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  1. Patrik Elias retiring was going to have me come out of retirement. The last link we all have to those great teams that now seem so far away. I am sure we can debate HHOF or not for a long time and what could have been. And I bet in a different circumstance, on a different team, with a different style, with different teammates, the decision would be easy. But that's what Elias sacrificed, and he doesn't seem to have any issues with that. Patrik Elias did what every die-hard fan of a team wants their star player to do. He put winning before anything else. He took less money, less free
  2. Fantasy football is just so dumb. Here I am in the finals riding Cam Newton's second half surge. Nothing more. Nothing less. I think I drafted a a solid team (a lot of luck with that as well). But here is now the season unfolded. - Steve Smith (out for the yr) - Keenan Allen (out for the yr) - Joseph Randle (sucked then released very early in the yr) - Jimmy Graham (sucked then out for the year) - LaGarrette Blount (out for the playoffs) - LeSean McCoy (injured here and there, now doubtful for the finals). I have no business coming within 60 points of RS
  3. The 76ers sucking has nothing to do with the owners being cheap or not caring about the franchise. You are smart enough to know that. They trusted a process. In two drafts, they have had no lottery luck and missed out on two superstar prospects. The top player they drafted has been injured for two years. Perhaps the GM has made some mistakes along the way, but as good owners, they stepped back and trusted this slow rebuild. But, it is well documented they are embarrassed with what is going on. No way they ever expected anything like this. It's why they (with most likely the league's
  4. Panthers defense has holes when teams spread them out. They simply can't get any pass rush from their ends, and after Norman, their secondary is pretty bad. The good thing until now is that they've gotten huge leads before their opponents are forced to go to that strategy. That will probably end.
  5. Dainius Zubrus (1) from Joe Pavelski and Joe Thornton. That's incredible. Firstly, congrats to Zubrus. I always say this, and this goes for people that thought I had it out for Brodeur or anyone else. I care about the Devils, and I have nothing personal against any player. I have been wanting Zubrus gone from the Devils for a while. I was super happy when he was bought out, but I was rooting for him to get that spot with the Blues over Havlat. And I was really happy when he got to career his really incredible career with the Sharks. I absolutely love that he scored tonight for the Sharks.
  6. Not even close...but sure. One is a generational talent, the greatest shooter to ever play basketball, an MVP, and a league champion. He's been watched by any moderate basketball fan dozens and dozens of times. The other has played 6 career playoff games, and not one NHL game that any even big hockey fan can remember.
  7. In a way, he's not wrong. Jamie Benn has not had his coming out party on a big stage. He quietly won the Art Ross Trophy last year. The average hockey fan isn't watching Stars games. I bet most fans couldn't accurately describe his game or what makes him so good.
  8. Same old Pats D. The Patriots had won how many games in a row before this loss...13? 14? The offense has bailed out the Pats D more times than not, but the defense has done its share many times including the biggest INT in NFL history. The defense that gave up 7 points in the AFC Championship game The defense that picked off Flacco twice in the last 16 min of the AFC Divisional round. The defense that didn't allow a TD to the Giants in the second half a few weeks back, and got the big stop allowing the offense a chance to win late. The defense that preserved a TD lead last week against Buf
  9. I don't get the controversy. There is a process to be able to fix incorrect calls to correct ones. A linesman caught what the refs missed. From the replays I have seen, Campbell clearly shoots the puck. They got the call right. It sucks for the Devils.
  10. The absolute wrong move but one that ruined him? A small stretch in the NHL did that much damage? I doubt that.
  11. I think this is a bit of a stretch. There really may not be a difference at all, except the fact that Devils ownership/management making an effort to let the fans in, and get to know the players and show off their personalities. Obviously not marketing the players and their off-ice personalities was Lou's doing, but that isn't to say the players weren't having a good time behind the scenes. From the tidbits that TG reported, there was always laughs with Brodeur/Clarkson, Jagr and Zubrus, anyone and Zubrus. BUT...the last few years this was a veteran team, a lot of new faces from free agency
  12. There is no good way of doing this that satisfies everyone. A few years back people were sick of playing their division rivals almost every second week, and then some fans only had the opportunity to see Ovechkin or Crosby once every 4 years, and if there was an injury, it really suck. Most Eastern fans weren't thrilled to see the Oilers, but now it would suck if they had to wait 3 seasons to see McDavid (this is taking into account his injury). People want Edmonton to come to town. Chicago and LA were uneventful road teams, but most fans are lining up to see those teams now. As for the stat
  13. Hope that's the case, but you bring in these "lunch pail" players that former AHL coaches have affection for, and they end up hanging around more than you'd like. Time will tell.
  14. This is the most pathetic quote and article written in some time. Why stop at the disappointing 2012 team, Gio? I actually think this team resembles the 2003 Cup winning team. It's not so far fetched.
  15. I'm warming up to this team, but trying to keep perspective. They had a nice comeback and won a shootout. Maybe not a 2-goal comeback (there have been some), but there have been a good amount of games over the last three years where the team tied it late, and only lost in a shootout. Something as simple as that changes how well you feel about the team at the end of the night. As for the youth movement, I think we are seeing what many expected. Guys like Boucher, Gelinas, and Matteau vary from frustratingly awful, to probably not good, to meh right now. That may be simply, and a bit unfair..
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