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  1. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Avalanche @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    What a play Zajac made where he got hurt
  2. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Avalanche @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    Zacha was just like "oh fvck this". Tried to tie up Zadorov then just went down.
  3. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    Can you imagine if one of those just went in
  4. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    God they are flying right now.
  5. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    That's the kinda sh1t, you know? Did anyone make it out there?
  6. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    Mueller with a great defensive play, promptly screens kk for a good 5 seconds.
  7. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils @ Bern 1:30 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    I was a member of an MLS supporters group at one point in time. I'm very connected to soccer in this country in more ways than one. That's my perspective on the supporters groups here. I think once there's an open league system, that'll change. I don't want to try to change your mind or opinion about it, or anyone else's. Enjoy what you enjoy. I wish it did it for me and hope it will again one day.
  8. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils @ Bern 1:30 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    I'm not saying the fans are fake, I'm talking specifically about the supporters groups that care more about the show they put on than the game on the field.
  9. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils @ Bern 1:30 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    I'm more than familiar with the MLS and the owner friendly league structure that boxes out dozens of potential fan bases and high level academies that would develop more American talent. I'm not saying England has the best atmosphere in soccer, what I said is that if the Devils or the NHL wanted to change the nature of the atmosphere at games here, that's how, if any way at all, you should do it. You want Devils-Rangers to look like Red Star-Partizan? You want to pop flares off in the Rock? There's a huge difference in US soccer support and soccer support in other parts of the world. It's ingenuine here, because most people involved in those groups do it because they want to mimick what they do in Europe. They do it in Europe because they love their clubs that have been a part of their communities for generations. I hate to use the word plastic, but that's what MLS support is. You can just hear it in the voices of the supporters, whether it's 3,000 of them in Portland or a hundred in Colorado. While the English don't put on the best atmosphere, they're the best soccer fans in the world. They're all there because they care about what's going on on the field more than anything else in the world. Even in parts of Europe, people aren't always a part of those groups for those reasons. Singing and banging drums for 90 minutes none stop and elaborate tifo displays aren't reflections of pure passion, they're often just self serving chest pounding. And I'm not some Europhile soccer fan. I follow casually a few teams in Europe to keep me occupied (a PL team I can get on tv and a team from the family's hometown in the Greek second division), but I want more than anyone for professional soccer in America to get to a place I can stomach supporting it. And i dont mean the quality of soccer, that's the last thing I care about in terms of supporting a pro club.
  10. thecoffeecake

    GDT: Devils @ Bern 1:30 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    It's not shoehorning when it happens organically, from the fans. What a buzzword that's become on this board since current ownership took over. What would be shoehorning would be trying to force a soccer/European type atmosphere in the NHL. The groups would be under lock and key by ownership, and it would be canned and lack that organic passion. In most of those countries, those groups are organized by street gangs or based on political affiliation, and they decided to bring it to the US and try to make it look real while keeping a lid on the explosiveness that makes those atmospheres unique. You can just hear it in the voice of American soccer supporters, the passion is nowhere near the same, and it wouldn't be if Hugh set up a little band up in 232 to sing family friendly songs. One of those goofy Red Bull groups swung through a few years ago didn't they? It was stupid. If there's anyone we should be modeling after, it's how they organize English fans. One section of the stadium should be there with the understanding the rowdier fans can all congregate there, stay standing, go nuts and drink beer, and from there songs and chants can start organically. And you should have sections cordoned off for visiting fans. Keeps people safer and brings all the energy of the away fans into one area. It would make for a great atmosphere. Giving a season ticket holder a drum and a list of approved songs is not the way to go.
  11. thecoffeecake

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Caps fans look like aliens posing as humans who studied hockey fans to blend in. What an awful sports town.
  12. thecoffeecake

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Jesperi Kotkaniemi was born a month after Arnott scored to win the Cup in 2000. Let that sink in. Can Caps fans pick something to yell during the anthem? One thing is annoying, two is ridiculous. It's funny when these banner raising games happen, one team either wins or loses because of the ceremony according to the broadcast. If the visiting team wins, it's because they were sitting there getting fired up watching the home team celebrate, or they lose because they were sitting there and got flat for puck drop. Every year it's one or the other. Can't compete with the insight of an NBC broadcast.
  13. thecoffeecake

    NHL Network’s Top 20 Wings

    I was gonna say, I hope Jughandle Inn in Cinnaminson makes the list *Italian finger kiss*
  14. thecoffeecake

    Devils to wear original whites as Alternate Jerseys for 2018-19

    I don't know where in those two sentences I wrote you were able to conclude that I was implying the status of the primary jersey was ever in question. No, in case you weren't able to discern the tone of the conversation we've been having about the jerseys, no one thought after one season with new uniforms the team was switching to green as a primary scheme. On the other hand, there was no way to know whether these would be a true third or have this "heritage" title. Most of us didn't know there was an official distinction. We were all under the assumption we were getting a new third jersey, not what boils down to a special event jersey to be worn a few more times a year than the red greens. There is a huge difference between bringing a jersey back into permanent rotation or wearing it as a throwback on rare occasions or special events.
  15. thecoffeecake

    Devils to wear original whites as Alternate Jerseys for 2018-19

    There's gotta be advanced marketing research about how these things affect the brand, right?

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