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  1. I joined. Last year was the first time I didn't have a team in decades and it was so boring!
  2. I'm guessing the person he turns to behind him at the end of the video is trying to warn him that he's making a bad decision since everything is on video now
  3. That's pretty much where I am. What does it say to the rest of that room if the person considered to be the leader here can't decide if he's gonna sh!t or get off the pot? I prefer him as part of the future obviously but I don't want it dragging into opening night.
  4. Those are great glasses to read and sign a long term contract with.
  5. Maybe with the expansion coming there will be another full buyout period? Or maybe Ray can convince Seattle that he would be great for them? I'm not sure if that would work. Its this year and then 2 more right?
  6. I don't expect a Vezina season but i do think this year will be a return to respectability for Schneider. If he has another year like last year we are in trouble. I like Mac and i think he has a good future for us but I'm not sure he's ready for 50-60 games yet. I'd like Ray to add one more goalie as insurance because right now, who is #3 on the depth chart? Cormier or Senn?
  7. I think one of the main miscommunications is that you personally believe that there is only one correct way to build a team and that therefore your idea must be the right one, which means in your mind every other philosophy is inherently wrong. Your idea is great from a perspective of low-risk asset management. It makes sure that no piece is ever lost for nothing, which is something a lot of GM's subscribe to and its absolutely something fans are behind. Other GM's might not operate the same way. For example, some GM's in smaller markets are more motivated by cost savings and keeping salaries down. Some GM's lean hard on analytics. Lou is a big believer in the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and that the "right" player is better than someone who might be considered a more talented player. He's very big on the culture of the room which is why a guy like Esa Tikkanen might have been what we needed on the ice but only lasted about 15 minutes in NJ. And it worked a long time for him so even though I don't necessarily agree with all of his decisions, I certainly don't blame him for sticking with his personal beliefs. He was not very good at adapting and growing with the game obviously, and it ultimately cost him in NJ. His approach may be just what the Isles needed though. We'll have to see how next year goes for them to see if it was a one-and-done situation. What I love about Shero is that he seems to use the best of these different ideas with how he is putting this team together.
  8. I'm just glad you've stopped obsessing over something that happened 7 years ago and instead have moved on to something that happened 10 years ago. We get it. You don't agree with the philosophy that Lou used. You prefer Ray's style. You have beaten this dead horse into the ground, and now you dig it up every other day to beat it some more.
  9. The Devils won the division in 2009. There was no way they were going to sell off Gio or Madden at the deadline. Now people are just being silly.
  10. Probably just sorted him on the wrong team alphabetically
  11. To me, the jersey retirement is about what that specific player meant to that specific team. Luongo was a huge part of the team and community, whether he had on-ice success or not. He is a hall of fame player who played most of his career with Florida, and played for them for nearly half of their entire history. We have been so incredibly lucky to have the Hall of Fame players and success that we have had and I think it allows us to hold the number retirement thing to a higher standard than a team like Florida.
  12. If I understand how I read it, he gets 2/3 of the rest of the Ranger contract since it was a buyout. Someone else may have some better info on that The Tampa contract is separate so he gets all of that.
  13. You'll feel good when you do, but I was in denial for a bit before I did it! It wasn't Shattenkirks level but it wasn't pretty
  14. Having him able to shift to RW would be really helpful with the line mix and matching. This will be a really interesting preseason just seeing all of the different combinations. Hall-Nico-Gusev on one line and Hughes setting up Palmieri on another would be some entertaining hockey
  15. I started losing it young. I started feeling the breeze on my head when I was 21. I fought the good fight until 24 and finally shaved it. I feel Shattenkirks pain and cold scalp.
  16. He's bringing the horseshoe combover back. He just be into the retro thing
  17. Yeah its going to come down to how he balances the nightlife and all the pressure that they will probably be putting on him
  18. Yeah this. He was highly coveted here and around the league that offseason and while he didn't have a good couple of years I don't know if I believe that his game has totally dropped off a cliff just yet. It could definitely be worth a one year prove it deal
  19. I'm sure he's "always wanted to play for the Rangers". Also I'm kind of surprised to see 6th rd picks refusing to sign. Wasn't Kerfoot a 6th rounder for us?
  20. Its just a part of hockey though. I know a few guys did it for us back in the day. I remember the NHLPA being really mad at McKay and Brodeur for signing below market value. McKays was after that 20 goal season I think. CR1976 probably remembers better than me though. Who knows who many guys have done it for Shero?
  21. Yeah I like Henrique but I don't get the anger people still have about trading him. I remember we thought he and Hall would light it up together and it didn't really happen like that. Still a good trade
  22. He spent a lot of that time injured. I don't know if his game disappeared that quick. I'm just saying at a low-cost one year, I could understand the move. I'm not a fan of him picking them over us, but I am a fan of improving the team whenever we can
  23. Butcher didn't have as good of a year offensively but I think this year was more about becoming a more well rounded defenseman. He was being used in different situations this year. I do think they would like him to step into the Greene role (before his decline) of being useful in all kinds of situations
  24. Bright lights brah, big city brah, hair club for men brah (but if signing him allows Ray to trade Vatanen for assets or pick replenishment Id be interested)
  25. Thank god that were able to hang on to Bobby Ryan
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