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  1. That’s great to hear. Hopefully he’s ready to take the next step
  2. Another guy who can play bottom 6 center. Not looking good for McLeod.
  3. Capfriendly says Geertsen signed with Vegas. Another legend gone
  4. Makes sense. Jersey is a destination now so Fitz knows he can get them a little cheaper
  5. Bahl was the only one qualified
  6. Devil Dan 56

    Draft 2023

    https://thehockeywriters.com/lenni-hameenaho-2023-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ Looks like he does the little things, a two way player with some offensive upside. I’ll take that at 58 overall.
  7. Devil Dan 56

    Draft 2023

    Hopefully he stays in mother Russia forever
  8. Devil Dan 56

    Draft 2023

    well that would be something…
  9. Here we go!!! Off season is already a success and we haven’t even hit the draft and free agency yet
  10. Devil Dan 56

    Draft 2023

    First time in a long time that we haven’t had a pick in the top 50 and only one in the top 100. It’s so nice not worrying about who falls to us in the top 10
  11. I feel the same way I did about Zacha, I hope he figures it out but figure it out somewhere else.
  12. I’m not shocked to see the Matt Taormina level over reaction to this from some people. Walsh was not gonna pass Luke, Nemec, Casey, etc
  13. I love seeing guys say this is where they want to be and signing on to stay. Now just sign Timo and the rest will fall into place
  14. https://romesentinel.com/stories/comets-nico-daws-out-for-extended-period-after-surgery,183488 Daws out till around Christmas with hip labrum surgery
  15. My guess is it gives them the ability to sign him without him being able to compare other offers plus the ability to add the 8th year. That being said he got good money and term. I’m not sure what else he would have gotten on the open market
  16. I wasn’t impressed with his powerplay but still thought he was our head coach to be. I guess Lindy gets a couple more years
  17. Plenty of room for Fitz to be creative. Can’t wait to extend Timo and hopefully Bratt if he’s reasonable
  18. I went to the Buffalo-Rag game at city field. It was -11 when I woke up that morning and I think the high was under 20. It was insanely cold. I had those little warming packets in my boots and pockets. People’s beers were literally freezing in the cup holders. Then at the next years winter classic it was 50 degrees and I felt cheated.
  19. I’d be comfortable rolling into next year with Schmid and Vanecek and a semi competent #3 stashed in the minors for injuries
  20. These games have been much more exciting than the second round. 4 straight overtime games, had that ever happened before?
  21. Nicoooo. Good to see him still doing his thing. I can not wait to see these guys come back next year with that playoff and IIHF experience behind them
  22. Bowman as well. This stuff will continue to happen because the only punishment is a year away and then your celebrated return.
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