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  1. vadvlfan

    Schneider: done or finished?

    Don't know why this team doesn't give CS as much goal support KK gets. Dilemma is KK gets you a better shot at a win, Cory needs more activity to get his mojo back. I really believe Schneids will be back.
  2. vadvlfan

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    If I remember right, Lou wasn't going to pay Martin or Brian Gionta what they could get on open market. Lou's attitude was, you look good here because you're on a good team. And when they returned to Devils home games, they got booed. Both became very serviceable players & weren't overpaid until latter years of the contracts, like most other players.
  3. I agree we don't have what Toronto needs in return. Nylander shoots right too. They'd want Severson at least, and maybe 1st rounder? We're thin enough on D.
  4. vadvlfan

    GDT: Road Trip from Hell, Part 7 - Devils @ Jets

    Wow, fire Hynes chants ringing from the rafters. I think our entire fw group was intimidated by Jets' D. You think they're going in front of that net? After the 1st 4 games, Hynes was fine and dandy. Go on a bad run, fire his ass. Let's catch our breath, calm down. New asst. coaches! I just hope nothing serious with Nico.
  5. vadvlfan

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Nice comeback. Zacha wasn't in any of those highlights
  6. vadvlfan

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Guy will make 6 mil this, and next season. If I were him, screw it I be chillin for awhile. Mike Yeo is probably next to go.
  7. vadvlfan

    GDT: Devils @ Pens 7:00 MSG+, ROOT

    We'll see what happens, but Anderson might just be carving out a spot on this team (a la Henrique). I think Stafford will see action when injury happens. Remember we have both Bratt and Noeson coming back. Our right side looking a lot deeper. (Palms/Noeson/ Anderson and a lefty) I know we rip this guy, but Lovejoy has been playing pretty damn good for us.
  8. vadvlfan

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Sad, and he probably might be a dud for all we know. We all want to believe the hype. I watched a lil of Russia vs. WHL last night and they had a segment on our Ty Smith. This kid thinks this game so well and has great vision.
  9. vadvlfan

    GDT: Devils @ Pens 7:00 MSG+, ROOT

    Boyle's line played every other shift in the 3rd. Joey Andy getting some confidence out there w/ JSD. I doubt Hynes putting him out (Boyler) to get 4th goal, but reward for being a great example. This was the way this team is supposed to play, making their way not allowing Pens to dictate anything. We were always in control. You could see how happy the bench was last night, they had fun. Tonight, rinse, repeat. LGD's
  10. vadvlfan

    Zacha to Bingo

    Shocker? not really, David Conte: "Lou, this kid is going to be a stud, let's call Ray & make a deal" You can't teach size!
  11. vadvlfan

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    Is it me, or did Zacha sit most of 3rd period? We've beat this Zacha thing to death. I lost confidence in him a while ago, and he hasn't done anything to reassure me he's any different. Jesse Puljujärvi 2.0
  12. vadvlfan

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    A pair of wingers making the play of the center "better'? Shouldn't it be the other way round.? Anyway, it might just work! (d men respecting speed on both sides, opening up room for Zacha.)
  13. vadvlfan

    GDT: Devils at Lightning, 10/30/18, 7:30pm

    Saw (& voted) in survey on twitter as to who should start in goal next game. It was overwhelmingly Schneids. I voted for KK (in that he'd like to "redeem" himself for game in TB) As opposed to marinating about it on the bench.
  14. vadvlfan

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    What you see is what you get. Sadly, I have no idea what we'd get back for him. Also, center tough position to fill where there's not much depth in the org. He should've put up something by now. And no, it's not his line mates. He's supposed to make them better.
  15. vadvlfan

    GDT: Devils at Gritty’s House 1:00 PM

    It wasn't a garbage game totally. We were in the hunt late in the game after playing mediocre for much of the game.. Wonder which D man will get called up? Bingo is sucking at the moment. (no goals in 2 games) and I'm sure there's concern from Dev's brass. Will they call up a center? They will be better prepared for Preds.

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