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  1. That was such a great tournament. That team wasn't as talented as the two that came before it (the ones that had Eichel, Matthews, Werenski, DeBrincat, among others just not on the top of my head right now), but they played with so much heart. I work nights these days and can only listen on NHL.com during the week (MSGGo has stopped working entirely on all platforms for me, and I can't risk a virus from an illegal stream on a work computer), so hearing our tv broadcast is an excellent treat for me right now.
  2. Scored three times in the shootout against Russia for the US in the semifinal of the 2017 WJC, one to keep the game alive and another to win it, and scored again in the shootout against Canada in the gold medal game. It was unreal. Steve said he scored in the shootout for Anaheim in his first game up before going back down.
  3. Still can't hate Troy Terry for anything. Wish he'd gotten his first goal against someone else, but glad to see him breaking in.
  4. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    WHAT THE fvck
  5. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    They did win the last 59:30
  6. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Finally Back Home, Penguins @ Devils, 7:00 pm

    How does the universe pull this one away
  7. 6 hours straight, talkin' clickity clickity clickity CLACK. Post of the year, thank you. @WaffleFries how about a craps table or two? We'd never leave Newark.
  8. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    fvcking saros, man. Coleman had no steam to pick up Forsberg on that goal Also, I do not like how Taylor is playing the half board on the left wing right now. A couple bad decisions on the power play and just wants to blindly throw it across the slot thhe last few possessions down there.
  9. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils at Gritty’s House 1:00 PM

    I was across the street for Temple homecoming (did have my devils hat on), so I didn't make or see the game, but there was a solid amount of Devils fans down here.
  10. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Avalanche @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    What a play Zajac made where he got hurt
  11. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Avalanche @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    Zacha was just like "oh fvck this". Tried to tie up Zadorov then just went down.
  12. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    Can you imagine if one of those just went in
  13. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    God they are flying right now.
  14. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    That's the kinda sh1t, you know? Did anyone make it out there?
  15. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    Mueller with a great defensive play, promptly screens kk for a good 5 seconds.

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