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  1. Not with Blashill behind the bench. Why does US Hockey always fvck up the personnel for the senior men's events? Nothing was a bigger disaster than Lombardi/Tortorella.
  2. The US was eliminated, booooo bad take.
  3. I don't agree that I necessarily need every call to be right, I appreciate the human element, but I agree that it's insane to review offsides but not this garbage. I think my answer would be to scrap most reviews. If a trained ref can't see it in real time, it probably should stand. I can accept that there will be reviews, but the line between what is and isn't reviewable can't be this arbitrary and fvcking stupid. I'd trade reviewing plays like that for scrapping offsides review any day.
  4. Haha, I was rounding up for effect. Don't remind us.
  5. Conspiracy theories and resentment over a game that happened 20 years ago, keep it coming. fvck Ray Bourque.
  6. They got to the WCF because Landeskog was millimeters offsides getting on the bench on the other side of the play in that game 7, but THAT isn't reviewable? Something doesn't add up.
  7. Switzerland's team save percentage is over .970 after four games.
  8. Would've preferred Carolina, not that it matters. But can you say happy to be here? The Canes didn't show enough fight in the third.
  9. Our players involved is a distant second for me behind watching the US. I watch this tournament as the most legitimate international senior men's hockey competition that we currently have. I really wish the IIHF would move this tournament to June or July and have it every other year. They could definitely turn it into a marquee event if they weren't limited with the player pool and brought every other tournament to North America.
  10. thecoffeecake

    Hughes or Kakko

    But hockey players aren't measured only by what goes in the net and what doesn't.
  11. thecoffeecake

    Hughes or Kakko

    That's a horrible take. If a playmaker/puck mover is successfully making plays and moving the puck, they're doing their job whether a goal is scored or not. If a goal scorer isn't scoring, they're not doing their job. And ii'm not weighing in on the Kakko/Hughes discussion at all. That's just a comment on the nature of the game. A playmaker doing their job is not the same thing as a goal scorer not doing theirs. The game isn't that black and white. Ii'm not going to lecture you on the nuance the game, you know full well how much difference a playmaker/possession guy makes on a game that a pure goal scorer might not. And again, that's not about Kakko or Hughes. I'm not saying either player is single dimensional or anything. But you can't make black and white statements like that. The poster before you was right, it's just not a fair thing to do.
  12. I just like the club to be as exclusive as possible. I don't like the randomness of a different team winning it every year. I like there to be successful franchises and unsuccessful ones. There's enough parity in hockey to begin with, you lose so many storylines if you're picking a new team out of a hat every year. I also don't love regular underdog runs, and that's all you get with hockey because of the parity. As much as people hate the NBA (and there's a ton I really, really hate about it), I like how their record books look. I love seeing the same teams battling every year, really reflecting the best teams of the era. Not that I don't love the NHL a thousand times more, and I do appreciate the limited winners over the last decade, that's just the kind of thing I appreciate and root for.
  13. It does sound gross, especially Marchand, but no first time winners. Boo first time winners.
  14. Well those two game sevens went the exact opposite of how I wanted them to. Go whoever wins the east, then.
  15. "Professionalable". Thanks Pierre. I can't believe Makar was playing at UMass like three weeks ago. He's gonna be an all star next year.
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