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  1. My dear old friend, I got you! (It took me way too long to remember what my username was)
  2. Definitely miss some of the old timers. I think I can find the meet up pic we did like 15 years ago somewhere if I really looked. Wish insanity gallops was around more often. Same with mrsheeps. And Don was my man. Still keep in touch with PK on social media. God her posts were the best.
  3. I went on around 6am and they were already sold out of 50s so I went for a larger size which said was in stock but then got bumped out. I checked again around 3pm and the sizes seemed to have replenished so I got a Hischier. We'll see what happens. I just want one to have one. That's it.
  4. For sure! We are waaay overdue to catch a game. I'll keep you posted
  5. I have 4 tickets...if for some reason my brother's gf can't go (which is somewhat likely) you're more than welcome to come with us.
  6. I dunno...it's possible. tried it thru the email on my phone and that didn't work, so I moved into the app which also failed. I used my laptop and at that point it would have been useless because the tickets were already well gone by then. Frustrating.
  7. This was a strange but fun event. We got the $40 tix which apparently was a waste of money because a lot of people with the lower tier tickets were still hitting up the buffets and going into the lounge area. Whatever. ..I still had a blast. I bumped into Dano and got a nice pic with him (he seemed relieved that I wasn't asking for an autograph), and also got a pic with Driver. The lines for the players were a sh!tshow and no one knew what was going on...I guess Blandisi left really early but the staff ensured everyone he'd be back - which never happened. Oops. I got pucks signed by Kinkaid and McLeod. Didn't really have interest in Kapla or Santini honestly. Not for a scorching hot day at least. My only gripe was that they couldn't provide water at a steady pace. We were all dying out there in the heat and a pitcher of water broke down into 4 cups. So..no one got water. And they barely refilled them. I finally gave up and just went to the bar to get water if I needed it.
  8. So...I was hoping to snag a few extra tickets to this game but my STH number came up as "invalid" when I put the code in. Apparently a lot of people had this issue as well. Really sucks. I'm glad I still have tickets anyway but it would have been nice. Oh well. Rumor has it all but 4-6 reps have been let go. I don't even know if my rep is still with the company anymore. Might shoot him a call later just to see if his phone is still connected. sh!tstorm is brewing...
  9. Welp. We pulled that generational talent out of the black hat after all.
  10. He wanted that third year. Good for him for finding it. A lot of San Jose fans are devastated right now. He was their Elias.
  11. It's weird looking back at this thread. I've been on this board since it's inception, really. I legitimately grew up here. I was 15-16 when NJDevs first came out and I'm 32 now. I've witnessed all of redruM's crazy rants, fought with you all over the original NJDevs front page, got to experience djstubbs and par99, got to watch every single time Derek threatened to leave us, and lived through all 5835 jersey fight and goal song brawl...hell, I could go on. It's crazy to think back on how much we have all been through together. I've seen it all here. Hell, I was an administrator at one point even. You guys are all knuckleheads and I love this place for it. This has always been the best place to talk shop, and I firmly believe it's not just the best Devils forum, but one of the best hockey places period. Long live NJDEVS ha.
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