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  1. Rick Dudley is retiring from Canes. I wondered if he could be like Scotty Bowman, a 'consultant" for NJD's? The guy's had a ton of success. He is however 71, but I heard today (XM radio) guy can still bench press mad weights. Maybe he's just tired, and walking away altogether.
  2. As Julie R. (don't remember how to spell her last name) said, you don't pick who's great NOW, you pick who will be great in a couple years. I recall a Sarnia player that broke Stamkos' scoring record not long ago, & never made it in there bigs., Reid Boucher. I have skepticism about Perfetti and Quinn. But, if either are chosen, scouts know better. I'm happy w/ that.
  3. I'd say Fitz is trying to sign him? If he isn't interested, he might be a goner. Hope he wants to stay. He has great hands. Bratt said in the interview they all call him the "magician". Passing skills are so good
  4. I doubt any coach will sign with any club with short term contract. We all know coaches have short shelf life. He's covered even if he doesn't pan out. I think this is spot on and I hope whomever we hire can do this. Even if you're smallish player (Like Nathan Gerbe) plays like he's 6-2 - 225.
  5. Drysdale= Ty Smith. Already got one.
  6. Some folks are OK with Ruff, but just feel there are better choices out there.
  7. There is a drawback to hiring a guy with totally different philosophy. like for example Dean Lombardi, who would say, I wouldn't have assembled a team like this. I'll go in a different direction. therefore, I'll need 3-4 years to pull it off. I think ownership feels they are well on their way to having a very good team. Merely needs tweaking. We all thought Ray assembled a decent team (back in Oct) , just didn't perform for whatever reason. (coaching? goaltending?)
  8. Not sure. many peeps are thinking Comesso might be really good.
  9. Shero & Hextall are way better than those two. They were both 1st time GM's, & both were bad. Jeff Skinner 9 mil? Fitz is better equipped to handle this job.
  10. We don't know what "involvement" Pegula or Harris/Blitzer had. We can only speculate. Something had to happen between Ray/ownership causing him to leave abruptly. For all we know Ray, didn't want to fire Hynes, & did it kicking and screaming? (although he Should have done it earlier) Hopefully the folks interviewing for GM asked Josh Harris "what came between you & Ray. Botterill & Shero didn't get job done, & you're only allowed one "rebuild". Hoping to see Fitz on TV as a finalist in draft lottery tomorrow night.
  11. Is the old CAA a possibility? Still there?
  12. Good read. I agree, he (Laviolette) might not be the right fit! Wondering if Boudreau might have the temperament? I'd love to see Gallant, but stranger things have happened. How about Jay Leach (Prov. Bruins) ? spent a lil time here as a Dev & in Albany. I'm a lil scared of a college coach.
  13. I would bet Fitz had much to do with the hire of Mark Denehey for Binghamton. Wonder if he's a consideration for head coach of big club? Maybe Sarge would move to be an asst. in Newark? (keep the band together) I hear the coach at Minn. Deluth has been courted by teams in the past, but he's very happy where he is. maybe Tony Granato? I wonder if Gallant really wants this gig? (working with so much youth) You know Laviolette would take it. As would John Stevens. And then, there's Nas.
  14. Let's go Canucks! Is it because I want Parise/Suter to have more misery? (biological time clock a ticking) Nah, I really want that 1st round pick!
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