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  1. Reinhart blew some great chances in the 3rd. Plus Barkov dinging the post on that one great chance. Florida can definitely pull this off.
  2. Seriously. ESPN is following him around the ice like he’s Gretzky in his retirement game.
  3. These guys in the TNT desk hanging from Rempes nether regions. “The energy in the garden when he’s on the ice!” Hes a 4 minute a night goon. I don’t get it.
  4. Oilers and Canucks is 1-1 with about 2 minutes to go in the 1st and the shots are only 4-3. They are playing careful
  5. Ok I’m a Panthers fan for the next week or so
  6. 2 posts and a missed breakaway in the 3rd. Felt like watching the Devils again.
  7. Oh good, they found another way to mention Messier and 1994.
  8. The Canes have choked away a Rangers choke. It’s choke-seption
  9. A hapless Washington team, a Carolina team that’s better but can’t get out of their own way, and then they’ll face a Panthers or Bruins team coming off a tough physical series.
  10. Kreider all alone in front. That feels familiar
  11. Bettman in the luxury box before that penalty
  12. Carolina hits 2 posts and then the rags score a flukey one. Hooo boy this is gonna be a wild few minutes
  13. I was unaware Troubas arms did anything other than chicken wings to the head
  14. This league just can’t get out of its own way with this stuff. I’ve never seen a league work so hard to push people away.
  15. Really weird after the last game. Was he hurt? I missed the 1st period
  16. In a shocking turn of events, Miles Wood took a dumb penalty in the offensive zone and Winnipeg scored on the ensuing power play
  17. Washington did nothing to stop the Rangers. They’d have had a tougher time going through a wet paper bag. Ovechkin couldn’t look more disinterested
  18. I was in section 2 I think. I was damn near laughing walking out of the arena because i couldn’t believe how fast it happened.
  19. Bobrovsky just made a save of the Decade candidate. Holy jeez, Hasek style
  20. Henrique!!! Oilers up by 2
  21. Oh good his spleen is healed
  22. Unbelievable, isles had 1 shot in the final 30 minutes. That’s incredible
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