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  1. I’m pretty sure we had half in Montreal and half playing the Islanders the same night a few years ago. I think I remember only one was televised but my brain is mush these days
  2. First round of cuts. Nothing surprising other than Stillman going back to juniors instead of the AHL. Didn’t realize he still has another year in junior. Assigned to Utica (AHL): Forwards: Samuel Laberge, Xavier Parent, Nolan Stevens, Garrett Van Wyhe Defensemen: Fillip Bratt, Jarrod Gourley Goaltender: Isaac Poulter Assigned to their Junior/European teams: G Tyler Brennan, Prince George (WHL) F Josh Filmon, Swift Current (WHL) F Chase Stillman, Peterborough (OHL) D Topias Vilen, Pelicans (Liiga, Finland)
  3. Healthy Blackwood is a totally different player. I really hope he can keep this level up
  4. I think Haula is going to be a really good acquisition. He’s doing all the stuff we wanted out of Zacha. It’s also really nice to see motivated Tatar.
  5. Nolan Patrick is the clear number one and we blew it with this guy who keeps getting hurt… wait…
  6. I’d rather see him busting his butt every shift than watch another year of Tatar and Johnsson
  7. Zetterlund is gonna guarantee his spot on the team. He’s playing really well Schmid looked solid
  8. That’s the first I even noticed Palmieri tonight.
  9. Wow Rocky Dennis showed some real skill on that play. Zetterlund is developing into one of those hardworking grinders you need in the bottom 6
  10. Palat makes room, Holtz finds Hughes. Love it!
  11. Marino and Palat are noticeable improvements. I love the pressure from the Devils on offense
  12. That Palat tip off the Holtz pass was real nice. Good save by Sorokin. Gotta get a couple early because you know Schneider is gonna come in and go all Dominik Hasek on us later.
  13. That’ll be super convenient for us when we trade Tatar, Bernier, and Johnsson plus a 6th rounder for him. The trade is 4 for 1
  14. Yeah at his age I see no problem with him on the 3rd line. He’ll get plenty of chances in the top 6 even if he starts the season on the 3rd. He’s way ahead of the curve already playing a full NHL season at his age and draft position
  15. Unfortunately I think it’s only a matter of time with McLeod. Obviously nothing official but the fact that so many players have very definitively said they were not involved and that McLeod is sticking with “I can’t talk about that” has me uneasy about his role.
  16. They are certainly giving Holtz every opportunity to make the team on the top line. Hopefully he succeeds because that would really give us some great depth having Sharangovich or Mercer on the 3rd line
  17. Yeah that’s a lot of words for what is supposed to be cramps See you in December, Nico!!
  18. We’ll be hearing Spaulding’s first call tonight, along with our first look at Vanecek, Haula, Nemec, Smith, Marino, and the line that shall not be named. And I guess the new pa announcer which at this point I’m assuming is the owners using an Alexa held to the microphone.
  19. Well it’s nice to be in mid-season form in preseason Hopefully nothing crazy, no need to play him if he’s just banged up
  20. Looks like you can also find parking and train tickets too. That all sounds pretty convenient if it works properly.
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