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  1. When I see a new GM drafting a 17 year old no one has heard of, despite what this forum thinks, I think its a (relative) good thing. The simple thing to do it draft the player closest to being NHL ready to get the team a couple of more wins and save his job; the correct thing to do is to look a this team, realize it is going nowhere and draft the player with the biggest upside that won't help for years but has the chance to be an impact player. Fitz drafted what he thought would help the team most in the long run, not the short run, and as our record is likely to be horrid for the next couple
  2. Lost in the sense making the playoffs next year would be a success... and 1/2 the teams make the playoffs. Time is needed for the new pieces and Hughes to grow and that won't happen in a year. The moves being made should be looking 2 years into the future, making that team competitive for the division. Next year is just too quick.
  3. Having stopped posting here and mostly lurking, the one thing I notice is there are a number of posters who are very unrealistic about what players are worth. Since this team appears to be going nowhere then, logically, every move is a mistake. This is a lost season... and so is the next. Try to get players who you build with and embrace the suck until they arrive.
  4. Since every team in the NHL would love to sign last year's MVP I think Lou would do it to improve the Leafs, not screw the Devils, as would every GM in the league
  5. I just want to get this straight; there were, like 4 good free agents, some who just reupped with their teams and people are upset we haven't made moves?
  6. Way, way back in the day - in college - we used to sit in the players and wives section during the game (a friend of a friend was Steve Shutt when he played for the Habs and I was in Montreal). The WAGS were amazing.
  7. It's a joke an expansion team is rolling thru this league. Think maybe they got to poach a little too much talent?
  8. Don't get down. For the first time in years this team is making real progress into a team that can make some noise.
  9. Merry Christmas. It won't be 6 years until post again. Just trying to get the lay of the land on the posters before jumping back in.
  10. I have a tattoo of a pig on my arm... so I won't cast any dispersions about tats! Nice colors.
  11. I laugh when people insinuate I'm jumping "on the bandwagon" since I've been a fan of this franchise from day 1, living thru the years of Cirella being our stud defenseman to watching us win a meaningless game to get Muller instead of Lemieux. When you live out of the area and don't interact with the fan base in anyway except for a blog its very easy to lose touch. Like NCDevsFan, I gave up Center Ice because I got tired of spending my evenings watching a horrid, stagnant team and found other things to fill that time; for you youngsters, work, marriage and a wife, family - well, they can fill
  12. To be fair, I was a fan since day 1. Yes, day 1. No one can question my ability to watch a horrid team lol. It's on my resume as a Nationals and Buccaneers fan.
  13. I have not posted here in years, sort of lost interest in the late Lou years while frustrated with the development of the franchise and just didn't put in the effort. Was in Chicago last December and caught the Devils up there, saw some talent I liked and watched a couple of games when I got home. Have to say, although the returns are way too early, I really like the direction the team is headed and like the tempo the team is playing and I see good things on the horizon for this team.
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