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  1. “they’ve shown they can compete with any team….. or lose to Arizona….” -Dano realizing what he was saying mid sentence.
  2. Why it’s Devils legend Keith Kinkaid!! I do like those Richter tribute pads though.
  3. The most telling part of the video in there is that not one of that piece of garbage’s team mates stepped in when Subban and company went after him. You see red jerseys surround the guy and his team just kinda half heartedly reached in
  4. Kind of a cool little coincidence… this was the anniversary of the 334 Game and Devils put up 7 that night and tonight
  5. Really nice to see Johnson’s slump end. Hopefully he can get back to how he was playing earlier in the season
  6. Not sure if there are any goalie equipment nerds but it looks like the league is using generic wraps for the helmets that aren’t painted. Gillies and Lafontaines are the same And Lafontaine’s pads are the design Marty used when we won the 2003 cup.
  7. Other than being awful recently, nothing else is wrong with him. Ruff wants to split the goalies on the back to back.
  8. Devil Dan 56

    Draft 2022

    I want Miroschnichenko purely to watch Dano’s head explode
  9. The Arizona loss is a rock bottom loss. If they didn’t do anything after that, you’re right. They won’t be doing a thing. It’s yet another year of selling at the deadline, and staring at top prospect lists, and cheering for ping pong balls. But hey at least we were sorta in the race until January this time so everything’s good.
  10. If not for him poking his head out to watch his son play for Buffalo I'd have assumed he was a missing person at this point.
  11. I agree. Trading for Knight right now puts us in the exact same position… with a young struggling goalie who needs veteran help. I like Knight but I wouldn’t send Bratt for him at the moment.
  12. Blackwood’s brain is fried. He needs someone who can take the load off so he can be a spot starter for a bit and get his head right. The defense is garbage and he’s basically been thrown out there and told “you need to be perfect or we lose” He has the physical talent, but goaltending is mostly mental. If they don’t get him on the right track he’s gonna be in the “oh well” pile with Ahonen, Damphousse, Frazee, etc. I really don’t like Balckwood’s refusal to take responsibility though. Marty was like that at times but he had the resume to back it up.
  13. I think we need to make Devils Bingo cards.
  14. Maybe he’s Fitz’ hookup. That would explain a lot.
  15. I agree that he’s not getting any help. The defense is poop, and additionally this is the second year in a row that a veteran goalie was supposed to form a 1a/1b tandem and it didn’t work out. He’s been thrown to the wolves most of his career. He’s risen to the occasion many times but recently he seems to be regressing At some point I just want to see him rise above it. At this point, there are 40 NHL goalies with at least 15 games. Only 4 have worse save %’s than Blackwood. And I’m not trying to pile on him, I’ve been a Blackwood defender plenty. I’m always going to give the goalie the benefit of the doubt. But ugh. 3 goals on 8 shots? He just has to figure it out or Fitz has to find a veteran to help out.
  16. The defense has got to clear the front better but at some point your goalie needs to make some saves. Not every save is going to be a routine shot that you can track all the way. He’s gotta find a way. He looks befuddled after every shot.
  17. Such a goofy fun dude. I’m sure it’ll be great getting him back in the locker room
  18. Eh win some lose some. It sucks but the draft is such a crap shoot (that we don’t win much). Both Barzal and Zacha pretty much went where they were expected in the draft and that’s what most people were saying, which is that Barzal was in the 10-20 range for a reason. Whatever that reason was, he clearly overcame it and made people look foolish for skipping him (including the Bruins 3 times). Zacha unfortunately is a lot like his agent Stefan. Loads of talent but major motivation issues. Such a waste I remember people being ecstatic about Zacha because Crouse looked like a Conte wet dream and some of us were sure that was where we’d go
  19. Thank you, my mistake. I must have misheard something from Cangy earlier in the game It’s nice that the Devils put up a fight with such a depleted roster but damn moral victories have gotten old
  20. So the Islanders only have 2 wins at their new arena and they are both against the Devils?
  21. “Take that guy so I can leave this one open.”
  22. “I don’t know how Barzal got open there” - Dano Well, Dano… let me introduce you to the Devils defense
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