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  1. I can't see us possibly being that lucky again, but id take it in a heartbeat. The rest of the league would lose their minds which would make it even better
  2. I think this whole thing is going to teach a lot about what is actually a necessity and what we just do because “that’s the way it is”
  3. Domi’s elbow to Niedermayer negates anything he says about anyone playing dirty ever. There’s a reason Scotty lifted cups and Domi never did a thing other than punch people. You can't cry about dirty play when your locker room had Corson, Tucker, Belak and notorious knee-on-knee hitter Marchment.
  4. Yeah this for sure. This is what they do, and it will be a welcome return to "normal" for everyone
  5. That bum should learn to pass. Wait...
  6. I work for a small family business. We've had one order today. I have to think a lot of small companies are experiencing the same problem and unfortunately many will close.
  7. This is what happens when you take hockey away https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/sk/coronavirus-vaccine-made-in-saskatchewan-is-now-in-the-testing-stages
  8. From stay I’ve read, Italy's higher death rate is connected to having an older population and a delayed response before finally locking down. This is not anything I read from medical professionals though, it was theorized so I'm not stating it as any type of fact.
  9. I'm not joking when I say this, but I wonder what the wording is on that Vancouver pick. If the season is canceled, and they are in a playoff spot does that count as qualifying for the playoffs?
  10. I should have known not to mess with the master of the things.
  11. I don’t disagree with that at all. I absolutely hate where the franchise is and has been for a while now. I really did believe in Shero right up until the beginning of the season, then it all went Ka-blewie and his response was very underwhelming. This season is done. We are only playing these games because we have to. At least you come at the issue with stats and points about Hughes’ line mates. There can at least be a discussion even if people don’t agree, even though some people disagree on the defensive side. But what people are complaining about is the Daniel hysteria. If I can go Sterio for a second... It’s like the air conditioner is stuck on and one guy is screaming that we’re all about to freeze to death.
  12. You don't draft a player for how good they are. You draft them because of the player you feel they have the potential to become. While I'm disappointed in Hughes' first season, I see no reason to think he's done developing at 18 years of age. This has been a fairly miserable season. I don't know why some people are intent on making it even more miserable.
  13. So if Hughes becomes a "good player" you'll drop this whole misery shtick?
  14. I see that Daniels internet connection that went out during the Ranger game miraculously recovered when the Devils were losing tonight. How strange.
  15. I get what you're saying, but none of that stuff means anything in relation to what I was saying. For Lou it was all about winning. In his philosophy, these distractions weren't necessary. If you want to tweet, go tweet in San Jose or something. If you want to mess around you'll leave. If you want a chance to win in a structured environment, you'll stay. It works for some people, others like you said aren't into that. He wasn't looking for that type of player. Now I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think there’s still room for guys to have some fun but that was how he viewed it. That was one of the better things about him leaving. The team needed to enter the 21st century very badly. I haven’t looked but I’m assuming he’s abandoned a lot of that or at least softened since leaving. It’s really just an entirely different way of building a team. Lou had a college background and has said his management style was based on Montreal in the 70’s and the Steinbrenner Yankees. Its just that old school logo on the front is more important than the name on the back type thing.
  16. I know he's not a prospect but what a save...
  17. I don't know what you're negotiating but I think I saw that in a movie once.
  18. So youre saying that a HOF general manager didn't weigh his options because he wasn't begging people to sign early? He knew the market better than anyone. He knew Gomez and Holik would be overpaid and he let them go. It was more important to try to win. He attempted to get Rob Neids and couldn't, so he tried the max salary and it wasn't enough. He was betting on Elias, Marty, Sal, Langs, etc being loyal and he was right. He lost out on a few, especially Rafalski. That was a market misjudgment on his part. Lou knew what he felt a player was worth within his budget and wasn't going to let himself be used as leverage for other teams' offers. Stevens and Marty and Elias were almost always the top paid guys. He wasn't "willingly giving up leverage". His leverage was the team itself. As in "this team is built this way. This is your role and this is what that's worth. Play ball and we can win." If that wasn't good enough he didn't have much use for you. It was very rigid but it was a necessity for what he was trying to accomplish. Whether you agree with it or not, it was a philosophy that worked for a very very long time before the bottom inevitably fell out. Now... What your way does, is it puts all of the leverage in the players hand. If someone comes to me a year before my contract is up trying to see how much I want and if I want to stay and how long do I want to stay etc, then I know they are desperate and that I can string them along. Negotiating tactics. Ever heard of that? You put yourself in the best possible position to get what you want.
  19. Every GM In the league looks at both and makes decisions. Do you think only Shero figured that out? We were never sellers at the deadline to acquire assets because we were in the playoffs for nearly every season for 25 years. Why did they FINALLY trade for assets at the deadline? Because that was one of the first times they were out of the playoffs at the deadline! Why on earth would you trade Parise, Neids, Holik etc if you're trying to win cups?
  20. Giving up a playoff chance for draft picks and a low prospect is just as reckless. I already pointed out in the past that very often teams who have “ very little chance" win it all. St Louis last year is an example. Or when 8th seed LA beat the Devils who were the 6th seed. Did we win? Nope but we came damn close and I bet those extra sold out home games pulled the team out of the red (or close to it) for a little bit. As for the perpetual rebuild, Palms, Hall, Vats, and Mojo were all acquired to "build around". Here we are and 3 of them are gone for more prospects and picks that we will be using to "build around." This tells me Ray grossly miscalculated something somewhere. I know you don't like to admit this, but this is a results oriented business, especially where this team is located. Hockey isn't very popular to begin with, and there are lots of options for people. 5-8 years of empty arenas with no playoffs can do a lot of damage to season ticket sales and also damage to how the team is generally viewed by both the public and the media.
  21. "Years of top guys leaving" is your way of saying you can't get over Parise. We get it. And perpetual rebuild is exactly what Ray had us in. We became a revolving door. He was acquiring players for assets and then trading them again for more assets. Eventually you need to stop acquiring assets and start playing hockey. That "trying to win when we had no chance" line is so sad. The idea that you only "go for it" after a decade of losing and acquiring is insane. As is the idea that no matter what, you always need to be trading expiring FA's because you are terrified of losing them for nothing.
  22. It’s not the right way. It’s just your favorite way. And while it keeps assets it also keeps you in a perpetual rebuild which is exactly what we saw here. And signing Hall to the contract he was going to be looking for would have been an absolute mess with the way he’s been playing this season. I don’t know if Hall is getting back to MVP level.
  23. That wasn't his only mistake. You keep trying to hammer this flawless way to never lose a UFA but it's an incredibly narrow view that leads to endless asset procurement
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