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  1. I'm watching this on a European streaming service and I can't tell if I'm getting a national broadcast or a Flyers one. There's no TV channel logo, probably due to it being an official broadcast for Europe or something. Are you getting one male and one female commentator on ESPN? If so, I guess that would be this.
  2. I’m shocked. The way these negotiations dragged in previous cases I was convinced he would try to get every penny out of the Devils and this would either take all summer or Fitz would end up trading him seeing there’s not enough common ground. These are very fair numbers, I like that he apparently bought into what Jack was saying about wanting to be a apart of something special. And if you think the Devils would give up on him after years of solid play because of one bad playoffs, you were delusional.
  3. This must've been great for us folks in Europe. Imagine starting watching a game at 2 am only to see it end when you're at work already because it's 8 am lol.
  4. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom out tomorrow. 100+ hours of gameplay.
  5. Good game. Some of those chances may keep the forwards up at night during the summer. Or maybe not - not sure how much they expected to even be in this spot before the season. Too bad about that and the Siegs penalty but well... Can't really argue with the series' result after what we saw in the previous four. Memorable season. I guess it hasn't hit home yet what just happened.(isn't there a game on Saturday?). Reality will probably kick in tomorrow...
  6. I'm afraid despite the losses coming at home there was more positives to take from games 1 & 2 against the Rags than these two. They managed to end game 1 on some sort of a high note with Jack's penalty shot goal on Shesterkin and in game 2 they actually held the lead after the 1st. I really don't know what they can hold on to after these. Looking a little less awful in the latter half of game 1 and half of tonight's first period?
  7. So this is this faceplanting everyone said inexperienced teams do in the playoffs
  8. Really? Not in games 1 and 2? All I heard everywhere was how the Devils were getting outplayed, outcoached and how the Rangers figured them out and were the better, more composed and organized team. And that was accurate - it was boys against men.
  9. Just end the game already. Is that an option?
  10. I hate Rod Brind'Amour. fvcker continues to haunt us even after he's done playing for that sh!tty franchise.
  11. They sucked for quite a while but that was back when the Devils were even worse. Unfortunately they seem to always be good when the Devils are a playoff team. fvck Staal...
  12. Absolutely. There's no comparison between the Rangers and the Canes' speed and intensity. Interesting that things have kind of slowed down in the game. I wonder if Carolina is sitting back a little bit looking to counter the Devils at some point, is tired or if the Devs actually managed to get their game going against them to an extent.
  13. Because Helleybuck was so great in these playoffs.
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