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  1. Finally made it to my first game this season, we looked sloppy towards the end there and glimpses through out but my God are McLeod and Tartar infuriating at times. 2 glaring sores on an otherwise solid team. What's up with McLeod trying to cleave sharangovich's head off? Culling the competition to stay on the roster?
  2. Jeeze these toronto fans want a call every time one of their players are touched lol
  3. Couldn't agree more, V V was more solid in that period that any memory I have of blackwood. Vitek is our #1 if you ask me
  4. I'm catching up on last night's posts, I hate seeing Mason marchment playing really well in Dallas, I really wanted us to go for him and I would honestly drop all three of these guys for someone like him on this team
  5. That's fair, they may have gone a little too "retro" going back to before we were NJ. But the only other option we have for nj is that green we've done already. I'll deal with being called a loaf of wonder bread on this one lol
  6. Idk I kinda like it and I'm probably gonna get one, I'm tired of the green personally. I'm just happy they did something different and I think it works. To each their own I guess. I always wanted a black jersey but those jersey jerseys are horrible as we all know. At least to me I wouldn't be embarrassed wearing this.
  7. I jumped in here just now to say this...has he not "Officially" signed? Does anyone know? Edit: I literally posted this, went back to TSN and hit refresh and there it was lmao disregard.
  8. WAIT but has anyone seen Chuck Fletchers Wiki Page?!? it has me dying RN lmao Chuck Fletcher (born April 29, 1967) is a Canadian professional ice hockey executive who is determined to destroy the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL).[1]
  9. I wanted him but that's more than I would have wanted us to pay for him so no big loss, he looked great coming back from injury last season but him coming out still in that form was far from a guarantee this year. I wish him well
  10. I don't want to bring any bad juju or anything but I'm definitely concerned with if JG doesn't sign with us then what? would it be nice to land "The Big fish" in back to back years? for sure but wondering what our game plan is if JG goes to the Isles (Or Philly but most reports seems to point at us or NYI)
  11. I see Marchment hasn't signed that CAR deal, If JG is debating toss an offer at him let's make it interesting.
  12. Yeah I'm useless at work haha I just keep refreshing pages. hoping we land Johnny hockey AND Mason Marchment I'll be a VERY happy devils fan.
  13. Anyone else find it odd that NHL is putting the rangers goals up as shorts on their youtube? They only did 1 out of 14 goals scored last night but for some reason they've uploaded 3 of the rangers 5 so far.....weird Edit: it's only 2 goals of the rangers they uploaded and its...of their 6 now....damn it
  14. I'm in the building, this game has made me finally realize that this season is a comedy, That's all guys. We'll be better next year...
  15. I woke up my girlfriend laughing at this, good job
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