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  1. I said central scouting specifically didn't have him top 10. And provided a link that had Barzal at 11 for NA skaters according to NHL central scouting. So yes what I said was true. I didn't mention mocks or experts, I said central scouting
  2. I don't argue any of that. I definitely agree that Castron and Shero would probably go a different way had that been making the decision and that Rantanen would have been an excellent pick. He was probably slated to go there on a few teams boards. Like you said, we were desperate for centers at the time. The only thing I argue is this idea that some people have (not you particularly) that Zacha was some kind of crazy stretch pick and that Barzal was an obvious choice.
  3. That's not a mock draft. Its literally central scoutings final rankings before the 2015 draft. You said central scouting had him in the top 10. They did not. You are wrong.
  4. Its very true. Central scouting had him 11th for NA skaters. And mock drafts don't mean a thing. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-central-scoutings-2015-final-rankings/c-761663
  5. I wouldn't even say he was drafted stupidly at 6. That was pretty much where he was ranked at the time of the pick. He and Landon Crouse were the next highest ranking forwards on the board at 6. Barzal wasn't ranked top 10. He's very talented but I don't think even the Isles expected him to do what he has.
  6. I'm not sure what power rankings said that, but Hall is still signed through July 1, 2020. He's going to be here for Hughes year one anyway. There's no reason he can't wait to see how free agency and possible draft trades go and sign an extension in August.
  7. Hmm. Didn't realize that. Now I'm trying to make a mental list of any players I've talked poop about over the years.
  8. Looks like we blew someone's cover. Alright, Hall. Fess up.
  9. That's really cool, I'll have to check that out. Fuhr has a documentary coming out this year, I wonder if he'll go into that at all or if it'll be more Oilers based
  10. If its circumvention or not would depend on what team did it. If the Devils did it, it would most definitely be circumvention. If Chicago does it, it's a smart business move.
  11. Speaking of second teams, I don't know if i would call it a second team but I always liked St Louis going back to the 90's. Their 1996 run when Jon Casey had to come in for an injured Grant Fuhr and took the team to game 7 overtime against the Wings is one of my favorite hockey stories. Seeing them finally pull it off was cool. Regardless of all that though, all i can ever think when i watch the cup celebration every year is that one year it'll be our guys again. I really hope Hughes and company are the group that ends the drought for us
  12. Wow what a garbage play by Marchand on that second goal?? Going for a change with seconds left in the period... What was he thinking
  13. I think the teams are trying to get that extra point, but what the 3 point idea does is make it so teams don't just make it to OT for the loser point and then hope to get the second point. With 3 points, you could leave 2 points on the board if you coast to OT and then lose. Again its in theory. I'm not sure how it plays out in practice
  14. How could Hughes come in here and break up Nico and Hall's budding romance??
  15. I want the Blues, I really do. But with the newspaper posting that they won before game 6 and now this website, the hockey gods must be furious.
  16. It has, I couldn't find it... Looks like the last was 1954 Edit: you beat me to it!
  17. It was 1942 or something. Detroit vs Toronto went to game 7 overtime in the finals
  18. Ugh. I just can't see the Blues pulling this out in Boston. So much momentum swings the Bruins way now
  19. Devil Dan 56

    Draft day

    Depending what Shero has planned for those 2nd round picks, he could very well grab him (assuming he falls to early 2nd) and still flip picks for a roster player. This will be a very interesting draft for us
  20. I live in Jersey and I can literally see the city from my kitchen. Why in the world these players think playing for the Rangers allows them some magical city life that Jersey doesn't is something I'll never understand. Don't these players have the Googles??
  21. Devil Dan 56

    Hughes or Kakko

    It also felt like he tried way too hard to have a totally different opinion than other people, like claiming that a 3 goal lead is the most dangerous in hockey and other stuff. That video is par for the course with him.
  22. Devil Dan 56

    Draft day

    To be fair to Hynes and Greene, there are no shutdown defensemen on this team. Greene would be fine if he was playing less. It did look like they were lowering his minutes at times this season though
  23. Devil Dan 56

    Draft day

    Agreed. The guy wasn't made captain because everyone sucked. He was made captain because he was a veteran who at the time was one of our most reliable defensemen. I give him crap but the guy deserves more respect then to be banished to the minors or stripped of his captaincy and number
  24. Its either Blues at home in 6 or Boston at home in 7. I can't see St Louis blowing the lead and then winning in 7 with Boston having all of that momentum. I will also add I have not predicted anything right this playoffs, so Blues in 7.
  25. Devil Dan 56

    Hughes or Kakko

    I don't think it minimizes Kakko in anyway as a player. He's still gonna be great for Chicago after the Rangers take the Russian (I'm gonna keep speaking that into the universe) but Hughes is just a guy you can't pass up
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