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  1. wth are the sabres doing? well i guess blowing up the team. lets get dahlin for boqvist. do it fitz!
  2. Hmmm wonder where he’ll go. Lol we all know it’s not us. Worlds greatest arena and bright lights!
  3. think itll be a ufa or via a trade? i'm not good at scouting, but i would have no problem dangling boqvist.
  4. i wonder who else we add. i can see us go for a bottom six.
  5. i thought your name was from nico the nj devil lol.
  6. in cold blood was a great book. also watership down. i miss reading.
  7. what we thinkin for our rfas price wise? kinda hard to give em a big pay day when they only played a handful of days.
  8. i was kidding. hope all is well buddy!
  9. wow what a small world. i don't like you anymore though.
  10. fitz you really live in si? used to visit there 20 years ago. friend went to wagner. goethals bridge 4 life.
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