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  1. This is the way the hockey shop near me put it together back in the day.
  2. I have one too. I had the local hockey shop put Brodeur on it and it looked pretty nice. I'll try to find it later
  3. I think ours will be black. All of the season ticket stuff marketing has been "The black and red" and i feel like they were going to announce a jersey if not for covid. All speculation of course.
  4. Those are actually pretty sharp. I also see in the same article the powder blue gloves for Mckinnon suggesting a Nords jersey. Pretty cool
  5. I'm holding off on NHL21 just because there's no hockey at the moment and I'm in the year like 2036 in my NHL20 franchise. I've played those games since 1994 and I think this is maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I've gotten this deep into a franchise.
  6. A lot of the time Doc haters either love their home team announcer or think Bob Cole is incredible.
  7. Is it dusty in here? Maybe its my allergies. Was I just cutting onions?
  8. I loved it, it really added so much to the game man.
  9. As a Jets fan, please accept my humblest condolences haha. No seriously, I totally get the feeling. I've been doing my fantasy football and pick leagues but it's just not the same at the moment. Knowing that we probably won't have a full prudential center until October 2021 really is a bummer.
  10. I love the old Doc-isms. A couple others that came to mind: "waffleboarded away" "meanwhile back at the ranch" And after a wild close game or overtime game... "we had them all the way"
  11. Love when a guy has a sense of humor about things
  12. If you uploaded that here, I thank you. I remember having all of that on one of the old xbox360 versions. I went and added every single teams' correct goal horn and music too. And then the new generations took away the option
  13. For some reason this one always stuck out for me, Odelein hitting the post during all this chaos and Doc calling it with disbelief
  14. I'm really happy for Doc. I'm sure I'm not the only one who grew up with Doc as the voice of the Devils. We were very lucky since he called a lot of national games too and we got to hear our guy call our team in the playoffs and finals a few times.
  15. I have a friend who is a Habs fan who has been on the Fire Bergevin train for a long time. This signing has been driving him insane haha
  16. So they have about 20 million tied up in Gallagher and 2 goalies next year. Daaaaamn.
  17. He's seeing other message boards? Hurtful.
  18. Yeah in that time I would have been a new Jersey Hackensack River Whalers fan and the Nashville Honky Tonk Devils would hold a special place in my heart There was no way I would ever root for the Rags or Flyers, especially after the hell I got in 1994 living in NY
  19. What an interesting change that would have been. I'm sure we'd have gotten some generic name. Maybe with the Whalers colors? Yeah that would have been hard, especially with our favorite players in Nashville for the next few years.
  20. I had that clipping on my wall until I moved out. I'm sure its in a box of Devils stuff in a closet somewhere
  21. I have a friend who was a huge Hartford fan. It took him over 15 years to accept the Bruins as his local team. What in the name of Taylor Ham pork roll in central Jersey are you talking about?
  22. So he sticks to his principles. That's his way of doing things. Ray Shero has his way. Fitz has his ways. Doug Wilson, Stan Bowman, Jim Rutherford, Jeff Gorton, Doug Armstrong... They all have their own ways. But you still lose you mind about how a guy who left here 5 and a half years (with 2 franchises) because of how he handled his goalies before going to the conference finals. That's his way and its been successful way more than it hasn't been.
  23. You'll never understand. Exactly. Because you refuse to believe that there's different ways to do things. You focus entirely on asset management and forget about actually winning anything. The other thing you will never understand is that just because most of us UNDERSTAND why Lou builds his teams the way he does, it doesn't mean we necessarily AGREE with it. I don't agree with all of his ideals but I get it. For some reason you take anyone who happens to understand a different strategy as a personal attack, and it shows with your page-length responses.
  24. It's a difficult thing to come to terms with. I started receding at 16 and I was in definite denial until about 24 when I leaned against the wall and the back of my head was cold. I'm not proud of this, but I definitely had the scull-ett going for a bit.
  25. Yes. It was a smart decision because his team was in the conference finals after he made it. Clearly the team didn't have that much of a problem with it. Meanwhile we were waiting to see which player shero got for a 2nd round pick a couple of years ago would be traded to get back another 2nd round pick.
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