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  1. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    Thaaaaaaaaaaank God. Disgusted that he's in Toronto, but just happy he isn't coming here.
  2. Devils home opener Thursday 10/11/2018 7:00 PM

    The only God damn I give about the schedule is to try to find road games I can go to. First I look for when they're in Philly, and see if any of the New York, Washington, or Boston games are doable. I had so much fun in Buffalo for the World Juniors last year, I'll have my fingers crossed for a Saturday game up there, and with a regular schedule for the first time in my life, I'll keep my eye on Carolina and Pittsburgh dates, too. Otherwise I take it week by week. When do I need to be in front of the tv and when can I shoot up to Newark. I don't take any stock in opponents or the structure of the damn season.
  3. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    I think that's a bit dramatic regarding Maroon, but I will agree with you guys that no one saw Grabner being that bad.
  4. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Shi1t sh1t sh1t a big hockey trade
  5. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Well I wish I believed Grabner and Maroon pushed them in, I'd be more OK with the moves.
  6. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Probably the first questionable moves he made were to push the team into the playoffs this year. Would've liked to keep the picks he gave up for Grabner and Maroon. I feel like all the sudden we were looking at the pile of picks he's given up and said uh oh.
  7. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    I wish he had operated under that mantra when he pissed away what he did for Grabner. The isles cleaned up with their first three picks, Wahlstrom, Dobson, and Bode Wilde. Wilde was projected first round, fell to them at 41 because of reported character issues. He's a God damn teenager and was ranked as high as #12. They tripped into Barzal when he fell, too.
  8. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Un joueur Quebecois, excellent. Only the second player drafted from his hometown of Mercier (the first was a teammate of Nico's in Halifax who was drafted last year). The Avs drafted a kid outta Raleigh, and Calgary took a Greek dude from Edina. The Rags also drafted a Swiss Nico. Nice try, you filthy pieces of garbage.
  9. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Damn Detroit landed Zadina and Veleno. Don't trade first round picks, kids.
  10. The team, the state, and the culture are contagious

    He gets it. It looks like he really understands what it means to play for a team that holds such a unique and important position in a place like New Jersey. It's so hard to explain to people not from here exactly what the Devils mean to their fans and us Garden State patriots.
  11. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    I want to see American kids in American markets being flagbearers for USA Hockey
  12. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    The next time a top American gets drafted north of the border, I'm gonna sh!t a God damn brick
  13. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    I'll give him every pair of shoes I have to sign anywhere else.
  14. World Cup 2018

    It's honestly a toss up for me, but I'd probably have to lean USA because that's where my passport is from, and I've been so involved with the game and player development in this country. I do have a cousin over there that made his way to the Superleague, and if he ever gets a national team cap I might have to side closer to the Greeks, but I'm not sure that'll ever happen. It's not like the countries ever play each other.
  15. World Cup 2018

    They'll never be a world power, especially with so much money drained from culture and athletics with the economic crisis, but they put some competitive teams together and are often coming out of tough groups to qualify for these tournaments. They missed out on the quarters in 2014 on penalties (I was actually on a plane on my way to Greece when they lost to Costa Rica. Can't imagine how crazy it would've been to be there for it if they'd advanced), they won the Euros in 04. They've had some solid attacking players come through in recent generations. Samaras, Mitroglou, Kone, Amanatidis, Gekas. They've reached as high as 8 in the FIFA rankings, and that was 08. Let's not act like they have some bare bones program with no history. I also wasn't even claiming they deserved to be there, I was just lamenting the fact that I have zero rooting interest in the world cup for the first time in my life.