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  1. I'm a lil late to the party, but thought Rooney (& 4th line overall) Mueller, PK stood out and all played well. (Mueller our "shutdown" guy?) PK specialist? Forecheck strong in 3rd period all over rag$ d-men. Fitzy good luck charm? Complete game. Bring on the Nucks!
  2. LGD's! Anyone else thinking Mr. Boquist needs a lil more "seasoning" in SEL?
  3. vadvlfan

    Trade Taylor Hall

    I tried new beer pot roast/beer cheese on pretzel bread sammy at Arby's today. Pretty darn good. Trade Hall? Now? Panic at the disco
  4. LGD's. Hughes needs a good wall guy on either side. Looked way better last night.
  5. vadvlfan

    Fire Hynes

    A philosophy: An entire 4 line(s) of 12 Ryan Nugent Hopkins, couldn't beat 4 lines of John Madden (in his prime of course) playing against each other if you get my drift. You mean to tell me all that talent doesn't match up against quality checking lines? I like these lines kept Zacha over Hayden anyday.
  6. vadvlfan

    Fire Hynes

    Let's collectively take a deep breath. Let's not fire everybody. I understand goaltending concerns. I'm concerned about D zone coverage. Seems like we're always chasing. Do we play man for man in our D zone? And as much as Hynes changes lines, why worry about Woody playing with 86. At least he can keep up, and he's relatively physical. I think 86, 97 & Bratt is a soft line, will never win board battles. Something needs fixin now. You know Shero/Hynesy are talking it up quite a bit. They read social media.
  7. vadvlfan

    GDT: NJ @ CBUS 7:00

    Every team in the NHL gets a 1 goal lead, and traps. Including Mr. Torts!
  8. Sadly, these idiots often create the perception of most Devils fans feel the same way. People booed Gionta when he came back from Montreal, people booed Paul Martin when he came back here from Pens. Lou refused to pay what they could get when it was their time UFA, Well that's ok, but you should always sign with the Devils for far less (which was Lou's choice) Lou let them walk, blame Lou, not the player. I had no problem letting them walk. Like Gomer, if someone is willing to pay you more than your supposed worth, so long.
  9. There used to be a guy (from old AOL chat rooms) names Kyydax. I think he was ousted from here. He was a Marty hater & a HeartlessMeyer (Niedemayer) thinking Needs played with no heart. Just out for a Sunday stroll. This wouldn't be Ty Smith for sure.
  10. Training camp to veterans=BS. I'm not competing for a job, why go through all this gymnastics. I can work out/prepare on my own, i'll be there for hte last week. Ducks let Nieds slide when he was still playing. Vets hate training camp, which is all about a prospect or two making the team.This is what's going on with Buff?
  11. But there are 7 D-men on 1 way contracts. He realizes that, but I agree he'll be crushed if he has to go back to hrs.
  12. I wouldn't be shocked if Greene was resigned next year (at a much lesser $$) for 1 year. Hopefully, other D will shift up to 1-4. And Green would still be decent as a 5-6 D man playing ltd. minutes. We don't have depth on D that we have with FW's. I don't think Sami is going to last here til Christmas. I think he'll be traded. . I think a few teams would want him. (puck moving D man)
  13. I'll always maintain we need a Simmons type player to run shotgun for Jack for a couple years until he gets his feet under him. Hopefully Simmons has a decent year & gets resigned?
  14. Ever think he may end up on the left side on one of the top 3 lines. Although he is a decent pivot. They might give him a look at wing? Big, good along the wall. You never know
  15. There's a poll on twitter asking if you like the 'you suck" chant included in goal song. I voted no, but the majority still wanted it. I want to say 55%-45% Stay classy Devils fans
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