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  1. One has to wonder if the NHL is trying to destroy the game of hockey. There is NO reason to reject this contract considering the ones that have been approved. Bettman & Co. will have to wait until the next CBA to end this contracts. Hopefully they won't end another season as well.
  2. Can't fathom why Lou, Vanderbeek, Grossman, and Kovy would go ahead and sign and announce a deal they knew would be rejected? What is the method to the madness? When will it end?
  3. Age discrimination is illegal. And the league does not have a crystal ball. No one does.
  4. Maybe this thread's name should be changed to No New Kovy Update.
  5. Wikipedia says the guy was charged with rape and released from his Swedish team in 2005.
  6. I hope the Devs retire his number first thing this season. No need to wait, no need to let another Devil wear #27, ever. Thanks for everything, Scott. LETS GO DEVILS!
  7. Add Nebraska to Obama's hit list. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/22/nebraska-immigration-law_n_620528.html FREMONT, Neb. — This small Nebraska meatpacking town has joined Arizona at the center of a national debate about illegal immigration after voters approved a ban on hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants, but an expected court challenge could keep the measure from ever taking effect. The American Civil Liberties Union already has promised to file a lawsuit to block enforcement of the proposal roughly 57 percent of Fremont voters supported Monday. "In a community of 25,000,
  8. YES THEY CAN! I'm rooting for the Hawks. If the flyers win, hell will have frozen over.
  9. LizDevil30

    Poor Rowdy!

    Thanks for the info. Actually it sounds familiar that I had read about the Checkers before. IMHO that is a dumb name and makes one think of the board game rather than the "checkers" on a hockey team. Hey maybe the Devs will have the sense to go with the River Rats and Rowdy since they did use the team name and mascot before. Lou does respect tradition. We can only hope. I did see a few Rats games during the lockout and found the atmosphere awesome and the mascot very cool.
  10. 40 year, you mean nearly 50 year. They won in 1961 and Obama was born in August 1961.
  11. LizDevil30

    Poor Rowdy!

    I don't get it. Why didn't Carolina take him with them? Didn't the River Rats move to Carolina? What will be the name of that team? Won't it be River Rats? I'm so confused. Someone has to want this rat.
  12. I wonder if this is the year for Chicago. They have the Obama factor. He's a Chicago guy and the last time they won the Cup was the year he was born.
  13. Speak for yourself. It makes me feel loads better. 3 out of 4 higher seeds gone. We are not alone and we are not the Caps!
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