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  1. i want a team of colemans. if he leaves im gonna be pissed.
  2. for some reason i thought he signed this past season. i drank a few bud light seltzers. all i know is we better re-sign him.
  3. ray should of gave him a better contract. 2 years? he oozes what i want devils players to be like. gives all and gets rewarded. yet we paid wood more? dont f this up
  4. we better sign him long term.
  5. simmonds was supposed to be doing that all year.
  6. we're back. had a fun little run though.
  7. who the heck would of thought our best line would consist of coleman,zajac, and gusev at the beginning of the year?
  8. Wish we got the other camera angles.
  9. time for wood to flourish on the first line! lgd!
  10. Poor Nico and Bratt. I feel for them.
  11. Hopefully she’s not from nj, or if she is that she hates this area. Need to get him some motivation to leave here lol.
  12. Lol. “Maybe they sell seafood”
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