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  1. positive vibes. hope everyone is alright. love yall.
  2. This season has to be over. I wonder what will happen with the draft/free agency.
  3. heres a gif of our boy that's not capped off a tv screen.
  4. Shoot, I had tickets for the aew show, but obviously understand the circumstance.
  5. Time for jack to start drinking a gallon of milk a day and feasting on steak. Bulk up baby jack!
  6. Wonder if they cancel remaining games or just suspend.
  7. i'm just trying to be positive. to answer your question... he hasn't done anything for us this year.
  8. I think he's still valuable, just on a cup contending team.
  9. Probably get a 2nd and prospect.
  10. i think subban is gone after this year.
  11. let jack sit the rest. let him bulk up. DO NOT turn this kid into a zacha.
  12. i wish rooney passed that.
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