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  1. Ty Smith would look great in the ahl for a year. sh!tty time to be a gm.
  2. lost a fake 5$ bet on fan duel.. That goal ruined it. Although ,let's go Isles! Greene AND Coleman in the ecf. Hope the isles mop them.
  3. lou is goin in during the intermission.
  4. greene vs coleman. gotta go islanders. greene looks so good as a 3rd pairing
  5. lol. Who's the punk rock person here? I thought it was you lol sorry.
  6. @SterioDesign thought about you for some reason.
  7. Crazy how TB is missing one of their best players and still destroying. I assume it's good drafting.
  8. I am scared of Philly. Hope Islanders pull through.
  9. I gotta go with Vegas here. I love that area and I want a better pick.
  10. isles aren't playin. team is complete. hope they win it all
  11. no clue. known nothing about him. heard he has a good shot and is not a midget. so i am excited.
  12. I have a feeling Foote will make the roster.
  13. we did it boys. racism is officially dead! otherwise why would the play tonight?
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