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  1. Oh boy his first game back is against us, barring additional suspensions for his other garbage.
  2. i made the last 3. Elias was my only lower bowl one but I’d agree they definitely got better as they went. I don’t remember Neids much other than that the banner was raised right in front of the section I was in so that was cool. Marty’s felt like they really went all out with good reason and then they kept it going for Patty. I really hope the next one is in about 20 or so years because this group does something special enough for a retired jersey
  3. It was a chunk of change but not terrible getting tickets for the Elias number retirement. I got a couple in the lower bowl for a not-to-terrible amount from what I remember. But, like you said, no one else was getting retired anytime soon.
  4. Once, many years ago, some friends and I were pregaming at a hotel before a concert and we ended up watching a Rock Paper Scissors tournament on ESPN 2 or 3. It was fascinating
  5. I’m sure he will be fine come April.
  6. He can bomb it and he can finesse too.
  7. Me watching that goal again this morning In other Hughes news, Luke scored his first college goal last night
  8. You may have competition from Daneyko who just described Jacks beautiful sweet soft hands with lust in his voice.
  9. The patience on that goal was fantastic. Two years ago he rushes that and just shoots.
  10. Loved seeing Bratt jump in there for his buddy. That’s something that’s been missing for a few years.
  11. A two on one on the PP and it’s Johnsson and White. That’s some luck.
  12. Not much you can do there in goal but that puck went right through the middle too much.
  13. They already stole an assist from Zacha. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!!
  14. This off season felt like it took forever, and then the rest of the league played for 4 days before us. Finally some Devils hockey with a team on the rise!
  15. Maybe if we started arguing about the 2001 Stanley Cup finals in the 2021-2022 Regular Season thread?
  16. Yeah I was at game 5 for that 1999 series. Stevens scored a nice goal and the Devils went up 3-2 in the series. Jagr did his thing in Game 6 and then we lost Game 7 at home. I absolutely hated when we lost Lemieux in 1995. I liked Steve Thomas but he was no Claude Lemieux. Plus the Isles got Wendel Clarke out of that deal if I remember right. We should have just gave Claude the money. McMullen was public enemy number one at that point between Nashville threats and playing hardball with Marty and Lemieux that off season. I remember him slipping on the ice at the banner raising the next season and the crowd went nuts.
  17. I was in the same boat as Maddog. The team was so close to moving. A cup didn’t even guarantee them staying. So when they won, I was more thinking that I was glad I got to see it. Then 1996 they missed the playoffs, then flunked out early in 97, 98, and 99 and it really did look like it was all over. I honestly never expected 2000 because I thought our best chance for another cup was with that Gilmour/Andreychuk team in the late 90’s
  18. Bernier gets at least 40 starts. Zacha continues to solidify his offensive game and becomes an important PP guy getting rebounds and open shots from teams over-covering Hamilton Holtz gets 15 games and builds on his preseason putting in a few goals. Johnsson doesn’t play 20 straight games and no one notices Severson and Subban look much better playing normal minutes but our lack of right shooting D-men becomes a problem when one gets injured Miles Wood gets lost in the shuffle and becomes the guy in all the trade rumors
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