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  1. The thing is, Zacha WAS considered close to the best player available when he was picked. The highest rated forwards left at the time were him and Crouse. In fact I remember most people were terrified that we would take Crouse who was a prototypical Conte pick. I trust Shero to make the right call on this one, however. He seems to have a much better track record.
  2. Finally someone lifted the puck! Nice shot Severson
  3. Good job , Q. They're gonna love that in Seattle.
  4. I'm a little late because pretty anything is better than watching this train wreck of a team, but the replay of the Chiasson goal is terrible. You can watch Greene get lost, forget about the front of the net, and then you can almost see him saying "oh ya..." as he half heartedly tries to cover him way too late
  5. Yeah that's great and all but what about the playoff chances?
  6. I think last year was the first step. This year is a bit of a setback but I think next season is going to be surprising in a good way. Not amazing of course, but I sign of an upward trend
  7. I remember the game winner. Colin White went about 4 miles out of position for a meaningless check, allowing Eric Staal to come up the wing full speed untouched. I also remember the Madden line played what felt like 40 percent of that game.
  8. It seems to me that McLeods hands are faster than his mind. He looks the tiniest bit out of sync, I guess. I think it'll come together for him with more time.
  9. As much as I want a nice high pick, seeing the BJ's miss the playoffs because of us would be funny too.
  10. That bounce for the first goal is as 2019 Devils as it gets.
  11. They couldn't get the goal light to turn off behind Cory. Never a good omen.
  12. I know everyone hates him, but Keith was a fun goof. Perfect backup goalie if only Cory hadn't collapsed.
  13. I agree it probably is getting overblown. I just look at it as when they have a little party in the break room when you leave a job. "Hey, Keith thanks for making copies for us the last few years. Good luck with the new job"
  14. It'll probably be a 30-60 second video during a commercial break. We don't have to pretend its a big deal
  15. And then lose Panarin, Bobrovsky, and Duchesne
  16. I'm sure hoping that coaching change in Ottawa fires the Senators up. Maybe a nice 10 game winning streak... Eh. I can hope.
  17. You know, everyone blames Tavares for saying he wanted to stay and then leaving, but at the end of the day he didn't have a contract at the deadline and Snow should have made a decision as a general manager. He decided to listen to the player who had yet to sign a contract instead. I don't put it all on Tavares. I still think it was lousy of him, of course. But Snow was dumb.
  18. Other chants tonight: "We don't need you" "You're a liar" I feel like Tavares told the Isles he was taking them to prom and then took a cheerleader instead.
  19. I feel like Hall will be reasonable when it comes to a new contract. Now... what his agent will want is what scares me.
  20. Dear Zach You were the chosen one! The savior! You said you'd never leave a Long Island.. errr Newark
  21. I'm pretty happy with how they stuck in this game.
  22. I'm not sure what else he was supposed to say, but I love Mac's attitude.
  23. Guys. No matter what happens with Taylor Hall, let none of us be whatever the heck that was.
  24. Jeez. That's like when the teacher makes some kid apologize for picking on someone and he gives the half hearted "I'm sorry"
  25. When was the last time he was in the lineup and the team wasn't largely irrelevant?
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