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  1. Well, as per request of The High and Mighty Ayl... Im returning to this Fantasy stuff ... that is if I remember how to do it... its been a while... Ill probably be the one needing the most help though Ayl ...
  2. If the lines are as someone said in another forum... Elias - Gomez - Marshall Frieen - Larionov - Langenbrunner Pandolfo - Madden - Gionta Berglund - Rasmussen - Brylin Stevens - Rafalski White - Niedermayer Hale - Martin Brodeur then... I believe Friesen will score first.
  3. DevsChick26

    Devs @ Rags

    I think Devs need to find the PK from last year.
  4. DevsChick26

    Devs @ Rags

    fight: Purinton vs Brown
  5. DevsChick26

    Devs @ Rags

    Well, Im not sure if it was his first... but it wasnt his line... Elias assisted along with another player... not the typical lines...
  6. Couldn't you try for a different game? Home opener doesn't seem like the best day to pick.
  7. DevsChick26

    Devs @ Rags

    did Berglund score both goals?
  8. well if shes the experienced one here... maybe Ill just get 2nd to last
  9. Dano talked in the pregame today... hes fine, no injuries
  10. according to www.newjerseydevils.com the game will be on ESPN, TSN, and FSNY
  11. He's not injured... he just took a hard hit last night. They also want to rest him and make sure other players are ready for when they get really deep into the playoffs!
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