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  1. I mean, kind of? In good faith banter, though. You guys are alright for Mets fans.
  2. I said somewhere at some point not to worry about him once he signed with the rags. This is the inevitable outcome of any big time rangers signing. People act like the sky is falling when they land these guys, and it never is.
  3. Really liked what I saw from Gignac a few times, hard on the forecheck and crafty with the puck in the attacking zone. Pop was fun to watch. He looks like a traditional stay at home defenseman with his body type and the way he moves, funny seeing him playing forward for some reason. Didn't catch much of the white team. I was down in the corner right against the glass on the side red was shooting.
  4. Have you been to Killmington lately? I spoke out my ass. It's way nicer than Camden.
  5. If there's one state in which Camden could compete as the premier city, its Delaware.
  6. My experience has been with North Jersey folks mostly, but I think the overall sentiment in Central Jersey is that no one else believes they exist, North or South.
  7. Growing up in Toms River, I had never even heard the term Taylor Ham until I was like in middle school. It was always pork roll. As for the claim that Camden County calls it Taylor ham, I've never heard it in South Jersey ever, and I spend a lot of time in Camden and Burlington counties. I'll never understand North Jersey folks and their obsession with telling everyone Central Jersey doesn't exist. If people from a place say that place exists, that's it. There's no argument to be had. They're the authority. End of discussion. How is someone that can't point to Monmouth County on a map gonna tell someone from Freehold what to call the place they're from? Get outta here. I've always identified as being from the Shore, but a lot of people in TR say they're from Central Jersey. When I think Central, I think New Brunswick, Freehold, Trenton, Edison. If you're gonna break the state down into only three regions, then yea, we're central Jersey, but I think the Shore is distinct.
  8. Sounds like we'll have to get hubby's before the prospects game. Edit: I wonder what autocorrect is telling me, here.
  9. Sorry, I was sh1tfaced. A little roller along first, behind the bag got by Hoskins. And the Mets have life.
  10. The place is packed with Devils memorabilia. They're super involved with the Devils. The first time I went in there, I was wearing a Scott Gomez jersey that I had taped the day he signed with the Rangers. It fell off in the car on the way to the arena, but the tape had left some residue behind. Someone I presume to be an owner came out and chatted with me, asking me why I had decided to take the tape off (it was probably 2011 or 2012 at this point). I told him I had no idea the tape was gone, and it must've just fallen off. He went behind the counter, came out with a roll of duct tape, and re-taped it himself. The same piece of tape is still on that jersey.
  11. - Hey doc, we're really not feeling well. We've lost 7 in a row, our pitching sucks, Bryce doesn't look worth his contract. - This is actually fairly common. I'm gonna prescribe a 4 game series with the Mets. It should help. Come back in a week and let me know how you're feeling. A week later - We felt better against the Mets, but we dropped two out of three against Atlanta. We even fell behind Washington - Jesus, this is aggressive. We can't do this all the time, but let's try the New York treatment again. You'll have a few days off for the all-star break, and it should really help. - thanks doc, you're a lifesaver.
  12. I don't think the Nets could've competed for a title in this climate, where free agents pick a destination three or four together to build championship teams. Milwaukee hit the lottery and have a window with Gianni, but otherwise teams in non-marquee markets are at a ridiculous disadvantage. Cleveland only got one because lebron is from there and drafted him.
  13. I'll vomit blood. fvck Jay-Z, fvck Bruce Ratner, and fvck Brooklyn.
  14. Well that makes up for the fvcking Asdrubal Cabrera incident. I can finally stop having nightmares about that.
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