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  1. The most notoriety that guy should ever get is when people see him bagging groceries at some local yokel grocery store and say “That guy coulda been a star but he messed up, so now he’ll work here and have to think about that forever”
  2. Perfect ending for this turd sandwich of a season so far.
  3. Good idea. They have built in mascots. A big foam Heroin Bob would bring the kids in
  4. We may be seeing the “Jack Hughes had successful surgery” post within the next week. Hopefully he comes back at full health next year with a new coach and goalie tandem
  5. Damn Kahkonen is making a claim for a spot next year
  6. Kreider untouched in front of the net. Where have we seen that before?
  7. Great shot by Palat. Nice seeing a little of the Jack magic
  8. Hard to believe how good this team was last year. Feels like a lifetime ago
  9. As important as Fitz’ goalie hunt will be, finding someone who can teach these yahoos how to cover the front of the net is right up there too.
  10. Crazy that Kahkonen got a stick on that goal. I didn’t realize until I saw the replay before the commercial break
  11. My power went out. I feel like it’s the universe saving me from witnessing a beating. Really hoping the guys play with some pride tonight and come back hungry next season
  12. Hughes just missed on that one. Good to see Holtz playing strong on the puck and getting a great pass off
  13. I really hope he bounces back next year. His confidence looks shot
  14. He can best help the team by being a press box presence
  15. The Devils will go a whole week without doing something mind numbingly frustrating. April Fools!
  16. Turned it off after the second to spend time with the family. The 2023-24 Devils can officially go away.
  17. Jake Allen has been incredible this period.
  18. Knowing that we’ll miss the playoffs by just a few points is frustrating. I’m still cheering for them to sneak in but Fitz is gonna have to do a lot to make up for his indecisiveness this year.
  19. Yeah he’s definitely got some raw skill that the right coaches could work with. Wasn’t Brylin the one who worked with Bratt earlier in his career?
  20. Nemec is gonna be something. And Holtz keeps showing little flashes. Hopefully he can figure out the defensive side of things too.
  21. That Holtz goal is exactly what he needed after that turnover earlier. I hope he figures out his defensive play because I love how he fought through the check for that goal. Great patience my Mercer on his second
  22. “890 save percentage” - Rogalski whispering
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