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  1. right now we are picking 3rd. after we lose the lotto and win outduring the stretch i see us picking around 8-12. so I'm focusing on those kids. need some defense and goal scorers. got way too many fancy passers.
  2. uh oh. well he got a new blanket. also got us tix for next weekends game. gonna feel nice being back in newark! they just moved from vegas to nj. 4 tix was only 180$
  3. just got my nephew a hischier jersey. idk how kid sizes work got him a l/xl, he's turning 5. better fit the rat
  4. i think andersson has always played with grit. kid just has sh!t luck.
  5. mcleod has been fun. kids steppin up
  6. cmon leave my boy alone. he did f up though
  7. blacky looks sharp so far. oh lord. please
  8. im not givin up on that turd yet.
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