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  1. There is also the possibility that he is considering retirement. He doesn't seem interested in being away from family or uprooting family. It wouldn't shock me to see him an office job with either us or the Isles.
  2. Lets just all agree to call it cap heck.
  3. Nicely build contract that gives Hamilton his money, keeps the cap hit high and the actual pay low at the end. Perfect for unloading if things go sour at the tail end.
  4. I was thinking of other centers and totally forgot Boqvist. It would be really great for him to make a jump this year like McLeod did last year
  5. On the Zajac thing... A few of the trackers say the Devils signed Brian Flynn, former Canadien and Sabre. He was playing in the National League in Switzerland last year. Most likely a Utica guy who may try to push for the 4th line. We also signed Chase De Leon who was a point per game player in the AHL for the Gulls but can't seem to make it work in the NHL. Both are centers so I wonder if the team is looking to use McLeod on the 3rd line and see if one of these guys fits on the 4th. I'd prefer they keep Zacha on the wing. He just does better there.
  6. Devils legend Eric Gelinas signed with Carolina so that should fill the Hamilton slot for them.
  7. Craig Anderson went to Buffalo? Wow, i thought he decided to retire
  8. Well there's something you don't get to read often... Devils take the number one target. That is great to see
  9. My seats at the time were in 209 but I went with a friend to section 2 which was behind the Carolina goal. I watched someone throw down their jersey as they left
  10. I'm starting to fear that we are being used for leverage.
  11. Wait, Matt!!! We haven't figured out the Hamilton thing yet!!!
  12. Hopefully he doesn't retire over it.
  13. If at any point the phrase "interest from another team" comes up, I'm quitting internet for the day.
  14. The first 4 seasons are on Netflix I believe
  15. Yeah same. This has gone from slam dunk to hopeful lay up. I'm nervous it will get to be Shaq at free throw line.
  16. Edit: quoted wrong post. I should probably pay attention to work
  17. Yeah you just never know when a guy like that might hit free agency again. Add in the the chips are falling in a way that we became a favorite and its a move Fitz just had to go for. I really wish they would finish it up so we can breathe
  18. In the present, my expectations for this off season was for Fitz to be out there and at least trying to make moves that will help us take the next step and he has far exceeded those expectations. He is doing exactly what many of us had hoped. This feels like a big step that will pay off in a few years.
  19. Yes. We all knew it would be a fall. Literally every great team had a fall. Its still ok to not enjoy it.
  20. To an extent. But there's a reason he's gone. He had a lot of moves that just did not work out whether it was at his fault or not. And the Hynes thing was either stupidity or stubbornness
  21. I predict at least one Damilton when he smushes the names together. I think we need to play Dano bingo this year
  22. I think you can understand all of that and still be frustrated watching your team lose
  23. That's good. Let the best goalie play and it'll allow Blackwood to earn the job if he can
  24. I don't know man. Didn't you used to talk about how great Kinkaid was gonna be?
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