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  1. Someone gave me sh!t the last time I said in no situation should seigs EVER sit for smith
  2. How many times are we gonna leave kreider uncontested infront of out net, it's the only way this rat scores.
  3. There was a hint of snarky condencendence but to each their own.
  4. They mentioned on the broadcast that siegs sat last game for Smith. I still think a not amazing seigs is better than the best smith. It's my opinion but I know you're not always allowed to have one on these boards without someone attacking you
  5. I'm sorry but there is just no scenario where seigs should ever sit for smith to play....
  6. Is there a stat for goals overturned in a season? We HAVE to be leading that this year.
  7. I mean that's what Chicago is doing to blackwood and look who has the lead now. Ffs SHOOT THE PUCK DEVILS
  8. I threw that game on after ours. I cheered (almost) as loud for that as this win lol
  9. Just snagged some tickets for tonight, hoping my Irish can bring some luck to the boys before St.pattys day! LGD!!
  10. lol at ESPN with me they swapped timo and Curtis's photos and according to them, devils legend Scott Harrington is still on the roster. https://www.espn.com/nhl/team/roster/_/name/nj/new-jersey-devils
  11. Yeah they didn't really give us a good look on the jumbotron. Looked like it when in to me and to the whole crowd that screamed "That was in!" Lmao
  12. Did the TV broadcast show a better look at that post hit at the end there? I'm at the arena and I'd bet my first born that it hit the back bar.
  13. Holy crap shoot the puck! Edit 30 seconds later: That's much better thank you!
  14. Hahaha Dawson scored that disgusting goal and I just couldn't hold back.
  15. Welp that's twice this season the devils made me accidentally wake up my girlfriendūü§£
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