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  1. The 1995 playoff game against the Bruins where Randy McKay scored in OT. third shutout of the series.
  2. Can't agree more. Haven't posted in years but the disrespect being shown this man is shocking. Jacques is one of a handful of people that brought the Devils to NHL prominence. (His name is also on the Stanley Cup 11 times.) 95 would not have happened without him and as the poster said this team could have easliy been the Nashville Devils. Another cup or two could have easily happened on his watch---but is was on his watch that the expectations for excellence year in and year out took hold. Best of luck coach and thanks for the memories.
  3. What I wouldn't mind is exploring the possibility of a blockbuster trade getting back young talent/picks that will let them rebuild as a real contender 2-3 years down the road. I can just as soon live w/o these first/second round exits for that long if it meant coming back stronger then.
  4. Not sure it's bailing as much as being an astute guesser as to when its time for someone to move on. (Think of the Red Sox cutting bait with Pedro Martinez) I love the guy for all he's done but between the mileage on his body and the fact that he's accomplished probably everything he's wanted to (except Con Smythe)-I think if he waives his no trade and we can get a bunch of picks/ talented hungry young players, it's something to think about. That said I don't see it happening.
  5. 99 was no picnic either--this series is probably closer to that one.
  6. I'm thinking of a Herschel Walker to the Vikings kind of deal. Or Tom Kurvers for the pick that became Neids.
  7. I think Lou at least needs to explore trading Marty to see if someone will overpay (however Lou measures that). There has to be some team that is close enough and thinks he has enough left to give serious value in return but I don't see a 25 game playoff run in him anymore. I want to beleive he can but I don't.
  8. yes, thank you. I live in Jacksonville Florida, don't have Center Ice and this site provides 90+% of my Devils informaation.
  9. no but you might want to check on your mom. . . . .
  10. Probably, but I have followed this team for 20 years and for the last half decade there seems to be no overriding strategy--it seems directionless as an organization. Maybe Lou was blindsided by all the defections (Neids, Rafi, etc. ). But the startegy was clear in the mid-90s to 2003 but since then they haven't been willing to break down the team and rebuild or step up and compete at a Championship level (i.e., sign big free agents). It's like they are satisfied with this 1st-2d round team. It kind of reminds me of what the Blues were like for 20 years and tey never sniffed a cup. And
  11. I admittedly don't follow the team as much as most on this board but does Lou get credit for getting this mediorcre bunch to the playoffs at all or has the game passed him by a la Joe Gibbs and he can't adjust to the "new" NHL?
  12. I never thought I would see the day where they lost two playoff games scoring three goals.
  13. If you have the DirectTV premium package you get all the FoxSports and other sports channels that show the post game.
  14. Speaking of Marty, I hope people now stop bashing him when he gives up two-three goals in a playoff game. This should be a reminder how lucky we are to have him here for his whole career.
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