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  1. what's gonna happen if this happens during the playoffs? imagine being in the cup final then have to get quarantined? just end this trash season and start next year.
  2. one more thought. i really don't care for zacha at all. the fact he stayed in nj and is skating earned him some points.
  3. I'm really looking forward to what Bahl will do. I think he's one of our best prospects. We desperately need a defensemen who can play defense.
  4. I feel bad for whomever gets the job. Feels like it will be a stop gap coach. As long as the he makes our kids grow balls I don't care who it is. Just no nas please.
  5. Absolutely. I think we might take him at 7, if he’s there. We have a shot at one of the best goalie prospects, a good defenseman, or a good winger. If I’m the gm I would take Sanderson if he’s there.
  6. We only moved down 1 spot, not the end of the world. I feel bad for Detroit and Ottawa. Hope everyone stays healthy!
  7. I have a feeling we're moving back a couple spots. My feelings have never been wrong before, so this one stings.
  8. boy was that a horrible season. GOOD RIDDANCE. next year can't be worse.... right?!
  9. yea and he did a great job during his time here. so i don't see why he should see any fan backlash.
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