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  1. I used to love to post in here and read the opinions, but I agree with a previous post… this forum is the same 3 or 4 guys arguing about everything and being cool using v in place of u. Used to be a cool place for an out of town guy to follow the team. I checked in here to see if we moved Zacha and for who and see, like the Devils, nothing has changed.
  2. I cannot believe NJ got 2 points in this game. They looked horrible. Going to be a long rest of the season.
  3. A theory why hockey is so high https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/12/04/hockey-covid-transmission-outbreaks/
  4. Good for you. For me it would be halfway through the season. As long as we are winning they can out all the small ads they like. I spend my time trying to find the puck.
  5. Like I said, some people love to complain about everything. For context simply read the posts above! I left this forum years ago because of the difficulty of having a civil discussion in here, been lurking for awhile but things never change. And StarDew I understand where you are coming from... my first game was a Rangers-Golden Seals game at the Garden. Talk about dating myself lol. I'm no whipper snapper!
  6. I was not a fan of the Scouts or the Rockies; I was a hockey fan and followed the sport. When the rumors started about relocation to NJ I started to follow the Rockies and became a Devils fan as of day 1.
  7. Actually the Jersey, or Leeds, Devil is a creature said to be roaming the Pine Barrens in South Jersey, making green a very appropriate color, if you believe the NJ Devils refers to that not Bettman as they said when the franchise arrived.
  8. I don't understand what all the rancor is about the Devils honoring past franchises by wearing jerseys. What, you are all such devoted fans that the sight of your players in another uniform offends you? The team does it to sell merchandise and yes, to make a select group of fans happy. Like StarDew, I am one and still alive. Funny, people are all for the Christmas tree jerseys but not the Rockies jerseys. I didn't realize the younger generation were suc hockey purists. Or, just maybe, some people love to complain about anything.
  9. When I see a new GM drafting a 17 year old no one has heard of, despite what this forum thinks, I think its a (relative) good thing. The simple thing to do it draft the player closest to being NHL ready to get the team a couple of more wins and save his job; the correct thing to do is to look a this team, realize it is going nowhere and draft the player with the biggest upside that won't help for years but has the chance to be an impact player. Fitz drafted what he thought would help the team most in the long run, not the short run, and as our record is likely to be horrid for the next couple of years he will be on the hot seat and didn't flinch. Does it mean this guy will be good? In no way but he didn't just draft the guy the scouting services had highest to make himself look good. Embrace the suck.
  10. Lost in the sense making the playoffs next year would be a success... and 1/2 the teams make the playoffs. Time is needed for the new pieces and Hughes to grow and that won't happen in a year. The moves being made should be looking 2 years into the future, making that team competitive for the division. Next year is just too quick.
  11. Having stopped posting here and mostly lurking, the one thing I notice is there are a number of posters who are very unrealistic about what players are worth. Since this team appears to be going nowhere then, logically, every move is a mistake. This is a lost season... and so is the next. Try to get players who you build with and embrace the suck until they arrive.
  12. Since every team in the NHL would love to sign last year's MVP I think Lou would do it to improve the Leafs, not screw the Devils, as would every GM in the league
  13. I just want to get this straight; there were, like 4 good free agents, some who just reupped with their teams and people are upset we haven't made moves?
  14. Way, way back in the day - in college - we used to sit in the players and wives section during the game (a friend of a friend was Steve Shutt when he played for the Habs and I was in Montreal). The WAGS were amazing.
  15. It's a joke an expansion team is rolling thru this league. Think maybe they got to poach a little too much talent?
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