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  1. on sportsnet ontario, they said janssen is a big possible for tonights game vs pens! hope to see him in the lineup! we can take pelley out and put him in. now the devils have one of the toughest teams in the league! - Janssen - Rupp - Clarkson - Asham - Brookbank all these guys will drop the gloves anytime!
  2. he scored the gold winning overtime goal for canada is a great player, should the devils call him up?
  3. i think hes great, we should have called him up instead of barry tallackson or noah clarke!
  4. i still think north america vs world is better than east vs west!
  5. why blame Marty? hes doing just fine! its the defense that are screwing, people like oduya, mottau, Rachunek ( sometimes)! Lack of production: Elias, Gionta, zubrus!!! Bad Penalty Killin: 29th in league Bad Powerplay: 30th in league!!! No Leadership, No effort! for some reason, it sems that there is a brick wall in front of the devils opposing net! shutout five times aleady!!!!! we need a new coach! new transactions
  6. newjerseydevils


    He wont last a period in the Atlantic Division! no, elias and havlat are friends from the czech republic!
  7. That is one of the greatest articles i have ever read in my entire hockey life!
  8. Im Serious Here, the Elias Line wont do any good withought a playmaker like gomez! lou has to think of a trade fast! aND TRADE FOR A GOOD d, MAYBE oduya and rachunek for Andre Markov!
  10. 11. New Jersey vs Anaheim SCF game 7 2003 10.New Jersey vs Toronto 2000 Game 6 ECSF 9. New jersey vs Philadelphia game 7 2000 ECF 8. New Jersey vs Chicago last game of season 1988 7. New jersey vs Dallas 2000 SCF Game 1 6. New Jersey vs Tampa Bay game 5 ECSF 2003 5. New Jersey vs Ottawa game 2 2007 ECSF 4. New Jersey vs Detroit game 4 1995 SCF 3. New Jersey vs Ottawa game 7 2003 ECF 2. New Jersey vs Dallas Game 5 SCF 2000 ( even though they lost, watching marty's performance in that game makes it worth it!) 1. New Jersey vs Dallas game 6 SCF 2000 These are in my opinion the craziest devils games ever!
  11. i Just Bought tickets to see Scott Stevens Play in the Halls legends classic on november 11! hope i can get an autograph! is anyone else going? ill be the one in the devils jersey in the lower bowl! im not expecting any devils fans because this is toronto!
  12. I Would Trade Elias for Kovalchuk! Hed Spark the Offense! and not only is he a great forward, but he also comes back to help the defense out! hes a first line forward anywhere! hes is THE best goal scorer in the league since coming into the NHL! he just needs a team to play with! with gionta and parise on his side it would be great, but still, i would try to look for some one else to trade for him other than patty! maybe2 players!
  13. What on earth is wrong with attendance! how many people actually attended the game?? its empty and theres hardly any cheering! i thought that with the pRU center, it should attract more fans and this is toronto were playing against! i really wish i lived in jersey! id go to every game! Go devils!
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