'll be going back there next season. We need all the STH they can get.
  5. Wonder if Mercer is going to show up at camp? He can play in the AHL.
  6. i guess the teams that aren't going to operate this year will try to send their players to play in Europe? Binghamton likely would've opted out if Fitz didn't step in. Now everybody's (players/coaches etc) have to relocate to North Jersey. i'm looking fw to going to a couple games at Barnabas when they open it up for us guys.
  7. How long does it take to get your ducks in a row after you sign?
  8. Well, we'll be without our #1 center. Does this mean Fitz will bring someone else in?(via trade or pto) Or just roll with what we have? Hopefully it doesn't turn into a month or more. (Nico's injury) No need to be hysterical about it, but, we don't want to go 2-10 til Nico comers back. Then again Hawks be without Captaincies. Serious, Dach, so Soderberg becomes #1 center? Next man up!
  9. Merry Christmas to all my Devil brethren.
  10. Good stuff, and we're walking here. Nice job Fitz.
  11. I remember a guy from the old AOL & I think he was here for while that thought Marty was way overrated, & a product of a great defensive team. Most everyone vilified him (rightfully so imo) about his position. I know Hughes didn't have a great season, but someone here (I forgot who it was) called him a bust!. Should we have taken Kakko? (66-10/13 -23 & minus 26) Hughes (61-7/14-21 & minus 26) Is Kakko a bust? That was my objection.
  12. They've been in close proximity, hopefully Holtz doesn't.
  13. I'm guessing the thinking is we can get more peeps in an outdoor stadium. But NFL teams are limited as well in attendance. Harris/Blitzer want to get their "flagship" facility back up and running.
  14. Best of luck navigating through this CR. It's relatively common (divorce) these days, but I think all of us can't wait to see '20 in our rearview.
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