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  1. This might be answered better by one of our Canadian brothers. How does CHL draft work? Are (representatives) of all 3 leagues/teams (WHL, OHL, and Q) in the same room together? Or do teams in each league independently choose which could be same player? (said player chooses which team he eventually goes to? Do all 3 leagues do it at the same time? Clue a dummy in. If a player is drafted by a couple teams, when does he have to commit by?
  2. that might change when it's 110 degrees daily and you don't want to go anywhere. But, there's no humidity! 110 degrees is 110 degrees.
  3. Last night they had a game ('09) us against Blackhawks. Parise on a line with Langenbruner. Mottau & Sal together. I think it was St. Patty's day. Didn't stay up to watch the whole game, but didn't get the significance of why they chose that particular game.
  4. I love our retro uni's when we where them. I guess they're considered our 3rd jerseys? Somebody did a really cool 3rd jersey that was posted here from twitter. Of course our logo but the design was morel like Hawks jersey w/ our colors.
  5. You mostly hear noise about the top 10 prospects. But later in the draft players come right out of the gate one year or two after being selected. McAvoy 14th, Barzal 16th, Konecney 24th Boeser 23rd But there will be players in the 11-30 range that will be overlooked by many teams. Lots of hype (Zacha) but better long term players if you can figure it out. There's gotta be long shots out there that only a year away.
  6. Larry brooks just tweeted over the weekend that Mike Gillis had a 2nd interview with the Devils? Why the hell are they so enamored with this guy. Fitz did a great job at trade deadline. Give him a shot. He knows all the prospects in the system. And although he was close to Ray and learned from him, he's his own man. How "hands on" is Harris/Blitzer going to be? You can't run a team based mostly on analytics. Even if it's short term.
  7. Was he here at Prospect camps?
  8. Hopefully, you can get tested soon, know one way or the other. Hang in there brother
  9. I'm guessing they're not so high on him. Otherwise he would've been signed. Probably not high on Hellickson either? (he's a Jr. too?)
  10. That's why people move South. I live in Va. & my taxes are reasonable. The rest of my family live in Manasquan, Sea Girt, Brick & Howell. They get raped .
  11. I'm wondering if Fitz is entertaining any of the college players available out there? With all the prospects we have out there, NCAA & Jrs' coming aboard. Only (D) Tennyson is signed through next year.(besides Sissons,jacobs, Groleau, Colton White) Should we assume making room for Okhotyuk, Bahl, Smitty? Hellickson,? Walsh, & no need bring anyone else on? Not counting Claesson & Mermis (who are not signed for next year.
  12. Listening to Pierre Lebrun on PP on XM & NHL brass feels the priority is to have a full season next year. (rather than jumping through hoops to complete this one.) Because everyones scared that many seats won't be sold due to so many folks being out of work so long , and that the recovery with take a couple years. Should they have awards with an incomplete season?
  13. Supposed deep draft, and Devils with 3 picks in the 1st? Thank you Fitz!
  14. I'm far more pumped to get Sanderson. He's been touted as the next Seth Jones/ McAvoy and defends in his zone really well. And won't need 2/3 years to mature.
  15. I think there should be a drop dead date like May 31st. If there's no sign of Covid19 sliding on the downside of the bump, kill '19-'20 altogether.. Might be an interesting draft. Wonder what it might look like without kids/folks in the stands, & no one (teams) on the draft floor? They'll figure out a way to do it.
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