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  1. It's crazy to be talking about the end of Zajac's Devils career, whenever that does happen. I know we've all said this when Marty and Patty left, but Zajac leaving will really be a final goodbye to that era of Devils hockey. Played his first year at CAA with Marty, Patty, Sarge, Pandolfo, Madden, Langs, Brian Gionta. He's the last link to any great Devils teams. Can't believe he was only 27 when he scored that goal to keep us alive against Florida in 2012. 2007 and 2010 could've been special, too. I have no idea where the years went. I usually find the charm in watching losing teams, but
  2. I mean, we can dissect it as much as we want, but it's an east/west trip. If you go directly east as the crow flies from Lambertville, you're hitting some of the Brunswicks, Old Bridge, Hazlet. Far from South Jersey. It's also still pretty far from Philly. Right across the bridge from New Hope, which is way out there in Bucks County. Funny how people see the state so differently. I'd probably give a similar rudimentary analysis of North Jersey that would be eye rolled at by you guys up there. The only reason I know any differences between Essex and Hudson County is because I know where t
  3. Lambertville is absolutely not South Jersey. It's pretty much straight west of Newark. That might not've been exactly what you were saying, but I couldn't let this misidentification stand if it was lol No one gives a sh!t about the Nets or the Knicks, either. People that actually care about an NBA franchise are turning into a pretty small niche. It's all about the star power. If a team's got stars, they'll get eyeballs in any market. I wouldn't be surprised if the Kicks didn't blow the Sixers out of the water in terms of ratings if they were both available in the NY market. Peo
  4. I think the jerseys for both franchises are passable, yea, but the logos are mass appeal auto generated garbage in my opinion. You just have such a huge opportunity when building a brand from scratch, and the question for me is always how does this hold up to the timeless hockey brands. How do they hold up compared to the Habs, Blackhawks, brands like that? Of course you can't replicate the history and that's a part of what gives those brands that charm, but there's a certain timelessness to the aesthetics. I don't want every team to fit that mold, but I wish there was a different standard.
  5. They're both terrible and are going to age as well as the Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors. Still can't believe they allowed a West Point grad to straight up name his team after Army athletics. That's how you name youth sports teams, not a major professional franchise that's supposed to be a rallying point for a community for generations. Seattle is somehow more disappointing. They had so many options and so much potential. But you guys are right, trying to grab the casual fan and kids. I thought that sleek modernist "tough" looking crap was ten years out of date, but te
  6. Somehow worse than the Vegas branding. The league is turning more and more into a cheap gimmick every year.
  7. Yea of course the expectations were different, he would've gotten his walking papers by now if he had this lack of success with that roster. But not many guys can keep their job after 5 or 6 years and only making one playoff appearance. I think his seat will start getting warm if this season doesn't get turned around. Maybe he gets one more coach, but not with the leash he's given Hynes. I think he'd get two more full seasons to get results if there's a coaching change this year.
  8. What's the average shelf life of an NHL GM? He's already been here four plus years and made the playoffs one time. The dude won a cup in Pittsburgh and was fired after 8. It's not that I think he's doing a bad job, it's that this is a results driven industry where the best of the best are put out of work every year. Have to eat crow every time this comes up, I was all aboard the Nolan trade. Couldn't be happier I was wrong.
  9. I was primarily amused that he was committing to 7 more years with a GM that's almost certain not to make it that long. The coach won't be here. How many guys on the roster have been here 7 years? Greene and Zajac, Cory will be in June (which is hard to believe).
  10. I wonder how it feels to know he and Jack will probably be the only two still with the organization when this expires.
  11. Great deal for the Devils, and Nico will be hitting FA again at 27 or 28. That's another big time contract if his career continues on the trajectory it's expected to.
  12. I thought the first goal was on vatanen, who floated out to the half boards to chase a puck and didn't get back to the front of the net while the play developed behind him. The broadcast blamed jack for leaving his man, who scored, to occupy the high slot and puck watch. A 5v5 goal is usually the result of a mistake from at least two or three guys, always interesting to see what people pick out. I think MB stopped hanging around when people started seriously publicly speculating about him having intellectual disabilities. I'd stop coming, too.
  13. thecoffeecake

    Fire Hynes

    Nothing about this is correct. Brett Brown inherited a team built to lose, and just lost in game 7 to the eventual NBA champs at the buzzer. They could've won the title had that ball not taken an almost impossible bounce. They seem to be ok with the status quo? The Sixers were one of the worst teams NBA history a few years ago, and are now one of the best teams in the east. They're also on their fourth GM since taking over in 2011.
  14. Tactically overmatched in every zone of every period in every game.
  15. thecoffeecake

    Fire Hynes

    Apparently Eichel hated Bylsma so much that he told the Buffalo front office that it was him or Bylsma. I know that Eichel comes off as someone easy to not get along with, but I don't want a guy that has that hanging over his head. Do we want Jack or Nico or Hall on a walk year butting heads with a new coach?
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