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  1. Yeah, they are just gonna have to hope Binnington can figure it out. Crazy how good he was last night. It was like it was the 2019 run all over again.
  2. I’m not sure who watched last night, but Binnington has been great since taking the starting job back from Husso and was absolutely fantastic last night. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how St Louis plays it with those 2 this offseason.
  3. I’m late to this one. I thought Andersen was back? It’s 4-0 in shots already and 1-0 Rags. I’m gonna have to disown my family if this keeps up
  4. The league has a history of helping teams in trouble. In the last 20 or so years I can think of Buffalo, Pittsburgh, our team, I think maybe Dallas at one point? But this is above and beyond. It’s just silly.
  5. Okhotiuk for Casey Fitzgerald. The trade is one for one.
  6. This just keeps getting sadder and sadder.
  7. Terrible call on Schenn. High sticking but his stick was at knee level and the other guy was falling. If they score on this powerplay, it’ll be a real shame
  8. Did the Tampa game ever get interesting? I couldn’t believe it was the second round of the playoffs. The fans were acting like it was a hostage situation
  9. I hope they have a 7-second delay because most of us probably can’t keep it PG after the 4th of 5th goal against.
  10. I wonder if they keep Dano or go with a whole new broadcast duo
  11. If it’s Hextall I guess my mute button is gonna be used a lot.
  12. I’m not sure we can blame Dineen for all of that. It had to be impossible to keep that early season momentum and chemistry when Jersey took half their roster for most of the season. I think Ruff is still the coach next year though. Fitz doesn’t seem like the type to take any kind of risk and sign a better coach unless one lands on him.
  13. Oh I forgot they changed it back. Like when we won the lottery to move up to #4 the Larsson year?
  14. That is a great reference. I still remember watching that one in theaters Actually how sure are we that Domingue wasn’t just Van Damme in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  15. They probably pay that dude in arena food vouchers. He isn’t going anywhere unless they decide to actually pay a professional.
  16. I’d like to but I’m worried that Philly will swing in and dong him up long term.
  17. Bolded is either my new favorite auto correct or my new favorite verb for signing players. Campbell says that’s his priority but 2.75 isn’t gonna come close. Fitz has to be looking at him and Husso this offseason
  18. I can’t see him wanting to come here, but I’d certainly kick the tires. 2-3 years of Hamilton-Letang-Severson on the right side would be pretty cool. Our right d depth is pretty non existent outside of Walsh unless im missing someone.
  19. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate this guy more
  20. Yeah I was interested too seeing how he played so many big minutes against the Rags. But after watching Pk fall off, I’m not sure about the risk. He did put up almost 70 points though. Nothing to sneeze at.
  21. This may be sour grapes, but he didn’t seem like he was at the top of his game against the Rags. I can see why Pittsburgh might be done with him.
  22. I think it was more complicated than just a personnel decision. Someone explained the story, but didn’t Lemieux get a contract but not fax it back or something and then tried to hold out? But I’d much rather have gotten Wendel Clark or kept Claude. We got the poo end of that deal with Thomas
  23. Very true. Although I do wonder if this is one of those things where they try to make the draft more interesting, like when they said Kakko was impressing people and could go ahead of Jack or when suddenly people were reporting that Tampa might not take Stamkos.
  24. Montreal is run by their fans and media. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens if they don’t select Wright since everyone was so high on him until recently.
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